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  1. Anybody here watch tv over the internet. My nephew received some type of device that allows them to watch TV can't remember the name of it. I know you can somehow do it with a X-Box or Playstation but were not interested in that. This magic gizmo allows you to watch on your television and not the computer. We have a DSL connection not sure of speed or how to check it but it is a reliable connection. Any help would be appreciated I'm just tired of paying for a bunch of stuff I don't watch (dish network ) and looking for alternatives. thanks Vincent
  2. Last of the boxes unpacked after the move... all paperwork sorted for utilities... alarm for house all transferred ................. and finally have the bugs sorted out for the internet and the phone Hello -- I'm Baaaaack
  3. My Internet access was out for 6 whole hours!!!
  4. Linda has lost the ability to get on the internet with her laptop. It was working fine using her wireless and she moved from one room to another and now it will not work. Her wireless still works fine for mine and it even shows a connection on hers, but it will not come up. Even setting beside the wireless router, it will not do anything. I have even reset it to work in the wired configuration, but it still will not come up. I have gone into the internet connection and set the homepage on yahoo and other pages and it still will not do anything. Any suggestions? RandyA
  5. Wow - some prolific posters here! Except they haven't posted since before the Internet was invented http://www.venturerider.org/modules/Statistics/index.php?&op=posters
  6. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1t5f5AwkkiY&feature=share][sURVEILLANCE VIDEO] Shooting At Florida Internet Cafe - YouTube[/ame] :cool10:
  7. http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/dns-changer-malware-300000-people-worldwide-lose-internet/story?id=16726397 I have seen it everywhere, paper, radio, internet. Appears if computer infected, you will lose access to internet on Monday when FBI shuts down these affected servers. Includes link to test your computer. Wondering if this might be cause of wierd operation some are seeing on VRO?
  8. Eileen and I got home about 9:30 last night from a week on a houseboat on Lake Cumberlan in Kentucky. Could have easily enjoyed another week there doing nothing but floating around on the boat but all good things must come to an end I suppose. Had a great time though. I had internet there through my computer tethered to my phone but it was very slow. I checked in from time to time but if any of you addressed me specifically and got no answer, please let me know.
  9. Some of you know that the reason I haven't been on the site is that we haven't had internet at the new house. I ended up getting an AT&T Hotspot wifi transmitter that uses cell towers and 4G to get hooked up. It works but I'm not crazy about having to spend $60+ a month for internet. I have this thing for 30 days to try it, and if I want I can return it and get out of the contract (which I wont go into that rant) I need other options from y'all, I wont waste my money on Huges Net and besides what we have right now, that is the only other option. I'm too far from a distribution center to be able to get DSL, and dialup will just irritate me and I have enough irritants in my life right now. I am open for any ideas or suggestions you have
  10. .....But it sure does feel like it! Just a quick note to let y'all know were still alive and kicking. This new house is gonna kill me Been living init since the last week of March and still have way too much to do, still not a complete kitchen If nayone needs to get ahold of either Lonna or myself use our phones to do it. We still dont have internet at the house (thats a whole nother fiasco) and I wont be able to get on the site for days at a time. Hope all is well with everyone and eventually we'll get a life back, be safe and we'll ttyl
  11. REDRIDER52

    IE 9

    Any one up graded to IE9 internet whants me to up grade how do you like it
  12. Its a long story with boring details but since you clicked on this thread, here you go: I signed up for Uverse on the 7th of December. This is Uverse internet, not digital Uverse TV. Uverse, for those who dont know, is the AT&T service that uses fiberoptic cables run in the alleys and streets and then a drop of copper pairs, (usually your existing phone line), to the house. In brand new affluent neighborhoods they run fiber directly to the house. I currently had DSL service at the 3 Mbps tier. Not super fast, but fast enough for me. It runs me about $35 a month. The Uverse sales rep offered to bump me up to 12 Mbps and drop the price to $25 a month for a year, with free install and free modem. I said 'sign me up!' Famous Last Words. We scheduled the install for the 20th of December, due to conflicts with work and other obligations we all have that time of year. (plus that allows time for the self-install modem to arrive) The technician will show up between 8 am and 8 pm. Ok...set aside a whole day and hang around the house and wait. The tech never showed....but my DSL internet stopped working that morning. Hours on hold, many calls made, rescheduled for the 28th of December. Another day waiting around my house all day, and again, the tech never showed. Still no internet, and still no Uverse. More time spent on hold and customer service is apologizing all over themselves, and promising it wont happen again...and I reschedule once again: January 4th, Wednesday. On the 2nd, i get a text on my phone confirming a tech WILL be there on the 4th. I left all the doors and gates standing wide open, all day. I am there all day. NO ONE SHOWS UP! Ok, I'm