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  1. I have a 2001 Yamaha XVZ13TF . This winter I installed a Garmin Zumo XT on the bike. The Zumo when connected to my iPhone’s Bluetooth was useful for the mapping app on the Zumo, but not for any audio, YET. I then added a Bluetooth receiver to the bike which also connects to the Zumo. Now I can listen to my iPhones Music, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, etc. thru the bikes headset or speakers. Adding the Bluetooth receiver also allowed me to receive and play, or read, text messages and voicemails on the Zumo. Without the Bluetooth receiver the Zumo will not accept these messages from the iPhone. I was not particularly interested in receiving messages as it is a distraction, but it is quite simple to click the notification and play them. To install the Bluetooth receiver I removed the front of the fairing and then unplugged the aux jack cable near the cassette player from the receiver amplifier. I then plugged the Bluetooth adapter into the aux input of the receiver, no adapters needed, very simple. For power I spliced the Bluetooth power wires into the 12v aux power port in the fairing. The adapter I purchased is an “NVX Universal Bluetooth Adapter - Waterproof Audio Receiver - Auto, Marine”. Spring has finally arrived and I took my first ride of the year with the new Garmin and Bluetooth and they worked wonderfully.
  2. Hi all, Being a lucky dog, I got in the mail the Sena Bluetooth communicator with the built in video/still camera. It is now a permanent fixture on my everyday helmet. No more one handed photos using my $700 iPhone ! @cowpuc has a lifelong photographer on the back but not all of us have a dedicated pillion like "Tip". This Sena unit is all it is cracked up to be! I hope you enjoy the read. Comments are always welcome https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2021/03/26/sena-10c-evo-review-motorcycle-bluetooth-intercom-camera-combo/ VentureFar...
  3. Hi all, I needed to new bluetooth unit for my ride with the Klim off road helmet I posted a review of a while ago. I felt the Sena unit with a stated 1 mile range would be good one since I have had a lot of success with Sena products. 1 mile by the way is wishful but does give good range for a group ride. If someone is hanging back a mile they deserve to not hear about my bladder issues....... I haven't ridden with my brother @cowpuc since 2015 but I'll bet his hearing is still good enough to hear me complimenting him on how pretty Tweeks carves the twisties....so he don't need no stinkin, lop eared, bluetooth contraption anyway. But for the rest of us: Here is my review - comments are always welcome https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2020/11/02/sena-10s-motorcycle-bluetooth-communication-system-review/ VentureFar...
  4. Hello all including my Brother @cowpuc Once again I had the good fortune to be handed a cool motorcycle "thing" to test. I had been using the Sena SMH 10 1st generation for a very long time. It worked but had its limitations of consistency of music sharing with my passenger and a problem handling the wind noise from my wife's 3/4 helmet in intercom mode at freeway speeds. I tested the Sena SF1 entry unit and it is not for our - touring kind of riding. I just finished testing the Cardo Freecom 4+ This thing is great! I am very impressed. Here is my review on ultimatemotorycycling.com https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2020/07/09/cardo-freecom-4-review-motorcycle-bluetooth-communication/ Feel free to ask me anything about my experience. VentureFar...
  5. Hello all, I just got a chance to review the Sena SF1 bluetooth - low end unit. It is a lot of fun getting to ride review products and sharing what I learn. I hope these help you all in making buying decisions. If you would like me to " try" to get a product in for review that you were thinking of buying, let me know. Currently I have in transit: Tom Tom Rider GPS Remote Tire monitoring- lost in Fed Ex somewhere Interesting GPS add on called Beeline (.co not .com if you are interested. Here is my review of the low end Sena. Comments appreciated and requested - especially from my Brother @cowpuc https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2020/06/09/sena-sf1-review-for-rider-to-passenger-communication/ VentureFar...
  6. Hi, New member to the forum. I just took delivery of my 2018 Eluder. Sorry to jump right in for help with my first post! Love the bike so far but... Bluetooth pairing has been a nightmare. I have a Google Pixel 2 phone and it pairs perfectly with every other device I've tried including both of my cars and all my speakers and headsets flawlessly. But on the Eluder I can't get the bike to hold the connection. Especially audio. On the info screen I get a message loop... "Connected...Disconnected...Connected...Disconnected". The audio will come on for a second or two and then disconnect and that keeps going on over and over forever unless I shut the bike down. I'm pretty tech savvy and have done all the usual and not so usual fixes but nothing works. I also thought it might be my phone but I tried my wife's iPhone and same issue. Anyone else experience this type of thing?
