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  1. When the wife and I went for our first ride on the new bike, two things were apparent. I was not happy with low speed handling and she was not happy with the rear shock. For the second ride, I had discovered (through this site) that the rear shock was pneumatic and required pressure and I ordered the appropriate air pump. Since the range in the manual called for 0 - 57 psig. I decided to split the difference and go for 30 psig. It turned out to be a good decision because not only did it improve the low speed handling, it also greatly improved the ride. My question is, what is everyone else running from solo to fully loaded?
  2. Ok, I've given up on my dream for an affordable rear shock for the 2nd gens. Part # 4XY-22210-10-00 The best price I can find on a rear shock is $348.02 + 17.50 shipping for a total of 365.52 from www.motorsportssupercenter.com from www.motorsportssuperstore.com , it's 375.77 + 5.95 shipping with my RSW discount. from www.yamahasportsplaza.com , it's 343.32 + 19.32 shipping , total of 362.64 So come on all you cheapskates, find me the cheapest shock. Im pricing the 2008 model shock, it's different then the 99 model. Hopefully it's more gooder.
  3. Well, Mine finally went after 30k miles on my 05.Its got oil all over the boot and the lower mount.I wonder how many here have had the shock replaced at least once, and how many have had it replace more than once. If you have had to replace your rear shock post a quik reply so maybe we can get a count. Just added some pics of what to look for for those that have not had this problem yet
  4. i have a 84 vr and have a komfort kruz kit on it (something like a voyager kit) my air ride is not working properly and the belly plate bottoms out sometimes (not good) and it was sugested that i replace the air shock with a standerd shock--???? p.s. thanks to all for your help on all the threads i have posted ride safe ride free--dave
  5. Hi all. Newbie needs help. Bought an 89 XVZ 1300. PO let me testride with "blown rear shock air line". I told him I'd buy bike if he fixed. I bought bike and I'm told it sits THREE INCHES TOO HIGH IN THE REAR!!! I know it ain't anywhere as smooth a ride as my old Wing... even with only 5psi in the rear shock. What's going on and did I screw up royale [PUN] I have an 89 parts bike in the shed (blown head gasket, broken clutch cylinder and other) but I really am not ready to do a shock swap if it's something simple. Ideas and opinions please...
  6. Get you mind back on Bikes! Darlene is a stock 2006 RSTD with 20k miles...... When the she is cold, I hear a groan when I climb on....Be nice! The groan seems to go away after I have ridden her a bit.... Oh, jeez! The dealer says that the Yamaha rep. has told him to take out the rear shock and lubricate it and all moving parts.... So having read many posts on here about this shock, I don't recall any that discussed removing and lubrication. The shock is not leaking as far as I can tell, but.... Am I being slow-rolled by the dealer/rep? The bike is still under warranty for another month. Many thanks....Steve ****UPDATE**** ****UPDATE**** Well, after a slight delay due to weather and health, I brought Darlene to another dealer who lubed everything up and still heard the groan. They told me today that they have ordered a new shock under warranty. This is a wonderful site and I am the grateful recipient of many tips from the others on here. I trust now that Darlene's action beneath me will be as energetic as when she was younger, but I'll probably miss her groan...................
  7. Perhaps a poll is warranted(pun intended)... for second gen rear air shocks, asking if your rear shock went out before the 5 year warranty, and if so, how many times was it replaced? AT HOW MANY MILES YEARS? would be good to know what percentage of our organization has this problem?.... would be good ammo when addressing the yamaha customer service reps and just might force them to address the problem(use a better replacement shock).
  8. Hope everyone is doing well! With the bad weather around the corner I am getting ready to take the bike in the garage and fixing it over the winter. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the following product: 420 Series Single Shock http://www.cyclepages.com/ProductGroupDisp.aspx?ProductGroupID=4000199 They call it Progressive Suspension. I am by far an expert on this so forgive the ridiculous questions...but they state "420 Series high-performance shocks eliminate the need for a remote reservoir by utilizing an internal nitrogen bladder" Does this have to do with the Descicant container? What would be an advantage, if any, in using such a shock as a replacement? Is it worth the price or getting a stock used one on eBay? I like replacing with new parts when possible, even if a little more expensive. It states that it fits the XVZ12/13 Royale. Thanks in advance!
