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  1. A lot will be trying to break in to collect E-mail addresses and info to sell to other spammers. Thanks for your efforts to keep us safe.
  2. Got a call that I had won a bag of gold coins, all I had to do to claim them was buy $700.00 worth of pens. I told them to take the cost out of the coins and send me the rest. It seems they were not allowed to do that so I told them I would think about it. Next day I got a call telling me I had won a big screen TV. I asked where they were ( Toronto) and said since I was in BC it would be expensive with airline tickets,hotel, time off work and meals and shipping the TV out here The next day I cot a call telling me I had won a car as well. I asked if they could deliver it, they assured me they could. I said I wanted the TV in the trunk, they said no problem, and the bag of gold in the back seat. Again no problem. And two naked blonds with it, no problem.....er...are you serious? Nope...how stupid do you think I am?
  3. Give them the address and e mail of the police station.
  4. I have always run Michelons on my cars and trucks but for the bike ( 02 Venture) I realy like the Avon Cobras. They make the bike feel lighter and give good performance.
  5. I had a 2002 and loved it. When you need tires put on a set of Avons. It will feel like the bike lost 200 lbs. At age 76 the weight in the parking lot and gravel roads was getting a bit much so I got a Yamaha 1300. I had L.A. Chopper pipes on it. Quiet when at idle or cruise but roared on acceleration. The L.A. Choppers were way lighter than the stock pipes.
  6. I have had a 2002 ram 1500 for many years. It has the tow package and a 4.7 engine which makes 320 hp with a 5 speed stick. I have beat it up hard. Loading rocks, gravel firewood topsoil furniture etc. I picked up some landscaping rock and they told me they would not load that much weight in a chev or ford but it was ok in a dodge. I have towed logs out of the bush with the front wheels right off the ground. Darn thing just keeps going with no problems. Up to 250,000 miles now.
  7. Sailor

    The Irony

    It all boils down to economics. Whatever the ruling party is without a strong middle class with disposable income their economy will eventually tank.
  8. My friend ( Sam Bawlf) here on Saltspring had a grandfather who founded the town of Bawlf Alberta. Just north of where we came from.
  9. Last time I came through customs in Victoria the agent tried to find it on his computer, he couldn't. Years ago my car broke down in Vancouver on a sunday afternoon. I had to be at work at 0600 the next morning. Nothing was open back then but I heard someone banging away down a back alley. I found a guy working on his car. I asked for help and he refused. I just kept talking and it turned out he was from Galahad and knew all my relatives. Car got fixed. Here on Saltspring it turns out the president of the local rod and gun was married to a girl from Galahad. Ya just can't get away from home.
  10. I was born in the little village of Galahad Alberta in 1944. Dirt street and board sidewalk. Saturday night they would pin a bed sheet up on the back wall of the store and show a movie. Fortunately my parents moved to Saanichton BC where I grew up. Three room shack with a wood stove, a water pump in the front yard and an outhouse in the backyard. It was great.
  11. Thanks marcal. I reposted it to most of my friends with the additional comment that I thank goodness our parents and grandparents were so tough. They went through all that and kept on going. We are being asked to sit home and watch tv, how hard is that? And yet some complain. I realize the economy is tanking but it has done so before and was rebuilt. I,for one, intend to live up to the legacy handed to us by our parents and grandparents.
  12. We went to England with our 16 year old niece. She asked what was special about an old building. It was just a building. She gained perspective when I told her people had been living in it for 600 years before Canada even became a country. Opened her eyes.
  13. When we travel we always avoid the big tourist places and go for the small B&B's or motels. That way we meet the real people and learn a lot more of the area we are in.
  14. I never ever tell the boss I am bored or have nothing to do. Fortunately she gave me a Get out of Jail Free card. She said that I screw up everything I do so since then whenever she comes up with something for me to do I just say that I had better not as I will just screw it up. Then I go for a ride.
  15. I hear ya. We were planning on flying back to Halifax in August and spend a month touring Nova Scotia, Cape Breton and Newfoundland. Maybe next year.
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