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  1. Hi Guys, I've been trying to put some custom routes into my nuvi 765T. I can do it by scrolling through the GPS itself and reordering the points manually, but that takes forever on the small screen. Especially with my big fingers! So I tried using Mapquest to put my custom routes into it. Selecting and/or editing my route on Mapquest works great. But when I "Send" the custom route to my GPS, it comes out as the route the GPS selects for me and NOT the route I laid out using Mapquest. I'm using Firefox and even added the "Garmin Communicator Plugin" to my browser, but no luck. Anybody here know a simple or easier way to get my custom routes into my GPS? Software, website, etc. Thanks, Bill
  2. The new replacement shock has a half inch vent tube on it. The old one didn't . So is there a place to route this vent tube ? It's about 10" long. I,'ve tried to include a picture so look at the whole post
  3. I use a gps program on my Droid called CoPilot Live Premium. I have replaced my Garmin with it and am so far happy. It has a lot of nifty features, one of which is "Drag Route". If you don't like where it is sending you and prefer other roads you can drag the route to change it right on your screen. This program sells for $9.99 on the Google Play store which includes one year of free traffic updates. I bought my copy late last summer. Recently I entered a contest that CoPilot was running, which had a grand prize of a Nexus tablet. I did not win the tablet, but did win a free copy of the software. Obviously, I cannot use it since I already own it. Therefore I am offering it to any VR member (subscribed members only) who may want it. The FIRST PERSON TO RESPOND BY PRIVATE MESSAGE will get it. Replying in the thread does not count. If you win the race, I will send you an email that contains instructions on installing along with the key code that activates it. Make sure it will work on your phone. If you have an older android phone it may not be compatible. Check it out here: http://copilotlive.com/us/personal/android.asp Let the race begin. Joe
  4. About the middle of November Janet and I are planning on a trip from Sumas Washington to Sedona AZ. We plan on going via Yakima, Boise, Salt Lake City, Flagstaff and spending a couple weeks in Sedona. Haven't decided on a return route yet. If anyone has any advice as to roads or things to see let me know. We will be taking my 4x4 with Michelin snow tires on it.
  5. Was searching Netflix this evening for a movie. Came across a four episode TV series on a trip down Route 66 from Chicago to LA. Billy Connolly drives a VW trike. Watched episode one tonight, and it was excellent. Looking forward to the other episodes.
  6. Well, it's drawing closerso it's time to make plans! On Wednesday Sep 6th we are saddling up and heading for Mt. Rushmore on the trike! First stop Wednesday night is the suburban Detroit area to visit with my sister in Bloomfield Hills. We are also planning on hooking up with Ragtop69GS for a brief time and hopefully any of you Michigan people wanting to meet up lets make plans. Our goal is to get to SW Michigan by Thursday evening. By Friday be almost across Wisconsin, Saturday across into South Dakota, and actually be in the Mt Rushmore area by Monday. Our timetable is very flexable! Our primary route is Interstate 90 west of Chicago going out, and Interstate 80 on the way back. We want to meet up with Ventureriders along the route!! It was a great thing to do this last winter when we went to Florida, and are looking forward to meeting more people face to face!! So if you are along our route, let us know and we will try to meet up for coffee, a meal, or whatever!! Being retired we have no real timetable but want to get back in 2 weeks or so, a week out and a week back...
  7. I saw on the tele this morning a trip along Utah's Route 12. Early research reveals this is a 125 mile, seemingly rugged road with some really super sights. Is this road motorcycle friendly? When would be the best time of year to ride it? Appreciate any input.
  8. kmarr


    Hi, The wife and I are planning a trip from Buffalo NY to Hopkinsville KY.Any ideas on the route without taking the thruways most of the way.Those of you that have been sort of that route have any suggestions. Thanks Kelly
  9. I have a few weeks off in combination with the International and am looking for feedback and suggestions. This is a first draft of a route so it is really rough. Basic plan is leave the International on Thursday and stay at a Cousin's in Webster MA for a night or two (Friday or Saturday arrival). Towards the end of the route we'll stay at my brother's in Griffith Ontario. Other than that... route is wide open. Thinking minimum 8 days (plus couple nights in Webster, one or two nights at my brother's). Maximum 14 days (give or take bad weather days). Looking for suggestions on route and things to see. Planning on tenting it so will be looking for camp grounds along the route figuring 500km (300 miles) per day. Bad weather days will stay in a motel for comfort (and shower). Here is a link to the rough route : http://mapq.st/LK3e60
  10. Road Route 28 yesterday from NC to GA to SC and what a great road, I think the only sraight part is through Highlands NC till you get to Clemson SC. Lots of great things to see especially some great waterfalls. Was a fairly easy ride relaxing pretty much constant twisties. Great little ice cream shop in Highlands, the road is narrow and the posted speed limit is 35 and 45 most of the way but if you get out of 3rd gear you are probally going too fast for the curves any way
