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  1. Busy traveling the country doing construction! Haven't been to the site much unless I am looking for assistance. That just seems criminal. My apologies! By the way anyone in the Dallas area that can offer assistance?
  2. We are nomads and haven't been home in 2 years. Actually home is the RV. Not complaining here. We love the full time RVing it just does not lend itself to service work on my bike of this nature Unless someone in the area we are currently in has a facility and a willingness to help out. Again, not complaining. My pockets are deep enough to handle the expense IF I can find a competent service center. She's worth it! PS. Military was quite different in the early 80's... just saying! Thank you for your service! (something not heard back then either)
  3. Actually 84 miles is not that far and I will take a serious look at Fun Machine! Also looking at Cycle Pro Orlando who has high ratings on Google Maps. Thanks!!
  4. That is very kind of you! Unfortunately the last dealings I had with the Navy was at Little Creek Naval Gunfire School. Had to tour the bowels of a destroyer as part of the training. I remember a seaman telling me that anyone who jumped out of airplanes was a whole lot of crazy. Feeling crazy from hitting my head a few times on bulkheads made me respond. "Anyone who goes to sea for 6 months without any women might want to look in a mirror for the definition of crazy!!" Hey, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!
  5. Sure you don't want to come to Orlando and hold my hand again Randy?! Good hearing from you and Yes, it's good to be me!
  6. cAs always you are AWESOME Earl! Never left just haven't had much to contribute. I check in from time to time and I keep up with Don via Facebook. Thanks for the kind offer which i will keep in mind if someone volunteers a workshop or garage. RV site is just not gonna work!!!
  7. Morning All! Been forever since posting here. Actually had to figure out how to post! My job is carrying us to Orlando, the Kissimmee area, here in January. Bike is approaching 65k so it is overdue for a valve job. Since the wife and I travel and live out of our RV I will need to take the girl (Bike!) in for this service unless someone has a place and shims and willingness? I am reaching out, though, to find who is reputable to work on Tour Deluxes in the Orlando area? Thanks!
  8. When I first turn the key I will hear the fuel pump clacking. Once it stops I turn the key to start. No sound, no crank, no start! Bike will not start in neutral w/ kickstand down wherein the past it always would. (Kill switch checked) Now I raise the kickstand, if no start I lower the kickstand and raise it again. That usually does the trick and the bike starts.
  9. I actually bought a battery thinking that was my problem! Came home and the bike fired right up before I could install new battery! No hesitation just prompt power! Rode it back to Battery Plus to return the new battery then to Lowes then to the gas station. At Lowes my first attempt to start her got nothing. Starter did not engage, nothing! Put the kickstand down, then up. She fired right up then! This leads me to believe it is one of the switches. Just not electrical savvy enough to troubleshoot!
  10. OK, can start her after a good charge as "Flyingfool" suggested! Every once in awhile though she acts dead. After raising and lowering the kickstand that problem seems to disappear. So is a sidestand switch or the clutch switch I need to replace? It is just something I need to clean? I have gone from complete confidence in the electrical system to one who feels like he is rolling dice wondering if I will be stranded the next time I take off!
  11. I have a 2005 RSTD and put those on several years ago! Instant improvement, great investment! Receipt is from Diamond R Accessories on 7/2/2010 @ a cost of $99.80 including shipping. Product code was "LLK Leveling Link Kit" Sorry no part number.
  12. Have not had cable for almost a decade now, well since ER and NYPD were on. Due to travel these days I do get all the channels while staying at a hotel. Confirms that I am not missing anything, so boring! Thought I would miss sports but really don't know the players anymore. Cannot stand the news! So sensational! Unfortunately the Weather channel is now the same as the news!! Finally put up an antenna so the wife can watch some tv from time to time. We do enjoy the dancing shows but for that we catch it on the computer!
  13. 78 Suzuki 550! Only picture I have. Rode her around the country for 33 days with my 12yr old brother and all the camping gear we could pile on her! Really don't remember being that skinny but I do remember the girl!!!
  14. You, my friend, are in my prayers! I now have a job that requires travel! My wife and I are considering an RV so that she can travel with me. We have looked at apparatus that will also haul the bike along. Not sure how all of this will work out. Just know that as much as I love travel, it means little without my wife along. To me that trumps money and/or time off! Hope that does not come across as advice, actually could use your advice!! Prayers are what you need from me, and prayers you are gonna get!!!
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