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  1. I need a source (auto parts store, amazon, etc) and a part number for a LED Flasher for my 1st gen bike. Do I need a 2 wire or 3 wire flasher? Where is the stock flasher located in the fairing? I read about a dual component flasher and a starter circuit unit that's combined into ONE unit together; then I read of a individual flasher; I'm just a little confused. Does my bike have the dual component or the single flasher? Thanks in advance.
  2. Removed lower fairings repositioned components installed highway bars and rad chrome Removed and blocked AIS complete Installing VMAx rear end Installed Dyna 3000 ign unit on upper curve Lowered ft end 1" and rear 1/2 inch (I'm inseam challenged) Installed and tuned Supertrapp exhaust Installed 4 single KN filters and installing Ivan's jet kit Custom paint LED headlamp and passing lamps Changed out Cassette deck for a power distribution unit and aux input New Avon rear and smaller Avon front tire
  3. Hi, What GPS unit does everyone have for their bikes? Thanks Kelly
  4. Best present I can think of. My daughter told me Travis, her husband and his unit would NOT BE Rotated to Afghanastan in January! That's all I could ask for and more!...
  5. All, I'm differing to the vast knowledge of you guys. I've got a 2007 RSTD with a Hoppe Quadzillza fairing and every radio that I've mounted has cut out after a short time. The latest Kenwood has lasted the longest at just under a year. But they all start out the same, first the radio light will cut out but the unit still plays fine then after awhile the unit starts to cut out and restart itself, next it'll cut out and not work until I restart the bike. That's usually the point were I replace the thing but this one has now cut out completely. I may have a blown fuse and I'll look at it when I change to a taller windshield for the winter, probably this weekend. Now my questions are does anyone have any experience with an after market radio with a remote that can take the vibrations of a motorcycle, and would adding amps help with anything other than sound quality? Also has anyone used a Harley radio on a metric bike? Thanks in advance.
  6. the self cancelling stopped working on my 83 venture. anyone know where to find a new unit or one that will work on xvz12tk the turn signals all work fine i just like the self cancell for those time im forgeting
  7. Anyone know where one can order replacement lenses. Small one is for the lower wrap around side bag guard. Larger one is for the lower chrome unit below the turn signal and Yamaha Lens.
  8. We are beginning to think about a travel trailer. No I'm not giving up the bike and I don't plan to tow it around the country. We're thinking about buying one to keep in Florida near Ft. Myers. Basically I would store it somewhere cheap and then drive down and drag it into a park somewhere for 2 weeks to a couple of months at a time. We've thought about condos and and park model mobile homes but we really don't want the upkeep and responsibilities of owning something like that with fees. So we're considering a trailer. Does anyone know about the R-Vision Trail Sport models? I've found a 27ft unit with 1 slideout that seems reasonable, less than $13k. Is this a decent brand and value. At that price I can try it out and if we don't like the trailer life I haven't lost a great deal. Any thoughts? Thanks, Dennis
  9. I don't normally praise a lot of companies but I have to say something about Garmin. I've owned a Zumo 550 for a number of years. Once I had a software issue after the warranty had run out and the service rep told me she had heard of this sort of thing happening on a rare occasion with some of the other units but never a Zumo. She said it was obviously nothing I did and sent me a new unit completely covered. Impressive!! Now recently I had the covering of the on/off button finally wear out and the unit got some water in it that made the screen hard to work and then it finally cracked. I'm pretty technically inclined so I openned it up and found the problem. I called Garmin to see if I could order a new screen and housing because the warranty was LONG over and the rest of the unit worked fine. They told me they didn't sell the parts but for $150 they would send a new or refurbished unit to me. That's pretty close to what I was thinking I would have to pay for the parts so I was pretty happy with that. They said I would receive the replacement 10-14 days after they received mine so I sent it off. Not only did I have the replacement 7 days after I sent mine but after careful examination I'm convinced this is a brand new unit. New software, maps and everything. They had even updated the serial number in my registration in MyGarmin so I didn't need to do anything for the new unit to be recognized. WOW!!!! Now that's customer service!! I am now a LOYAL Garmin customer.
  10. First of all I have Googled for a picture of a stock TCI. What I have seen doesn't match what I found on one of my 84 parts bikes. Is this a TCI for an 84 ? Does it work on any other years ? It has the Yamaha numbers 41V-85830-00 on it. When I Googled it it shows up as an "Obsolete control unit assembly" Just wondering.
