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  1. If I turn on the key, and the run switch, the fuel pump will not cycle. I unplugged the connection to the pump, used a circuit tester, and confirmed it is getting power to the connection, and is cycling for about 5 seconds on start up. Plugged it back into the pump, and got nothing with cycling key and run switch off and on. However, did notice the connection started to get hot. Unplugged the connection, ran jumper wires straight to the fuel pump plug, and it just sparks, does not pump at all. Is there a way to rebuild these? Or just replace them? Thanks
  2. Hey all. It's been a while. Been riding too much to spend time in front of the computer! I think I have a problem. Went out to go for a ride this afternoon, and out of the blue, she wouldn't fire. ('07 RSV) Always fires on the first crank. I pulled the choke out all the way, and if I cranked it a while, she'd finally catch and idle real slow. If I touched the throttle or choke, she stalled. Then I started replaying my actions in my mind, and realized I never heard the fuel pump clicking. Off with the seat and side panel. Tapped on the pump with my fingertip, and when I turned on the ignition, the pump ran like the carbs were clear empty. Now it seems fine. Starts and runs like new. Is my pump trying to tell me something? Do they give warning before they fail? This was a New Old Stock bike, that might still be under warranty. Will the dealer replace the pump because I said it was having a fit? Looks like my Christmas road trip is out the window. Thanks for any help and opinions. Bert
  3. This will be kind of a long one, so read the first paragraph then you will see if you want to skip the first section on fuel pump rebuilding. The other two sections are not very long. If you want to read about gravity feed (fuel pump bypass) go to my next post in this thread. If you want to read about the Cheap Ebay Fuel Pump, go to my third post in this thread. Last week my RSV was leaking lots of fuel while I had it running to warm up for a ride so I had to abandon my ride and figure out what needed fixing. It turned out to be the fuel pump; it was leaking lots of fuel from the seam where the two halves come together. Apparently this is not a common failure and I could not find a diagram of the fuel pump exploded into component parts. It is only listed as a complete assembly, although you can replace the points if needed. New pumps cost approx. $200 for OEM so I began researching what my alternatives would be: Repair, replacement, or bypass Since I could not find a diagram of what’s in the pump, I decided to see if I could have a look for myself. Hopefully I would see something that can be tightened, patched, or replaced! Nothing to lose right? I removed the pump from the bike and took off the metal mounting clamp that secures the pump onto the bike. I wiped the pump clean and concluded that what holds it together are the little tabs that are bent over the middle seam. In this pic I have already pried them open to separate the two halves. (Now I wonder if the first thing I should have tried was to just hammer all the tabs down tighter!) The next pic shows the two halves apart, and a large washer and very thin gasket that were inside. The half on the left has a rubber diaphragm that is ‘pinned’ to the unit at its center, so the metal washer and gasket had to be pulled up from under the diaphragm by flexing the diaphragm through the hole in the washer. I hope I explained that well enough, because I don’t have a good picture of that. Anyway, the washer and gasket went where the red arrow points, with the flimsy little gasket going between the metal washer and the metal pump body. After looking things over, I decided it seemed that the most likely cause of the leak was the little gasket. Did I mention it was really thin, floppy, and flimsy? I tried to put it back together but couldn’t get the washer and gasket over the diaphragm again without distorting or wrinkling the gasket. It looked like it needed to be seated perfectly and in such a tight space, I wasn’t sure I had done it. (To shorten this part of the story up….it didn’t work. Gas still came out of the seam so I took it apart again, still pretty sure the gasket was the problem.) Next, I went to the local Napa and asked if they had thin, gas-proof gasket material, and showed the guy my pump. He went in back (they are an auto repair shop also) and came up with a partial sheet of 1/32 gasket material that he said should work, and gave it to me for free. I traced the washer on the gasket sheet and then cut it out with a razor. I reassembled the pump and hammered the tabs back down. I gently blew into the ‘inlet’ stem and it made kind of a honking noise, which I took as a good sign because no air was coming out of the seams as far as I could tell. I installed it and turned on the key. It made the usual clicks for a moment, then stopped once pressurized, and did not appear to be leaking. I started it and let it run for a few minutes and then turned it off. I felt around the pump and my fingers did not get gas on them. I let it sit for a while longer then felt it again and there was a very small drop on my finger from the underside of the pump. I pulled it out again and looked it over. I wiped it off and blew in it but still no obvious air leak and a good ‘honk’. Then looked at all the metal tabs and realized some of them could be tapped down a little tighter and more evenly. Doing this did seem to tighten things up and may have been good enough, but I decided to do one more thing. I have some metal HVAC tape so I wrapped the pump body with it twice around. I put the mounting clamp around the middle of the pump, which helps tighten the tape like a hose clamp would and put a hose clamp on the other side. See pic I went for a 30 mile test ride, stopping frequently to feel for gas on the pump, and so far it is working. I’ll leave that side cover off next time I ride so I can keep checking until I am satisfied it will hold.
