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  1. Can someone please tell where I can purchase a set of the Carb Sync gages?
  2. Hello everyone and almost Happy new year! I have been doing some research and reading up on safety gear, and such and. I have the alpine stars, the olympias, the heavy leather and such. Seems like Motoport is getting a lot of good/great reviews regarding their kevlar suits, pants and jackets. Now they are not cheap by any stretch, but testimonies from others on various forums and site seem to swear they are the top banana in safety wear. Lately, I have been more concerned with the good or poor choices of my gear in such an event happen. So....I wanna here from you guys and gals. Anyone have personal or know anyone who wears this kevlar brand? Here in Florida, the heat can be brutal, yet many a Floridian who wear the mesh kevlar have not experienced any overheating. From all accounts the customer service is excellent and the pants and jacket are custom made for your body, so they want specific measurements. Let me know what ya thoughts are. Right now leaning towards the purchase, and it will be my final purchase regarding gear. Thank you kindly for replying and have a fantastic and safe riding new year!!
  3. So I just renewed my membership for year #4 after 3 years of ownership. You guys helped me decide on the original purchase, helped figure out what I actually purchased, helped me extensively through many repairs including the whole scary front end/fork seal/ triple tree bearing repair and most importantly getting it all put back together. Since the original 89 purchase, I have bought two 1984 parts bikes, a 1987 Venture Royale, and helped my son-in-law purchase his 1986 Venture Royale (thanks 1Rooster). I did have to stop my bike form reading the forum since she decided to develop many symptoms that others were posting about regarding their bike. So for Year #4...thanks guys and gals !!!! Just found my original Purchase pictures: Now those of you that lost the pool on whether I would last or get kicked off of here....pay up !!
  4. There has been a lot of talk about trikes and trike conversions. I am seriously considering going the trike route...only thing is that I don't know if it will be better to convert my 07 RSV (and, if so, using what system?) or to sell my bike and just purchase a trike (again, which manufacturer?) Sure would appreciate any help you all have.
  5. So, it looks like there is a very slight seeping leak around the top of the thermostat housing. But, the biggest leak that showed up is where the tube that comes between the "valve" and goes into the side of the thermostat housing. This seems to be a pretty good leak that just started after changing the coolant. Is there a "kit" that has all the o-rings and gaskets for the thermostat housing, or do I need to purchase each one separately ? Any input from others that have done this, what looks like a real pain in the @$$ job ?
  6. Just a FYI..... I am in negotiations with a company in India which manufactures a universal mounting kit for sidecars. They have quoted a price of $150.00 per kit plus air freight. I am going to purchase a sample kit to see how well they are made. If anyone else is interested we could probably do a group purchase.
  7. While trying to find a new source for Plastex I came across this site http://www.aircraftspruce.ca/catalog/cmpages/01-00542-45.php?clickkey=57384 for all purposes this seems to be Plastex under another name. I do not know how currant the info is but if it is there are a few locations in the USA and one here in Ontario. It appears you can mail order or purchase over the counter if you are close enough. Here is a link for you Americans http://www.aircraftspruce.com/search/search.php?s=plastifix&x=48&y=17 A list of locations Spruce Locations West - Corona, CA East - Peachtree City, GA Canada - Brantford, ON International Reps Avionics Affiliates
  8. What is the best battery for my 89 VR and besided doing mail order can I purchase it locally in Washington State.
  9. I finally got a trike "AGAIN" This is my 3rd Honda trike but my first 1800. It has everything a bike could possibly have EXCEPT a CB. So, probably won't do a whole lot of good but does anybody know of a complete CB w/antenna and all of the wiring that might be available ? I've looked on ebay and the prices are what I would expect but looking for something slightly less than 1K Not only the purchase - I haven't a clue about how/where to install it. I see that the bike already has controls on the handle bar so I'm guessing that the unit will be hidden somewhere under the massive amount of plastic.
  10. looking to purchase 1st gen venture near east tn. ty
  11. The rear shock finally died on my 99 Venture. So has anyone bought one recently and if you did I'd like some input on what to purchase and how much money I can expect to pay. Thanks.
  12. Does anyone keep good records of the cost of ownership of these large bikes? Yeah, we know what it costs to fill up the gas tank, or put on a set of new tires, but I wonder if someone on the forum has kept good records of what it costs per mile to own and ride one of these machines? I can guess, and make some educated calculations, but what I'd like to do is make a comparison between say, owning and riding a Venture for 5 years, vs owning and driving an average compact or midsize car (of about the same initial purchase price) for the same amount of time and miles. Of course you might have to correct for mileage not ridden in the winter, but if you compare the initial purchase, the insurance, the gas, the tires, the maintenance, repairs, and any upgrades wanted, are we ahead financially with a large touring bike? I doubt it. To be fair, I would assume that both vehicles should be covered by a warranty for the entire 5 years, and any warranty repairs that are done, do not affect the owners cost of ownership. But I think its also fair to include any and all riding gear purchased, including helmets, riding suits, heated gear, boots, gloves, goggles and so on. This gear should be included in the cost of ownership, cuz you gotta have most of it. Sure, we get some decent fuel mileage, but when you figure ALL the costs involved, including resale value after say 5 years...I bet a standard econobox car is cheaper to own. I'm not including the 'fun' factor, we all know bikes are more enjoyable most of the time. Does anyone keep good accurate records from purchase to resale? I never have...
