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  1. I have a 2001 Yamaha XVZ13TF . This winter I installed a Garmin Zumo XT on the bike. The Zumo when connected to my iPhone’s Bluetooth was useful for the mapping app on the Zumo, but not for any audio, YET. I then added a Bluetooth receiver to the bike which also connects to the Zumo. Now I can listen to my iPhones Music, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, etc. thru the bikes headset or speakers. Adding the Bluetooth receiver also allowed me to receive and play, or read, text messages and voicemails on the Zumo. Without the Bluetooth receiver the Zumo will not accept these messages from the iPhone. I was not particularly interested in receiving messages as it is a distraction, but it is quite simple to click the notification and play them. To install the Bluetooth receiver I removed the front of the fairing and then unplugged the aux jack cable near the cassette player from the receiver amplifier. I then plugged the Bluetooth adapter into the aux input of the receiver, no adapters needed, very simple. For power I spliced the Bluetooth power wires into the 12v aux power port in the fairing. The adapter I purchased is an “NVX Universal Bluetooth Adapter - Waterproof Audio Receiver - Auto, Marine”. Spring has finally arrived and I took my first ride of the year with the new Garmin and Bluetooth and they worked wonderfully.
  2. Yes it is all it is cracked up to be. This thing is awesome. Moves a lot of the usefulness of your smartphone over to a glove friendly 5.5 inch screen. Texts and notifications are read to you. control your music etc. Hope you like my review. Comments are always welcome. https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2020/09/10/garmin-zumo-xt-review-motorcycle-specific-gps-navigation/ VentureFar...
  3. Hi all, I just finished my review of the new for 2020 Garmin Montana 700i GPS. It is a hulking piece of hardware that has so much functionality that is took me a long time to figure it out, but it was worth the work. Our good friend @cowpuc navigates celestially and can communicate by smoke signals if he is out of cell range, but for the rest of us having a satellite connection when needed is comforting if not down right lifesaving. Comments always welcome If you ride, hike, fish, boat, fly, climb, take cruises, hunt with dogs or want to connect with someone when you have NO CELL SERVICE then this Garmin Montana 700i has something for you. Hope you enjoy the read. https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2020/11/24/garmin-montana-700i-review-motorcycle-gps-adventure-partner/ VentureFar...
  4. Well we havent had the Zumo but for a few weeks and already having problems. The Audio output jack seems to be buggy and have had a few lockups. Honestly I do like the Navigation and having MP3's on the same device but I have real doubts on this one being worth the 600.00. I don't need or want the XM feature and find myself using the screen buttons more than the ones on the outside body. I have seen some cool features on a few much cheaper units. One being the lane assist and the current speed limit on screen. The other models have better shortcuts to flip to the music player from the map screen as well. So I broke down and ordered a car model Garmin 765T. Even with buying the mount and power cord we wont break 200.00 and it really seems to have everything but the waterproofing (I think I have room for a baggy). I hope it works out...if not I will bite the bullet for a 660 or other model. Frank
  5. Has anyone used the Garmin trip card for a Zumo 550 ? Opinions ? cb
  6. So after a not very painful process I got rid of MS Windows:) on both my laptop (HP with Vista) and my netbook (MSI with XP) and have moved on to Linux (Mint w/ Cinnamon on my laptop and Olicloud on my netbook). I might try some other desktop interfaces but pleased with my current setup, will give me some things to do this winter in case its cold and rainy. Everything running smoothly and faster. Now to go back and refresh my memory on all the unix/linux commands so I can play around in a terminal window. Only problem I haven't found an EASY linux solution for was updating the maps on my Garmin Zumo 550 (no linux support at Garmin) but I can use my wifes MAC for that as needed. Currently using Shotwell to organize over 10,000 photos in my spare time.
