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  1. Folks, I got a message from a member here telling me that his subscription is about to expire. That concerns me because his membership is good through April of next year and the automated reminders here do NOT go out until a few days before your memberships expire. Has anybody else here gotten such an email way ahead of your expiration date? If so, please let me know. It causes me to wonder if somebody is attempting to scam our members.
  2. I have a set of 2008 stock pipes I used for my break in period. If anyone is interested in picking up a good set, shoot me an email.
  3. I got an email that you are causing trouble again. The email said that you have nominated me for an award just for putting up with all of the trouble that you cause. I'll have you know that MY middle name is Trouble. AND I don't always share well........well some things anyhow....... First you accuse me of being responsible for all of the wonderful winter weather and lovely snowfalls suitable for a Christmas card that anyone in North America gets , Then you try to steal my name. Now I have to find more, and more creative ways to cause Trouble just to be able to keep my name for myself. If you came into chat more often you would see that even the chat system often recognizes me as the one and only Trouble. Maybe I'll see if I kin make FOG. Ya that'll work for starters.......... I just have to let some of the fog that normally resides between my ears escape out into the world........
  4. My late father-in-law had a First Gen a long while back - must have installed a CB. I just found the manual. It says, "Yamaha Accessories, CB Radio Kit for XVZ12. Installation Manual." The number at the bottom right corner is 59J-2B19Y-21. If anyone can use this they can have it. Just send me a personal email. If you don't hear back from me pretty quickly, don't give up. I leave for China and Thailand at the first of the week and won't be back stateside until mid-May. Lynn, Missionary Rider Vilonia, Arkansas
  5. I have tried to email mgammon 65@sc.rr.com About the marschall mod cb up grade with no success. Has any one else been able to email him? Or can any one help me out. Thank you cheny
  6. I got this in my email at work today. I can't use the money so I'm passing it along to any one else who wishes to be a sucker...er rich. According to the email, 276.5 million minus some token amount for orphanages and less privileged children. At least in this one, the grammar and spelling is not so bad. Dear Friend, I hope that you will not expose or betray this trust that I am about to impose on you. I decided to contact you to help me actualize this business for the mutual benefit of both our families. My name is Mr. Sasha Kutah the Auditing and Accounting section manager in a bank, there is one of our customers who have made fixed deposit of sum of ($39.5)million for 7 years and upon maturity; I sent the notification to his address, but no response. After few months, I sent a reminder and finally I discovered from his business partner that he died after a brief illness in his country. We tried everything humanly possible to locate his relatives or family, but all efforts failed. The deposit is still intact with my bank and the interest is being paid into the principal sum at the end of each year. If the fund remains in the account for more months, the fund will be confiscated and transferred into the treasury of the Government as unclaimed funds. This is why I contact you for joining hands with the honesty and truth to ensure that the fund is transferred into your bank account, a bank account anywhere in the world can help the transfer. All that is required of you is to contact my bank with the information I will send you as the business associate of the depositor with this system the fund will be paid into a bank account you will provide to the bank. To be honest with you, this is totally legal and 100% risk free. But the secret must remain between you and me, I can assure you that I have worked with this bank for many years and I know all the secrets and I have carefully mapped out my perfect strategies to handle this operation successfully. The depositor is my close friend before his death that is the main reason why I'm the only one working at the bank here that knows much about the existence of this fund and the secrets and the depositor. We will also use some part of the funds to help the orphanage and less privileged children in the world, while I invest part of my share under your management. Please reply quickly enough to enable me decide how to proceed. I await your response. Mr. Sasha Kutah. P.S. I'll provide the return email address on request.
  7. how do i change my email contact info?
  8. If you get an email like this... delete it. Dear Customer, Your order has been successfully processed. FLIGHT NUMBER RX749CA ELECTRONIC 740278947 DATE & TIME / NOVEMBER 16, 2012, 10:30 AM DEPARTING / Toronto TOTAL PRICE / 420.33 CAD Please download and print your ticket from the following URL : For more information regarding your order, contact us by visiting , visit : Thank you Air Canada.
  9. If this is at all inappropriate to post this here, please let me know. Okay all my VentureRider buddies. I got an email from my niece asking me to help her with a fundraiser for class activities and field trips as well as prize(s) for herself. It would seem she didn't think about asking me until the fundraising was almost over. The fundraising ends on the 15th I guess. But I thought I would give it a shot and see how much I could help her out at the last minute. I'm just gonna cut and paste my email so you all get the info needed if ya wanna help me help my lovely little niece out. Thanks in advance from both my niece and myself. Please Support McKenzie Driscoll and SPERRY ELEMENTARY Dear Bummer My school is conducting a Fund Raiser. I am e-mailing you to ask if you will help in this very important effort. Just click on the link below and it will take you to our on-line store. You can browse and order directly on-line and your order will be shipped directly to you. Oh yeah, when you order, they will ask for my STUDENT CODE (719225). Please enter it in correctly after you check out of the store so that I will earn credit for your on-line purchases. Thanks For Helping My School! McKenzie Driscoll STUDENT CODE: 719225 SCHOOL: SPERRY ELEMENTARY Student Email: Kellyflower76@yahoo.com Click on the link below to begin shopping...or cut and paste the following into your browser's address bar if you can't click on it. http://www.charlestonwrap.com/shop_now.php When you purchase items, you will be allowed to assign 1 point per item purchased to me after you check out. Thanks again for helping my school and me on our fundraising campaign. Personal Message: Mckenzies school fundraiser kinda got cool stuff!! Thanks, Bill
  10. After 7 closing attempts, My Bank Rep quitting, and the previous owner stealing everything that wasn't bolted down in the garage the day before we moved in, we finally got to sleep in our "new to us" house the first weekend in Sept! My 55 year old brother, my 75 year old uncle, my 16 year old nephew, and Jean and myself, gutted the house, hung 58 sheets of dry wall, all new carpet, vinyl flooring, oak laminate flooring, and a kitchen make over in 24 days. While I worked a 12 hour shift 6-7 days a week during the month of August. I have attached a few pics. I humbly apologize to anyone who has tried to contact me, or has purchased any items during the renovation of the new house, or the move in. Our computer service was just connected on Monday, and my "old" computer crashed a week before the move. I know that I owe a few people items from the Classifieds. Please bear with me, as we unpack the MANY boxes that have made the trek from the old to the new house. My email has changed, my address has changed, my computer has changed, but in short order, I hope to have everything up and running again. If you have recently purchased an item, please feel free to contact me thru a PM and as soon as the Psychic we hired arrives, I am sure we will find that box that has your parts in it, and get them right out to you!:crackup:Mark, (Mag1101) stopped by over the weekend to see if I was still kickin', and it was great to see a fellow VR.ORG member. There are still many things to do, but at least we are making progress. My new email address and address will be in my profile shortly, if you have an interest in the items in the Classifieds, please contact me directly thru a PM, the Paypal email address has NOT been changed in the ads yet. Thanks to all for their concern, and I hope to have my "New Shop" up and running in the coming months. Earl and Jean.