  4. I'm getting nervous because of the amount of force I'm having to use to get the water pump off so I thought I should stop and ask someone.. I've taken 5 bolts out of the cover I've taken 4 remaining bolts out of the housing.. Does the housing just pry off now?? And I should expect the impeller to come off with the housing? I don't have to somehow remove the impeller first do I? My housing isn't budging. I see that I've got the plastic impeller so thats gotta go, along with replacing the mechanical seal and what not.
  5. Left work tonight and got about a mile down the road and the bike died, as though it had run out of gas. Tried to restart and it didn't even try to fire. I turned the key off and on and noticed just a single click. Does a mile sound about right if the fuel pump is not working? I tried the key several more times and heard several clicks and was lucky enough to get it started and got home. Is that a typical fuel pump problem? Is there anything else I should check? What about warranty? Thanks Mark
  6. Noticed bike losing power a little. Yesterday it gave up 1.5 miles from the house. Thought it might be clogged filter. Nope. But I will change it anyhow since I got it out. Bypassed the pump and bike fires right up. WILL NOT run if fuel lines are connected to pump. Is it safe to run it by gravity feed?
  7. I've had some issues with my RSV cutting off since I got some bad gas. I've run a couple bottles of Seafoam through and I just changed the fuel filter. It will start fine with the choke open but if I don't let it warm up it will die going down the street. Once it dies it will start right back with the choke open again. Lat night I was on the interstate and it quit. I pulled in the clutch and let it out a couple times and it started back up. It just seems strange. Would a fuel pump go out a little at a time like that? I've been through a number of tanks of gas since the bad tank and I still get the same stuff. Any ideas?
  8. It has been said here that there is no way to drain the 2nd gen water pump with any normal tools without removing or at least loosening the exhaust. I found out otherwise. I REALLY hate disturbing a new, leak-free exhaust system. Even more than I hate vise-grips and cheapo Chinese sockets. With these common items I was able to remove the waterpump drain plug easily. Happy wrenching.
  9. A friend of mine heard that some one on here replaced his fuel pump with one from a car. IF this is true, does anyone know what car it came from? and how it worked out.
  10. I have an 86 that I just bought and it will not start. It has to be a fuel issue, it will start with starting fluid or a little gas poured in the carbs. The fuel pump is working and gas is getting to the carbs (line from pump removed key turned on). It has started once and ran for about a minute, really smooth, and quit. Is there something that would cause the fuel pump to stop or just dirty carbs? BTW did swap in a known good pump and same story.
  11. I noticed coolant coming from the weep tube on the water pump after a short ride yesterday. I've searched the forums but have not found much on second gen water pumps. 1. Is there a new/rebuilt water pump available. 2. If not one, what parts should I order to complete the job. 3. Are there any special tools required or gotcha's I shold be aware of in taking on this task. I recently had to change my radio controller and found the best price for a new one at Babbits online. I am open to suggestions, recommendations and any other help anyone can provide.
  12. Went to crank bike yesterday and while hitting start button I heard a diffinate sound then sound of engine turning over changed to it just turning over but no fire and start. I don't hear the clicking of the fuel pump pressurizing anymore. All fuses appear good. I'm thinking fuel pump relay failure. Any thoughts?
  13. My fuel pump won't run on it's own. Does fine when wired direct, but won't run in the circuit. The positive wire has momentary power when I turn the key on with the pump disconnected. So where might be my issue. It actually left me stuck just one block away from home tonight.... not nice, although it sure was quiet riding it downhill for about half the distance.
