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  1. i made a short video when i was setting and checking the float levels on a set of 28mm carbs and wrote of how i did it for some of the guys on delphi forum and thought i would post it here too.there's a way i do it and it has worked out good on the last several sets im have fixed for others and redid mine while i had them off, all you have to do is when you have the carbs torn down, put all the float and needle assembly together, turn them upside-down so the float is up, jiggle the carbs so the floatsts bounce around a little so they are seated in place and not binding. while you still holdin
  2. I've had my 2004 venture for right about a month now. I noticed a little oil under the crank case breather tube and discovered it was probably because the oil level was too high. I changed the oil and put a little less in than it had when I got it. Although it was still close to the top of the sight glass when the bike was level. The crankcase tube leak has stopped but now I've noticed twice during the past week or so oil dripping from near the left rear cylinder. Last night I pulled the oil filter and drained a little oil hoping that would solve my problem. I cranked the bike again just
  3. I want to check the float level on my 89, and I've read the directions and other posts. If you've done this, how have you connected the tubing to the carb. drain screw so that it doesn't leak? I read where Yammie has a special tool for this, but I saw that it looks like Dingy had something just pushed into the hole that he was able to connect a hose to. What's worked for you? Frank D.
  4. What octane rating do you use? Does a higher rating make a difference in the performance level and maintenance of a Second Gen or late model RSTD motor?
  5. How do these come out. If one goes bad will it leak coolant into the oil and not leak to the outside by the spark plug. I noticed that the coolant level went down and added some and noticed that the oil level has came up. I just got this cycle and I hope that it is not junk it still sounds good no bearing noise so maybe I have caught this early enough. Orlin
  6. I have a friend who is visiting with his 87 Venture. He dropped the bike on the kick stand side a couple of days ago. No apparent damage, so he rode it for an hour after. Everything was fine. Today he was heading to my house and the oil level indicator came on along with the flashing red light. His oil level is at the top of the sight glass and was changed about 1000 miles ago. Does anyone know where the sending unit is for the oil level warning or have any ideas? Thanks ..... Peter
  7. On my Triumph, the gas filler cap is parallel to the ground so I can put a level on it to see if the bike itself is level. But is there anywhere on an RSV that I can put a level to check if the bike is level? Neither my garage floor nor my driveway are level - and by different amounts too. Andy
  8. I am going to put in the bypass for the battery level sensor on my '83 VR. I notice that there is already a resistor in the line. It looks factory. Do I remove this resistor when I put the new one in or do I just add the additional resistor?
  9. Your supposed to check the oil level with the bike standing up on a level surface, correct? IE not sitting on the kick stand? My bad but I'm checking the oil for the first time since buying the bike last week from the sealership. Either the stealership or the PO WAY overfilled the oil. I can't see the top oil level unless she's sitting on her kick stand!
  10. Okay.. as most know I just finished the overhaul of my front forks including the installation of Progressives ( man, are they worth it !!) . I had a question about the fork oil and from what I was told there was 2 ways to determine the "amount" of oil. First was the amount of 409cc's or 13 1/2 oz. The second, was 5 1/2 -inches from the top. The 5 1/2 inches was what most threads stated and what the instructions stated. That is what I installed the oil to. It was way more than 409cc's. Now, yesterday we installed Progressives in my friend's 83. We measured and installed 409cc's in each t
  11. When syncing the carbs on my 86 lst Ed, I can get all four carbs to be perfectly level at about 24 bars onmy Carbtune but at higher rpms, up around 3500 or 4000 or so, they are no longer anywhere being level. I have no vacuum leaks. Even when riding at 65/70 mph it feels like they aren't balanced. I hook up the Carbtune and at idle they are still perfect. Run the r's up while sitting there and same result.......not balanced at higher rpms. Otherthan than this, it seems to runs strong. Compression on all cylinders is about even 165 to 175. Just would like some comments regarding if this sort of
  12. Hello, I disassembled and cleaned out the carbs last weekend per the service manual. To make sure I didn't miss something, I've been going through the forum threads and articles. "mbrood" did a Carb Overhaul write-up in Tech section. In the 3rd to last paragraph he talks about the "The factory-set needle-valve screw..." The problem is, I have no idea what he's talking about. I'm concerned that I screwed in something too tight and ruined the needle valve now. Everything I unscrewed was TIGHT, so I put them back normal tight. I understand the needle valve and float relationship. He talks a
  13. Went out to work on the bike today, to check on all of the little things that have been bugging me. After finshing up, just before putting my side cover back on i noticed an oil leak which appears to be coming from the head gasket. About a month ago(some of you may recall), i had my oil changed and went on a 300 mile day trip. a few days later i went to check my oil and could not see the oil level through the site glass. It turned out that they had overfilled the oil. I drained it to the appropriate level and have ridden it for a month without any issues. My question is: Could this have been e
  14. Hey KIC, Welcome to the VR.ORG Forum, you're home brother! The 1989 VR is the last year of the "Old Style" TCI in 1990, Yamaha went to the "improved version". This should not be a problem, plenty of them out there! (1984 to 1989 all fit) Check all three brake rotors for "bluing", which means that they have been overheated from a dragging Caliper. The left front and rear Rotor are not available from Yamaha any more, and were spendy when they were. This bike is also the last year that came with the "Two Brush" starter motor. 1990 to 1993 had the "4 brush starter". Run the bike for a while, sh
  15. I recently swapped the rear gears to the VMax set and WOW what a great improvement in accelleration. What would be the next investment that you guys would recommend to take it to the next level of performance?
