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  1. Question: when do the love bugs come out in fl.? Found it: *late April/May , late August/September and December. Planning a trip in March and do not want to hit them in peak season.
  2. Rode my 89 1255 miles round trip from SE Iowa to Little Rock AR to a conference there. This is the first trip I've done like this and I have a lot more confidence in the bike and myself now. Anyway, after having lunch and a brief snooze on the grass (anybody else do that when they ride?) I turned the key, hit the ignition and NOTHING! Rats! Must be that electrical short and the battery went dead while I was sleeping. I went into the restaurant & the owner offered to give me a jump. We hooked up the cables and again NOTHING. Now what could it be? As I asked him to check his connections I happened to look at the red toggle switch that I never use on the left handle bar. YUP! The kill switch was off. So I said to the good samaritan, without mentioning my serreptitious red button correction, "Maybe it is connected right now" and hit the ignition with the now clearly unnecessary jumper cables still attached. And it started. Amazing. I thanked the good fellow and quickly drove away after reassembling the cover and tank bag and dressing with gratitude that I hadn't spent $100 and called a local garage. Duh. BTW, I love the twisties in AR.
  3. For those that have the Hannigan conversion, Is it possible to move the top trunk back to the rear or second location to provide more passenger room? Mine looks to be mounted in the first or forward set of holes and looks like it will hit the small lip that is on the Hannigan kit just above the bottom trunk if the top trunk were to be moved back. pa_don
  4. Hello everyone and Happy New Year! My 06 RSTD Midnight has a delay or pause when I hit the starter switch. I turn on the ignition and wait for a a few seconds and then hit the start button. It starts and cranks real good but it takes a second or two before cranking. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced any thing like this and if they have come up with a remedy. I just get a creepy feeling that one day I will be unable to start at all. Thank you all in advance for your help. Bikerdude53
  5. 9:30am... Houston I-45 heavy traffic moving about 60mph... I'm in left lane... cars start to slow down and so did I... 3 car lengths space in front of me... slowing, not abrupt stopping, just slowing... now about 45 - 50mph... I hear screeching tires... look in rearview mirror and see closest vehicle about 4 car lengths behind me and also moving slow... still hear screeching... Wham! Hit in right rear corner by a car in center lane. http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w337/Owen064/IMG_4267_zps2030827b.jpg This being the perfect Pit Maneuver, I spin counter clockwise and smash into the center concrete barrier... airbag deploys... glasses gone... continue spinning counter clockwise... cross center lane and broad side an 18 wheeler that was still moving... as I see the center of the trailer rapidly approaching all I can think is 'This is gonna hurt!'... I hit hard just in front of the rear wheels and the force of his movement continues to spin me counter clock wise as the fender of his rear wheels slices through my front right fender... http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w337/Owen064/IMG_4263_zps553176f6.jpg On my journey back across the center lane toward the concrete barrier for the second time it was deja vu... Hit the barrier hard again and came to rest facing the wrong direction... http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w337/Owen064/IMG_0054_zpsfc0dc7d5.jpg http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w337/Owen064/IMG_0053_zpsd36758d5.jpg EMS extricated me from the cab with neck brace and backboard... 6 hours later I walked out of the hospital with only arm abrasions from the air bag, sore muscles and slightly tweaked lower back. This little Toyota truck took good care of me. Interior cab was undamaged. Nothing crunched or folded into the passengers area. This was after 3 very hard front end hits. Now where's that rum....
  6. Larry (Carbon One) was hit broadside this morning while we were on our Fall leaf looker ride in Northern Michigan. He has multiple injuries, broken collar bone, scrapes and bruises, waiting on CT results. but will be ok. Bike is totaled. I'll post later with more details, We are at Munson hospital in Traverse City. Please don't call the hospital at this point.
