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  1. I ordered a SpeedoHealer, model SHv4, for my 07 RSV and got it installed today. Using a GPS, I did about 75 miles getting it calibrated just right. There is a disparity between the speedometer error and the odometer error, as others have reported. So, the choice then becomes, do you want accuracy of the speedometer, or the odometer, or, in my case, split the difference? I chose to bias the correction value to favor the odometer, with the speedometer error now being about 1-2 mph high, as opposed to before the correction, when it read about 7-8 mph high. My odometer reading is now off (l
  2. OK I'm discovering part of the the reason for lower gas mileage besides the additional weight. While cruising today, I notice 5th gear is actually useable at speeds as low as 45 as opposed to useless under 55. Soooo, I'm thinking that the gear ratio is a tad tall. Has anybody done any research on this?? I am also considering slightly larger diameter tires for better gas mileage. I know, Hannigan is adimate about using only that tire size, and I have to admit, the speedometer is dead nuts on, but I use my GPS for the speedometer so maybe I will experiment. Any suggestions or input??
  3. Hi gang! Long time lurker, first time poster, thanks for having me on the show. Anyhow, I've got an 83 Venture that I'm trying to rehab, and have two problems. First is that the bike didn't come with a rear master. Have seen a couple on Ebay....you know...they're all almost 30 years old...not a fan. Anyone find a suitable replacement? I don't mind cobbling, but I thought I'd ask before I bought something I THOUGHT would be close. Thoughts? Second is the speedo. On the way home from picking the bike up, the speedo exploded. Other than used, does anyone know of a replacement that'll
  4. As one who many years ago had the speedometer squeal about scare me to death and then not do it again until I was 400 miles from home, I think I have a good fix. First of all, the only way to do it right is get grease INTO the bearing area where the cable goes into the housing. In the past, I would take the speedometer out of the dash and try to get grease way down in the inside and hope enough grease got around the bearing, and it usually did, but not always and it was a bit of a PITA. I went to Lowe's and got an 1/4 inch pipe cap, which screws several threads on to the back of the speedome
  5. Noob here. I apologize if this has been discussed somewhere else but I couldn't find anything. I recently acquired an '89 VR that's been triked. Old barn find with only 81,000 miles! Plugs, fluids and lots of TLC and it's running now but still needs the carbs synced. I've determined that the speedo is fast by 5 - 7 mph at road speed, but from reading the forum posts, that sounds pretty normal. I'm not sure the diff ratio is proper. What speed should I be showing at 4000 rpm? It's indicating around 63-65 which is actually a bit shy of 60. That's comfortable but can get you run over in
  6. Hello everyone, It has been a while since I have been on as I got into a wreak. A damn car cut right in front of me at a green light and I laid her down to avoid a head on collision. I torn my AC joint completely and I had to have surgery. I turns out I also had a SLAP tear and a torn rotator cuff but the doc said they were probably old injuries. But long story short I am on the mend and trying to put shela back together, I am going to try to make her naked (instead of buying a lot of plastics ) by removing the broken cruise control components and the large stay at the front. My
  7. Hi All, I have a 2006 RSTD which I love. The other day, while riding, the speedo display would go briefly blank, then light up all segments at once. This would repeat intermittently as I rode. I went home and parked the bike. Looking at it later, when I turned on the ignition, nothing would happen, as in the dash stayed blank - no power. I tried again and jiggled the key. Everything lit up and she started fine. As it idled thought, the speedo display kept flashing as above. I took off the seat and tank, took apart all the connections I could find, cleaned them and put them back together. A
  8. Help please. Me and Deb went for a ride to Pittsburgh PA sunday just to shop a little. On the way back the speed-o just quit. Looked in our classfied and at pinwall but just can"t seam to find one. Does anyone have a speedometer cable for my 84 venture royale around for a reasonable price. Me and Deb want to go to moundsville wv on the weekend of 8-24 to see the moveing wall come into town. Thanks Dan.
  9. This has probably been asked before, but.... I have recently purchased a 99 RSV with very low miles. I had to do a bunch of work to get it road worthy. I have put around 500 miles on it in the last week and have noticed that the speedometer is off approximately 10% (VERY ANNOYING, I like to know my exact speed without a calculation). When I meter the gas mileage running mostly freeway speeds 75-80mph which meters 80-85 or more on the speedometer I am getting 38 - 40 mph. Calculate the 10% odometer error that makes 34-35 mpg. Does this sound right?