  13. At last after spending alot of time researching the bike, I picked up my '08 Midnight Venture today. I was a little uneasy about the purchase as here in the UK the bike isn't well known & I couldn't get other dealers to give me a valuation as it doesn't have a book price. Fortunately as the dealer I bought it from has had it for at least 3 months, I got him to drop £3k on the price - so I couldn't say no!! The wife & I did 150 miles this evening & as the miles went on, our smiles got bigger & bigger! What a fantastic bike, it just got better & better. Did country miles with loads of twisties. Really impressed with the handling & the power. I can't believe that these bikes didn't take off over here, it's a real shame we can't get them new like you can. Thanks for all the help you gave me when I asked for advise prior to my purchase, I'll post some pics tomorrow & look forward to being around here. Who needs a Hardley, when you can ride quality like this?!
  14. Talked to Jim and we seem to be falling short on ticket sales for the trailer...This trailer is costing us a little over $1,600.00 to purchase. We still need to sell around 50 more tickets to come up with the purchase price. I know we still have about 4 or 5 weeks till the rally but I'd feel alot better if we had this expense covered by now. If you have not purchased you tickets yet, now is the time to get yours.. I know money is tight for most of us and if you had any intentions of getting a ticket or 2 please do so now. This is a great trailer and someone has to win it.........WHY NOT YOU !
  15. I am looking to purchase another bike and after a lot of looking and research I have pretty much decided to go with a Yamaha Road Star or Stratololiner. I am leaning toward the Stratoliner but I can purchase a new 2010 Road Star S for $12,000 and it is tempting. The Venture was just too hard to handle at slow speed. I might add I like to tour and I just turned 71 if that is a factor. I appreciate any and all advise. Thanks
  16. http://novascotia.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-motorcycles-touring-2-for-1-1983-YAMAHA-VENTURE-REDUCED-W0QQAdIdZ374867023 Really looking to purchase this bike, and do not need it all. Will be looking to part out most of it. Just wondering how much 83' parts are in need? Also, mine is an 84, so can someone tell me how much of this I can use on it? How interchangeable are the parts from 83 to 84? Thanks
  17. Need some input from the brethren here... I am fixing up Zipcodes '89 Suzuki VS750 Intruder, It needs the fuel petcock screen replaced. I have looked several places on the web, but haven't found just the screens, the petcock works fine. Does anyone know of a place to purchase just the screen, or am I going to have to morf something up While I'm at it, the seat needs to be recovered, any insight on where to just purchase a cover to put over the seat?
  18. I'm wondering what make/model digital tachometer is being used out there for diagnostics. I have an 84 VR MK1 and need to make some adjustments that require a digital tach. Before I make a purchase I would like to see what you guys are using and whether you like it or not. So; whatcha using?
  19. Hello Looking for a member in Tacoma to help me as I am looking to purchase an item in the area and am not comfortable with seller.
  20. Anyone have an extra? When I dropped my VR in the garage it went scurrying somewhere, oonly to be found when I purchase a replacement. So if you have one to sell, the other one will probably show up and I can pay it forward.
  21. I have tried three times in the last week to purchase some pants and a jacket from LeatherUp.com and have had all three rejected for different reasons. The first one said they couldn't verify the address (canadian, eh), the second said it had to be paid on paypal (instead of credit card) so for the third attempt I used paypal and I just got a note that they've been told that paypal hasn't approved my purchase of $200 and I've got room of over $500 on the account... Very sad here... wanted to get this stuff in time for my May 1 initial ride of the season... BUMMER! Has anyone else, north of the 49th, had any issue with them? or is this just personal? Thanks.
  22. Mine is cracked and rattles. I could probably remove it but I would like have one if someone has one for sale. I looked but couldn't find a part number for it. Thanks! Ray
  23. I hate advertising! Tim Horton's "Rrrrollup the Rim to win" campaign is on. Huge sign in the store with a rollup cup and writing below that. Very first sentence is.... "No purchase necessary." (see the pic below). So, I go over to the counter and ask for a rollup cup. "what size coffee you like sir?" ... no, I said, I don't want coffee ... I just want the cup. "oh no sir, you have to buy a coffee" ... course, I say "but your ad says no purchase necessary" ... "no sir, you have to purchase" ... get me a manager! ... out comes the manager "no sir, you have to purchase a coffee .... please call head office... they will explain ... blah blah" Ok, so I walk away (after causing a mini-scene with 20 customers lined up behind me). I go online and open their rules ... sure enough, you can get a rollup cup without making a purchase ..... 2. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO PLAY: In Canada, obtain a FREE Tim Hortons contest cup and/or a copy of the official rules, by writing to: Tim Hortons Contest Cup, P.O. Box 9162 Saint John, N.B. E2L 4Y2. In U.S.A., to receive a FREE contest cup and/or a copy of the official rules write to: Tim Hortons Contest Cup, P.O. Box 1315 Calais, ME 04619-6315. ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! The display ad (pic below) could have been a bit more informative and would have saved everyone a lot of wasted time and energy. I wonder how many other people have done what I just did... (or am I the only a-hole?) I also think the manager could have explained a bit better. [ATTACH]64651[/ATTACH]
  24. Hey guys, need info/help. I'm gonna split these up in seperate threads so as to not confuse anyone (myself). #1 Other than a dealer, what would be other good places to purchase bearsings (wheel, steering, swingarm), and gaskets for my 07 Venture?
  25. i have struck a deal on a used crashed royal star tour deluxe in CANAL Winchester Ohio, and i am looking for a member to go and inspect it before i travel from Illinois to purchase it.. email me, pm or text or call my phone the number is in my profile. thanks in advance! mike
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