  7. I had a real shock today. I have a 2006 RSTD and I do 95% of my riding with no windshield. That was one of the reasons I got it. I like the bare cruiser look most of the time. Today I knew I was going to be doing a straight highway run, so I thought I would put the shield on, and take a nice easy ride. Well, I have put almost 1000 K on the bike in the last 3 days, and just like last year, I was getting about 280 - 300 KM out of a tank. Well, today on my ride I filled up, reset my fuel odometer on my Garmin 550 as usual and reset my low fuel indicator. 170 KM later, my Garmin shows just under half tank, and my fuel gauge on the bike is on low fuel indicator again. This is the worst fuel economy I have had since the bike was new. Now, I was also going faster than my normal rides, where I generally stick to the back roads, and keep it between 80 and 90 KM/H. I had the cruise set at 114 (by garmin, 122 by speedo) my first thought was that the windscreen caused this horrible mileage. I will have to check it again, with the windscreen off. I know that I rode with the windscreen on last year to North bay, which is about 5 hours, and I do not recall the mileage being that bad, but again, most of the highways are 80 KM/h limit, where I do 90ish. Anyone else found this kind of bad mileage with the windscreen?
  8. I just bought/received a Garmin 765T off Fleabay. I'd like to hear from other 765T owners about their mounting setups and hookup to the RSV audio system. What settings work the best? I am aware of the cable Buddy Rich has for sale and am leaning that way, are there alternatives ? I loaded 1200 songs to an 8GB SD card for the MP3. I hope it sounds better through the bikes audio system than it does through some earbuds. Couldn't find any equalizer or tone controls in the unit
  9. I don't normally praise a lot of companies but I have to say something about Garmin. I've owned a Zumo 550 for a number of years. Once I had a software issue after the warranty had run out and the service rep told me she had heard of this sort of thing happening on a rare occasion with some of the other units but never a Zumo. She said it was obviously nothing I did and sent me a new unit completely covered. Impressive!! Now recently I had the covering of the on/off button finally wear out and the unit got some water in it that made the screen hard to work and then it finally cracked. I'm pretty technically inclined so I openned it up and found the problem. I called Garmin to see if I could order a new screen and housing because the warranty was LONG over and the rest of the unit worked fine. They told me they didn't sell the parts but for $150 they would send a new or refurbished unit to me. That's pretty close to what I was thinking I would have to pay for the parts so I was pretty happy with that. They said I would receive the replacement 10-14 days after they received mine so I sent it off. Not only did I have the replacement 7 days after I sent mine but after careful examination I'm convinced this is a brand new unit. New software, maps and everything. They had even updated the serial number in my registration in MyGarmin so I didn't need to do anything for the new unit to be recognized. WOW!!!! Now that's customer service!! I am now a LOYAL Garmin customer.
  10. I think I have my shopping list done. I am adding OEM driving lights to my '07 RSV with this switch: http://www.autoswitch.com/index.php I assume that since the lights are an OEM option, I should not have any issues with amp draw. I am going to put two of these in my faring http://www.3brpowersports.com/PanelTAPP.htm These will power a Garmin and an iPhone. I have a lighter adapter in the back that is rarely used but my wife uses it occassionaly to charge her phone. First, I am thinking my Garmin and phones should be pretty low amp so there should be no alternator issues, correct? I could have Lights, Garmin and iPhone all powered at one time. Second, can I just tap into the lines going into the existing lighter plug to power the two USB's or do I need to run the lines to another source? Thanks for the help - I don't play with electric very often!
  11. I have a question I hope somebody here can answer. Having just purchased a 2011 FJR, I plan to mount a Garmin 550 on an aftermarket helibar triple tree clamp. My question is: Is the Garmin Zumo 550 bluetooth feature capable to send (via bluetooth) to a bluetooth capable helmet headset? If not, will the audio out be sufficient to power a regular headset? I know the bluetooth works with making and receiving calls, just not sure about the MPG3 player? Thanks
  12. im not as talented as others with fabrication, so, i bought one of these reservoir mounts for my Garmin 1490lmt. total cost was about 55.00.
  13. bought a cabin in northern michigan. going there on april 1st, and ready to ride the back roads and up to mackinaw! bought this garmin factory refurbished with 2 year warranty, case, and screen protector for 159.00. its model 1490lmt. installed a West Marine 12v accesory plug into #6 of skydocs fuse kit. works perfect! now i must think of a more permanent mounting solution. but, for the meantime, im going to use 550 cord as a lanyard....just in case.