  11. Think I found a great place go start a WV Meet & Eat. Now i need to cone up with a date and route afterwards.
  12. Just returned home from riding the last 3 days of the Southern Route of "Run For The Wall 2012".. A real experience to say the least.. I would recommend riding what "legs" you can next year. It will be the 25th Run and should be something very special. A buddy of mine on a GW and I on my "Limited" joined the Southern Route Group in Chattanooga and rode with them all the way into D.C... We rode home on Sat/Sun and didn't stay for the "Thunder Run".... Very well organized and satisfying.... It was mostly HD, quite a few GW and some Yammy's....Trikes, sidecars and trailers also... Each group was in their own platoon.. Rain on the first day, but beautiful the rest of the way....
  13. Headed for Don's MD later this week. Normal route would be up I-75 between Knoxville and Lexington. However, I-75 is down to 1 lane both N&S just south of the KY line in TN (Jellico) because of a rock slide. TN DOt web site says it maybe Sept before its completely cleared. Must be massive. So, am looking for an altenate route. What are US 27 and 127 north out of Chattanooga like? Could take 127 all the way to I-71 south of Cinnci. Another route would be to go east and take US 23 thru Asheville NC all the way to Columbus,OH.
  14. Any stops worth while on Route 66 from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon?
  15. Leaving Rural Retreat Va on Thursday to go to my daughters wedding in Cape Girardeau Mo Saturday taking 80 from near London KY to US 27 to US 68 to 80 then go up to Il 3 then on in to Cape. Been several years since I have been this route and if I remember correctly it is a fairly twisty but good road. If anyone along the route wants to meet up or even ride awhile give me a shout.
  16. I'm beginning to plan this summers big trip and we are considering a ride from Central Ky to Banff National Park and Lake Louise. I think I wold like to go north to MN and then NW through ND and cross into Canada at Portal. From there follow hwy 39 to the Trans Canada Highway and then go west to Calgary. From the maps some of that are looks to be sparsley populated. Can anyone give me info on the route. Are there adequate fuel stops and lodging along the route? Are the highways in good shape? After visiting the Banff area we would probably drop back south and go through Glacier National park again and then on south to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole before turning back east. Just starting to think about the trip and direction. Thanks, Dennis
  17. OK, I believe I am going to take a ride from central Illinois to Key West Florida. I will be going via Nashville, Atlanta, Stopping in Gainesville FL for a few days to visit my neice and a couple of friends then off to Fort Myers to see my Brother. Then down to Key West for a day or so and then back up the east side of FloridaStopping in Orlando to visit a cousin. Then the chilly ride on home. Just thought if anyone wanted to ride along on the route either for a few days or just the day let me know (or the whole trip) and I will get my trip all planned out and let you know when I will be in your area. I would also change my route some if there are people who want to ride, I will stop and pick you up along the way. Rick
  18. We are leaving this weekend for our own "Venture West", departing from Toronto. My wife and I now have five weeks available so we hope to make it to the west coast. Have rode to the east coast a number of times but this is my first bike trip west. Plan to ride west mostly in Canada (eh) and back mostly in the US, likely by way of route 2 unless we also go to Yellowstone. Going north of Lake Huron and then through the Michigan UP before we turn north to Kenora/Winnipeg and then westward. Plan on spending some time in BC (Banff, Jasper, Kamloops, Kelowna areas). Will mostly motel but also do some camping. Hope to meet up with some fellow Venture Riders along the way and will invite your specific route and sightseeing suggestions as we go.
  19. Finally paid the $12 and here I am looking for advice on a dream that I had when I purchased my 83 Venture oh so many years ago. I am planning on doing Route 66 this spring and am in the process of getting the Venture in tip top shape, new Wheel bearings, hoses, filters, carb cleaning and the like. Has anyone done Route 66 and can offer any advice? With 40K miles on the Venture I am confident that she will make the trip. I guess I'm looking for some real life experience from any other long distance touring riders. way back when BC (before Children) my wife and I did the New York to Florida trip and a couple of NY to North Carolina trips, so we have some touring experience. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  20. We are planning a trip to the U.P. of Michigan. Porcupine mts. Is one of the stops we are going to make. What else is cool to see up there? And what route would be the best to take and what places to avoid?
