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  1. Permanently moved the ol' 87 to a new city today about (136 km) 85 miles in the young lads enclosed trailer. First ride of 2021, sort of , well technically. About a 30 yard run out of the deal. 15 yards in and 15 yards out of the trailer... Patiently waiting 4 more weeks traditionally bring on warmer temps for some serious riding, blow away some winter covid blues.
  2. Good question, wife says most important to get off the steed, stretch and rehydrate every couple of hours. Myself, a full selection of tools and a cell with wifi/data. 60 day rte66 run was longest for us in 2013, 267 hours saddle time. This forum was the best reference to successfully put that trip together.
  3. Quite the sense of humor. Waste of 2300 bux tho.
  4. Ah darn it , to have the 87's live closer by would have been sweet. Quite a generous offer, thanks all the same. Would have been worth a whole lotta coffee..
  5. One more cut this way. Winterized the ol' 87 way too early .. Oct 28th this morning Nov 5th
  6. Good point... The clamp connector ends were almost if not totally touching. I replaced the boot with a spare from another parts bike as the over tightened clamp disfigured the bottom of the rubber. All 4 clamps and boots seated squarely today.
  7. The ol' prime 87 hasn't been too healthy past couple of weeks. Progressive power loss 2 up to the point were it's undriveable. It's not been a good year for the 87' twins. (seems they both had a touch of the virus) Just about ready to put them up on the block. Spending far too many days over the years keeping them healthy. Well, the passion continues for now. So, once over the carbs and found a loose clamp on #1 rubber boot joint. The boot may have slipped off the far side, hard to get a visual in there. Reseated boot and clamp, replaced 4 plugs and fuel filter. (it was time) Full d
  8. Well, the torque in ftlb's is stamped on the plug right? + 1/4 turn to spec..
  9. If it comes down to piecing parts, I've used PartShark a few years ago, satisfied with correct parts delivered. I was told to use oem parts, seals on top of that list. Our 87' came with a spare set of generic seals, they were a couple mils thinner than oem's, never did use them. https://www.partshark.com/oemparts/a/yam/5107f839f870022108d6577f/front-fork
  10. One of our favourite runs, steeped in history. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Champlain
  11. No feathers to ruffle over this way Phill, any suggestions or questions, fireaway, I'll try my best. And there are amazing tech's on this board that will pretty well help with any issues on these old rockets. Finally decent incoming weather over the next couple of weeks. All being equal minus the CV19, probably would have been on our way to Lake Champlain area or lost somewhere down there. Our federal gov't and U.S. just announced border closures at least till June 21st. Guess well settle for a few marathon day trips closer to home.
  12. Fired up the 87' this morning , idled somewhat better again than last week. At the point were I'm going to siphon heavy ratio seafoam/gas, replace with straight gas and run it thru. The idle will hold around 1000 rpm without choke when warm. Carb sync in the works this week.
  13. Hey Poppa Phil, beautiful country over your way. We've enjoyed touring ME a few times over the years crossing at Houlton/Woodstock. I should be the last one here to give you further advice as I'm at the tail end of dealing with my 87' issues that brothers are leading me thru. I have some thoughts but wouldn't chance leading you in the wrong direction. There is a wealth of information in these threads hope you might find helpful. As Patch mentioned, you might get better exposure resolving your idling/running issues by starting a thread on the subject. I'd be interested to hear the outcome.
  14. Well, well, more progress as the stars begin to align. Removed No.2 pilot air jets and pilot screws. The pilot screw 'tips', springs, O rings and washers looked good. Cleaned all ports and surfaces for 3 full cycles with Gunk carb cleaner and chased with compressed air lightly. Of note, carb #2 pilot screw came out with 2 of the tiny washers. I assume the extra stuck on from the assembly line? Drained bowls. Turned pilot screws from 4 to 2.5 turns. Left the additional amount of Seafoam in fuel tank at this point. Today, bike starts normal and rpm's run away with choke on but eventua
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