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  1. Finally managed to change all three sets of brake pads out for EBC FA123HH's, can not believe the difference over the stock Sumitomo pads. One thing I noticed was some slight contamination of the left front pads due to brake fluid leakage, not sure if I managed to drip some fluid out of the bleeder the last time I flushed the brakes or if the piston seals actually leak. Anyway, I was looking at the parts diagram for my '89 VR (http://tinyurl.com/4kefl2) and noticed two part numbers for the caliper seal kit: Ref# 6: 1KT-W0047-00-00 and Ref# 15: 1NL-W0047-00-0, price is within a few $$$. I don't have any idea what the difference between these two kits is, maybe somebody has ran into this problem before? Thanks in advance, Klaus
  2. Is the "throwing money" smile still available? I couldn't see it anywhere and just noticed I can't find any crying or wailing icons either:mad:
  3. Well Christmas was a great day. Spent with the family enjoying good food and good company. The kids all left in the evening. Sharon and I cleaned up and kicked back and relaxed. I fell asleep on the couch about 10 or so a friend from CA called woke me up. I noticed that Sharon had gone to bed. My friend and I talked about a hour or so had been a while since we had talked. While we were talking I noticed a little jaw pain but didnt think nothing of it. We hung up and I finally fell back asleep. about 5AM I woke with serve jaw pain, arm pain and chest pain. Sharon just happened to wake up and asked if I was alright and I told her I have issues. lol Well smart girl that she is she called 911. First responders were here within 5 mins and I was on my way to the hospital 30 miles away in Mountain Home AR. To my surprise they found 3 blocked arteries in my heart. one 99% blocked which they put in a stint. one 90% blocked to be stinted in the next few weeks and one 45% blocked to be treated with meds. After 3 days in hospital Im home relaxing and feeling so much better. So here is to a better year.
  4. Put carbs back on bike after removal for exterior cleaning. I did not go into carbs but did seperate the bank. After putting back on bike I noticed my throttle was slow to come back. I adjusted cables and the same thing. Both carb #1 and #2 I noticed that the springs connecting the throttle wheel and connecting the linkage on #2 where not tight. I am pretty sure that is my issue. Now...I dont know why or how they are loose. This might be a stupid question but is this associated with the TPS sensor by any chance. I did not remove the TPS nore bracket connected to #2. I am confused and I am sure I am going to have to remove the bank again but I would like some info on what I need to do. Thanks again!!!
  5. I just changed out the wheel bearings on my 99 RSV (with 50k miles), then took it for a good 3 hour ride today. When I got home I checked around for heat from the bearings when I noticed how hot my final drive gets! I could touch it for say 30 seconds but any longer would start to burn my finger. I replaced the final drive oil with 80W90 gear oil in the spring. How hot are these units supposed to get?? It was a 3 hour ride, so it perhaps should have been rather warm? I noticed when doing the bearing job that theres a bearing visible on the wheel side of the pumpkin. Is this something I should replace? Or are the splines themselves causing too much friction? Are the splines replaceable or is this a matched set and do I buy a complete new pumpkin? Is the stealer going to laugh when he sees me coming?
  6. I'm a little surprised as the bike has been so solid but what sounds like a serious noise has begun on my 86. While at cruising speed, if I lean in to a turn (either direction) I hear a howling noise that stops as soon as I straighten up. (rear wheel bearings ???) More recently I noticed that when coasting to a stop with the clutch lever in, I hear what actually sounds like gear mesh noise. I have also noticed that as the bike slows down, I feel and hear a vibration at around 15 mph. I am thinking rear wheel bearings or u joints?