  14. Went out tonight to start my bike, pulled the choke, turned the ingnition on....no fuel pump clicking. Pushed the starter switch anyway, fired right up but low idle rpm's with choke on....not good. Tried to give a little throttle....died . Recycled the ignition no clicking, no starting. Put the cover back on her and got in the Tahoe and went to work a very unhappy soul. I think a new fuel pump is coming. I think it has been intermittent for a few weeks now though. Never died or left me stranded but I would notice the pump not clicking after being parked for a day or more. I think when I tried starting the bike maybe the pump made connection then and I could'nt here it over the starter/engine turning over and she would ignite. I still have warranty till November, but I don't know if I should take it in. My luck, is when I get it there, it will work just fine and I will be out my bike for a week. Are you guy's having good luck with your after market $45.00 pumps? If so, I will just go buy one of those and be done with it. Thanks, Carl
  15. Has anyone ever mounted a Mr. Gasket 42S fuel pump on a 1st Gen. If so, where and how did you mount it. My stock fuel pump has gone out and I already have a 42S that I used when I was trying to get my '83 running. I would like to use it if possible but I haven't found a good place to mount it. It's a little too big to fit in the location of the stock pump.
  16. Because proposed E-15 expanded use may adversely affect small engine performance, like lawn & garden equipment, motorcycles, scooters, ATV's, etc., and will void warranties, the brilliant folks at the EPA have come up with a solution - - limit the purchase of E-15 at the pump to a minimum of 4 gallons! Like all motorcycles have gas tanks smaller than 4 gallons, or like all landscape contractors only fill their equipment in the morning and don't carry multiple 5 gallon gas cans that get refilled each day! And like all grades of gas have their own separate hoses at the pump so that residual E-15 won't find its way into the wrong engine! These people must be on crack. http://www.jsonline.com/business/4gallon-gas-rule-sparks-debate-b86tmno-170272246.html
  17. the vac pump for cruise control on the 1300 venture royal will it work on the 1200 venture i found it on ebay no year given
  18. 08 RSV - bought new in 2008. For the first two years, I got > 44 MPG...one-up or two-up...didnt much matter. Bought a Bushtec trailer, and rode up to TN (2-up)...got a steady 38 MPG uphill, downhill...headwind, tailwind. For the next two years, I've gotten 38 MPH, 1-up, 2-up, with trailer, without trailer. Two weeks ago, the fuel pump finally gave up the ghost. Yamaha dealer replaced the pump under warranty. For the last 400 miles, I've averaged 45 MPG...1-up or 2-up. For the life of me...I cant explain what bearing a fuel pump would have on my gas mileage!!! :confused24: Any reasonable explanation(s) would be appreciated...
  19. starts under full choke runs 5 secs. shuts off. did this last week, then tried in morning ran ok. changed plugs after not starting and running after tryying all day. plugs were dry expecting them to be all wet. fuel pump, relay, where would you'll start looking.
  20. Is it a easy to add a air pump for the mono air shock on the RSTD? Should I get one from a RSV or is there an after market set up. Id just like the convenience of adding air on the fly rather than stopping at gas station to add air.
  21. Can anyone tell me what type of pump you use to pump up the forks? I don't want to damage anything. Thanks. (05 Midnight Venture.)
  22. Bike feels like it's running out of gas at mid to high RPM. I took the fuel pump off and tested it to see if it was pumping fuel. I put the intake hose in a container of fuel and the outlet side above the same container and turned the key on. The pump will run and pump gas but will only run for approx. 5 seconds and then stop. If I turn the key off and turn it back on...the pump will again run and pump gas for 5 seconds and stop again. I this normal?? Mark
  23. so i was going to the store left the stop light poped the hill and the bike started to die i had two lines still left on the gauge ok i thought that the gauge was wrong so i shake the bike with the fuel cap off couldnt hear anything so i call my son to bring me some gas still no luck it fired over and i checked the pipes 3 hot 1 cold then it died again again so my quistion is is it the fuel pump? if so i still have 1 1/2 months on my warranty and is there any other thing besides the fuel filter that i should be looking at? Thanks:sick:
  24. Weird problem today.key on no fuel pump noise. All lights radio electrical worked. Turned key off on couple times nothing.turned off ,waited then key on, click of a relay,fuel pump heard then bike started.. any ideas Fuel pump bailing?..relay need replacing?.... 2008rsv with 8000mi Thanks les
  25. Hello all. Bad timing for me with most people already left for the International. I was trying to check my rear shock pressure before leaving tomorrow to International and towing my tent trailer. I just bought a hand bicycle pump to add pressure. When I went to take psi I couldn't get a seal and lots of air came out. I tried putting air in with the hand pump and it wasn't going in, I played with the pump and think I broke it. I can not now get any pressure psi reading with the two tire gauges I have. Any suggestions of what to do, or what I broke without realizing? I don't think I will be able to tow the trailer now if the pressure is gone. Any and all advice and criticism is welcome.
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