pissed! I call that night (hold for an hour)and they PROMISE there will be a tech here Friday. The phone rep even gives me the maintenance dept phone number. And the central office is only 5 blocks from my house. I live near the middle of this little town of 25,000 people. I'm NOT hard to find! I finally get a call Friday afternoon. This guy is 'subbing' for the primary tech, who I find out is a GIRL, and she is out for a family situation. Huh? For 2 weeks? So this guy is here in 2 minutes, tests the line, hands me a modem, we plug it in, POOF! data detected! I log in, sign up, and wow...instant internet! its MAGIC! He says they were supposed to send a modem 3 weeks ago...I said yeah the phone support people told me three times it was on its way. It never showed. He also apologized in person for the delays and the service, but said he was a substitute and the gal that normally does all this has been 'busy'...whatever that means. Well the end result is now my internet is working, and the speed is showing to be around 11 Mbps now....and the webpages and videos are loading QUICK! So...I spent about 17 days with no internet, no Netflix, no Hulu, no Youtube, no streaming music. I was able to so some limited surfing and email using the local 3G service on my ipad, and iphone, but its just not the same. Now the funny thing is: I had texted this female friend that 'my internet was down'...i get a couple of texts back and then she quips, 'well I thought macs didnt break!'...she knows I'm a mac person. I texted back that its the service, not the computer, the mac is fine. Just no internet working to the house. She wrote back a simple: 'oh' Shes a blonde, and a cute one at that, but thats the same thing as thinking that a nice expensive Sony Plasma TV will work even if there is no signal to it! I guess to some people the words 'internet is down' means the computer quit. Oh well. Things are getting back to normal here, and I got caught up on some shows I watch. I dont have cable TV and we are 50 miles from the nearest TV market so I only get about 3 channels of network crap, so this is kindve a big deal for me. Its my main source of entertainment, news, weather, sports, movies, email and so on. After all this, I can say its hard to imagine going back to the days of no internet. Is that what our great, great, great grandparents said about hot and cold running water? or electricity? Wow. Happily surfing again.
  13. This week I find myself in yet another hotel with very substandard Internet service. As many of you know, I travel on a weekly basis and actually spend more nights in hotel rooms each than I do at home. Now I'm not all that picky and the company that I work for is fairly conservative when it comes to how much I should spend on hotel rooms so I stay in mid grade hotels and about 95% of the time, I stay at Comfort Inns. There are really only a handful of things that I expect. A very clean room, a coffee pot and decent Internet service. I keep pretty good records of which ones are pretty good and which or not and won't return to one that doesn't meet my few expectations. Now, ALL Comfort Inns have either wireless or hard wired internet service. Some have both. I find that about 40% of them actually work pretty darn good, maybe another 30% are acceptable and the remaining 30% make me want to Now HERE is my biggest complaint. If I am at a hotel that is having a problem with their Internet service. Most of the time, about 99% of the time, they give me a phone number for their service provider and want me to call them. That is my rub. It is NOT my problem...it is THEIR problem. I know that my computer is working properly. I have no desire to spend one to more hours on the telephone with THEIR service provider helping them troubleshoot THEIR problems. I have done it once or twice and it ALWAYS turns out to be a problem with either the provider or the hotel hardware. It has NEVER...not a single time, been an issue with my computer. So, why should I...a paying guest...be asked to call and spend my evenings helping to troubleshoot THEIR issues? You all know the routine...."have you tried restarting your computer"...OK...."let's go into your settings"...."do you how to run a command from a command line prompt"....yadayadayadayada.......................... "OK...the problem seems to be on our end...............".... YOU THINK? It happened again last night and sure enough, they wanted me to call the service provider. I said no thanks, I don't work for you. Please call them yourself and get the problems resolved. About 10 minutes later, the service provider actually called ME. He asked if I was using Wifi or the hardwired connection. I told him that I had tried both with the same results. I get an excellent Wifi signal and have no problem connecting. I also have no problem connecting via the hardwired connection. In both cases though, it works and then stops and then 3 or 4 minutes later...works again. I click on a link and it times out...I click again and it opens. "OK sir.......have you tried restarting your system". NO...I have NOT restarted my system and I'm NOT going to either. I'm also not going to open my settings.....I DON'T WORK FOR YOU or the HOTEL! You guys figure it out. GOODBYE. OK.....rant mode off............
  14. I was given a T-Mobile Motorola MB200 Cliq touchscreen, android phone. This thing has lots of apps on it, wifi, bluetooth, web. It does not have a sim card, nor do I want to activate the phone portion of it, but I would like to be able to use it for internet at spots with public wifi. Can this be done? I have tried and although it finds the wifi signal it will not let me connect and browse. What's this jailbreaking and will that let me do what I want to do?
