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  1. I bought an old 1988 Venture Royale 1300. Put a new battery in it and tried to start it. The instrument panel went through it's check and the only error I saw was a bicycle pump still on. I am sure that means the compressor is bad. I made sure the kill switch was not on and pressed the start button. No start, no sound, nothing. I do hear the fuel pump come on every time I turn the key on and it leaks like a shive from between the exhausts, but there is no solenoid clicking nor is there sound from cranking the starter. I will keep at this till I get done restoring it. Any help pointing me in the right direction, would be very much appreciated.
  2. Tomorrow at 1:30. I would have given you this one a couple of weeks ago but this team is finally starting to show signs of becoming a Bob Huggins team. Could be interesting...
  3. Chatting with a non-internet buddy with a 2007 RSV with about 30,000 odd KMs on it, who described an odd infrequent issue while starting his bike.. Once in a blue moon, when starting his bike, either hot or cold, the engine will turn over once but not continue turning, not getting in that first complete turn of the engine (best he can describe it is like the battery just has enough juice to get that one turn only and dies but it has a full charge..). When this happens, his trip odo will reset.. almost like he disconnected the battery, but the radio presets stay intact. A second press of the starter switch will always start the bike every time like nothing's happened, the bike starts fine like normal, it runs fine, his mileage is average, bike has lots of power.. But he says it's that once in a blue moon event that has him puzzled.. probably happened about three times this summer. He can't seem to identify a precursor to the event that might be causing it. The battery checks fine, being less than two years old.. Nothing to do with rain, he's checked the battery connections, checked wiring for anything that might be loose.. but it doesn't happen often enough to be a show stopper.. But could this be an indication of something getting old / weak / ready to fail?
  4. Went out tonight to start my bike, pulled the choke, turned the ingnition on....no fuel pump clicking. Pushed the starter switch anyway, fired right up but low idle rpm's with choke on....not good. Tried to give a little throttle....died . Recycled the ignition no clicking, no starting. Put the cover back on her and got in the Tahoe and went to work a very unhappy soul. I think a new fuel pump is coming. I think it has been intermittent for a few weeks now though. Never died or left me stranded but I would notice the pump not clicking after being parked for a day or more. I think when I tried starting the bike maybe the pump made connection then and I could'nt here it over the starter/engine turning over and she would ignite. I still have warranty till November, but I don't know if I should take it in. My luck, is when I get it there, it will work just fine and I will be out my bike for a week. Are you guy's having good luck with your after market $45.00 pumps? If so, I will just go buy one of those and be done with it. Thanks, Carl
  5. I work overnights and last week on two different mornings the bike turned over but would not start at first. I cranked it repeatedly and after awhile it was like flipping a light switch it started. Figured it was the plug wires from the morning dew. I changed the wires and the plug caps over the weekend and rode it to work Monday. Tuesday morning it would crank and occasionally pop but not fire up. I even pulled the top of the airbox off and gave it a good shot of starting fluid and it still would not start. I left it sit and caught a ride home from a coworker. Went to work last night when it was warm and dry out and it started with the touch of the button. The tci has been moved to the top of the airbox and is covered. I can ride in the rain without any issues. When it's popping and not starting it almost sounds like the timing is off, and will all of a sudden backfire through the exhaust. Could this be corrosion in the plug to the pick-up? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, Ray
  6. does anyone have a good kick stand sping I notice mine KS is starting to hit when i take sharp curves. Thanks
  7. Greetings to all Riders, What: This is a reminder to all riders. On June 9th we are having the Elizabeth Melde Cancer Schmancer Benefit Rally. A 130 mile ride through some of the most beautiful country in the upper midwest. To include many miles along the Mississippi River. Ending at "LIZFEST" in La Crescent, MN where there will be live music, food and drink, and other fun activities. Riding rain or shine. Reason: To honor my daughter Elizabeth Holman-Melde, who at 25 yrs old died last April 7th of Lung Cancer. A non smoking victim of this terrible disease. Also to assist in starting a non-profit organinzation called "Living 4 Liz" to bring awareness of this disease in young people and to assist those afflicted with it. In addition, you get to enjoy the open road and fellowship of other like minded riders. Included are T-Shirt, bandanna, and lunch. Tip boards and other events are planned as well. (You can also sign up on this website's calendar to give me an idea of who's coming) Where: Starting in La Crosse, WI at Rod's Ride On Powersports and traveling 130 miles through 3 states with 3 stops and ending at La Crescent, MN. Ride starts at 10 am and should end around 3 pm. Day of event registration starts at 8:30 am. Registration/Donation: $25 pre-registration, $30 day of event. Online: Go to: elizabethmeldebenefit.com and look into events or, Send check to Steve Holman, PO Box 72, La Crescent, MN 55947, or Call Rod's Ride On Powersports at: 608-788-4514 and ask for Eric. If you can't make the ride, consider donating to our cause. Thank you, LTC Steve
  8. Planting lots of crinum lily this spring, as well as last year. Its starting to pay off. http://randyrick.us/FlowerGarden/crinum/crinum.htm
