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Found 12 results

  1. We are in the process of rebuilding our VR Assistance List. If you can and are willing to offer assistance to a member who is riding through your area, please edit your profile to include that information. Simply click on "Settings" at the upper right of the page and then scroll down to "Edit Profile". Near the bottom you will find a place to select "yes or no" in regards to offering local assistance and then a place to select services that you may be able to offer. Cowpuc just mentioned in another thread another, and maybe easier, way to get to it. Click "forum actions" in the small menu at the top. Select edit profile. Scroll down and you'll see where to select your information.
  2. well as some of you know, susan's mom has been fighting her bout with cancer for about 4 yrs, last 3 not having much of a life, gave up on friday morning. we knew it was coming but still a hard hit on her family. visitation is sun evening from 6-8pm and graveside service monday at 2pm. they've had all the services set up 4 yrs ago but just had to set the times, a great relief at this time for the family. looks like all the family will be here for the services. we thank all for their support thru these times.
  3. This would have been absolutely unthinkable when I was growing up. What is wrong with this country? http://www.fox40.com/news/headlines/ktxl-americanflagbike11122010,0,3045879.htmlstory Here are the names and contact info for the school officials, in case anyones interested. Denair Unified School District Superintendent Edward Parraz AT: 209-632-7514 eparraz@dusd.k12.ca.us ‎3460 Lester Road Denair, CA 95316 Fax (209) 632-9194Office (209) 632-7514 ... (209) 632-7514 x1202 - Superintendent, Human Resource Department (Ed Parraz, Superintendent / Jody Jorge) x1206 - Assistant Superintendent of Business Services (Judy Sylvester) x1304 - Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services and Charter Schools (Carol Hammond)
  4. Seeking your opinions. I've been thinking about adding a new category to our classifieds area. I don't know yet what it will be called but it will be for our established members who offer products and/or services to our members. I'm talking about people like Carbon_one, Skydoc, Rick Butler, MiCarl, etc. It will NOT be for any new person who just joins up for the purpose of peddling goods here. Posting to the new area would be with pre-approval only. It will require that a person has been an active member here for some amount of time and has proven themselves to be a true VentureRider member. The reason for this would be to make it easier for all of you to find these products and services as they often get stuck back several pages in the classifieds and are hard to find quickly. So....do you think that this would be helpful?
  5. Anyone in the Colorado Springs/Denver area have recommendations for someone that can mount/balance tires and do other basic maintenance on my '06 RSV? I'm a new owner to this bike and haven't had to do too much on my v-star since I've been in this area...I hate the high prices of the dealer and would rather go to an experienced, smaller shop or something. Services I'm currently looking for (over the next couple of months): Replacing front tire Replacing kickstand 20,000 mile services Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  6. I can't be the only person who lives in the country where DSL, cable, and fiber optics kinds of services are not available. What do some of the rest of you use? I have had an aircard for some time, but my monthly usage has increased to where the 5G is not enough anymore. There is a wifi outfit local to me that would have the best plan as far as rates, speeds and download capacity, but upon investigation these guys have demonstrated themselves to be jerks and they don't even have my business yet. Can't say I'm nuts about signing a contract with them. Does anyone have any experience with satellite internet services? Are there any other options I'm overlooking?