  7. How do these come out. If one goes bad will it leak coolant into the oil and not leak to the outside by the spark plug. I noticed that the coolant level went down and added some and noticed that the oil level has came up. I just got this cycle and I hope that it is not junk it still sounds good no bearing noise so maybe I have caught this early enough. Orlin
  8. I'm so sick of being stumped on this 1st Gen I'm going to start arguing in favor of the 2nd Gens. Here's what happened this time. Bike had been sitting for a few months. Went down to crank it . It started without too much difficulty but I noticed the headlight wasn't burning. So I read through a few post and got a clue to check start button switch. So i did and noticed while cranked the light would come on if I wiggled the start button. Took the switch apart, cleaned it, put it back together. Cranked fine and light worked fine just like it was supposed to. I'm thinking problem solved and move on to something else. Reinstalling radio that has been disconnected for a while. So when I get the radio installed and begin to put it back together I turned the key and hit the start switch. The lights come on fine but now no engine start. nothing no click no starter spin nothing but the headlight lighting.:bang head: Nothing that I had done since last starting the bike should have effected the starter switch. But now with the key on and shorting the starter relay out it will crank and run but not by using the starter switch. What could have possibly happened?
  9. So I have noticed a High pitched hum from I believe the rear wheel. It starts at about 60 and gets louder the faster I go. However it only shows up when I am riding Solo. If I toss the 80lbs kid on the back it is not there. I had my tire changed this spring and just noticed it last week. but then I rarely ride at highway speeds when I am alone. I am wondering what I should check? is it possible something was not done correctly when they changed the tire. I have also picked up a vibration this year that was not there last year. A friend told me this could be due to the front tire. The tread still looks ok but you can feel some small bumps when I run my hand over it.
  10. On the way to work this morning the 93 lost pulling power. Idles ok but when you try to take off for a stop it is like you are in second gear. I took the plug wires off each cylinder one at a time and have spark. I took them apart and cleaned them as described here. The front right resistor was black and there was no spring. Is that bad. I didn't have a meter so couldn't test. Also noticed there are no flat washers in any of them. Are they important and could any of this be my power problem? Thanks Kevin PS would like some phone support if anyone is willing. Thanks again:confused:
  11. Man, I had some stupidity rattling around my brain friday and saturday. I think I got it all out, but here's what I did. I wanted to adjust my brakelight to come on sooner when I hit the foot pedal. So- I looked in the pdf manual I bought and found what I thought was "brake light switch" adjustment. So I adjusted it much better. Then I left the acc switch on overnight and killed the battery. Noticed that one 2 hrs before I needed to pick up my daughter and got the charger going. No biggie- all fixed up and she started right up. Got about 4 miles down the hiway and I noticed it had no power. Then it hit me "oh shiyat I adjusted the rear brake too!" I had no tools- NEVER AGAIN! So I called my wife and she came to my rescue. BUT- there was a broken down Ultra classic a mile before me with a cop pulled up behind it. She assumed it was me and pulled in behind him. He turned and walked toward her and she says loudly "that's my husband!" LOL she said it was really embarrassing when a gal emerged from behind the cop car and gave her a look that could kill. Having recovered from the embarrasment and explaining to the cop and riders she wasn't really insane, she drove another mile and finally found me. Luckily I only cooked some pad life, but it was all good once I REadjusted it and let it cool off a half an hour alongsde the freeway. The same nice police officer stopped to see if we were ok, and we chatted bikes for awhile. He even waited with us to make sure we merged back off the shoulder ok. LOL I never accelerated away from a cop so fast legally. So all the drama completed, I picked up my 15yr old girl from her mom's for a nice country ride. We got a mile away and it started pouring rain. Since it was 92 out, that was kind of fun. It stopped, we dried out and later I pulled through an area of really really expensive houses that she likes to look at. I'm talking 4-5 million each. It pays to keep these teens motivated! Rode up a dead end street with no circle and stopped. Was gonna back into a driveway and pull away, but the Venture had other ideas, deciding it was now a good time to lie down and take a nap. Daughter did great, nimbly hopping right off and away once it was apparent the bike wanted a rest. Was impressed at the foresight Yamaha had in putting those wonderful shiny chrome bars that stopped it before it got really ugly. Anyway, emergency tipover-switch test completed, she helped me pick it up and we had a noneventful rest of the ride. My hip hates me today.