  7. I went to the Hot Springs AR rally this past weekend. Yesterday morning getting ready to come back home from Hot Springs I went to start my 07 RSV and it just clicked when I hit the start button. I noticed when I hit the start button all the lights and the radio shut off. The radio did not come back on. I turned the key off and back on and it started fine, but had to turn the radio back on and all of my radio preset channels were gone. It did this one more time on the way home at one of the stops. I am thinking from the threads I read this morning it is in the ignition switch or could be the ignition wiring. I will not be able to check out the wiring till Friday. Need to check my warranty and find out when it expires since it is an 07 model and I bought it used.
  8. I was riding through town when a blond in a big black SUV pulled out of a side road. She turned left and I thought she would pull in behind me. Instead she came across the road directly at me, she was still looking left. She would have hit me if I hadn't leaned on the horn. Instead of stopping or going behind me she drove all the way down the block beside me on the wrong side of the road. New one on me.
  9. The snow's gonna hit the fan that is. I'm looking for a sprocket for an old Dynamark snow blower I've had for a few years. It worked fine for the first couple seasons but then one of the chains started jumping off the sprocket. The sprocket in the picture is supposed to have a flange on both sides of the fork that is supposed to keep it from sliding side to side. But now one flange has been completely worn off and now the sprocket moves to far to the right and the chain jumps off. I hate to junk the thing simply because I can't find a new/used sprocket somewhere. I could re-engineer the thing a bit and it would probably be good until the rest of it fell apart. But a new sprocket would be easiest. Does anybody know anything about these? Would any collectors have one laying around? Even a part number would be handy. ANY info would be appreciated. Thanks, Bill
  10. This has probably been covered before, but I'd be darned I was able to find it during a search. Here's my problem. This just started on my 83'. I was driving down the road. Nothing special, just normal driving, when all of a sudden everything drops. Tack, engine, everything. Just like I'd hit the "kill switch". I stopped the bike and turned the key on and off, and the bike fired right up. I thought strange! But drove on down the road. Stopped to get some gas. When I turned the key to start the bike again, everything powered on...but when I hit the starter button...NOTHING!! Now keep in mind that all the lights on the dash are on. I can hear the gas pump do its thing. I checked all the fuses (yes its an old fuse box) but they were all good. I have a Delka (sp?) battery in the bike. I've installed the heavier battery cables too. New spark plugs also. Yes, I have plenty of gas. I then kept wiggling the "Kill switch" back and forth hoping that this would make a difference. (This is were I read something on the forum, but can't find the article now) Still nothing worked. I then put the kick stand up and down a few times hoing that maybe that would make a difference. Well, long story short...the bike finally turned over. I don't know exactly what worked though. So any ideas would be great! I'm a bit scared to take her out for a ride again, since I felt like I was lucky to get her home. I've since went back out to the garage and she's still starting OK. But that's a pretty scary feeling not even getting a buzz or anything. Thanks, Jack
  11. So I got my scare of the year in today. Scared the dang * bajeebers right out of me. Riding down the street in town, :7_6_3[1]:flow of traffic , 35ish mph. Listening to 70’s music and watching a young gal riding my @ss. Hit my brakes several times trying to get her to back off a little. I saw her swerve hard right to change lanes… what I didn’t notice was what she cut off to do it. There was a LARGE delivery truck in the other lane. One that had a very LARGE set of air horns on the roof, right over the drivers head. This put the air horns about a car length behind and 3 ½ feet over my right shoulder. He let go with a blast of air horns that had me jumping up, ducking for cover, looking “under” my shoulder and all around all at the same time ! I was trying to figure out what was going to kill me in milliseconds. Once I obtained my composure back, I continued to ride, with a pulse rate in the high 210’s and a blood pressure level too high to read. Several lights later the truck pulled up alongside me as we slowed for the light. The driver hanging half out of the window apologized profusely stating that she almost hit his front changing lanes and it was just his reaction to hit the horns… I could tell he felt bad. I’m guessing he had observed my reactions at the sound of his horn and also felt bad about the draining * bajeebers from the bottom of the foot pegs..…. * Definition of Bajeebers: Noun and action verb. Describes a level of fear that can cause massive unexpected, and uncontrollable loss of bowel functions, high pulse rate, fear of immediate death and rapid heart palpitations. Bajeebers can also be the end result of such fear often accumulating in underwear, pant legs and socks. Occasionally associated with fear level of 9.72 and higher on a scale of 1-10. Sometimes related to a rat’s @ss but not related to a round tuit
