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  1. Hello, thanks for welcoming me to this forum, I have a 2005 Royal Star with custom exhaust installed at the dealer, he also rejetted the carbs, thing is, sinse then It's been getting lousy fuel mileage, less than 200 km's on a tank at 110 km's/hr. I think he went too big with the jets but I don't know what the factory settings are, main, pilot, ect., also thinking of installing a K&N air breather to help out. Any help on this matter would be apreciated. Bikerrrbob
  2. I would like to know what year or part number Road King factory exhaust will fit 05 RSTD
  3. Anyone have experence with putting on a dampner? These shock type dampners look like a deal for speed wobble if they can be put on a Ist gen. I've had bikes over the years with them, but didn't pay attention how they mounted them. They were factory. Hoss brookdale@brookings.net
  4. I am going to put in the bypass for the battery level sensor on my '83 VR. I notice that there is already a resistor in the line. It looks factory. Do I remove this resistor when I put the new one in or do I just add the additional resistor?
  5. I am fighting a crackling on the right speaker. It only happens when I am driving down the road. I could get it to happen by wiggling wires and have now determined that it is inside the amplifier. I have had the amplifier apart and looked for loose solder points or cracked circuit boards, can't find anything. I am getting frustrated. I would like to keep the factory radio for now, however, I think I may be getting close to giving up and switching to an aftermarket stereo. My question to everyone is, are you still using the factory radio or have most people switched to an aftermarket stereo? If you have switched, how did you install the aftermarket stereo?
  6. Called Dave Quin Motorcycles and ordered the hagon shock product ID HA M62097U with 300 KG spring. $464.00 plus 17.70 shipping gave him rider 220, pass 180, 20lbs each bag and 20 lbs in trunk. It is an 06 RSV with 81K on the clock and the second factory shock just went. took about 3 weeks to get. As suggested in some of the write ups, I cross tied the bike to plumb then remover passenger foot rest on right side and the plastic underneath. loosened top and bottom bolts then raised on jack stand to rear wheel just off floor. whole job took less than an hour. did the test ride, I think it will be just fine, It's as sport as an RSV gets solo and perfect 2 up. The adjustments on the shock are just as the factory set it, That is red spring all the way to the top (loose). I think it's a winner
  7. Looking for something to replace my old 1200 Goldwing with for every day all weather use.(I ride full time year round) I like my RSV and may get a second for "Beater" use but I've seen a few Royal Stars for pretty good prices. How well does the Royal Star with factory windshield and lowers protect rider from cold and wet? Looks like there is very little protection for the hands and legs. Maybe just looks?
  8. I have a 98 Royal Star that I have almost completely turned into a tour deluxe. The last thing on my list are saddle bags, as I have all of the brackets and exhaust installed. The problem I am having is finding factory bags without spending a fortune! Is there somewhere besides eBay that I can source them? Also, I use to have a road king classic and I really kind of Liked those bags. Believe it or not, I can buy a pair of those for half the Yamaha factory bags. Has anyone done this, and if so is there a write up and pictures?
  9. 2005 RSTD oil plug has NO magnet??? Normal??? If normal is there a clearence problem?? Anyone tried one? Don't understand why anyone would not put a magnetic plug on from factory, especially on a bike with such a long factory warranty. Many Thanks
  10. does anyone know if I can put a backrest on my 99 factory seat. would like to have one that matches.
  11. I feel embarassed asking this because it's probably staring at me right in the face. I search the forum but found nothing, hence the embarrassment. My 84 Royale has the factory radio, no CB. The controller has an intercom button, so I assume the system is compatable with standard din headphones...but where do they plug in?? Andy
  12. I just traded a VTX 1300 for a 2006 Midnight Venture and this bike is awesome! The bike has bub slip-on but the previous owner removed the baffles and it is a little loud, for me anyway. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction! Maybe if someone has baffles that are not being used or I would be willing to trade these slip-ons for factory pipes... any sollutions would be greatly appreciated! The chrome on the tips are flaking off, fyi. I live in the Fort Worth, Tx area. Thanks.
  13. I thought this might be of interest to you GL1800 0wners. Installation is fairly easy. 1 Remove the screw through the bottom of the housing. You'll need a good phillips screwdriver, the factory screw has loctite. 2 Wiggle the mirror while pulling it toward you. It will slide out eventually. On the bench the factory mirror is on the right. 3 Mirror housing with mirror removed. 4 From the front of the motorcycle, peel back the rubber boot to expose the wires and connector. 5 The wires are long enough to pull out in order to install the supplied harness. You have to lift the catch on the factory connector to disconnect it. 6 New harness connected, ready to fish through to the inside of the mirror housing. 7 Muth mirror turn signal connector protruding into the mirror housing. A little tricky to get it in there, just be patient and work with it. 8 Wires connected, I have them on top to better show them. Actual installation was with wires laying on the bottom of the housing. The extra length of wire was pulled back to the outside of the mirror housing and stored inside the fairing by the rubber boot. 9 Carefully slide the assembly into place, making sure the two tabs at the top are properly inserted into the factory bracket. Install the supplied screw. Viola!!! A turn signalling mirror.