  12. Hello It has been awhile since I've been here but I have a problem! My 01 RSV has no horn working. I installed a stebel horn last year and it has been working fine today I noticed I had no horn. Anyone that can help please reply. Thanks
  13. My bike is handling very well since I put progressives and the Condor Brace on it. BUT.....today I noticed something I have never noticed before and I'm wondering if I have a problem or if it is normal. I was at a full stop. I gave the handle bars a "shake" back and forth...as if I was trying to shaking water off the front tire. Just very quick jerk to left and back to center. The front end felt like it "rebounded" As if I gave it a twist that went down the forks and then after I stopped, it came back up the forkss and gave a bit of an "echo" shake! Like I said....it's handling really well!!!!! Condor Brace is tight, neck bearing bounce test looks good....Not sure what else it could be? Is this normal???
  14. Hello all, I have a quick question on my front brakes. I am new to my 2007 Midnight Venture, I have owned it for a few months or so. I upgraded from an 1100 Silverado. I am a Dodge Technician so I do have a mechanical background. I have noticed, 3 or 4 times, when coming to a stop with the front brakes applied, just before it comes to a complete stop it will pull slightly, has happened to the right and to the left, it is not always to the same side. My first thought is it is like only one caliper was grabbing. BUT.. plenty of bikes out there only have one caliper so that really doesn't make sense.... Both front calipers are free and grab the rotor when the lever is pulled. Pads are good. Fluid level is correct and clear in color. Steering head was properly tightened when I purchased the bike when I did the 1" lowereing of the front in the triple tree, and yes everything in the triple tree is tight and measurements are still the same. Nothing has moved. I do not have the required pump to adjust the front shock pressure and have never adjusted it, but I have put 3000-4000 miles on the bike since I bought it and I have only just noticed this so I can't see that being the issue... I have experimented with it a little and at speed it does not show any signs of strange or odd braking. This forum and its members comprise a GREAT wealth of knowledge so I figured I would see if anyone has any other idea. And yup, it's my first post.
  15. I believe it is called the needle daiphragm for the carb, but im not entirely sure. Started my rebuild today and noticed all the rubber boots had holes in them. Anyone who knows that its called would be much appreciated
  16. I've noticed a "Welcome to the forum" pop up a few times for "new" members who have been here for a while already. Lone Eagle being the most recent. What's this about?
  17. Hello-I have a slow speed wobble in my 01 Royal Star Venure when backing off throttle with one hand on handle bars----not noticeable on acceleration. Not really apparent at higher speeds. First noticed when I leaned over to shut off choke and backed off throttle. Have set air pressure in shocks correctly. Not sure. Bob
  18. Well I'm making this seem much worst that it is, but the problem is starting to get worse. I finished putting my bike all back together after a whole host of maintenance tasks, like the valve clearance adjustment and unbolting the rad to give a little wiggle room to replace the regulator/rectifier. So a few days ago when I parked my bike after an hour long ride I noticed one drop of green coolant sitting on top of the lower cowling by the air filter. I thought, boy that's strange, how did that get there. I had a sick sense that something was going wrong. During the next ride I looked forward and noticed that there was coolant spray on the back of the front-right fork. I knew that something was wrong for sure now. When I parked I looked all over the rad and noticed that there was some coolant around the top of the rad fins and on the very top of the rad. It appeared that the coolant was coming from above the rad. So I stripped the bike down a fair bit to inspect further. I didn't notice any coolant leaking while the bike was off, so I knew this was a leak being caused while the water pump is on, putting pressure to the whole system. I also noticed that the 5" long heater hose that fed the top of the radiator had a decent size kink/bend in it. So I replaced it with new heater hose and better clamps. I should have done a hot idle test, but I decided to put the bike back together hedging my bets that I fixed the problem. Well, on today's ride to work the problem quickly developed and got much worst. The front fork was getting spray (though I could never see any stream of coolant while riding), the coolant was also streaming up my handle bars, on my right mirror, all over my tank, and some on my pants. This made a nice stain on my brown work pants which I am not happy about! So I'd appreciate any thoughts, suggestions, past experiences shared. No leaking when the bike is off, but it appears to be leaking above the rad when the bike is on. Though I haven't had the bike stripped down and running, the rad cap and hoses above do not look like they are wet, they still have some dust on them. Thoughts?