  10. The speedometer needle on my 1983 Venture Royale is sticking. When I purchased the bike the speedometer inner cable had been removed by the owner. He said the last time he rode it the speedometer stuck and his mechanic told him to remove the cable to prevent any internal damage. He bought another bike and put the Venture up for sale and never had the speedometer fixed. I removed the speedometer today and everything appears intact to my untrained eye. I can moved the needle back to zero and it will spring back to 90 mph as soon as I let it go. It is in remarkably good and clean condition on the
  11. I wanted to wait a little bit til I was sure but I was getting 39/40 MPG on the RSV riding 1 or 2 up on the 2 lane roads running 60/65 by speedometer and I was getting 34/35 MPG riding 1 or 2 up running 80/85 by speedometer on the Interstates. I was in Asheville and I asked Muffinman what this color tune I had seen him do down in Vogel was all about. He explained so I had him do mine. WOW is all I can say. First off let me say I had one carb that the fuel/air mixture was WAAAAYYYY off. The first thing I noticed was how much better it ran and how much more power and quicker response it had.
  12. Been awhile since I've been on the forum. Been around since late 2004 when this all started. Have a 2005 RSV Speedometer, odometer, trip meters and and gas gauge all work. Cept at night its all in the dark. heard tell a new unit is $1K....can this be right and is there other solution. I've not pulled the fairing yet. Thought I'd get some feedback from one and all first. Also is there a fuse just for the LCD illumination back segments? thanks Jim
  13. Hi. I owned a Venture XVZ12 1983 and the odometer is not working. I put it apart and find out the gears are worn out on the primary shaft. As I don’t think it is repairable, is anybody who has a spare working speedometer unit wants to sell? The shaft I refer to is the one left of the pen on the picture. Thanks.
  14. 2009 RSV (Canadian version)... hadn't noticed anything "missing" until a recent post by a UK member showing that their speedometer showed MPH on the glass display and the LCD displayed KPH. Mine only has KPH on the glass display and the LCD is blank. Question for Canadian (bike originally sold in Canada, and not US import) bike owners... does your speedometer show anything other than the needle on the LCD ? Is yours the same as mine or like the one in http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showpost.php?p=695026&postcount=18 Mine is like attached. General question - is there a button
  15. I have a 2000 Royal Star Venture. The lights in the speedometer have quit working. The display still works and all the fuses have been checked. I believe it is something on the the circuit board that has burned out. Not sure how to go about diagnosing the culprit. Was wondering if anybody else has had this problem that has a fix. Do not really want to spend $1000.00 on a new speedometer unit.
  16. Speedometer internal pictures a member asked for. Posting here so others can see them . Last picture is of the reed switch that controls the cruise & the turn cancel by distance feature. Gary
  17. I'm looking for the end cap that threads over the speedometer threads. I want to make a tool with it. Please PM me if you have a broken speedometer cable and would like to get rid of it. I'll pay for shipping.
  18. When setting still the speedometer reading jumps around and doesnt work going down the road cleaned up contacts but it was coverd with fork oil, Shorted out would be my guess, Any other ideas. Thanks Orlin
  19. Installed a Speedohealer on my RSTD this morning. I began the process about 10:15 with a quick ride with the GPS to verify my indicated speed vs actual speed. I found I was 6 MPH off at 60. (60 actual but indicated 66) Returned to my garage and installed the unit. Really easy. I had the installation done by 11AM, programmed the unit and went for a ride. After a couple of minor tweaks, my speedometer is spot on with my Garmin GPS. It's so nice to know I'm running the speed that's indicated on the speedometer. I would certainly recommend this mod to others interested in seeing the proper spe
  20. I was in need of a new Speedo and I found a whole dash assembly on an ebay auction that I won for $32.00. WOW cheap right?? Yeah I thought so too but there was one draw back. The speedo was a KPH speedo and not a MPH speedo. It was so cheap, I decided to go ahead and get it anyway with the thoughts of maybe switching out the face of the speedo with my old face so the MPH would be the larger numbers. I tried this and unfortunately, the Speedo is off by about 5-7 MPH when check via GPS. Looks for now that I'll have to put the original KPH face back on and just deal with looking at the smaller nu
  21. Recently my 87 speedometer has started screaming like a ban-chi past 20mph. I have greased the cable but need some other ideas. Thanks
  22. I do not have any more. Two additional members have showned interest so I'll start a 2nd Group order. Pricing will depend on the order quantity. Your posting here is not a committment to purchase but just an interest depending on the cost. Lets temporarly set 7 April as a cut off day. Please post here if you interested in one. ************************ 1) The threads that are cut on the tool to go on the Speedometer are cut to match the threads exactly so there is so very little room for grease to make its way out the threads. He took measurements of the origional coupling th
  23. I have a 2008 RSTD and it seems like the bike is going slower than the reading on the speedometer. It is most noticeable at highway speeds of 55, 60, 65, 70, and I'm guessing it is off 3 to 5 miles per hour too high. Has anyone run some tests to show the speed of the bike?
  24. Anyone have any experience with this windshield bag on a RSTD? With the notch on the bottom I am wondering if it will help it to clear the speedometer. http://www.tbags.com/detail.aspx?ID=112
  25. Does anyone know if swapping out the rear end for a vmax unit changes the speedometer reading? Thanks Mike
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