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  1. The Zen of motorcyling has no room for a loud primary whine if you have it. HD mufflers or earplugs aren’t a solution. I’d be embarrassed to sell to the deaf. 3 baskets later. Help me find the fittings.
  2. I don’t see the video to play but don’t really think i need to compare. My rsv is now parked and the Nomad is proudly back in place. I,ve tried a lot of oils dino and syn, thick and thin. Rotella 15/40 is the quietest but still need earplugs. Nice bike with great looks, wind protection, power and handling. To trade up to a quiet one is expensive clutch fix and may whine with mileage. A crap shoot. I’ll try a few more baskets, only takes an hour. The ‘90 i tried fixed the 65 mph sound but what an intense low spd whine. Like it was too tight. I’ll try the a few more baskets before i give up on it. ideally, i can find a basket that whines at 75 mph, same as the pillion whine 😂😂😂
  3. My test ride was just too slow,then 300 miles home too fast. The whine is bad 55_70 but severe at 65. Anyone have a spare I basket? I'll try that before I sell it. Not many comparable bikes to an rsv. Btw, I'll trade up if your interested lol
  4. I just replaced the clutch spring on my Nomad 1500 this morning. Straight cut gears. Silent. Yami Made them whine for a long time. Last few years were still hit or miss, some quieter, some not.....Why are Kawi’s silent? Looking for a deaf guy to buy mine😁, use my Nomad until i find a quiet Venture. We like it but not with earplugs.
  5. I agree they are a fun bike. Like everything about it, a long list for sure, but that whine is too much. From 83 to 2013? yes I understand the small extra power of straight cut but I’m not looking for a rice rocket. Some are lucky and it’s bearable. But I also play music and won’t sacrifice my hearing for MamayamI. Two baskets, same whine but different rpm. Anyone want to send me an “I” to try? 🤷🏻*♂️ My Nomad is looking very smug waiting patiently in the garage. Lol
  6. ‘90 basket just moved the sound to a lower rpm. Just as bad. Getting quicker, 1 hr to swap them back. Would be hard to sell with that whine at idle. At least we know the mk2 is interchangeable with RSV.
  7. But it’s the only bike i hear it on. Yamaha is so well known for engineering. Dropped the ball on this quality control. I would not keep a bike with that sound.
  8. Will keep the bike now. Original basket was a srceamer at 65 mph. Swapped with a ‘90 (it’s a G) and its 90% quieter. Non issue now but... it whines quite loud at idle to about 1500, rpm dependent, clutch in or out, in gear or out. Only changed the basket, good shape no grooves; not the tower that drives the steels. Used the rsv disks(Barnetts) Throwout bearing is good, Clutch works good, no slip. Bled the fluid. Has to be tight fit with the basket/drive gears , right? Or am i overlooking something? Its soooo quiet at speed now. Gf likes the wind protection of this bike. I can hear the RK pipes now. My Nomad is not feeling so confident about it’s future now.
  9. Yes basket 1990 to 2000 is interchangeable. Just did it
  10. Wth? Changed to 20/50 dino (from 15/40 dino) and it got worse. 400 mile ride and it’s painful at 60 to 65 mph. lol going to try a 90 Royale basket next. No one seems to know if it will fit. I hate using ear plugs. Nomad in the garage patiently waiting.
  11. It’s a big battery 8”deep by 61/2 high 3 1/4 wide 18ah. Comes dry with acid in plastic containers. seems to work well. That’s 44 Canadian/ 32 US.
  12. Thanks, never occurred to me. i’d guess the clutch basket design engineer was demoted to moving the oil fill hole.😂
  13. Yes could be that. I was getting about 25 mpg (us) and stinking gas behind me. 2 up to the top and I’m about 35 now. Close enough until I open them to check mains.
  14. I think same way I just tried 15/40 and I’ll try 20/50 soon as I can. After that I’ll try swapping baskets with a 1990 I have. Hoping someone can save me some work if they know it won’t fit. Great bike, gf likes it too. I’ll change them both if I can’t fix the whine.😂😂😂
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