  19. I have noticed a small oil drop on the floor directly below a breather tube on the front of the motor. I have about 1500 miles on this oil change, oil level is ok in the sight glass. This has just happened the last 3 times I have ridden, not ever before. I have it in the garage on a clean floor and would have noticed it before. Any ideas? Thanks, Pat
  20. OK question, is it possible to have enough voltage to start the bike but not enough to make it run properly? Today 2 times when I went to start it the thing spin then I thought it was started but didn't so I hit the button again and it fired right up. I then noticed that the trip odometer went back to zero both times. I have also noticed that the bike runs a little different lately nothing major and I have lost about 3 mpg. The bike starts very easy so do not have to crank more than a second or two. Thanks Rick
  21. Bought the MCT from a forum member in the spring...I have had the trailer out a couple of times in the last few weeks getting use to it behind the RSV before taking off for South Dakota on the 3rd......Last weekend I noticed the right tire on the trailer was low/almost flat.....Filled it up to 55lbs and this AM noticed it was flat again. These are basically NEW tires...Previous owner never used the trailer...Ran some H2O over the tire and found a small..and I mean small leak in the middle of the tread...pinhole almost...Took it to get it plugged and an inside patch..Did I say me and the wife are L leaving for South Dakota on the 3rd) Question ???...in looking a the tire I noticed that these Stock Tires are 2 ply...I am concerned that if it picked up something this easy on a couple of test drives...Should I go out and invest in some 6 ply tires?.....Can pick up a couple at Tractor Supply for about $90-$100... I do have a spare in case one of the stock tires picks something up during the trip...... Long Tall Lynchburg, VA
  22. MongoE9

    CB error

    I noticed some old threads about this problem and although one post said checking the wires under the seat fixed the problem, is there any other issues anyone has come across? although I know one day I will need to crack the fairing, I am trying to put that off if I can, otherwise I will start under the seat. ANy other advic? Thanks
  23. hey all!! i have 83 venture when going on brand new pavement getting a slight up/down bounce from front at 25 to 40 mph noticed it b4 and thought maybe just roads here in new england but found a stertch of one day old pavement and really noticed it. tires are micheln and couple years old still pleanty tread on them. could it be out of balance? dont see any wheights on front tire. oh and also anyone have a clue what this goes to or if it goes on bike at all found it in trunk when cleaning it was left there by p/o
  24. Riding in the Southern USA and going to change my Clutch Fluid, all I notice us DOT 4 full Synthetic Fluid, is this the proper fluid to use? I hadn't noticed in Canada if it was fully Synthetic or not.
  25. If any of you guys feel like I do that the trunk support on the Wing is a little flimsy and or noticed the rubbing around the edge of lower trunk I found the cure.I am not advertising for this guy as he runs his business out of his home in Austin,Texas. If you, Don, or moderators feel it is pushing this product please remove post. I called this guy and thats when I found out he lives in Austin as I was going to order a set. He told me why dont I come over and he will Install it for free so Hey,Thats a deal and I did it. Let me tell you the trunk is solid as a rock now and I noticed coming home the rub sound was no more. I am very pleased and that is the only reason I am putting this here..It is a good product,Hands Down! I hope this helps you other Wingers out,Tom http://www.wingriderproducts.com/index.html
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