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  1. I want to shim the carb neeldes on my 2006 venture. Question is, when you add a shim to the needle, does it go under the c-clip on top of the teflon ring or do you slide it up the needle under the teflon piece? Thanks,
  2. My 1985 VR is weeping gas out of a plug on the top of carb #1. The manual is not much help. The plug is about the size of a dime and has four very small slots around the perimeter (maybe used to remove?). You can see it in the picture below (its the shiny spot next to the #1 carb throat). Can anyone help me with ideas on a fix?
  3. I was reading some old threads and it refers to draining all 4 carb bowls. For the sake of curiosity, how do you do it? Also, is this something that should be done at the end of the riding season for winter storage?
  4. After reading all the reviews on the Morgan carbtune, I went ahead and ordered one. It seems that Morgan replaced the carbtune II with the carbtune pro, which supposedly is better. Since all the info. on this site re carb synching is based on using the carbtune II, I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a difference between these two models. Thanks.
  5. Hi all new member and new RSV owner. Picked up an 04 with 6000 miles on it, looks great, carbs were a bit dirty and pissing gas at first. After a few cleaning attempts they opened up and the thing drove great for about 700 miles. Yesterday I started bogging down after I push it up a bit at highway speed. I lose power, stop riding, wait a few minutes then it starts again pretty fine, except it's backfiring out of the right pipe only when I rev it a bit. This leads me to believe that one of the carbs is flooding when I open up on the highway. This is a bike that sat for about 10 years unused, so
  6. Hi folks. New member here. I just picked up an '89 Venture Royale, 29K miles, overall good shape but hasn't run regularly in over a year. It's my first touring bike. I've owned an inline 4 (Kawa), two Triumph in-line twins (including my current other bike) but this is my first V configuration bike. I have what I would self-assess as intermediate/advanced mechanical ability. The bike has a couple of problems that need to be addressed immediately before getting my state inspection so I can title and register it. First: It's missing and it appears to be the right rear cylinder (don't kno
  7. Does anyone know where to get carb rebuild kits. I am having a hard time finding them. I called my local Yamaha dealers and they said it is to old. The only things on Ebay are full sets of used carbs. I an inn Grand Haven, Michigan.
  8. So after having a bad experience with a local shop trying to tune my carbs by ear, I decided I would tackle this myself or hopefully with some fellow VRs. So understand this, I have no mechanical background and am clueless on this. Im leaving to Colorado with my 83 first Gen in August (last week) so will be hitting this quickly. My thought is to try to do all at once. So I was looking for help from here to create a checklist of things to do. 1) first on the list is the new TCI from Dingy. After reading many post it seems like this would be a must an because I felt like some of my bikes
  9. I stopped for gas today after a short fast run down the interstate, when I was idling waiting for a pump the left pipe starts backfiring. When I got home one of the the left carb boots had raw gas running down it. What is tke likely cause and repair. Thanks
  10. My 87VR always had carburation problems ever since I acquired her used at 40k miles. The last mechanic that worked on it before I gave up on other techs, and took over the full responsibility of being the only one to work on it told me that the intakes that were on the bike when i got it were the wrong intake manifolds. He said the ones on the bike were vmax manifolds that had a crossover port that the 87 xvz1300 did not have. He explained that the extra ports were sucking air that affected the air intake with the gas mixture to intake port causing the gas/air mixture feed to the spark plugs t
  11. Can someone please tell where I can purchase a set of the Carb Sync gages?
  12. Gents, I broke a plastic part while removing my carb rack and it is not listed on the parts sites. The part is an elbow that connects a small rubber hose to the bottom of the carb. The hose is listed as call-out #47. The elbow is pictured without a call-out number. I don't know if this part can be removed! Any help will be appreciated . . .