  21. Just buy chance if you live in the area, end of August I'm riding through http://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=17932+Southwest+29th+Lane,+Miramar,+FL+33029&daddr=Hardeeville,+SC+to:Murfreesboro,+NC+to:Cape+May,+NJ+to:Roselle+Park,+NJ+to:Plattsburgh,+NY&hl=en&sll=25.981931,-80.385589&sspn=0.014255,0.026736&geocode=FetzjAEdy2k1-ymTJ8Te6qPZiDEqSfRHlc6YXg%3BFaWp7AEdps4q-ymn1y27z5b7iDFPjGgv_XZugQ%3BFQcRLAIdsZFn-ymJFbgK9NGviTFh4Bc6k-XaXQ%3BFUgaUgIdawaJ-ymV9-46RFS_iTGi9HPhnPe3wg%3BFeN9bAIdB9GS-ymTiai-YrLDiTFw4pCtWvI3yQ%3BFV8PqgIdkDKf-ynXfqXoqDjKTDEVdFPFoeiwtQ&mra=ls&t=h&z=5
  22. since retirement is getting closer and i want to get down to one bike. i have three choices so far. i love my v-star, and have been looking at a victory crossroads, and a triumph thunder bird. the v-star is the cheapest route, but i sure like them other two. such a delema.
  23. Another long post!! OH FUN!! As some of you know, I'm buying TopCat's '96 RSTC. I'm flying out of Austin on Sunday to Chicago's O'Hare and then on what will be the "wild" part of the trip, flying down to my Mum's in Decatur, Ill. on a VERY small airline that flies CESSNA Caravans!! I've never been in a small plane before so it could be quite an experience! I'm hoping that Chicago doesn't throw a monkey wrench into things like they did the last time I flew up there by grounding all small planes coming in and out of the airport. The last time I flew home, while on the trip back, the flight I was on got grounded at Champaign, about 50 miles from Decatur as they were not going to be allowed to land at O'Hare. I was lucky in that I still had an aunt living there at the time and I spent the night at her place. Well the trip to the Mum's is a direct flight but O'Hare lives up to Chicago's "Windy City" nickname, sometimes with a vengeance! The hubby flew up to Minneapolis this past week. His flight path took him thru O'Hare and he had to stay at the St Louis airport for several hours for that reason. Now the part of the trip that I may need help with is the "going home" part as I'm riding the bike back. The "new" Not So Wee Beastie hasn't been ridden much since TopCat bought it 2 years ago. I'm making a not so small detour on my way home to make the MD at KBran's place in Louisiana so that the bike can get a fairly thorough going over before I head for Brenham from there. Plans are to stop at Blytheville, Ark. on the 30th and make it the rest of the way to Covington, La. on July 1st for the gathering at Kenny's in Bogalusa the next day. The route is Decatur - Springfield, Ill. - St. Louis - stop at Blytheville, Ar. - cross the Big Muddy at Memphis - then straight down I 55 to I 12 and Covington. I've made a point of basically splitting the trip to Covington in half so in case of trouble or bad weather, I'd have the time to pull over and wait it out. One reason why I did not decide on the direct route due south from Decatur is that it goes right thru the middle of Cairo, Ill where all the flooding has been. I'd appreciate knowing about anyone along the route who can lend a hand if I have problems with the bike. I'd also be more than interested in semi-scheduling breakfast, lunch, or dinner with any VRO members along the route depending on what time I pass thru their neck of the woods. I'm hoping Mother Nature decides not to dump on me while I'm on the road [just do it at home PLEASE!!] but that hasn't stopped me from packing both sets of rain gear! I will post how my travels are doing and let everyone know just how the "new" Beastie is working out. C YA!!
  24. Aussie Annie and Allan made it to our place in Eureka, Illinoi. So far a great visit. Going to take them to the Route 66 museum tomorrow. Good Day mate
  25. I was oringinally scheduled to leave today for the Oregon-N. California coast but one of my riding companions had a death in the family so we had to postpone our start until Thursday morning. We'll be taking a northerly route from Central Ky through IN, IL, IA, MN, SD, MT and WA (I-90) on our way to Portland where we will pick up our wives on Monday. From there we'll head on to the coast and follow it down to San Fransisco and on to Big Sur. From there we'll head east through Yosemite and then south to Las Vegas where we'll drop the wives at the airport before we head back across I-40 toward home. So if you see 2 Goldwings and a Tour Deluxe along that route give us a wave or stop us for a chat, I'm sure we'll need a break. After Thursday morning you can follow our SPOT track by going to http://spotwalla.com/tripViewer.php?id=2fd74df6c9a6b12d4 Dennis
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