  7. Looking at gutting the entire intercom system and using just a Sena 20s and a zumo. Kitty is concerned that if we ever do get back to riding with ventureriders, that the lack of the CB might be a big deal. So is the majority still CB oriented, or are most switching to Bluetooth?
  8. [h=2]PRV175 Fixed With Software Update![/h] I know that several people on this site have installed the PRV175 into their bikes. I've had the PRV175 for about a year now and it mostly works well except that I like to listen to the music on my phone's SD card (64 GB) using a Bluetooth connection to the PRV175. That works fine but so far I've had to pair the phone each time I start the bike and turn on the PRV175, really a pain if I happen to click it into gear with the sidestand down and kill it. That has all changed now! Very nice for a feature-rich stereo that can be had online for $130. My PRV175 now reconnects just like any other Bluetooth device, every time since updating the software and pairing the phone. I asked Prospec Electronics, the distributor of the PRV175, permission to post the update file on the site but the response I received is: "As far as posting on Venture Forums, I would rather you just leave our contact information, if you don’t mind. The reason for this is that I want to make sure an individual needs this update and is properly prepared to do it. Updating a later version or losing power during the update can leave irreversible damage. I really appreciate your interest here. Please post this email address as the contact: service@prospecelectronics.com " Here is the info on checking your current version and what's required to do the update once it is received: upgrading will not hurt anything provided that your version is numerically less than the update which is V14-5281. Please check it before proceeding. To check the version, with the unit off, press volume down then volume up three times in a row until the display lights up and shows the version. Syscrusher - (This is Down,Up,Down,Up,Down,Up) It will give the version only briefly so look sharp. To use the update: Please ensure no possible loss of power can happen during the update process. 1. Prepare a USB flash drive by formatting it clean (FAT). Add the update file (attached) to the flash drive. Make sure there are NO other files on that drive before continuing. 2. Turn the Stereo on. 3. Plug in the flash drive. 4. The stereo should go straight to USB mode. The backlight should then go off and "UPDAT" should display. 5. when finished, the backlight will come on and display "SUCCESS". 6. Press the power button. "Welcome" should display as the stereo will be on. Now you can disconnect the flash drive. 7. Check the version. It should be V14-5281. Updating goes very fast so don't fear your battery will be drained or anything like that while you wait for completion. You will need to set your menu defaults again after this.
  9. I'm in the market for a Bluetooth headset. I just ordered a zumo 665 and docks for all the scooters and I need a Bluetooth headset to connect all the gadgets. Any suggestions?
  10. OK so I have a Garmin 765t. It has blutooth capabilities. I have recently found pandora, such a cool deal. So my question is instead of using the MP3 player on the GPS can I connect my via bluetooth and use my phone to connect to pandora and it play thru the bikes comm system? I havent had a chance to just go out and try it.
  11. I have a question I hope somebody here can answer. Having just purchased a 2011 FJR, I plan to mount a Garmin 550 on an aftermarket helibar triple tree clamp. My question is: Is the Garmin Zumo 550 bluetooth feature capable to send (via bluetooth) to a bluetooth capable helmet headset? If not, will the audio out be sufficient to power a regular headset? I know the bluetooth works with making and receiving calls, just not sure about the MPG3 player? Thanks
  12. Can anyone offer advise or experience with Bluetooth technology and helmet communication sets? Looking into a way/means to not be wired to the bike and bluetooth looks to be the way to accomplish this. Thanks for any feedback (no punn!)
  13. I haven't specifically found this information on here yet so I figure I would share it to make it easier for anyone looking to use a Garmin GPS & pair it with a bluetooth headset. According to Garmin, the only Garmin Devices that support pairing with a Bluetooth headset are the nuvi 765, 775 , 785, StreetPilot 2820, zumo 220*, 550, 660 and 665. When a headset is paired with these devices the listener will be able to hear phone calls, navigation prompts, or MP3 music (if the device has a MP3/Media Player). All other Garmin Bluetooth-enabled devices are only capable of pairing with a Bluetooth cell phone. The exception is the zumo 220. It will only pair to a Bluetooth headset or helmet and does not have the ability to pair to a Bluetooth-enabled phone.