  12. Took a 60 mi. out and back ride this afternoon. Heading out I was passed in op direction by a dual sport bike ( BMW I think ) and he had some kind of a rig sticking up on his back seat, with a bicycle mounted on it. ( Rear tire sticking up above his helmet ) Ok, I'm heading back home, and near the same location the same guy passed me going the other direction. Hmmmm A Motorcycle with a Bicycle mounted on the passenger seat. ????? At this point, I'm not sure if I really saw, what I saw ??? :confused24: And, I stopped at the top of Snoqualime Pass on I-90, to make a pit stop and get something to drink. I'm standing there talking on the Ham radio to a friend in Calif. , and a nice old gentlemen pulled in with Alberta Plates. He comes over with a map and wanted to know the exact loaction ? Fine, I marked his map for him, then he says, that about 2 miles up the road his car was hit by a large rock. ( They have been blasting the Mt Side there for several years to widen I-90 ) Anyway go over to look at damage, and his Right side Rear View, Mirror is completly " GONE " . Nothing left but the gasket, and Wire connector !!! Not another Scratch on the Car !!! Mirror, completly gone!! I'm thinking a rock about the size of a baseball must have come down off the Blasting area, and hit his car. ( Road is closed during blasting of course ) Must have been a Delayed Rock Fall !! :confused24: The blasting here has been going on for about 3 years now, takeing down a good section of the Mt. Side to widen I-90. He said it sounded like a shot gun went off inside his car !!!
  13. So we stop for brunch in Hope, BC. This is a major cross-roads from the Vancouver Lower Mainland to the interior and all points north and east. It is a favourite stop for bikers, and there must have been forty bikes in the Home Restaurant parking lot. I was parked in a spot with three other bikes. While finishing the meal, one of the Coast Riders members who was outside rushed in and called to me. A Numpty in a truck had reversed into my bike. "I didn’t see the bike", he said. 40 bikes in the parking lot! Four bikes in the parking spot, and he hit the biggest! He didn't look! He must have walked past the bikes on his way to get into his truck. His tow bar engaged with the front fender, bending it onto the tire. He moved the bike back a foot (you could see the gouge in the pavement), and bent the kick stand, but the bike stayed up, and did not hit any of the others in the spot. We ended up removing the fender, and beat it into some sort of shape so that I could continue the ride. Thanks to another Biker in a truck who had the tools and experience to do that job! I am waiting to hear back from my insurance company, and get the bike FULLY checked out by the dealer... in case he bent something else. He did bend the wind deflector a bit, and scratched the right fork (quarter inch chip in the chrome. Looks minor, but I am concerned. The bike felt fine on the ride, but I am wondering whether there is anything else specific I should be looking for? Here's a [ame=http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150963511021784]video[/ame]!
  14. I got my 2002 midnight in March 2006 with 7250 miles on it after getting hit on 2000 Red Venture Oct.31,2005 with 86,000 totaling it.
  15. I cracked open my faring today and removed the cassette player. Anyway I dropped the spacer for the light bar. I thought it went into the front cowling. so I took them both off. I found what looked Like a horn under the shifter side. Hit the button and sure enough it is a horn. I thought the horn was on the break side with the chrome cover circled in the picture. Hit the button & nothing happened there. So is this a horn or what?
  16. does anyone have a good kick stand sping I notice mine KS is starting to hit when i take sharp curves. Thanks
  17. On the way into work today I pulled up to a red light. Just as I came to a complete stop the engine quit. It just stopped as if I had turned it off. I was in 1st gear and had the clutch pulled all of the way in. I immediately shifted to neutral and hit the starter and it fired right up and never missed another beat for the rest of the ride in. Engine ran perfect before and after. I know I did not hit the kill switch because my right hand was busy braking for the stop.