  7. From Veterinary Services to Massages .Now about the massages Whatever To sleeperhawk did he make ok to hospital ,I believe the masooohs got a little carried away:rotfl:
  8. Harley-Davidson company today announced that it has purchased Yamaha's motorcycle division. Harley-Davidson company, a brand name for 107 years, would be at the top of any list of immediately identifiable corporate logos recognized worldwide," said Matthew S. Levatich, president of Harley-Davidson. "We are proud to bring this storied company to American ownership. We intend to maximize the value of the name and to fully utilize the manufacturing, marketing and worldwide distribution assets of the company to create appreciation and value for our shareholders. We also plan to increase the company's revenues through expanded branding activities and strategic acquisitions that will compliment the company's current product lines. As part of the synergy between our two companies, we plan to incorporate Yamaha products into the lines manufactured by H-D. The stock purchase agreement between Harley-Davidson and Yamaha encompasses all assets including patents, trademarks, intellectual property, distribution rights, machine drawings, inventory, equipment and physical assets of Yamaha, including its corporate headquarters in Newnan, Georgia. Under the agreement, Harley-Davidson will pay $15 billion in cash, with $5 billion paid upon closing and the balance due in May 2012. As of the close, Yamaha's total assets were approximately $17 billion, which includes two manufacturing facilities. The main facility is a 660,000 square foot plant on 160 acres located in Newnan. The other facility is a 36,000 square foot plant in Kennesaw, GA. Total liabilities are approximately $53 million, which includes a 10-year note payable to Yamaha for $15 billion due in May 2012. About Harley-Davidson Harley-Davidson, Inc. produces and sells heavyweight motorcycles, as well as offers motorcycle parts, accessories, and related services. It operates in two segments, Motorcycles and Related Products, and Financial Services. The Motorcycles and Related Products segment engages in the design, manufacture, and sale of primarily heavyweight touring, custom, and performance motorcycles primarily in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Asia/Pacific, and Latin America. It also provides a line of motorcycle parts and accessories, including replacement parts, and mechanical and cosmetic accessories; general merchandise, such as apparel and accessories; and related services. This segment manufactures five families of motorcycles, including Touring, Dyna, Softail, Sportster, and VRSC. It offers its products under the Harley-Davidson, Buell, MV Agusta, and Cagiva brand names. The Financial Services segment provides wholesale and retail financing, and insurance and insurance-related programs primarily to the company’s dealers and retail customers in the United States and Canada. It engages in financing and servicing wholesale inventory receivables and retail consumer loans primarily for the purchase of motorcycles. This segment’s wholesale financial services include floorplan and open account financing of motorcycles, and motorcycle parts and accessories to Harley-Davidson and Buell motorcycle dealers. Its retail financial services include installment lending for its new and used motorcycles. The Financial Services segment also provides motorcycle insurance and property/casualty insurance, as well as sells extended service contracts, gap coverage, and debt protection products to motorcycle owners. Harley-Davidson sells its products through independent dealers and distributors. The company was founded in 1903 and is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. April Fool!
  9. I hope this posting is not out of line, if so, please delete it and advise me of my transgression. I recently joined an organization comprised of Senior Enlisted personnel (E-9). I am not sure where this org will be going, but I like the idea of helping maintain our military defense and the troops that continue to protect us. I am posting the Mission Statement; the website is: http://www.aftea.us/ "OUR MISSION The AFTEA mission is to advocate a strong national defense that will protect the security of the United States. We support a defense budget that will provide modern and sufficient equipment so that our military personnel can safely and effectively accomplish their mission. We seek to educate the public and members of Congress about the uniformed services and their most important asset, its people. We promote improved quality-of-life and economic fairness that will support the well-being of the men and women of America's Uniformed Services and their families. We give voice to our members' concerns about military pay, health care, pension and disability, survivor benefits, education, housing, child care, and other quality-of-life programs. The Armed Forces Top Enlisted Association (AFTEA) is a non-profit veteran's organization representing the professional and personal interests of active duty and retired men and women of America's Uniformed Services, National Guard and Reserve."
  10. Oooh soon.. oh so soon.. I'll be moving into my new insulated 24x24 floor heated garage.. Someone had mentioned I shouldn't park the bike with the tires on the bare concrete floor as it may 'leech' the compounds out of the tires??? Once the builders have the mudding done on the drywall and the rest of the 20 amp services are connected, it's just a paint job and building a work bench to keep me busy this winter.. AHHHHHHHhhhh
  11. OK folks, it seems that the spam bots have found a way to get past the human verification manager in the registration process. I have implemented a new system which should stop it for now. We had several spammers join up over the past few days and I have caught them all fairly quickly. They have been deleted and banned but it's a never ending battle. The new system should pretty much solve the problem for now but it unfortunately makes it a bit more time consuming to register. I apologize now for making it so difficult for any new members who are joining up. If this doesn't stop the bots...the next step is one that I really don't want to take but it may eventually become necessary. That is to prevent anybody from joining up who is using one of the free email services. Almost 100% of the spammers are using accounts from Yahoo, GMail, etc. If the steps I have taken do not stop the spammers then I will simply have to require that people use a real email address and NOT one of the free services. The good news is that I think I can do it while allowing our existing members to continue using such emails but they will not be allowed for any new members who try to register.
  12. is anyone else having problems with being "double charged, " or "charged for services ":bang head:that you didn't sign up for? just jt
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