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  1. Since I have half the bike torn apart, I thought I may as well see what's under the travel trunk and seat. I am now trying to replace/regenerate the desiccant (silicagel) in the drier tube in my 1989 Venture. Got to the part where owners manual (and manual for 1st gens) say to push on cap and remove circlip. WELL....what a chore. Pushed with all my might and finally got the circlip out. Thought man that must be one heck of a spring....but nothing happened after removing the circlip. I CAN NOT remove the cap. I even grabbed it with a plumbers pliers. I can wiggle it, can slightly turn it, but can't remove it. The whole canister and cap seem to be made out of aluminum. I wonder if this has never been changed and it is all corroded up inside? Any suggestions? Probably my next move is to soak the heck out of it with penetrating fluid or such. It will ruin the silicagel, but that can be replaced. Open to suggestions from this knowledgeable crowd.
  2. Hello all, I have made a few posts and as a few who have read them might know I am new to the venture following. I am strongly mechanically inclined and am attempting a budget rebuild of a 1985 Venture royal from bare frame up. I am asking in this thread all of you for any suggestions, opinions, and or thoughts of what you might change or upgrade on your first generation ventures if you have the opportunity to do it your way. Having never rode one before I am not able to judge this myself so I ask those that know these bike better than I. My bike is torn down and I have cleaned it up and fresh paint and now starting the rebuild. I am painting the bike synergy green from the 2010 camaro ss and blacking out what I can but trying to allow it to be still tasteful. I have taken the advice of a well respected member and am upgrading my transmission to the second generation gear and fork set as well as using a vmax final drive to give me the gear range I desire. I am on a budget and will be using what is good and rebuilding or replacing what needs work but am not afraid to spend where needed. I am open to all suggestions whether a large job or not, and I will be really paying attention to items that are repeatedly mentioned. Everything from cosmetic to fit and function will be considered. Please have at it and do not hold back, basically a resurrected gen 1 built venturerider.org style. Thanks to all who contribute and I will collect pics during the process and post them in a thread at a later date.
  3. I have a meeting with a friend in NYC in mid-April and was considering a ride out there. I have couple of concerns - 1. I don't really want to ride into NYC. Navigating in a city I'm totally unfamiliar with is not my idea of fun. I'd prefer to stay outside the city and take a train in. Any suggestions on possible locations (towns & motels near a train station) where I could safely leave my bike for a day or 2? How far out of the city do the trains run? And what's it cost about? Gotta factor all that crap in. 2. Weather - Not sure how the weather is out that way in mid-April. I don't mind cold rain, but freezing rain or snow scares the $tuffing out of me. I know I'd have to cross over some mountains in PA - how likely is it that I may encounter freezing temps and or freezing crap on the roads? I'm thinking I can take I-80 most of the way there & I would guess that they keep the superslabs fairly clean, yes? Any advice, suggestions, locations to be avoided, etc. would be appreciated. If the weather is decent, and I have the time - I may run up to NH to see an old buddy, then down to NC to my daughter. May as well make a real road trip out of it.
  4. Yeah ... I know ... personal preference and all... I am looking to get some for engine lights and ground effects, and I am just looking for opinions on a color choice. I have a Black Cherry '06 RSV and I was going to go with green, but am now thinking it might look muddy. What do you guys think? I am open to all suggestions ... nothing wrong with white ... red? purple?? I just have a feeling that buying a single color set might be better quality than a multi color set...? Oopinions on that? Thanks all!
  5. My better half wants to see Gulf Shores, AL and New Orleans the 3rd week of January. I see their average high is 62 that time of year which is fine compared to what we'll have here in Wisconsin! What suggestions does anybody have for scenic rides, good eats etc in these two regions?
  6. I have found that my CDI or TDI is no good, any suggestions??
  7. Geico Insurance adjuster coming tomorrow to appraise the damage from my accident on Saturday. I searched around to get comps but was wondering if anyone has more suggestions on where to look.
  8. I was told by a fellow VentureRider that it is not if, but rather when my VR will go over. Well, it did recently, and left some minor scars on the corner of the fairing. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make these scars that you can see in the pictures less visible without repainting the fairing?
  9. I would like to order some risers inserts from Baron's as most of you seem to prefer those. But I've notice that most of you who have posted on this issue are over 6' tall, and I'm only 5' 7" so I'm really not sure what size risers to order. Any suggestions?