  15. Our internet provider just called and said our upload activity had spiked since 11:00am and asked if we were doing anything different. We asked what would cause this as we are just doing business as usual. He said it could be a virus. Anyone know what might cause this and how would you find out what is causing this?
  16. When I first arrived in La. last year (2010) to "restart" my life I joined quite a few Dating Sites looking for a decent woman. I was honest in all my Profiles and included recent pics of myself and my bike. I met my current lady (Donna) by way of one of these Dating Sites last October(2010) and we have been very happy together. My question which begs an answer/help is this....Is it possible for someone to steal my Profile/pics and pose as ME on the Internet for nefarious purposes ? How do I find out who is doing this....and more importantly....how do I stop this? I should add this for clarification: Someone is posing as ME to set up meetings with random women; chatting with these women etc......and heck yes it is creating problems for me with the love of my life. Regards.....Boomer
  17. Is there a standard bulb I can buy from an auto parts store or is there a bulb I have to get from a bike shop, internet, etc... Thanks
  18. Quickstep and I are in an internet cafe in Frankfurt. Helloooooooo:big-grin-emoticon:
  19. I successfuly replaced the hot water heater after 3 trips to the hardware store, aqnd while In was at it I routed a Cat5e cable to the blue ray player in the bedroom so I can have internet access to the player. Managed to fall on the ice and bumped my thick skull. Now my back hurts and my neck too!! I need a new desktop computer, I renewed my anti virus, downloaded the software and it quit in the middle of installing and now it won't access the internet! Oh well, the darn thing is about 8 years old or so, and waaaaay obsolete. BJ's has a $50 off sale on a HP and I have a credit card with Zero interest until next Feb. My electric razor broke yesterday but I found another one on Fleabay for around $40 new so I'm happy. Been sort of a mix of good/bad the last couple of days...
  20. i have noticed that we have several 'IT' types computer guys here on this forum and i would ask for your help. info you probably need: 1) Firefox is browser 2) Windows XP 3) McAfee protection 4) NetGear wireless router (but have my computer connected via Ethernet cable) problem..... several weeks ago when i turned my computer on it tried booting from a disc (don't know how it happened) i resolved that issue. then last week in the morning my computer seemed to work fine but later i could not connect to the internet - i turned my firewall off and could then connect to the internet - so i just restored to default my firewall settings and and have had no issues since then connecting to internet - but since then i started getting pop ups opening a new browser window with urls such as..."googleads.g.doubleclick.net"..... "epoclick.com/?ads=12587652904" the last digits will change each time a new window opens..... and other pop ups. solution (?).... i tried use Adblock filters to stop the windows without success, but not sure if i have written the filters correctly. i just read online that if i look into my NetGear Gateway settings and see my Primary & Secondary DNS settings at something other than all zeros then i have been hijacked - the solution was to reset those gateways to all zeros, which i tried but got an error saying the gateways were were not set correctly. i really hate to use malware software to solve my problem(s) as in the past i felt the malware software was creating its own issues. so....if any of you guys have any suggestions please feel free to post them up .....THANKS
  21. barend


    To Verizon Wireless!! I switched back to using my Omnia phone last month and about had a heart attack when I got the bill, $950 dollars in usage charges all while not using it for anything internet related. Took two hours, but they did credit all of the usage charges back to me. Sometimes good things happen! :happy65:
  22. Stay tuned! http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2010/09/internet-explorer-9-beta-drops-its-lean-fast-and-modern/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+wired%2Findex+%28Wired%3A+Index+3+%28Top+Stories+2%29%29
  23. Just saw this today. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Your-Own-Hot-Spot-and-nytimes-362333608.html So for $40/month, unlimited internet accesss via a wifi hotspot with built-in cell network connectivity. From Virgin. Thats what I'm paying for DSL and it isn't very portable. I'm already using voice over internet for my telephone service and just have a pay per usage cell phone for emergencies.
  24. I can't be the only person who lives in the country where DSL, cable, and fiber optics kinds of services are not available. What do some of the rest of you use? I have had an aircard for some time, but my monthly usage has increased to where the 5G is not enough anymore. There is a wifi outfit local to me that would have the best plan as far as rates, speeds and download capacity, but upon investigation these guys have demonstrated themselves to be jerks and they don't even have my business yet. Can't say I'm nuts about signing a contract with them. Does anyone have any experience with satellite internet services? Are there any other options I'm overlooking?
  25. I am looking for a 'Wellnut' that sits on the inside middle part of the lower cowling. The rubber nut has a number of '550' and after searching the Yamaha parts catalog, it falls under part # 90179-05523-00. I have checked local motorcycle shops in our area and they charge $2.00 to $3.19 a piece of this small wellnut. Internet search came up to be a 'C550/M5x0.8', but I am not sure if this has the same thread pitch for the bolt. At any rate, does anyone know an alternative place to get the wellnut?
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