  13. I had to disassemble (again) the carbs off of this doggone 83 I have been messing with. Upon reassembly I found I am now missing the idle mixture screw. It was there when I took the carb apart, but have somehow lost it. I have the small spring but not the needle itself. I just spent about 2 hours looking all of the garage for this needle but with no luck. My reason for posting is to find out if anyone knows where one can be purchased. I just checked a couple websites and I don't even see this carb part listed. Or, if anyone has not they are willing to sell, I would be more than happy to
  14. Does anyone have a carb sync tool I could borrow or possibly buy? I took the carbs off the bike to do the valve adjustment and I cleaned up the carbs some too. When i got them back on and the bike running it pops out of the right pipe. When i take the little rubber boot off of the sync nipple it'll rev up momentarily but there really is no change. Took a little Brake parts cleaner and sprayeed it in the hole and she smoked a little but never idled up or down. I dont trust any of the shops in my town and I know i need the carbs synced. I'm just hoping it'll take care of the problem
  15. I'm wondering what effect this condition has on my poor gas mileage problem, and what it means. I took the diaphram covers off the carbs. All of the diaphrams had 2 to 5 pin holes in them, plus Carb 1 (left front), 2 (Left rear) and 3 (Right front) as your sitting on the bike, all had a film of dry dirty, greasy coating the inside surface of the covers, and the carb surface behind the diaphrams. The diaphram had a sticky feel to it like wet paint. ( probably partially disengrating rubber coating from previouse pin hole fixes with liquid rubber) [ATTACH]71649[/ATTACH]
  16. Just looking for everyones take on the carb slide vacum hole location when reassembling carb slides on my 87. It looks like they should point down at 6:00.
  17. I just picked up an 85 with carbs removed. I am not sure if i have all the hoses correctly routed and the book is no help. I also need some help on how to best press the carb bodies back onto the boots by myself in 40 degree weather. I see only 3 hoses on the upper section coming from under the seat that i believe should connect to the 4 carb air vents on the carb bowls that are on a 45 degree angle. I do have the 4 little drain hoses on the bottom. I also have the canister on the left side that is not completely connected. Any help with all these hoses would be appreciated I have worked
  18. I am looking for 1 carb slide for a 87 1300 . The diaphram does not have to good and I do not need the needle or attaching pieces. All I need is the black slide since I dropped one of mine and busted the top of it. Thanks and everyone have a Merry Christmas:fingers-crossed-emo
  19. This time of year alot of people will be doing various things to their bikes or other equiptment, in order to get them ready for next year... Make sure you wear proper saftey gear for the job at hand... Specifically....saftey glasses. I just got a shot of carb cleaner in both eyes after having worn them all day. Really wanted to paint my 612 Dozer blade today, had it all stripped down and took the glasses off (they were fogging up) to finnish up the corners and hard to reach areas with my scaler. When i went to clean the debri off of the scaling gun, you guessed it, the carb c
  20. Hello All, First I have searched to no avail for Gen II carb diaphragm replacement vendors or fixes. Found the thread to spray on rubber stuff:think: for a temp fix. While taking apart carbs on my 99 RSV to clean today, I may have put the carb slider cap on a TAD wrong, to say the diaphragm was pinched and a small hole is now in the material at the bend where it seats on carb body. It may have already been there, not for sure.... ANYWAY I need one. Help? Man those carbs were dirty..... Thank you in advance...Looking for new one. Directions? Also, the fuel mixture screws are obviously not set
  21. I have been a Venture fan for years and finally I recently purchased a used 2000 back in september. The carbs needed to be set up right but I did not want to do the spacer trick to them. My mechanic is designer for many tweaks and jet kits for various bikes so I went to him to talk about what to do. Since there is no true jet kit for the second gen Ventures he took my bike in on his dyno for a little R&D for a true jet kit. After numerous spins on the dyno and different needles he had a needle custom cut with 5 angles. It took the weakness out of the original lean stock set up. So af
  22. Hey VR buddies!! Can someone please post pictures of their bike with the AD Chrome carb covers on it. Been lookin and lookin but can't find any? sorry. Thanks!!
  23. Put carbs back on bike after removal for exterior cleaning. I did not go into carbs but did seperate the bank. After putting back on bike I noticed my throttle was slow to come back. I adjusted cables and the same thing. Both carb #1 and #2 I noticed that the springs connecting the throttle wheel and connecting the linkage on #2 where not tight. I am pretty sure that is my issue. Now...I dont know why or how they are loose. This might be a stupid question but is this associated with the TPS sensor by any chance. I did not remove the TPS nore bracket connected to #2. I am confused and I am sure
  24. OK folks, it's been a while since we have had a contest. Thanks to AdChrome, I think it's time that we do just that very thing. Now I realize that this is a second gen/RSTD specific item but that's just the way it goes sometimes. So....we are going to have a contest and give this beautiful set of carb covers away to some lucky winner. Now I just have to decide WHAT kind of contest it will be. I'll be getting back to you soon on that.
  25. Everyone seems to like the Morgan Carbtune here. Can someone explain why this is so good vs. other mercury / vacuum / carb synch tools? I need to do synchs, want to get something, but don't want to wait for the Morgan unless it's signifigantly better than other products I can get faster. Thanks
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