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  1. I noticed coolant coming from the weep tube on the water pump after a short ride yesterday. I've searched the forums but have not found much on second gen water pumps. 1. Is there a new/rebuilt water pump available. 2. If not one, what parts should I order to complete the job. 3. Are there any special tools required or gotcha's I shold be aware of in taking on this task. I recently had to change my radio controller and found the best price for a new one at Babbits online. I am open to suggestions, recommendations and any other help anyone can provide.
  2. This shot was taken by my daughter & her b/f when they were in Nice, France recently. [ATTACH]71541[/ATTACH] (those 2nd gen's are everywhere!)
  3. I really think that it's going to be nothing short of changing out my compressor cause everytime it gets up to the chosen pressure when it stops it then does a long expelling of air and I can't figure out what is making it do that. Just recently I took the whole controller apart and soldered the connections that were broken. Just what are some suggestions out there people.....
  4. I wonder if this is our ex member GigaWhiskey ? Seen in Dahlonega, GA recently.
  5. Sailor


    News in today's Time Colonist paper. A woman pled guilty to impaired driving causing death. She went over the centerline and hit a motorcyclist head on just outside Victoria B.C. She was apparently high on booze and crack cocaine at the time. The motorcyclist had recently moved out here from Ontario and his family was still back there. Two rows of the public gallery in the courthouse were filled with bikers showing support for the family.
  6. Hello Everyone: My work took me to Ogallala NE, again recently. I was finally able to meet VR member dludke. Our schedules never allowed us to meet during the riding season this year. I sure appreciate this site!! I have made so many nice friends such as Doug on this site. Take care everyone.
  7. On Friday, 9/9/2011, around 1:30 pm I was behind a 1st Gen at the off ramp of Hwy 599 n Interurban Ave S. making a left turn so I pulled up along side. He said that his is an 85 and recently purchased it and also is a new member of Venture Rider. Just want to say hello.
  8. Howie over at the MTA site is digitizing the various publications that the Old Venture Touring Society and later the Motorcycle Touring Association produced. I was browsing recently and encountered this funny story by our own Don Nelson (Freebird). http://www.mtariders.com/magazine/Nov_Dec%2002.pdf (page 14).
  9. I recently purchased an 01 rsv and was wondering if there had been any recalls. Just want to make sure my bike is up todate. thanks
  10. A few pictures from my recently acquired Bunkhouse camper.
  11. Didja recently get an oddly shaped package ?? inquiring minds want to know
  12. Does anyone have a valid discount code for Jake Wilson that they have used recently when checking out? Thanks Jim
  13. Have any of you purchased extended warranties on used cars, and if so, what has been your experience. I'd like to determine if any of them are worthwhile, and if so, which companies sell the best ones. I know NOT to buy whatever the dealership is selling, as they are very overpriced. I recently bought a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer EXT 4wd with 58k and plan to keep it for 4-5 years. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  14. Hi, Just recently purchased a 2006 rstd! Just wondering what type of regular maintenance i need to be doing?
  15. Just wondering if anyone here owns a Henry Rifle and what you thought about them. I've been looking at buying one recently. www.henryrifles.com/503
  16. I made a reservation at this hotel before reading the Internet reviews. Is the hotel as bad as some reviews say? I would greatly appreciate any feedback from people how have stayed there recently. Thanks!
  17. I bought a used 1990 Venture. I went on a trip to OH. I parked it at night, it was running fine. The next day it start skipping and popping. I worked on the kill switch and it seemed to fix the problem. Since I returned home, bike had been running good. I went for a short ride recently, parked it, and it has not started since. No spark! All other electronics work properly. Any and all ideas greatly appreciated.
  18. Looking for some suggestions as to what might be causing my Virago to idle high, at or near 2,000 rpm's. Just recently started doing it.
  19. Someone had asked me recently for a pic of my shorty windscreen.. and voila.. http://www.eastcoastphotos.com/venture/img_7509a.jpg http://www.eastcoastphotos.com/venture/img_7510a.jpg http://www.eastcoastphotos.com/venture/img_7512a.jpg
  20. been looking to sell my 86 and can,t seem to get what i want for it so i am considering parting it out on e-bay. i have never done this and don,t want to go thru the time and effort if it,s not worth it. has anybody parted one out recently? is the market fairly strong for this? does the title go with the engine or not? just looking at my options and thanks for any thoughts/ideas. al
  21. I'm looking for a new or used left or set of Mirrors for my 85 VR. I also will need more stuff as I just recently aquired this old, but extremely well cared for beauty. Thanks for any and all help! Billy
  22. Having recently joined this select group I am finding myself spending more time here than anywhere else and enjoying the company. Though not as interactive as many I find myself constantly amused, informed and sometimes even educated with the interaction. As '08 hits the dusty trail and '09 bursts on the scene I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for your openness, a blessed Christmas to all and of course the absolute best for the New Year. I noticed the thread concerning the recent business closures and issues with our current economic and political situation. A note of encouragement, I recently finished a book entitled "1776" by David McCullogh about the life and times of that special year in our countries history. From it I have been inspired to continue my enlightenment of the conditions and issues that went into that which got us started as an Independent Nation. There seem to be amazing parallels between that which stimulated our need to be free and that which seems to bind us down today. Though never an advocate of violence I often ponder the thought that maybe every couple of hundred years a good revolution is in order, or at least a real close review of that which we revolted from in the first place. The bottom line is that if we don't learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. Stepping off my soapbox I close with the warmest of thoughts for you and yours and of course best wishes for the coming year. May your horizons be clear and the sun always at your back, and of course your rubber side always facing down. Blessings!
  23. I recently put some 85.5 gas in my bike and couldn't tell any difference. I did however burn it all out before I put her to bed for the night. Has anyone used any of this stuff and had problems with it?
  24. Well I've looked in my owner's manual, I've looked in my Yamaha Service Manual...what is the specified interval for adjusting the valves on the 2nd Gen? My mileage recently dropped and got half of it back with a carb sync today...carbs are clean...use Seafoam often. I'm thinking my valves may need adjusting and are causings some of my diminished MPG's so I'm hoping someone knows what the recommended intervals are. Also my plugs and all filters are good and have all been recently changed. Thanks in advance!!!
  25. I usually dont rant about stuff. Thats what I do for the magazine. But I recently did a product review for something that might be of interest to some folks. I know the Ventures have a fairings so its not an issue BUT if you have another ride or have a friend that has a windshield (like on a roadstar) and they keep whining about the buffetting I found something that works... well... to kill that wind. Its a vest that .....well...kills the wind. http://www.jacksflaps.com/index.htm I recently got one because the wind ripping around the sheild was pushing my beard up into my face. It works really well. If you decide that you are interested I HIGHLY reccommend that you call and talk to Jack personally. Hes a stand up guy with a good product. Check it out for yourself. Im done babbling..sorry.
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