  11. We have a JMCB-2003 on Elizabeth's Kawasaki so we can talk on rides. It started acting up on us recently and I contacted their customer service for some help to pinpoint the issue. John Lazzeroni sent me several emails detailing test steps that isolated the problem to the unit itself. He could have told me that it was time for a new one (it was out of warranty), but he had me send it in and they repaired it for less than half what a new one would have cost. They also shipped promptly to get it back to us. While the unit was being repaired we were back using a handheld and throat mike. We had forgotten how frustrating that was. If you are trying to communicate with a bike without the built-in CB, you should give the J&M a look.
  12. Hi. I owned a Venture XVZ12 1983 and the odometer is not working. I put it apart and find out the gears are worn out on the primary shaft. As I don’t think it is repairable, is anybody who has a spare working speedometer unit wants to sell? The shaft I refer to is the one left of the pen on the picture. Thanks.
  13. I'm in the market for purchasing a Radio Remote Control Unit for a 2nd Gen RSV. I've tried Pinwall, eBay and thought I'd try here as well. They're quite expensive new so I'm looking used first. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jakbag
  14. My turn signals have become cold blooded. They only work when it's above about 72* (not a problem right now) I'm assuming it's a sealed unit and no fixing possible. I believe the part no. is 41R-83350-71-00. Does anybody have a spare?
  15. I am sure there is a thread somewhere but i am lazy... I am NOT spending 800 dollars on a gps. nuff said. what GPS units do ya'll recommend that are under 200- i got a 200 staples gift card at work. also, what type of weatherproofing and mounting did you come up with for the unit. I am in southeastern nc. i won't be riding in the rain intentionally. 'preciate your responses!
  16. Hi Everyone. Having recently been stood at the side of the road after a camping trip with a flat battery. (Was my own daft fault) I have added the following system to my bike to top up the battery whilst it is stood in places without power. I have at home an Oxford Oximisor battery tender in my garage but use camping sites with no power on them. I purchased a cheap 12v 100ma solar panel and fitted it with two copper pipe clips with screws and spacers to fit into the panel screw holes which enables me to clip the unit onto the rack on the back of the bike. It can be fitted and face in any direction to catch the sun. I then converted a 12v plug in acccessory unit with a plug that fits my battery tender, you just plug the unit into this and can run 12v items from it or charge a mobile phone, sat nav etc. The unit comes with crocodile clips too so you could charge a loose battery too. I know it is not the ultimate charger nor the ultimate system but it will come in very handy. Neil. (Old Miner) Cost about £20 would be $15 ish.
  17. Is there anyway to fix the radiator on my 07 Venture. The leak is right on the seam of side the unit.
  18. If anyone is interested I can provide the link to the auction. MINNESOTA STATE PATROL RETIRES MOTORCYCLE UNIT Five State Patrol motorcycles to be sold at auction ST. PAUL — The Minnesota State Patrol today announced that it has disbanded its motorcycle patrol program and will auction the unit’s five Harley Davidson motorcycles. The motorcycle unit was revived in 2007 with five troopers after a nearly 60 year hiatus. Between 1930 and 1949, as many as 80 motorcycles were in use by the State Patrol. “Our decision to decommission the motorcycle unit was not made lightly, and the troopers who served in this unit deserve recognition for their work to improve traffic safety,” said Colonel Kevin Daly, chief of the State Patrol. “We decided not to put motorcycles on the road this year due to increased training costs, a concern for trooper safety, and a lack of troopers interested in volunteering for the unit.” The State Patrol will offer its five 2008 State Patrol Harley Davidson Electra-Glide, 100 Anniversary Police edition motorcycles in separate auctions. The first motorcycle is scheduled to be sold at a live auction on Saturday, April 21. The State Auction is conducted by the Minnesota Department of Administration and will be held at its facility in Arden Hills. The remaining bikes will be sold in consecutive on-line auctions beginning the following week. The motorcycles are equipped with a 103 cubic inch motor, 6-speed transmission, single seat saddle (air adjustable) and a six-gallon gas tank. They also include side saddlebags, tour pack and communications equipment.
