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  1. I think I know what kc61 is trying to say since I've gone through dealer visits over for the last month or so after complaining so long about the same problems that everyone else is having w/ their 2018s from the start (fob, informant and map problems). My dealer 1st replaced the brake switch (again) and updated the system (I did it the 1st time). After the update, the GPS had me somewhere in the middle of Lake Michigan. I live in Milwaukee. Then, the fob and GPS antennas were replaced after problems with the update. The new parts and the map update did nothing to correct the problem so save your $100.00. Now, Yamaha is sending out the new, updated (2021) informant system. My dealer said it will be a total replacement. He stated Yamaha said I had to go through all of the previous B.S. before getting to this point. I did call Yamaha a few times to complain. At some point I think Yamaha will save some money and skip on unnecessary parts replacement and just replace the system as a whole. I'll keep everyone updated.
  2. Well, I had my update installed by the dealer the 2nd time (1st time I installed it) when I took it in for fob problems (another story). After the install, my GPS on the informant showed me somewhere in Lake Michigan. I put in the updated map firmware again ($100.00), and nothing changed. It seems the update will corrupt informant system. The dealer stated Yamaha will send a new GPS antena & module. Once that was installed, the same problem. Now I'm waiting for a totally new, updated informant system. The dealer stated that Yamaha said everyone would have to go through what I did before receiving an updated system. It's B.S., but I guess Yamaha likes wasting money on a known problem. Well, I guess, I'm hoping this will solve the problem. As of now, I don't have GPS, or TPS. The dealer (I assume) simply forgot to reprogram the fob code to the system. My suggestion, take it to the dealer and go through the same B.S., so you too can a updated, new system.
  3. Well, I used the USB card that Yamaha sent. It did download a second time. Now the update is causing problems with the informant system as well as the navigation portion. After riding for approximately half hour 45 minutes, the system started to malfunction. Entercom turned on, the volume was rapidly going from mute to maximum and returning the mute, Sirius would not play, I couldn't get it to change music venues, and the navigation froze shortly after I exited the freeway. I guess I'll go to my dealer to see if he has any suggestions on way to go from here.
  4. I have a problem uploading the map update to the informant system as well. I'm downloading it again from the toolbox. I hope it works this time. I don't want to be $100 out for a program that doesn't upload to the system. Another fine update problem from Yamaha. This time I even paid for it.
  5. Thanks all. I totally missed "Adjusting the headlight beam". I just saw the fog light adjustment. I do it the way Saddlebum suggests, but at 20'.
  6. Hey riders, hope everyone is well and staying safe...in all aspects. Has anyone tried to adjust their headlight height? I can't find how to adjust it in the service or owner's manuals. I'm tired of being flashed, and they are about 10" higher than standard height at the 20' distance measurement.
  7. I've been looking as well. Spider, Indian, H-D, Goldwing, but no custom fit for Ventures. For custom fit parts, Yamaha has cut out the after market accept for Big Bike parts & Yamaha accessories don't offer much.
  8. My prayers and thoughts of a quick recovery are sent to/for you Freebird!
  9. With my 20S and SMH10, I needed the Freewire. Even then, at times I would here things fine, but couldn't talk on the CB or phone. A good clue for me was when the volume would go down so much that I had to turn it up to 15+ just to hear it above 50 mph. I would reset the Freewire and re-connect to get it working correctly again.
  10. I ran into the same problem on the way to Americade last year. The right saddlebag wouldn't open & I couldn't get to my clothes (fortunately my wife's clothes were in the left saddlebag). We left on a Saturday, and the problem started that night. We didn't get it fixed until Wednesday because when we arrived Monday, the nearest Yamaha dealer was closed Mondays. When Americade started Tuesday, I went to the Yamaha display and Adrian (Yamaha rep) knew of the problem and expedited the parts overnight. He ordered the parts for both locks because I started having problems w/ opening the left side. The local Yamaha service dept took me in right away Wednesday and repaired both sides. It was weird to see the new right saddlebag get cut open w/ a sawall and hole saw.
  11. I'm glad your problem was an easy fix. I had the same problem, but it was a defective front brake lever switch. Not only was the cruise control not working, the rear brake light remained on. I took it to Mukwonago Yamaha ( I have to give Rick props for knowing the most up to date issues on the 2018 Venture) & they said Yamaha knew of the problem. The part was back ordered, but Rick expedited the part and had me riding safely in two weeks.
  12. It looks nice. Almost anything we do to the fairing area will interfere with the mirrors . I would stick w/ the standard height and clear. A good winter add-on project.
  13. I was detailing my Venture and guess what I found, an oil leak. It seams to be coming from the same location, the hose next to the oil cooler. I'll let everyone know how soon I can get it looked at and what the solution was/is.
  14. I'm w/ you Freebird! At speeds of 70+ mph, it flexes and flutters so much, I get a little nervous about it breaking. I hope some manufacturer feels sorry for us and make a sturdy shield.
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