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  1. As some of you know, I have a problem,,,, I know what you are thinking, but this is a new one. I ride a 2014 Spyder and installed JMCB 2003 for a CB and intercom. The intercom works fine, and the CB broadcasts just fine. Now if we get 2 CBs close together I can hear the other, if they are more than 4ft apart I can't hear the other person. I can hear a tapping on their mic, but no voice comes through. Now hear is the next problem then. I contacted JM corp and they would like me to try to use one of their headsets. I use the Edsets with the proper cord, but they were wondering if I could try one of theirs. SO!!!! anybody in the area have a set they could lend me??
  2. Just got an 06 RSV Midnite and couldn't be happier! My son and I are going to be doing some trips this spring and summer. Ready to buy some headsets. I know the Yamaha headsets are made by J&M and I can get a 15% discount on those. How do they compare to the Edsets? I've read a lot of post and not sure which to purchase. Any advice would be appreciated as far as sound quality and wind noise, Reliability etc. What a great site, I look foward to joining.Thanks Scott
  3. Not sure if I am asking in the right place but does anyone have any extra headsets that they want to sell that will plug into my "06" Thanks, Kenny
  4. I came into a set of JM headsets today and have a question. When I plug them in and switch them on the front works fine, but the rear h/s does not work and there is still sound coming from the REAR speakers, but at the same volume as the front headset. There is a mic mute installed, and the p.o. did have all the audio stuff apart when he changed out the original trunk that was cracked. I've tried everything that I can remember from my other Venture and nothing works or changes. Both headsets work in the front too, so I know they are both good. HELP!!
  5. New owner of a 2007 midnight venture and have a couple questions 1. What can I do about the wired com system. Can't seem to find any info online ... are the headsets universal? Are they yamaha only? Where is the best place to get info, shop etc. The bike only came with the wires ... no headsets 2. Is there any way to remove the cassette deck and upgrade to CD? Or just pull the cassette deck and create an empty pocket for the droid and or MP3 player? And who's idea was it to put a cassette deck in a 2007? Seems a little past time to me. I dunno Thanks for the help.
  6. My '88 didn't come with the plug in headsets but has the ports. Where can I get the headsets, are they yamaha or can I go aftermarket? Thanks Sean
  7. Our headsets have been intermittant (at best) for some time now...yesterday's ride they were unusable. What is the best way to have them repaired...take to dealer, or where? Or, should we just replace them...if so, with what?
  8. I have a question since I'm on the migration from 1st Gen to 2nd Gen: Are the headsets from the 1st Gen working on the 2nd Gen? or I need to purchase new ones? What about the J&M for the 2003? Thanks, :confused24:
  9. Going to make a long story short. Got nice new J&M headsets. Before installing in helmet plugged into bike to make sure they worked and got hissing noise, front and rear on both sets of headsets. Tried combinations of headsets and cables too. Called J&M. They said it was from the bike and was amplifier related. So read lots of threads on our site. Checked out venturers.org too. I put headsets in helmets anyway (both full face, one Aria and one KBC), thought may as well use them and will do some more research and try fixing in week or so. We both get on the bike, plug in and no hissing problem. Hmmmmm? Decide I don't care why, let's ride. Later on Colleen gets off, unplugs and I start getting noise, both hissing and engine. Hmmmmmm? Now I do care. What was the difference? Well with only one headset connected you aren't going to need to use the intercom. Hmmmmmmm? With only rider plugged in, I found I could control the hissing and engine noise by lowing the IC volume. If I lowered the IC volume to 6 the engine noise went away. If lowered it all the way to 0 the hissing goes away. Ahhhhhhh, very sweet. Not saying this is the solution for all audio noise cases, we never got any background noise using just the speakers, but when using headsets I am able to control the background noise levels by using the IC volume based on number connected headsets. Works real nice for us.
  10. www.motorcycleaudioonline.com has roughtly 25% discount on new wired headsets and connector cables. Check which cables you might need though (P or Z), they vary by model (Standard, Performance, Elite).
  11. Ok, so my intercom headsets have gone off to electronics heaven. I've looked at replacing them and the cost involved (dang the dealer is proud of these things) and have found them on places like ebay for not too bad a price but I'm starting to wonder if something like the Scala Rider blue tooth units would be a better way to go. I like the idea of having all original equipment but also hate to pay to get all new headsets and have another issue with with the audio system that puts me back to a non-functioning intercom. Seems like the Scala Rider may be the way to go but I've never used one and I'm still not sure about moving away from original equip as my 86 1st gen is beautiful and has otherwise all working equipment. Any thoughts? Ideas? Opinions? Thanks! Jay
  12. Anyone out there have a five pin headset they want to part with. I have a 2004 Venture R/S and too many helmets and not enough headsets. My newest helmet is a full face. Give me a price. Thanks.
  13. 2000 RSV - I was told the intercom system has never been used on the bike. I'm looking at getting a pair of headsets for wife and I. Not sure what to look for. Are they available kinda like headphones so I don't have to mount into a helmet. Is the plug-in connector a standard connector? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  14. can anyone give me the pinouts for headsets I want to make my ownor can some one tell me where i can get a helment headset for less than 80.00:080402gudl_prv:
  15. I just purchased a 1986 Venture Royale and it didn't come with headsets. Is there any out there still on the market? Or ideas to make something work?
  16. Has any one swapped out their OEM radio/cassette for a newer and up to date waterproof marine radio? I can imagine there would be no easy way to make it work with the headsets, but still, I think it would be very nice and the Jensen's are relatively inexpensive.