  18. One of our members,sgn,bought my 99 today.Sad to see it go but I believe it went to a good home.Now if I can get rid of these two 1st gens and the trailer we will almost be ready to hit the road.
  19. Michael Brady Use my name as the (Name) then hit vote 4 minutes ago · Can You imagine? what a great importunity Mission: Small Business℠ http://www.missionsmallbusiness.com Chase and LivingSocial are awarding $250,000 Grants. Vote for your favorite small business at http://www.missionsmallbusiness.com. Miramar, General Contractor-Ex-Tex Residential Builder-Handyman Services the page you get to gives your 2 options ( click on the right one) The next page will give you Company Name, Entire my Name Michael Brady (hit vote)
  20. I did a search using the normal forum search and the google option to see if this is the "obligatory" re-solder but can't find it. So I drive home with no issue, stop in to make the wife happy, and go to leave again. Turn on the key, hit the button and,,nothing. No dash display at first and no start. After checking all fuses and the level of battery charge I try again and now the display goes through it's checks, the radio comes on, but when I hit the button I hear a faint click, no more. As if the battery is dead actually. But it isn't. Volt meter says it isn't and my charger says it isn't. What are the symptoms of the "re solder"
  21. Two quick questions for those who trailer often. I have an '86 VR and Piggybacker trailer. 1 - What air pressure to you run in the trailer tires? 2 - Getting some sway when I hit 75, below that is good. Any adjustments I can make? Dave
  22. I rode my bike to work today and then left around 11:00 to make a run to my Heat Treat source. A Ground Hog came out of no where running across the road. I started to hit the brakes and even had my foot on the peddle and decided to hit it straight on without the brakes at all. I braced myself with arms and shoulders tight to keep the front wheel straight after hitting it. My teeth were clinched tight also:smile5:. I waited for the bump and jar but it never happened. I don't know if he went under the bike or right in front of the tire. After it was all over I was just smiling going down the road and then laughing. I can't believe how close that was. Real close.
  23. http://bozardford.com/images/spacer.gif We had a chance to get a great deal on this car because my son-in-law shoots this ford dealers commercials. We just couldnt refuse and they gave me a great price on our sebring convertible to boot. Its a 2007 Mustang GT Deluxe....300 HP V8, shaker sound system, full leather interior, 5 speed automatic. Took it for a test drive on I-95 in St Augustine. Hit 100 mph with no effort. Jean deserves this car after putting up with me all these years. But, I do get to drive it now and then.......:smile5: http://cdnedge.vinsolutions.com/AP/3026-2-10257046-64052278-0-0/64052278.jpg
  24. Well so glad the past week is behind me- its been a very lonngg one. Settling into our new place in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Rented a 26 foot truck and had that packed full. And a car carrier pulling behind that with a car loaded too, made a very long ride. I drove that and wife followed me with my truck. Everything went really well, we just took our time and was close to a uneventfull ride down. Bike made it packed away in the truck and not a single box or anything fell on it thru our 931 mile drive. Wife pulled our motorcycle trailer behind the chevy and had a couple harley guys try to buy it somewhere along the way. I did have one incident, yesterday while moving stuff and getting things set up , I somehow (blaming this on just being very tired and sore) hit my foot with a very heavy appliance and ripped my big toe nail almost off. And boy did it hurt, it put me to my knees for a few minutes. Didnt go to doc today, I had so much to do and the internet/cable guy was here most of the day, but going in the morn as it looks like Ill have to have it removed. And Im not looking forward to that. So gonna take a couple asperin and hit the sack. I need some serious sleep lol ps HeLLo N.C.!! So excited to be here!
  25. I would like to share an experience with you, about drinking and driving. As you well know, some of us have been known to have had brushes with the authorities on our way home from the odd social session over the years. Some years ago whe I was young and dumb, I was out for a few drinks with some friends l and had a few too many beers and some rather nice red wine. Knowing full well I may have been slightly over the limit, I did something I've never done before: I took a bus home. Sure enough I passed a police road block but as it was a bus, they waved it past. I arrived home safely without incident, which was a real surprise; as I have never driven a bus before and am not sure where I got it.
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