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  1. It is with great sorrow I am letting everyone know that "lonestarmedic" (Joseph B. Slye) passed away early this morning. He was a really great man and always would go out of his way to help anyone needing it. He was a devoted husband and father. He is survived by a daughter and his wife, Maggie. I ask everyone that can assist his wife with urgent needs, mostly financial. Donations can be made to a GoFundMe site established for JB. All one needs to do is google GoFundMe.com and search Joseph Slye. His survivors will greatly appreciate any amount donated. I have run this by Don (Freebir
  2. Frank, doesn't adding the washers to the needles lift the needle further out of the jet allowing more fuel and making it run even richer? Or did you also remove the OEM plastic shim and replace it with two washers which then would allow the needle further in the jet reducing fuel and making for a leaner mixture?
  3. I'd replace the cdi and recheck. Mount the cdi atop the air box so changing it out only takes about 60 seconds.
  4. Also has A/C, a heater and a great sound system. Rode/drove one about three years back. Base model then was around 21k. The one I drove was made in Tyler, Texas. Very underpowered and hard steering.
  5. Randy, I completely understand your bout with poison ivy. I had the same experience in 1999 when I purchased 3 acres of virgin property covered with brush, and what I found out after my first day clearing out the brush (by hand), poison ivy and poison oak. The first day of work I was in flip flops and shorts. What a dummy I was however I had never been around poison ivy as I spent the last 30 years in the Marines and was in the western pacific. Anyway, after a couple days my lower legs looked I had a really serious case skin rot. The itching was the worst ever. Shots of steroids, all kinds
  6. I had a really good time in Doha as well as on the air base. But I was a Marine, and Marines have a good time no matter where they are. Good luck to you. MasterGuns
  7. The 1990 I just junked had fold down small floor boards (not pegs) mounted in this location. The boards were flat, approx 3" X 4", and had "YAMAHA" stamped into them.
  8. Depends on which Yamaha plant in Japan the bike was manufactured at; either the plant at Kawashima Jo or Yamaguishi Jo.
  9. It was so hot here in Aledo that my temp gauge was up to normal when I turned the key on first thing in the morning. No choke needed then either. Just kiddin.
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