  14. Rickster


    Looking for some imput on a trailer to tow behind the RSV, not sure it I will make one or buy a factory setup. Can anyone give me some factory names to check out. Thanks
  15. I was just wondering if anyone knows what the inside of the factory exhaust looks like. My 84 still has the factory exhaust on it. It has a few patches welded on it, and a few more pin holes. If feasable, I was wondering if one could cut it open, and put a new cover on it (just to keep it looking original)..........ok, just to cheap to go buy another one. Anyone have any ideas. CBMMA
  16. i have a 2007 RSTD which i have installed a Hoppe fairing and fabbed a detachable tour pak bracket and box. the factory windshield and lowers and the pillion backrest are in near perfect condition, i am considering selling these parts and was curious to what some of the member here thought about the pricing of the parts? any suggestions would be appreciated. i know to purchase new the rear pillion and all factory components would run about $825.00 which seems ludicrous but that's what the going price is !!
  17. Okay, the wimpy factory horn has to go. Too many close calls. I know the riders here have changed to after markets. Which one fits the factory mount/location? And has anyone mounted a horn in a front forward location? Thanks in advance for you comment/recommendations.
  18. I have a 08 Venture and for some reason the metal bar that they call a stay keeps tearing the threads off my bolts and its a real pain to get them off and you cant tighten them down. I switch from the clear view to a factory one I cut way down. I went to the hardware store and matched them up in stainless but they seem week and the threads just tear off. The factory bolts have soft heads and round out way to easy so I wanted hex head. Anyone else have this issue? And if so what did you do to fix it. Thanks for any help:fingers-crossed-emo
  19. Have a '99 Venture and the factory horn died. I'm looking to install a Bad Boy where the factory horn was mounted on the right side of the bike. Can any one give me some help and / or suggestions as how to do it and what to mount it too? Pictures would be really nice...heck pictures would be wonderful!!! Thanks, George (StarUmp) Portland, Oregon:confused24:
  20. I finally bit the bullet and ordered two sets of J&M Headsets. They came yesterday and I got them installed today. Also finished replacing the cassette deck with an mp3 player and wiring it up so that I can turn it on and off with the factory radio or bypass it all together. Now warm weather please get here soon before I think of another project.
  21. I've always said that I wouldn't want a Lambo or Ferrari, etc., but I would sure like to drive one once. Well, I've said the same about the Boss Hoss cycles and I may get the chance this weekend. My BIL and our wives are renting a cabin up near Paris Landing State Park, TN and going to the Boss Hoss national rally. They are having factory demo rides and I'm going to see if I can get a ride. Something to do for the weekend. If I do get a demo my last words may be... "Watch this!"
  22. so heres the deal.i finaly bought a stebel horn to replace the factory horn on right side so people can hear it. the factory horn(lower right)didnt work but the front one dose.must be a bad connection either in the switch or in line somewhere because the stebel horn dosent work either. i did hook the new horn up straight wire to make sure it works and it dose. cant hear a damn thing now but o well. dose anyone have any thoughts on this problem?
  23. I'm going to add a trunk rack to my '07 but I have a couple of questions. I know I'll get opinions across the board but that's ok. Those that have had both, would you recommend the factory Star rack or one from a GL1500 GoldWing? I see that ChromeWorld and Drag Specialties (same part I believe) have a GL1500 rack for about 1/2 the price of the factory rack... Is the quality any good or will I be POed about rust later on? Or any other issue? Any advice or opinions will be helpful. I'd rather get the right one the first time. Thanks!
  24. I have a very small "weep hole"(maybe 1/16in.) on each side of my exhaust pipes probably located just below the passenger foot rest---are these factory or do you suppose someone added them ------Thanx........................Larry
  25. 2000 RSV - The guy I bought the bike from this past winter just stopped by work and dropped off the factory pipes. Said he was cleaning out the shop over the weekend and figured I might want them. Question: the pipes on there now sound OK although get a bit loud on the highway and need to crank up radio. Also cackles and pops when slowing from high speeds. Are oems quiet like a Goldwing or?
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