  14. I haven't specifically found this information on here yet so I figure I would share it to make it easier for anyone looking to use a Garmin GPS & pair it with a bluetooth headset. According to Garmin, the only Garmin Devices that support pairing with a Bluetooth headset are the nuvi 765, 775 , 785, StreetPilot 2820, zumo 220*, 550, 660 and 665. When a headset is paired with these devices the listener will be able to hear phone calls, navigation prompts, or MP3 music (if the device has a MP3/Media Player). All other Garmin Bluetooth-enabled devices are only capable of pairing with a Bluetooth cell phone. The exception is the zumo 220. It will only pair to a Bluetooth headset or helmet and does not have the ability to pair to a Bluetooth-enabled phone.
  15. I've got a Garmin 450 that came with the bike I bought it works great, actually the speedometer is far more accurate than the one on the bike and much easier to read, but the map is WAY out of date. Garmin wants like $75 to update the map online. I think at that price I can spend a little more and just buy a new GPS . Any one know if there's a way to go online and maybe download something from google , mapquest or anything???
  16. Hey all, I've managed to break the car mount for my Garmin Zumo 550. Darn thing lost suction on the windshield and fell on the dash breaking the input jack. I use it in the truck during the winter to listen to XM radio. I'm probably going to just buy a new one online, but thought I'd ask if anyone might want to sell theirs. This is what it looks like. http://cdn.buzznet.com/assets/users16/marinerfan/default/zumo-car-mount--gallery-msg-132621887928.jpg Bob
  17. Any one have any opinions on this Garmin 1390. I was especially interested in the blue tooth feature. Radio Shack has them for 129.99 LMT. Not sure if it is a refurbished one or not. Also anyone purchased one of these GN032 + WPCS2 Bike Mount & Case, Garmin Nuvi 1390T 1690 from ebay. It is not water proof, but was interested in its capabilities of working the touchscreen through the plastic face case?
  18. My Garmin Zumo 550 died a slow death. It had served me well for about 2 years and 50k miles. A lot of hard rain and plenty of Texas heat. It started by not responding to the touch screen inputs. Sometimes it would correct it's self and work for a day or two. Finally it started making its own selections and became just useless. I shopped around looking for possible replacements. I could pick one up from eBay but there is always a chance of problems and 4-500 dollars is more than I want to risk. I looked at possibly a new one but that too is just more money than I could spare. Finally, out of desperation, I called Garmin. Turn out they have a refurbishment program for most all of their models. The price varies per model. The Zumo 550 costs $150. Get a return authorization, box it up, (just the main unit), and ship it to them. About a week later I received a replacement unit, they don't repair and return yours, they just want to make sure it is repairable. The replacement unit was shiny like new and worked perfectly. All in all, a simple, price effective alternative to buying a replacement. Thumbs up to Garmin.
  19. There is a great deal on a Garmin Nuvi 855 on Woot today. Any of you looking for a good GPS with MP3 player and bluetooth here it is. http://www.woot.com/
  20. Is there anything made like this but for our scoots or will this one work? http://www.ascycles.com/images/products/ztechnik/z6403_ztechnik_antennamountgps.jpg
  21. has anyone ever used this site? It shows that my Garmin 765T 2011 map update is available from here.
  22. SUNSHADE for a Garmin 2600-2700 series GPS?
  23. Noticed this morning that www.thedigitaloasis.com has the Garmin Zumo 660 at a sale price of $488.00 with free shipping to get it in time for Christmas. Which frustrated me as I just paid $525 for mine. No affiliation, just saw it as a good price. Brian
  24. Got a Garmin 550 off of fleabay last night for $38.59! Now I am looking for handlebar mount and a waterproof container although I think someone mentioned that they are waterproof!? Thanks All!!
  25. I am looking for a Garmin V GPS. For what I use a GPS for it is perfect ( basic Speed o ) If you have one that works, and is reasonable let me know. Email: revgp@starband.net
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