  9. ANy Advise Out There!!!! I purchased my 02 Midnight Venture about 3 years ago with 100 miles. Basically, new but had been sitting for a 2 plus years. From day one the biike has been bottoming out. I had the rear shock checked by two dealer and both said the shock was fine and not leaking. Well afetr two years of fighting with Yamaha I finally got them to replace the shock. Had the shock installed and wouldn't you know it ....my first time out with two up we bottom out. I must admit that the bike didnt bottom out as much but it did and I couldn't believe it. When ridding two up our total weight does not exceed 380 pounds. Can it be something else? Is there any other setting that can be adjusted to get the tire more clearance from the rear fender? What I have read so far seems to suggest that most rsv shock problems have to do with oil leakage ....that hasn't been the case here.......any suggestions? Thanks
  10. Does the rear tire have to come off to change the rear shock?
  11. Does anyone know what the failure rate is for the rear shock on the 2nd gen ventures? I have a 2004 with 30000 kms on it and the rear shock is leaking oil. Any and all advice is appreciated! Cheers!
  12. OK, i've read every post on the site regarding rear shocks, and they vary from 2005 to the present. Right now i'm looking for current info, based on opinion or actual experience--either will do...So of the three readily available aftermarket shocks, (not counting OEM, which is a piece of dog crap, no intent to insult dog crap) which is the best, and why? My research has revealed the following: Hagon. $469 YSS. $499 Works. $879 Figure $30 for shipping...OK, except for the obvious (hint, involves greenbacks) what breaks out one shock from the other? Why does the Works cost so damned much? Anyone have anything good or bad to say about any of these? Anyone know of any other shocks on the market? Thanks for the help, Fred
  13. I just bought this from ebay. Is anyone familiar with it? I think it is from progressive suspension, but doesn't look like anything on their site. [ame=http://www.ebay.com/itm/330850145158?ru=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fsch%2Fi.html%3F_sacat%3D0%26_from%3DR40%26_nkw%3D330850145158%26_rdc%3D1]1987 Yamaha XVZ13 XVZ 13 Venture Rear Shock Absorber and Linkage | eBay[/ame]
  14. Found the proverbial oil puddle under the shock. This will be the second shock I have replaced on this bike and haven't even hit 50,000 miles. Anyway, has anyone ever used a shock off a RSTD pre 1999? I see that these are not air shocks. Or, does anyone have one that came off an RSV and is in good working order that they would want to sell? Can't afford a new one or a Works shock. I have been watching ebay and the only one so far that comes up is used for $399. You can get a new one for another $60 including shipping. Thanks in advance for any help. Charles
  15. I've had my Venture Royale a little over a month and a half now and have put about 1000 miles on it. I have to admit, of all the bikes I have owned or have ridden over the years, this is by far my favorite. When I bought the bike the CLASS system had been disabled. The previous owner did not like it for some reason. All parts are still on the bike and he assured me there was nothing wrong with the system he just did not like the way it adjusted the bike when he rode two up with his wife. The guy is local and a decent guy so I have no reason to believe this isn't the case. When he disabled the system he removed the fitting for the rear shock that connects to the compressor and added a valve to directly air up the shock. I can find the hoses online to replace this hose with the proper connection. I have noticed that when I had a passenger on the bike the back mudflap hits the ground when going over bumps and from the looks of it, it has been doing this for a while. I added air at the valve he placed in the line but it doesn't seem to do much to raise the rear of the bike. My question is this. I have looked into the Progressive front springs and also checked out a few aftermarket rear shocks (Hagon, etc). Is it worth my while to try to get this CLASS system back up and running or I should I just consider going the Progressive route with new rear shock? 99% of my riding is solo. I rarely have a passenger. When I ride the bike solo the suspension seems fine to me. I do feel like the back end sits a bit too low though. Sure, I would like to have the CLASS system working, but am I missing anything by not going that route? Seems to me that if I get it working I might just be asking for more problems down the road. Whereas if I do the Progressive and new rear shock I should not have to even think about anymore. I appreciate any opinions one way or the other. Thanks.
  16. The new replacement shock has a half inch vent tube on it. The old one didn't . So is there a place to route this vent tube ? It's about 10" long. I,'ve tried to include a picture so look at the whole post
  17. Just finished this morning replacing my rear shock. easier than I thought went through the right side did not remove tire. Not a bad 2 hours job.