  9. Thanks to Jonas....we will have the "BLACK DEATH" at MD.........I'm starting to like that stuff..........
  10. We will be going to Charleston the 4th week in April arriving sometime on the 22nd. Was wondering if anyone around the area would like to have a M&E thinking about the 23rd or 24th not sure how long we will stay in the area before starting our trek further south and back home. Would like to spend some time riding and seeing the country or just a evening meal.
  11. Not tons of NASCAR fans here,,, But if you are,, the rain delayed Daytona 500 is starting now (Monday 7PM). On FOX. First time ever run at night (prime time). Mike G
  12. IT is starting to drive me nuts. What are people talking about when they say IT So the question is,,,,what is IT?????
  13. Since I had the brilliant idea to change jobs and am now working nights, it sure would be nice to have a reliable starting bike in the mornings when it gets cold out there. When it gets cold she acts like a car with a dead battery, makes a half hearted attempt to turn over and stops, it'll do that again when I hit the starter button again. Then if i hook up the charger to jump it it'll turn just fine, still hard to start though. It has done this since I've owned it. battery is good upgraded battery cables starter contact was clean and dry but I pulled it loose and sanded the cable, washer and nut. 12.67V with ignition off 11.7V with ignition on 10.6V with starter engaged 13.37V with 2000RPM Like I said, don't want to be sitting in the parking lot at 0630 when I'm dead tired and not be able to start the bike when it's 30 degrees out there. I do have a set of louvered inserts I can slip into the side panels if anyone thinks that'll help. Thanks in advance
  14. Hey old man hope you have a Happy birthday and that you get all you want starting with great weather to ride today. Jeff
  15. Starting: I have noticed when starting cold my bike starts on the 3rd try every time, but never on the 1st or 2nd. Yes this is with choke pulled out etc. This is seldomly a problem on a warm bike. Shifting: I have been told to really get the rpms up before shifting and waiting to almost 65+ to shift into overdrive. Good gouge or bad gouge? Thanks Mongo
  16. This "thing" that I bought is very close to going on the road. Lot's has been done, including shimming the valves and new gaskets. Shout out to skydoc_17 here for the loan of the kit. The job is easy, for anyone considering it, even if access is tight. Now it doesn't leak oil or water ... both cured. I took it for a test ride this morning and there are issues: First .... The cruise control is behaving normally. All the lights are doing exactly as they are supposed to. Clutch switch is operating normally. The only problem is that the cruise won't engage. Second, and more important .... I rode about seven miles at various speeds up to 70mph. It drives well once warm. On the over run, and at starting, it still pops and backfires. Suggestions welcome. It also has a hot starting problem. When I got back I shut off the engine. I then tried to re-start it within a couple of minutes .... nuttin'. The starter motor tried to turn, turned slowly, not enough to fire. For all the world it sounded like a flat battery. However, the battery is fully charged, and charging well. I pushed it into the shop ... that front braking is still binding a bit (caliper is going to have to be cleaned). Twenty minutes later I went out, pushed the button and it started, first try, with no hesitating. I am leaning towards a starter motor issue .... Maybe that has to come off for a refurb .... Am I right and is it hard to do ... removing it, that is?
