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  1. Just wanted to get some opinions, feedback and/or comments here on this idea/project. I'm putting together a 4.8" TFT Touchscreen instrument cluster for my 1983 Venture Royale Deluxe ... I want to replace the current dash/cluster with the touchscreen display that will show the following: Battery Voltage Fuel Guage with MPG reading Speed / RPMs Odometer / Tripometer Compass / GPS Turn Signals / hazards (when on) Outdoor and Engine Temp Clock with alarm Neutral Indicator (maybe indicator to show which gear as well) Side Stand / Kill Switch Indicator Burned out headlight and HI / LO tail, brake light failure indicator High beam indicator. Possibly Oil level indicator. (any additions or changes please comment and let me know) I'm also thinking that there could be a few user selectable display variations (themes). I have the electronics / programming know how to do this and I am planning on doing this for myself either way, but was wondering if others would be interested in this as well? Thanks, Jason
  2. Last night when I left work the audio system on the bike decided to act up. When I started the bike nothing would come up in the display window of the control unit. The backlight came on and I could still hear the radio playing on the station I had listened to that morning, but none of the buttons, including the volume know would work. After riding several miles the display began to flicker in and out. When the display was on the buttons would work, but you had to press them at just the right time before the display went dead again. By the time I got home the display was back on steady and all seem fully functional. although I did not have anyone to tt on the CB. Has anyone elese experienced this? Should I go looking for loose connections, and if so where to start? Or, shoudl I just take it in to the dealer since it is still under warranty a little longer? Thanks for the advice!
  3. I have made some updates to our pic gallery to add a slide show type presentation. Unfortunately, there are some bugs and I see that I'm getting errors when I try it with IE and not all albums display the slideshows. I will work on it more later but probably when I get home from vacation next week. Just wanted you to know that I am aware of it.
  4. new to me 1983 Yamaha venture. Well I put in a new fuse block and all was well until......I found a black wire hanging down by the lower part of engine. Dummy me I just ASSUMED it was a ground then I blew a fuse....ugh well after I finally figured out it was a spliced in power wire for some marker lights I hooked it up the right way. So then I noticed the computer display thing is not working at all, I mean nothing, so what the crap did I do now. I have power to all fuse sides and what not. I unplugged the display and it had some power going to some of the wires with the key on (not sure which ones I shall check). anybody have a clue what I did? Did I fry it somehow. O I don't think headlight is working either but not sure on that part I didn't try to start it just nothing by turning key on only. Ok well that's enough wind for now.
  5. I bought my 99 RSV in 2011 and the cb has not worked since I got it. When I push the cb button nothing happens. The rest of the system worked just fine until today when I went out to see if I could figure out what was wrong with it. I removed the CD player from the bracket and left it connected then I removed the trunk mounting screws, lifted the trunk and tilted it forward to get to the cb. Then I removed the cover and then unplugged and reconnected all of the connectors to the cb. Then I turned on the key and tried the cb button. The FM radio just kept on playing just like before. Then I pushed the channel up button and nothing happened, then I pushed the audio button and nothing happened. I tried all of the buttons and nothing happend. It just kept playing the same radio station that it was on when i first turned it on. The only thing that works is the volume and the display was showing the station it was on. Then I turned off the ignition the display went dark but continued to display the radio station for several seconds before it went blank. I turned on the ignition and the display lit up and it continued to play the same radio station as before only now the display is blank. There is still no response from any of the buttons but the volume still works. At least it is my favorite radio station. Can anyone tell me what the heck happened and how I can fix it.
  6. I am working on an 88 venture and have a fault on the display...it is when the headlight on low beam....I soldered all the connections in the CMS...but when the low beam light is on the warning light is on and the display shows the headlight...any information would be great...Thanks in advance.
  7. I had to replace my class controller and I was wondering if there was a way to change the display from psi to kg/cm???
  8. i took my class apart today to re-solder the pins and to my surprise this has been done several times before i thought something was funny when i looked at the case and it has several cracks in it so dug deeper and a complete and utter mess i have burn marks on the board at just about every diode resister and capacitor LCD display was burnt and a trail of liquid dripping on the board from the LCD display i have no air in suspension anyone know where i can get a new/used class at a reasonable price checked flea-bay no luck and is there an easy way to put air valves on this so i could manually put air in
  9. I have nothing displaying on my cmu. Not even when turning ignition on, when it should go thru each item. It was working a month or two ago, but now nothing. Is there a common power wire for the display? The display lights up with the dash lights, but displays nothing else. While putting the bike back together, I did put a small gauge black ground wire on the positive battery terminal. (lesson learned: put down the tools when talking to your 8 year old daughter) The wire melted down, and i followed it to the main negative cable. It was in a factory crimp with a few other grounds. After that, I have had to run new wires on the taillights and brake lights on the positive side, not the ground. No fuses blew, and i don't see any other fried wires. Maybe some damaged wires that I can't see in the harness some where? Time for a harness? Coincidence? sun spots? UFO's?? :confused24:
  10. well i ordered a tci they shipped it today. i read that gm map sensors will work with it. the one mentioned was 89.00 here. I found one for 39.99 fits buick and chevy its a master pro 2-ms21 from o-o you know the rest. had to put a adapter on hose to use the dorman47311 looks and sound like a straight forward conversion. hope the computer program is easy. the display on laptop looks like modern salt spreader programing {same format}. now the waiting game. ps. i asked for 3 terminals or part numbers to source locally.
