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  1. A good friend loaned me his 2012 RSV while mine was in the shop. He had a dark windshield on it. I did not care for it. I can't say how tall it was, but I'm 5'6" and look through it a fair amount. I have a short tinted windshield in the basement but doubt I'll put it on. To each their own... Yes, less buffeting with the wider windshield.
  2. I run around 40 in my rear shock. I do a fair amount of 2-up riding with my wife on back.
  3. I did once on a different bike, at an ATM. Totally forgot to put the kickstand down. How does one forget something like that?
  4. Kickers here as well. The sound is much crisper at both ends of the spectrum. Not so much louder but certainly clearer.
  5. Very nice, congrats! A good friend has two bikes so offered to let me ride his 2012 RSV while mine is in the shop. The very first thing I missed was the backrest. I didn't realize I relied on it so much until I rode one without.
  6. Wife and I just got back from a 10-day trip West. Started in WI, through MN. Two days, three nights in SD riding the Badlands, Black Hills, Spearfish Canyon, Deadwood, Sturgis (after the rally), Needles Highway, Custer State Park. On to Laramie WY, then down into CO for a few days. Rocky Mountain National Park, Rabbit Ear Pass and many other scenic roads through the Colorado Rockies. Rode home through NE & IA, the final 1,000 miles all Interstate. At one point late in the trip my 07 RSV started sputtering as if it was out of gas. I had plenty in the tank but switched to reserve anyway, no change. Coasted to the side of the road and revved it a little and it came back to life. I switched off of reserve and had no other issues. Once home between weather and post-vacation tasks the bike sat for a week. I rolled it out of the garage to wash it and prep for a ride that afternoon. Very difficult to start and when it did it wouldn't stay started. Front cylinders were cold, rear ones hot. Trailered it to the shop and the diagnosis is that the fuel pump is bad. It'll be in the shop for a week or so waiting on the part, if it's available in the US. Boy, if that would have given up the ghost somewhere in Nebraska or Colorado I would have been renting a car to get home, then jump through hoops to get the bike repaired and home. Aside from all that nonsense it was an amazing trip! 3200 miles. Anyone who's been in those areas knows the scenery and wildlife is second to none. Pictures don't do it justice. We've been to SD and CO in the cage, with the kids when they were young. This was a first for us riding the iron horse. Several bucket list items checked off during that trip!
  7. I had not seen these although the Radianz brake light appears to be what I have for my tail/brake light. I was hoping for white/amber for front but at this point amber would be fine. They're LEDs, so they'll be bright and add visibility anyway. Thanks
  8. No matter how "ready" I get ahead of time it seems as if I'm the last to fire up and lift the kickstand when on a group ride.
  9. CWTART, I was searching archives and happened upon this post. I have the same exact desire. I see this post is 10 months old, did you get anything resolved? I recently contacted Custom Dynamics about this topic. They wanted me to send pictures of my turn signal assembly, which I did. Determination was that they do not sell anything that will fit. The problem being that the plug for the light is on the side of the assembly instead of in the rear like most bikes. (on the front turn signals). I also do not want to change assemblies if I don't have to. I don't think the one they show on their web site will work for our RSVs even though they say they're for Metric bikes. I'd have to take mine apart to make sure.
  10. Frankd nailed it. I too suspect the wire with the insulator is a High Frequency (HF) Dipole or Inverted Vee which is a variation of a dipole. No value in the Dipole, they're super cheap and easy to assemble. You could maybe look for a local Ham Radio club and someone may be willing to take the masts off your hands. For a local club try looking here: http://www.arrl.org/find-a-club
  11. I've been a Ham Radio Operator since my days in Jr High School. Although I'm not super active right now if you post some pics or PM me I might be able to let you know what you've got and if there is any value there. Antenna rotors are always in demand and worth an effort to find a buyer.
  12. Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day. Harry Truman
  13. AWESOME riding in your corner of the state!
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