  19. I put a Dyna 3000 in my bike just after Christmas. As soon as I did the tachometer went ballistic and started reading very high numbers. More than twice the actual rpm. Like 6900 rpm and erratic at 35mph in third. I don't think so. The bike idled rough and there was popping in the exhaust. Overall the bike just ran poorly. My tach is a simple unit with just a one lead pick up that wraps around a spark plug wire. Not much to go wrong. So my guess is the new Dyna ignition module was causing my ignition to misfire and multi fire. I revisited the settings on the Dyna and made sure the switches were set for 7200 rpm and advance curve 3. They were. I double checked the connectors. They were ok. But the problems persisted. So figuring I just got a bad unit I reinstalled the stock ignition module. Instantly cleared up the problems. The bike went back to her normal good running and the tachometer settled down to the correct reading. I called Dynatek and got a return authorization number. I sent the unit back with a note describing the problems and my phone number. Which they requested. After not hearing anything for a couple of weeks the unit showed up on my doorstep. Pretty good service so far. Opening the package their repair slip simply said "returning tested good". What does that mean? They didn't find a problem, didn't look for a problem, or it was ok after repairs. Well we finally got a couple days of decent weather. So I reinstalled the Dyna. I was hopeful because I am looking foreword to raising the rpm limit. But no go. The tach went ballistic again and there was popping in the exhaust. Since I don't want to burn holes in pistons I just took it back off and reinstalled my stock unit again. That answered the question about what they did to it. Nothing. I am sitting here getting ready to call Dynatek again. Any suggestions? Oh yea, I did a short video of the module install including the tach readings. Mike
  20. Installed a Speedohealer on my RSTD this morning. I began the process about 10:15 with a quick ride with the GPS to verify my indicated speed vs actual speed. I found I was 6 MPH off at 60. (60 actual but indicated 66) Returned to my garage and installed the unit. Really easy. I had the installation done by 11AM, programmed the unit and went for a ride. After a couple of minor tweaks, my speedometer is spot on with my Garmin GPS. It's so nice to know I'm running the speed that's indicated on the speedometer. I would certainly recommend this mod to others interested in seeing the proper speed displayed rather than estimating where they think they are. Great product and easy install. Ride safe.
  21. I was geting ready to swap out the final drive on my 88 with a drive from a 2nd gen when I noticed that I could move the pinion from side to side with just my hand. Is there a way to take up the slop in the pinion or will the unit have to be taken apart and reshimed. Sure dont want to do all that work still have the noise still. Thanks.
  22. I got a wild idea with all this talk of amps and radios to change out the radio head unit. I had one with a AM/FM, CD player, Sirius Satellite radio and Aux input. So I carefully removed all the stock stuff and commenced to installing and rewiring for a modern head unit. While I had everything strewn all over the garage I decided to install an amp as well and the requisite control modules for the Sirius Sat radio and what the heck might as well get new speakers too. So here I sit, tired but happy to report the sound system is wired. Now all I need to do is mount the head unit and button everything up. It should be illegal to have this much fun on a weekday System now consists of: Kenwood Head Unit AM/FM/CD/SAT/AUX Kenwood Amp 2 Channel 350W Pioneer Speakers 2-Way 120W
  23. I just got a Trane XE80 downflow furnace/ AC unit out of a neighborhood house that's going to be demolished next week. The unit has a build date of 1995. As I said it's a downflow, can it be reconfigured to an upflow ? The furnace looks to be in excellent condition and was used until the home was vacated last year. If it can, I'll use it to replace the 1980 Carrier in the house and put the Carrier in the garage.
  24. Talked with Hannigan Motor Sports this morning about the auxiliary fuel tank they will be offering for their trike conversion kit. It is still in R&D and no date is available as to when it will be available. The tank will be 5 gallons. It will be placed under the passenger seat and a filler nozzle nearby with key The unit will not be a gravity fed unit and will have a pump and switch. The price with be just under 700.00 and does not include installation.
  25. I hope there are some trailer experts out there. I don't profess to be any such thing. I need to get a trailer to haul a Polaris Ranger 6X6 that will weigh in at about 2500lbs. What are some thoughts on the proper tailer. Would a single axle with a 2990lb GVWR and a 3500lb axle work for this or should I move up to a tandem axle? Application: Polaris Ranger 6x6 weighing 1410lbs with a 'slide-in' firefighting unit weighing 935lbs, wet. Total combined weight of unit - 2345lbs. Thoughts please...
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