  11. 2009 RSV (Canadian version)... hadn't noticed anything "missing" until a recent post by a UK member showing that their speedometer showed MPH on the glass display and the LCD displayed KPH. Mine only has KPH on the glass display and the LCD is blank. Question for Canadian (bike originally sold in Canada, and not US import) bike owners... does your speedometer show anything other than the needle on the LCD ? Is yours the same as mine or like the one in http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showpost.php?p=695026&postcount=18 Mine is like attached. General question - is there a button combination (reset/select) to toggle the display?
  12. I have a 2005 Royal Star Venture. Recently (this riding season) I have been experiencing a problem. When listening to the radio, and trying to talk on the cb, the channel changes when I push the talk button. If the display unit is on the cb display, the cb channel changes. I've checked the connections in the fairing, and they are all good. Was wondering if maybe the talk switch was bad? I did have to spray some cleaner into it to be able to transmit. Any thoughts? Thanks, George
  13. First I want to thank Freebird for his excelent how to on fixing the class controller board. I had nothing on my class display, most of the time. occasionally I would show 0 psi and then an e4 error then the display would go blank. I tried the solder fix and now when I switch to acc position my display lights up showing front rear manual auto on the left side and 0 psi I can select med hi or low or switch to auto mode momentarily then it goes into an E4 error. after 30 seconds or so everything recycles through the same sequence. I can hear a relay click under the trunk every time the display cycles but no compresor comes on, should I be able to hear the compressor if my pressure is too low IE: 0 psi. Looking at the wiring diagram I see a two connector plug going to the pump as well as a larger multi connector plug just upstream of the plug for the pump. I assume the compressor is under the trunk and these connectors are also in that area. can anybody tell me where the class relay is and the connector asociated with it. Where is the compressor and it's connector are located. and where the large multi connector plug just upstream is located. do I remove just the trunk, or also the seat? Again thanks Freebird, and thanks in advance to anybody who can help with my questions Al
  14. I did a search using the normal forum search and the google option to see if this is the "obligatory" re-solder but can't find it. So I drive home with no issue, stop in to make the wife happy, and go to leave again. Turn on the key, hit the button and,,nothing. No dash display at first and no start. After checking all fuses and the level of battery charge I try again and now the display goes through it's checks, the radio comes on, but when I hit the button I hear a faint click, no more. As if the battery is dead actually. But it isn't. Volt meter says it isn't and my charger says it isn't. What are the symptoms of the "re solder"
  15. I have a 08 venture. Yesterday the radio started getting a noise in it. Then I see the display going on & off. It must be a bad connection? where do I start looking????????????
  16. http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php?60750-The-Ultimate-Yard-Display-for-Christmas
  17. Does the radio display in my 1st gen Venture have a bcklight? Riding home in the dark the other night and could not see the buttons. The LED display is visable and the green power can be seen but nothing else. The CLASS controller has a backlight so I would think the radio should be also. Just wanted to know before taking it apart.
  18. :confused24:I recently update the map on my Zumo 550 and now it will not display streets. I zoom in and all I get is a blank screen. It does display major roads. It was working fine before the update. What did I do? What do I need to do to fix this?
  19. Hello...I am newer here and looking to buy a 2000 - 2005 Venture. What all is displayed on the LCD display? I know speed, both MPH & KPH, fuel gauge, trip ODO. & bike mileage. Is there a clock or volt meter? I just can't tell from pics online. Thank You.
  20. just had a couple questions thought maybe someone can help me out.. is there any way to eliminate the kilometers on the speedo on my 05 venture.. not really an issue but just wondering.. secondly, quiet often the radio will loose signal and have an "rx" on the display.. kind of figured it was just loosing signal but this weekend we plugged in the ipod and it did the same thing.. thank you for the advice..
  21. The difficulty separating the plugs was overcome by using WD40 and all the CMU wire connectors looked good but I sprayed them with electrical cleaner anyway. I now have the LCD display out of the CMU. Could a blown fuse be the cause of no LCD display? The warning light is the only thing that lights up when the ignition is on. Looked at this thread on the CMU removal and soldering on a MK1: http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=33328 Hopefully it is the same as doing it on a MK2. Is it the strips indicated that need to be soldered or the connections (bumps)?
  22. Is there any way I can mark a thread so that it doesn't displayed anymore?
  23. Took my new GL1800 in for the first service seems, no one there knows if the multi information display has panel lights that work at night. All my other panel controls light up, but my seat and grip heater along with the four display buttons do not light up. Cant see them at night. Is this normal or should they light up at night. My 1st service cost 195.00 will not be doing that every four months thats for sure. Will there be any problems with my warranty if i do my own service on the bike. Took care of my 05 RSTD got that one used with 2 years left on the warranty.Just dont want void anything. Has anyone updated there navigation system, just got the bike 10 days ago first nav i ever had. Other then that this is one great motorcycle seems to get better with each ride
  24. Tonight I was lucky enough to be the emcee for a variety show put on by the students in our high school orchestra. Varied levels of skill and talent were on display in instrumental music, singing , and dancing. What struck me was not just the talent and courage on display (one young lady froze up mid-song and left the stage in tears, but came back 3 acts later and did her whole song) but the level of support and courtesy the kids showed each other. No heckling the lesser talents, no jeering at the mistakes and recoveries, just honest appreciation and applause for what it takes to get up there on the stage and lay it on the line. It was humbling; and gives one a glimmer of hope for our future. They even laughed at some of my jokes!
  25. This is the most detailed and amazing display I have ever seen! Although this video tours a good part of the display, check out the other video's at the bottom of the screens also! The airport is just amazing. Some of the video's are in German...but there are english subtitles http://www.miniatur-wunderland.com/exhibit/video/4-minutes-wunderland/
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