  14. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-qmAd4OpKNUA/Tx7UrUFCMuI/AAAAAAAAAvU/V-qswxIBuuI/s1600/wireless%2Bheadphones%2Bmowing.jpg Need to get some bluetooth headphones or junior won't mow lawn. Says wires keep getting in the way. Found this How to Make Wireless Earbuds worried about interference from lawn mower and bluetooth.
  15. Any Nolan owners out there? I just bought a Nolan N103 Helmet equiped with the Nolan Bluetooth set up off Ebay. I'm trying to figure out how to configure the system to work with both my GPS and the audio system on my '99RSV. It didn't have the manual..the seller is sending it... but I've down loaded the pdf manuals, and after looking at them all, it looks like the head set is the latest N-Com Bluetooth kit 3-2.1. It'll sync to my GPS. It'll sync to my Cell Phone. What I need it to do it sync to my bike audio system. I've found a 5 pin wired cable, but I want to go Bluetooth on the audio too. The system has the capability of syncing with what looks like 4 different bluetooth devices. Has anyone here ever been successful bluetoothing the RSV audio?? I know J&M makes a bluetooth dongel which I think plugs into the '99 allowing audio and CB. It's the CB that's important. Any advice would be appreciated.
  16. Hubby and I use the Shark bluetooth sets. I have a couple of questions. Where can I find a new helmet clip to attach the transmitter to the helmet? Mine broke at Vogel somehow. Where can I find new speakers and mic that have better sound quality than the ones that came in the kit? The stock set is really tinny and talking to each other is garbled.
  17. What is "everyone" using for Bluetooth communication? Is one brand better that another? Has anyone used the Chinese brands from Ebay? They're far less expensive and the reviews are positive. I use my RSV for business as well as pleasure so I need to have phone access when on the road. Don't want to miss that important call from a client. George
  18. SO... I just picked up this Nolan 103 helmet off Ebay, and now I'm looking at possible bluetooth head sets. Nolan makes one, as well as J&M... maybe others??. Both will interface with my GPS or phone. But... I'd like to find an adaptor that would plug into the Audio cord on a 2ndGen, and be able to link to a bluetooth headset eliminating the hardwire. Then I could RX and TX with the CB. Basically that's all I'd use it for as the GPS has an integrated MP3 player. Question... Is a J&M Dongle a bluetooth adapter??
  19. A friend of mine this morning asked me if the CHATTERBOX GMRS-X1 Bluetooth Bike-to-Bike Communication System would work and communicate with a Venture CB (and/or I might think the J & M set up as well, etc). I spent some time looking through Chatterbox's website, varopis magazine articles, WebBike World's site, etc., and can't find that specific answer. My belief is that Chatterbox is only peer to peer - and though they state that they have 22 channels to communicate with/from, is that with regular CB radios - or only peer to peer? Thanks in advance for any guidance regarding this.
  20. Not sure any of you heard. But J&M will be offering a bluetooth dongle to work with their Bluetooth headsets. This will allow for full comm, plus CB, GPS, music etc. But as usual it's expensive - the base bluetooth dongle is 349.00, plus you need the interface harness listed below. They are also producing one for their J&M CB 2003 as well as GL1800, GL1500 and Harley. $600.00 total - but you can cut the cable. From their 2011 Catalog: JBLU-BHDG05 This is a J&M custom BluHub™ dongle05 module featuring our exclusive JMAHP (J&M Motorcycle Audio Headset Profile) Bluetooth®software profile, transmitting true stereo to 1 or 2 J&M Bluetooth headsets, with simultaneous microphone signals transmitted back down to the dongle. When 2 J&M Bluetooth headsets are linked to the dongle05, the continuous helmet-tohelmet intercom feature is activated thru the dongle. Rider and passenger can also each simultaneously link their J&M Bluetooth helmet headsets to their own cell phone or Garmin Zumo, while linked to the dongle05. This dongle05 is used to create a full featured motorcycle audio system, with stereo music, CB/FRS, Navigation commands, cell phone etc available depending upon the capabilities of the external equipment being connected. The J&M Dongle05 is powered by the electrical system on the motorcycle (no batteries in the dongle to charge). This new dongle can be connected to most motorcycle audio system configurations by using one of the special connection harnesses offered as an extra cost accessory to this custom dongle. (see options below) $329.99 JBLU-BHDG05-CA03 for connection to the Yamaha Venture Royale. $249.99 Stu