  17. when I had my wing I could listen to the radio on speakers and cb on headsets. It looks like this can't be done on the venture. it's either speakers all the way or headsets. I like my radio on speakers and cb thru headsets. am I missing something or is this just the way it is. thanks
  18. Ok guys tired everything I can think of for my intercom. When plugged in have sound from the CB and radio. But can not transmit on the CB or talk on the intercom. Checked all the switches used different setting, and nothing. even changed the headsets and still nothing. Could the intercom control head be bad, even though it switches from head set to speaker with no problem. I even turned the intercom button on and off and this changed nothing.
  19. Went to look at a 2000 RSV today...only has 71,000 km on it ( about 44,000 mi.). It looks and runs like new, but there was a problem. The intercom didn't work. The radio plays through both headsets as did the CB when someone started using channel 6 nearby, but the intercom just wouldn't work. Switched headsets front to back and the same problem. I thought the radio and intercom shared an amp and therefore if one didn't work, the other one didn't either. Anyone have any ideas? The bike is gorgeous but my wife really wants the intercom...so she can make useful suggestions as we ride along!
  20. I admit it. I am overwhelmed by all of this audio technology. My VR has an intercom system but I don't have the headsets. I do have bluetooth headsets for our cell phones. Does anyone make a box that will enable our two headsets to talk to each other? Music isn't important to us but it would be cool if it had music input.
  21. Anyone have a wiring diagram for audio for 06 RSV? I have nothing in L headset. Intercom between wife and I does not work(a blessing?). Recently had it triked and thinking it might be a loose/broken connection but need help tracing circuit. Its not the headsets. The old JM and new Chatterbox have exact same symptoms.
  22. I posted this a few days ago on the Tech Forum and appreciate the responses from the few that tried to help out but no solutions has been found yet, so now I'm putting it out here for all to see. Maybe you have had this problem before and already know the answer, we'll see. Ok, here's the problem. When I turn up the volume to about 15 on the radio control, that's about as high as I need to go without being too loud in my headsets. At the same time my wife has to turn hers( the rear control) to max to be able to hear at all when we are out riding. I thought it might be in the helmet but it does this with different helmets. I've even taken one helmet and hooked it up to the front, adjusted the volume to where it almost too loud for me, unhooked it and plugged it in to the rear, and still have to turn it to max to be able to hear anything. This is on a 09 RSV. I thought it might be in the connections in the fairing, so I took them all apart, inspected , cleaned, put on some dielectric grease, but the problem remains. Really don't want to take it back to the stealer, I've been burned too many times! I guess I need also to mention, it's not got anything to do with the brand of headsets since I've tried IMC, Edsets, and some really cheap brands. The result is always the same. Anyone else had this problem???? Is this a common problem? I do have Mic-Mutes installed but I had this problem even before they were installed. One possible solution was to use the fader control for front to rear volume adjustment , but to my knowledge this only works with the onboard speakers. Once you plug in the headsets, the option goes away on the control module. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  23. Not sure any of you heard. But J&M will be offering a bluetooth dongle to work with their Bluetooth headsets. This will allow for full comm, plus CB, GPS, music etc. But as usual it's expensive - the base bluetooth dongle is 349.00, plus you need the interface harness listed below. They are also producing one for their J&M CB 2003 as well as GL1800, GL1500 and Harley. $600.00 total - but you can cut the cable. From their 2011 Catalog: JBLU-BHDG05 This is a J&M custom BluHub™ dongle05 module featuring our exclusive JMAHP (J&M Motorcycle Audio Headset Profile) Bluetooth®software profile, transmitting true stereo to 1 or 2 J&M Bluetooth headsets, with simultaneous microphone signals transmitted back down to the dongle. When 2 J&M Bluetooth headsets are linked to the dongle05, the continuous helmet-tohelmet intercom feature is activated thru the dongle. Rider and passenger can also each simultaneously link their J&M Bluetooth helmet headsets to their own cell phone or Garmin Zumo, while linked to the dongle05. This dongle05 is used to create a full featured motorcycle audio system, with stereo music, CB/FRS, Navigation commands, cell phone etc available depending upon the capabilities of the external equipment being connected. The J&M Dongle05 is powered by the electrical system on the motorcycle (no batteries in the dongle to charge). This new dongle can be connected to most motorcycle audio system configurations by using one of the special connection harnesses offered as an extra cost accessory to this custom dongle. (see options below) $329.99 JBLU-BHDG05-CA03 for connection to the Yamaha Venture Royale. $249.99 Stu
  24. I'm thinking of returning the Show Chrome headsets and going with the Scala Q2's. Does anyone know how long the rechargeable batteries last before you have to replace them? How does the intercom feature compare with headsets wired directly through the bike's intercom? As some of you may know if you've read my earlier posts, I've been getting interference on the wired set. I'm pretty sure that I can solve the problem (thanks to you guys and the great advice), but if I can get the Q2's for the same price as the wired set, maybe that would be a better option? Cheers!
  25. Today was a productive day! Got the J&M Headsets put in both helmets and the GW vent in my stock windshield. The headsets were a breeze. The vent not so much! It wasn't making the hole that was a problem it was getting the vent to fit. Had to thin down the mounting surface a bit to make it work. It's a bit scary to chop a hole in the windshield but my girl was all ready to order the F4 if I screwed up. So either we were going to have a vent! As for the headsets...Holy Smokes!! Why didn't we do this sooner? My girl was giggling the whole time cause we could actually talk. NO MORE HAND SIGNALS! Got a bit of wind moise but we were running with out any windsock so I hope that will improve with some tweaking. If not we will have to invest in Mic-mutes. I really just wish there was a quicker way to get to comm volume. That would make it much easier to use. But all and all we are happy with todays projects. So what do I get to tinker with next? Frank
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