  16. I have an '83 venture that has the left hand muffler end piece just about rusted through. Is it possible to just replace end caps or is it necessary to replace entire muffler? What would bst and easiest replacement be. (I do not really want to increase Db level). I have Jardines on my '90 RSV which are a bit loud, but seem to have misplaced them OEM'S !!
  17. I have a 1st generation.The oil indicator on the dash is always on.My oil level in the sight glass is where it is supposed to be.My question is can I bypass the oil sending unit?I have soldered the display unit.
  18. Just lowered my 06 Venture front forks 1.5 inches had already installed the Barons lowering kit on the rear. Now the bike is finally level and handles like a Harley Ultra without the engine heat. I ride alot on the BlueRidge Parkway and use the scenic parking lots to park which are not level ground by no means. Does anyone know of another Yamaha kickstand only shorter that can bolt on an 06 Venture. Please don't recommend the Baron shorty stands--- they don't have the ground foot like Yamaha.
  19. My choke level on my 89 VR moves to the left really, really hard. Any suggestions as to what I might spray into the cable. My 1st guess would be WD 40?
  20. I am thinking of setting up a M&E for somewhere in the Milwaukee area. I have been noticing that there are a few members in this area. I was planing to shoot for sometime in March to give a chance to meet each other just before the riding season starts. I do not have a specific place or date in mind just yet, it may depend on the level of interest as to how much space will be required and when everyone is available. So, watcha think??? I would sure like to match a few more faces to the names.
  21. With the motor cold, on its side stand, what should the Oil level be in the Glass window?
  22. I had the pleasure of going to Don's maint day in Ohio last year. It was quite spectacular. Seems like most of the maint days are quite far away from KC. Wanted to guage the interest level of having a main day in Kansas City. I am a novice with limited tools and even less skill. I have a 2 car garage and no where to camp (live in a neighborhood). Pretty sure my neighbors would be fine with us parking our motorcycles all over for a day. Wanted to see what the interest level would be in a one day or 2 day if you would like maint day in KC. Look forward to your thoughts.
  23. It is not my fault that Tom made the Big Bend run on a new Goldwing. It is not my fault that my wife fell in love with the bike...ok, so did I. It is not my fault that when we stopped in at a Honda dealer for rainsuits that they had an '07 Goldwing...level three that we would really like. I guess it is MY fault that we ended up buying it, though. I hope I will not be disowned by this group...
  24. I have had for 15+ years a mercury sync stick. Lately during sync's on my venture, I have noticed a 'clear' substance, of different amounts, rises in the tubes above the mercury, and got me wondering when I sync'd, lineing up the mercury line, if I was really in true sync-ie:is the clear substance changing the vacum level imposted on the mecury? So today I decided to check calibration, went to fish store an got 5 way hose adapter, and applied vacum with pump up mityvac. My mercury lines are off a little +-.5", but more interesting, I had to apply continous vacum, as vacum bleed off fast, a
  25. mraf

    Moving son

    We got to ride this week, but it wasn't for the fun of it. We helped my son move all his belongings back home from Fort Drum. The ride was on I-90 and 86. Talk about boring! The fence along the thruway is like a impenetrable wall, grown over with vegetation so seeing anything but pavement is not going to happen. He is leaving for the other sandbox, rock pit later this month for a year. He finally gets to a base after 14 yrs that we thought that we would be able to visit him at regularly and now this. Can't complain to much, he has grown into a very level headed man. Just wish he'd hurry up and
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