  11. Does anyone have a set of these that you would be willing to sell and could someone post pictures or email me Pictures of what they look like on the bike? Thanks!!
  12. I have been getting constant nag screens to add security exception on Thunderbird the last few days. I am on 14.0 seems to be latest I have run Avast & Malware scans, both up to date. I can't send on my Hover.com account, but 2 other accounts on Tbird are working as usual, which seems to point to my Hover domain email account. gary (@) dinges.com Any ideas?? Gary
  13. Hard bags for the RSTDs are available from Cruiser Customizing, here's a pic of them. Just saw it in an email this am..... http://www.cruisercustomizing.com/images/STR-4WM72-00-00_300.jpg Only costs you a Grand!!!
  14. I was contemplating changing the diaphragms on my 96 RSTC since you all made look so easy at MD, I looked at Sirius website and it listed the SD-1 for all XVZ1300 and XVZ13 models of venture, I sent them an email and asked if they would fit the XVZ13ATH Royal Star and they replied ...sure... but if they don't we'll take em back. I being an anal engineer type, sent back an email asking if they were sure as the ventures and some of the stars had different size carbs, like the 28MM and the 32MM ...the reply was they only carry one size. My concern is that they are missing the hole in the tab and the OD dimension for the DS-1 was 72MM which is wider across than my entire cover. Am I correct on this and if so does anyone know where to get the smaller diaphragms only?
  15. Just got email from DHL Inc. Says failed delevery attempt and print attached .zip and contact support Notice about 15 versions of to address, and no from address. Looked for email link for dhl web site to forward to them to investigate, but just find email form to fill out i strongly suggest link NOT be opened screenshot attached
  16. I got this in a email from Motorcycle U.S.A. http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/1404/Motorcycle-Video/2012-Star-Stratoliner-Deluxe-First-Ride-Video.aspx
  17. just got this email today!http://www.chromeworld.com/ProductDetails/Kits/KitDetails.aspx?KitItemID={f11f68e6-66e6-4566-8359-893d1b1ac534}&pname=GMax+G67s+Open+Face+Helmet+With+Headset+Special&Referer=QUICK_SEARCH&Alias=gm004&ptct=BS-SR&CTitle=&.
  18. Yesterday I received a notification in my email that a member sent me a PM about parts but of course with expired membership I can't fetch it. I need a Venturer member to PM the guy and relay his message to me or give him my email addy which is my screen name at yahoo...
  19. SilvrT


    Just got an email from them... MotorKote is now available at Wallmart ....
  20. Last year at Cody I asked for someone to take a picture of me while I was riding my bike down the highway. It was a couple and I forgot their names, my bad. I was wondering if they still had the photo and could email it to me or PM me and I would send them my email. I would really like to have it. I forgot all about it til recently. Steve AKA Bubber
  21. If any of the members here received a bogus email from me, I apologize. I had nothing to do with it and I do not know how it is happening, so if you get an email that says Peggy Yerger, DO NOT OPEN IT! I did not send it. Yama Mama
  22. Last night I scored a deal on a car topper from Craigslist. The guy has an old car topper that had been used once and was asking $25 for it just to get rid of it quick. After almost a week of us playing phone tag and email tag he finally sent me an email that If I can come tonight, I can have it for $FREE$. He just wants it gone. Needless to say I beat feet over there, and this thing looks almost like new. I stuffed it into the back of my truck and away I went with the goodies. Now I just have to decide quickly as to whether I should just get the HF trailer (the HF trailer is on sale for $179.95 till the end of this month) to put under this box, or build one from scratch. I know that it will cost a LOT more to build it from scratch, and take a lot more work and time, but I will have a much better trailer in the end that is exactly what I want/need.
  23. i have struck a deal on a used crashed royal star tour deluxe in CANAL Winchester Ohio, and i am looking for a member to go and inspect it before i travel from Illinois to purchase it.. email me, pm or text or call my phone the number is in my profile. thanks in advance! mike
  24. Suggestions on best way to scan documents for email? Using lexmark software that came with scanner, document scans come either .jpg or .pdf A single 8.5x11 page is typically 3-5meg, a bit large for email.
  25. Guess WHAT ?? Ok - you probably guessed it - email me rbyrd5@neo.rr.com
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