  18. The OEM shock on my 03 Venture finally gave out. Ive read just about every thread on the subject and determine another OEM shock is out. Now to choose between two popular replacements; Works vs Hagon. Based on my initial contact with both companies, online research and the feedback here, Im going with Hagon and the remote pre-load adjuster. Ill be traveling to Southern California about the time when this custom shock arrives so Ill visit thier office and pick it up live.....
  19. Could someone get the C/L spacing of the mount holes on a 2nd gen shock & post it?? Couple of pictures would be nice. Getting started on the Hybrid RSV and am exploring the possibility of putting a modified 1st gen shock on it. The milk crate is temporary till I get a lift stand from Carbon One. Gary
  20. I have a new rear shock on order and need to find someone who has replaced thiers to get tips and pointers on how to replace it. What to remove and what not to remove. Any help would be great. John
  21. Intereted in someone ho has triked their 2nd gen venture. My shoc has started dripping a little oil so i know it is not long before i need to replace it. If you have one let me know. Thanks
  22. My rear tire has worn out, no big deal there. However, on the edges beyond the almost bald center the remaining tread has a patter worn with the leading edge of the tread being higher than the trailing edge. I noticed that I was getting noise in cornering that got louder as the tire wore down. Overall, not a big deal but I am wondering if this is an indication that my rear shock is starting to misbehave. I see no signs of leakage and with 40 psi in the shock, the bike handles okay. Any advice would be appreciated. R.
  23. Hi, 2005 Venture, picked up in March this year, advertised as needing a shock, and nearing 100k miles, but at a good price. Talked to the guy on the phone, big guy...maybe twice my size, so I figure maybe it's still rideable at my weight of 160. Sure enough, it appeared the shock was blown as even with me on it it rode like a '73 Buick with eight of your buddies in the seats and the rest in the trunk headed for the $2 a car drive-in. And the bottom of the shock had some semi wet residue on it. After reading a bunch of threads about shocks I recalled having read something about tilting the bike and allowing fluid to run out of the shock to quiet a 'groaning' seal. Well when I bought the bike I was told it had been laid down on the highway in traffic a couple years earlier, don't know how long it was laid over. So I got to thinking the other night...maybe most of the oil ran out of the shock. In haste without doing any digging as to what to put in it other than a note I had read about someone putting 20W shock oil and some Automatic Tranny fluid...I wound up with all I could find at a Pep Boys at 8pm...A quart of ATF. Figured I'd squirt an ounce or two into the shock, see how bad it leaked and go from there. It took the first couple and there was a noticeable 'feel' of a difference bouncing up and down while in the driveway. So I fed it a couple more shots, even better! Couple more and there was a real difference. All the time checking underneath expecting a puddle. Took it for a quick spin around the block and it was still a bit 'rocking horse' feeling if I tried to make it bounce. Had never checked the air in it, thinking if the oil leaked out how could it hold any air!? Put about 50# of air in it and it felt way to stiff, so I dropped it down to about 35#. That was Monday evening. Rode to work and back past couple of days, about 40 miles total, hitting every rough spot and little whoop ti do I normally avoid and not a single drop of oil has shown up under it. In addition to this my 'nose diving' at stops has been reduced by about 80% which is huge when you're short legged and that nose diving really screws up your stopping stability and confidence. I'll be putting some miles on it this weekend, going on a 600 mile round trip run to Vegas. So we'll see how it holds up. Any thoughts as to why it wouldn't be leaking now if it had in the past? Did the ATF just swell the seals and they'll rot away now? Should I take it off and drain it so I can get the correct measured amount of fluid put in? (Read somewhere, but only 1 post, that there's roughly 7.5 oz of fluid.) What is the proper fluid to put in it?
  24. Trying to find a replacement air line that goes from the little hole behind the Front seat to the rear shock. Mine is missing and I have no way to check or add air to the rear shock. (without taking the rear tire off- my hands are too big to get in there). Looking on e-bay and parts places but no luck yet. Anyone have a idea where to look for one?- Thanx in advance oh for a second gen btw.
  25. Just replaced my rear shock on a 99 RSV. I opted to go with a Hagon, great value for the money. $399 shipped to my house. I cannot get over how well the bike rides and sits. For the money I think they are the best deal out there. I will post after getting some more miles on it.
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