  17. Now that Charlene is on her way to recovery, its starting all over!!! For the past 2-3 weeks I have been having a pain in my right hip area, at first thought it was a pulled muscle, but its getting to the point that I am not able to sleep in my bed at all, no matter how I lay I am in terrible pain,last night I had to sleep in the recliner with my legs elevated to alleviate the pain. I am having a hard time walking,and numbness in my right leg, these are the same symptons Charlene had when her hip starting acting up on her, but mine was a sudden onset and I cant believe the amount of pain it is causing me. I have an appointment with the orthopedist Monday, I was lucky to get the appt so quick, I guess since Charlene is a regular patient there it helps. This timing of this is lousy......... So if you folks could say a few prayers for me, I would greatly appericate it.............
  18. need some help on coming up with a tool kit to travel with.i have the little one that comes in the saddle bag but was wondering with the help of you veterens which is the most used tool on a road trip.i know you cant take everything just need a good starting point,thanks.
  19. Just reported that Napolitano and TSA just stopped and detained Santa at the Border! They claimed that they are NOW starting to do their job . BEER30 (temporarily on Egg-nog)
  20. The new Crusin for St. Jude t-shirts arrived today. They look very cool, they have flames.......[ATTACH]51354[/ATTACH]......The auctions will be starting soon.
  21. Hey everyone, My bike is having some starting problems, or rather, a starting problem. Yesterday, I went out to start the bike and nothing would turn on, when I turned the ignition. I hooked up some jumper cables and was able to jump the bike. I took it into work, there I went to start it to go home, and the same thing. Except this time it wouldn't take a jump. A few things: 1) The lights on the instrument panel are not turning on, nor any of the electronics (headlights, tail light), when I turn the ignition. 2) The battery is completely charged, I tested it and it is at 100%. 3) We tried to roll start it, and it started up, but it was not firing on all cylinders, nor would it create enough electicity to turn on the instruments or lights. Thanks in advance, -Chubbs
  22. We used to have a Santa Ride each year to raise toys for underprivileged kids but the organizers left the island about 3 years ago. We now have new organizers and will be having a toy run again. Date....August 28/29 Place....Saltspring Island Registration......Pre-registration on line starting mid June or at Gulf Islands Senior Secondary School on Rainbow road starting 0900 Aug 28. Ride ......Starts at 1100 from same site. Ends at 1200 Games,Beer Garden....1230-1600 Dinner.....1700-1900 Dance.....2000-2400 Dinner,Dance,Camping...$30.00 Dinner,dance.....$20.00 Raffles and prizes only 100 camping tickets available. For further information contact.........msmagoo239@telus.net Check out B.C. Ferries website for fares and schedules Yours truly gets to be Santa, everyone seems to think I have the build for it.
  23. I may have read something on here somewhere about starting an 88 venture in gear. Are you suppose to be able to start one of these bikes in gear with clutch out. I am going to work on my cruse this weekend and I know somebody said something about a clutch switch. :think:
  24. This is very short notice, but if you're interested, tomorrow is the Blue Ridge Fest benefit poker run. registration online or starting 0830. Blessing of the bikes at 0900 and starts running from 0915 till 1100. cost $25.00 last year they had like 500 bikes. It's supposed to be a 100 mile run starting in Pickens SC and ending in Anderson SC (at the HD store I believe) Brenda and I would like to go but I am not too interested in running a group of one. If any of you guys wants to join up PM me and we'll see where and when we can join up. If you are already planning on going and don't mind additional company let me know. temps in the upper 80 w. chance of isolated T'stroms
  25. I took the plunge this week and bought a Wolo Chrome on ebay. Ad said used with minor scratches but seller deals almost exclusivley in horns and has good feedback, so I took a chance. Total cost shipped of just over $36. He still has some for sale - starting bid is $24.99. Here's one: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/AIR-HORN-WOLO-BAD-BOY-MODEL-519-CHROME-12-VOLT-/250624213524?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3a5a5e0214 He also has the non-chrome starting at $19.99. Anybody here ever deal with this guy?
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