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  1. Ok all, this was something that bugged the crap out of me for months. Replaced the stator cover gasket and still it leaked. So I dyed the oil and found that the rubber plug that the statoe wires go through the case was the place that the oil was seeping through.... a little yamabond around the plug and Presto................DONE
  2. I'm a parts guy and maybe he was new, We all have to start somewhere I've got 7 lines I have to know..... It was hard at first...
  3. I have these.... Wife loves them
  4. Yamaha has superseded a lot of their filters. same size around but shorter.. Work at a Yami dealer and thats what it is
  5. Can someone tell me where the starter relay is located???? Need to test it
  6. I've been told 2 different things about my problem with the bike.. I hit the start button and sometimes it will start and sometimes nothing.. Hoping its not the starter..... Can anyone help????????
  7. Hey all..... The wife and a Marine buddy and his wife will be heading to the dragon on the 21st of the month any thing good going on???
  8. I just got renewed by someone... I want to thank who ever did this.. Shows what a great family this is...
  9. Well got the email saying my subscription is ending... With funds shrinking and being in retirement looks I will need to say good by Its been fun.. Jim
  10. The bike (wife calls her bertha) is gettting work done
  11. Well shes in the shop, Getting a new clutch, stator cover gasket and valve adjustment.. Shes going to be like new....
  12. check this out... $49 http://www.americanmotorcyclist.com/membership/amaroadsideassistance
  13. This Thursday at 11 CDT Yamaha will be showing off their "NEW" 2015 bike.. What that will be I couldnt get out of our Rep.... They will be also have the rest of the 2014 line.. Look for it on yamaha-motors.com
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