  21. Good Day As many of you know, from my previous posts and question, I am continually looking to go "WIRELESS" on the bike for communications, audio and CB. Seeing information out, the J&M has included Yamaha wiring harness and "stuff" to make their bluetooth helmet systems work with our bike systems (not everything is Harley or Honda Wings) , has there been any comments, experience or feedback (no jokes here) on their Bluetooth wireless comm system. It is a pricey program, but I am very interested in hearing any comments or experience. I really feel going wireless is the way to go, seeing as technology is moving forward. Many thanks for any comments. Thanks Steve
  22. Kinda the same question but not really. Just purchased the Scala Pro and have a StreetPilot 2630. I thought it was Bluetooth but it was the Nuvi 360 that I have that is Bluetooth. Anyway I have read that the Cardo 500 adapter for about $85 can upgrade the system but for that many clams by just adding a bit more I can buy a completely new or refurb unit that is much more up to date but not as rugged. Anyway I have laying around a JABA Bluetooth thingy that looks the same as the Cardo and its no charge. So my question is does anyone know how to do this as neither has a LCD to give instructions as to when to push what?
  23. I recently bought an O'neal Tirade bluetooth Helmet from Racers Edge in California. The bluetooth is built in so that drew me to this helmet. It uses the Blinc III system. I ordered an xxl helmet and I got an xl helmet in an xll box so I sent it back. They paid shipping. I got the second helmet the other day and went for a ride on a very windy afternoon. Here's my initial thoughts: FIT: It is an XLL and I have a big head. Fits nice and snug and the cheek pads press a bit on the cheeks. Not too bad but perhaps with some wear I won't notice it. NOISE: Very windy today and very little wind noise inside the helmet. I was impressed. SINC: Very easy. I have an Android. Phone: Called my wife and she heard me well and I heard her well. When a phone call is received it only comes through one speaker. I received a call while I was riding and the person seemed to not notice I was on a cycle. It was a telemarketer so I didn't ask her how I sounded! MUSIC: I had Air1 on my phone and it played well through the speakers. I need to get some mp3 songs on my phone. I noticed the speakers plug into the charging unit so a person could easily upgrade the speakers. CHARGING: The plug for charging is under the lining at the back of the helmet. Not real convenient. I do not know how long a charge will last. I guess it depends if you are listening to music or just using it for phone use. OTHER: You have to learn how to use the side button to get to the menu you need. I haven't used it enough to figure it out. INTERCOM: It does have an intercom and you can set it up for a rider. I don't have a rider so I don't need a second helmet. Overall: Well, so far so good. For $240 shipped I was willing to take the risk. It it a sharp looking full face helmet. If you are thinking Bluetooth you might look into this helmet.
  24. Greetings ! I am in the process of buying two Nolan N-102 helmets for me and my wife to use on our trip to the USA this coming June. Saves me the extra luggage bringing our helmets from Iceland. I want to have Bluetooth in the helmets but am not sure what to get. Here in Iceland I have the Nolan Bluetooth device in my helmet and it works pretty good apart from that the speakers are lousy to say the least when you play music from the Zumo but I have loaded some music files into the device. Maybe the problem is the transfer of music data from the Zumo to the bluetooth device ?? The GPS and the phone on the other hand has very good sound quality and people I speak with on the phone can hardly believe that I am riding a motorcycle and speaking with them on the phone. Was wondering if any of you have a bluetooth set that would fit the Nolan helmets and has a good sound quality going wireless. I want to be able to be hooked to my GPS, being able to talk to my wife (the other helmet) as well as answering the phone. Is this possible ? Can both helmets answer the phone or can only one helmet take the signal?? Any advice on the bluetooth highly apreciated Would like to avoid going with wire hookup. Friendly regards, Jonas / StarFan
  25. Has anyone bought and installed the J&M audio bluetooth setup? I really would like to check this setup out but its like a unicorn. If it worked well I could maybe talk the boss into it. But at a cost of 600.00 or so with both parts there is huge jumping the shark potential! No dealers here in Nebraska and hell if I can find anyone online who even mentions it and how it works. Thanks in advance Frank
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