  10. Charlene and I, Wingman aka Jamie, Paula, several cousins and their spouses will be departing form NOLA on a 7 day Caribbean cruise.:banana: This is our second cruise and looking forward to it. We are doing it differently this time, only booking one excursion, the rest we will do freestyle on our own. Four ports, Cozumel, Costa Maya, Belize, and Roatan. If you have any suggestions on what to do or see while we are freestyling, please feel free to let us know. Last cruise was on Carvinal, this one is on the Norwegian Star. :dancefool: Have heard lots of good things about Norwegian.
  11. When I get frisky and decide to do a good detail on my bike I take off the seats and saddle bags. The problem is with the saddle bags off the bike it's hard to keep the saddle bags stable enough to clean them. Anyone have any suggestions. I thought about maybe building a rack I could put them in while cleaning.
  12. I never thought id be saying this but life style changes have caused me to look for a sidecar.... ive really like the hannigan styling... but finding one used may be a problem..... any other suggestions???
  13. Well since the wife or I had no suggestions for each other for Christmas this year we decided we would give each other chrome for our scoot. I first thought this would be the easiest shopping season yet but oh so many decisions. I wonder if Santa will install it if I leave him a 6 pack. PS no suggestions are needed
  14. Going to need 5 rooms next Oct., want French Quarter area, We're not rich and are looking for some place clean, near the center of things. Any suggestions?
  15. Howdy to all. I am asking for suggestions. I am planning a 2 week ride with my brother next September. We have been talking about riding southern UT. for a few years. We need some suggestions for roads, lodging, eateries.... We want to include Zion, Bryce Canyon, Grand canyon north, Glen canyon, Canyonlands, Arches... We plan on having to do some camping along the way. we want to avoid dirt roads. Thanks!!
  16. I really think that it's going to be nothing short of changing out my compressor cause everytime it gets up to the chosen pressure when it stops it then does a long expelling of air and I can't figure out what is making it do that. Just recently I took the whole controller apart and soldered the connections that were broken. Just what are some suggestions out there people.....
  17. RSTD no stereo. I want to set up and use my sirius radio system. I will have speakers in front on handle bars and in speaker pockets on trunk. Question is what do I need to power my sirius radio to work (besides 12 volt socket) Will I have to install a stereo with an aux output or can I get something that will work other then a stereo that can be tucked away and out of site. Any suggestions? Joe
  18. Friend just bought an 09 Venture from PA that he will be getting this weekend and he needs a hitch to go on it. Anyone have any suggestions where he can get one? Thanks, RandyA
  19. I have a new to me 87 venture royale that my wife will not let me ride! SO I am looing to get a side car or trike kit for it. I see there is one for sale in Huntsville. Any suggestions on having a look? And getting it up to northern north dakota? Anything else available ( Nearer? ) Harvey
  20. I have a 07 RSV with a stock stator. Need to install something that will draw 5V/.5A/2.5W? Is it possible to do this with the stock stator or will I have to upgrade. Thinking the stock stator won't handle it, so, need one that will. Any suggestions?
  21. So I bought my 99 RSV a couple of years ago with a rebuilt title. Since that time we have done a frame up restoration on it. With all the time and money I have wrapped up in meticulously redoing this bike I'm almost afraid to put it on the road without good insurance. I understand agreed value seems to be the best way to go. I wanna know if a deer runs out in front of me and messes up my bike that I'm not going to have to fight an insurance company for what I think is fair (around $8000). I've called just about everyone I can think about... Progressive, Allstate, Hagertys, Chubb, American Modern, GMAC,ect... Any suggestions out there? Keep in mind I bought it with a salvage rebuilt title, but have restored the hell out of it, literally taking the whole bike apart and replacing every little nut, bolt, grommet, and washer to bring it back to as new condition. New paint, gauges mod, lowered, the whole nine yards. Any helpful suggestions will be appreciated. I don't want to bear this risk myself, I want an insurer to.....
  22. Did somebody had the problem I have right now. I cannot close the cover of the cassette receptacle. Any suggestions?
  23. the problem I'm having is sometimes i can change it from say radio to Aux and sometimes I can't... or if I'm on radio sometimes it will change stations and sometimes it wont... I've took it apart and used electronics cleaner but that hasn't helped. Any suggestions?
  24. Just ordered some OEM driving lights. Now I gotta figure out a switch. What I would love is something reservoir mounted that included a toggle switch and a couple of USBs. I can't find that but I found this. It would be easy to get to and discreet. Anybody have any other suggestions? http://www.cruisercustomizing.com/bikers-choice-oval-mini-push-button-handlebar-switch-kit-for-1-inch-diameter-bars-chrome-each/part/BC-370268?action=fitment
  25. I'm in the market for a Bluetooth headset. I just ordered a zumo 665 and docks for all the scooters and I need a Bluetooth headset to connect all the gadgets. Any suggestions?
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