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  1. Not a favorite, just a road report. Ride: July 2009, Friday, Late PM to Early AM Gas Available: Wikieup. Bagdad is 20 miles off the track, but there's an attendantless station there if you really blow it. Direction: South Avg Speed: 70 Flora: Low desert Fauna Encounters: 0 Subjective Temp: Balmy. [i live in Phoenix, AZ] Road Condition: I won't comment on I-40 except that it seemed to be fine between Kingman and the US 93 junction. After turning onto US 93, the first quarter of the way is very good, the second quarter good, third quarter very good and last quarter good. First quarter is straight with intermittent sweepers. Middle two quarters are packed with well marked sweepers. Last quarter is straight. Center reflectors go for the distance. Raised reflectors on both sides of the road in the corners. Reflector gaps are rare. Reflector condition is easily seen to very bright. Passing lanes on the longer uphill pulls for the patient. Passing stripes abound between the sweepers for those who are not and who have the muscle. Smokeys Seen: 1, in Wikieup. Sherrif, lights on, busted a cager in the reduced speed zone (The bustee was someone who was tailing me by 100 yards or so; shining his lights in my mirrors for 10 miles, so I slowed down going up a hill to allow him to pass. Hee hee hee.) Cars Passing Same Direction: few Cars Passed Same Direction: about a dozen with half being semi's Cars Passed Opposite Direction: low drip with intermittent low trickles I was planning on an overnight in Overton, but the town was such a rat hole (present residents excepted, of course), that I decided to have a couple of beers, get a couple of hours sleep and bust out. What turned out was a very nice, cool (for me), ride on an awesome night road to get some much needed night riding experience.
  2. 05 Venture with 93K on the odo. Some extras like lights and Gps. I have a batt indicator light that after a few days of sitting showed the batt was low. Batt was over a year old so replaced it and now it still shows low after a few days. Bike will crank with yellow light have not let it get to red yet. So it looks like I have a slow batt drain somewhere or possible my light is defective but don't think so. I have done no troubleshooting so far was just wondering if someone knows a weak part on this bike for me to take a first look at?
  3. I have been chasing this problem for way too long. So before I have this bike sent to a salvage yard, I am going to reach out to the experts. Problem - low beam is way to dim. 1. Bulb has tested good. 2. Dimmer switch replaced and is good as well as clean. 3. Not real sure how to check the reserve lighting unit but I have three of them and same symptom with all three. This pretty much eliminates a bad RLU. 4. I also removed the CMU to check for a faulty solder point and could not identify any but re-soldered the plug solder points anyway. Reinstalled - dim low beam still. Since I had another complete dash unit, I checked the replacement dash and found no issues and installed that one. Still a dim low beam. High beam is as bright as it should be, just a dim low beam. Battery is 12.6. How should I proceed from here? I'd hate to part this thing out; it runs just too good to do that. Thanks in advance for your help. herb
  4. Just installed the Baggershield Santa brought for me. Basic install quick and easy as any wind-shield. The hardware was a bit confusing at first but a few minutes thought and it seemed to come together. I went with the "low profile" hardware for the look alone. I like a low shield so I will not often use the top, only with Lori on back on the highway so I don't mind using the A llen Wrench to switch it around. Now to go for a ride and see how it feels with the extra width. .
  5. Another post jogged my memory to ask about this. I notice on my '06 that when the low fuel indicator comes on, the mileage indicator changes to the trip meter. Is this normal? Can it be stopped? Does anyone else have this happen and do you find it a good thing?
  6. Can someone give me a quick verbal (walkthru) of how to "properly" perform a compression check. Bike is an 86. I have a pretty good idea of how to check the compression, but since it has been literally years since I've done one on anything, I just need a quick review of the procedure. Here's how I would do one. Once the motor is exposed, I would 1) remove all the spark plugs 2) short out all the spark plug wires to not harm the CDI box 3) connect gauge 4) at full throttle, crank the motor over until max pressure is observed on the gauge for each cylinder 5) if low one tests low (what would be low??), squirt a little oil in that cylinder chamber then recheck 6) record all results Good compression would be where no one cylinder is more than 10 off from any other. Add anything you think I missed or should know before proceeding. Thanks
  7. I'm wiring up my heated vest and I am installing a hi low off switch. Anyone know what type of switch I should get? Spdt or dpdt? I would prefer one that I only need to wire in a single power source so it should have a built in resistor if there is such a thing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi all, Have been reading the posts and hope you trikers can give me some info. Recently went from my '02 RSV to a '06 with a Tri-wing conversion. Fine, except it handles real heavy in the curves and tight turns. A bigger issue is the jerking of the bars on bumps at low speed. Seems to wobble and torque the handlebars when the rear hits a bump or rut. I know a rake job will help the highway steering, but will it cure the low speed jerking? I think the set up is o.k., P235/60R15 Goodrich radials on back and the smaller Avon MT90B16 on front. Run the rear airbags at 30 psi solo and 40 with passenger along with oem monoshock the same, as all hooked up to an onboard compressor. Appreciate any advice. Mark
  9. I am working on an 88 venture and have a fault on the display...it is when the headlight on low beam....I soldered all the connections in the CMS...but when the low beam light is on the warning light is on and the display shows the headlight...any information would be great...Thanks in advance.
  10. my handle bars are to low, what do i have to do, to raise them a little?
  11. Has anyone tried any of these pads ? http://www.sargentcycle.com/heatedkits.htm http://www.heatdemons.com/Motorcycle-Heated-Seats_c_101.html With low overnight temperatures would be nice to have a heated seat !
  12. i have no low beam. it worked, very dimly, for a short period...maybe a couple weeks. started it this morning and no low, high beam works but shows a draw on gauges. bulb is about a month old. any ideas?
  13. Have 1990 Venture. The CB comes on, it transmits and receives, but the volume is so low you can hardly hear it. Have checked all connections and they appear fine. When you turn on the CB, you hear it come on but volume is very low. The squelch works normally. Any ideas? The AM/FM and cassette have normal volume.
  14. Clutch won't competely disengage? How do I adjust the clutch pull cable? Coming to a stop and holding the clutch lever in, the bike wants to creep ahead. Sometimes this will stall the engine and then it's hard to crank over because of the low gear drag on the starter. I know it's probably an easy fix, but I need your help. Owen.
  15. Just finished installing this stainless steel rack my girlfriend found on ebay. $45 bucks and some fasteners and junk I had laying around bought us a serviceable rack. This is a low budge bike from the git-go, so I'm just sticking to my theme. Thing is, due to a mixup, we ended up with 2 of these racks, so I figured if anybody else could use it, if you want to pay shipping, I'd happily give it to you. Who needs a very inexpensive generic looking luggage rack? heh heh heh
  16. Kind of interesting read. if anybody cares http://www.ridermagazine.com/browse-by-type/tires/2012-touring-sport-touring-tire-buyers-guide.htm
  17. Previous owner installed a set of Baron's Risers on the RSV. Not sure that I like them. Got a pretty good reach being 6'5". I feel that my arms are trapped and I cannot extend quite enough for my liking at low speeds. The flexing of the risers themselves are also a concern. Would like to get any feedback from those that have tried them and went back to the stock setup.
  18. If you are traveling through Eastern Arizona, you might want to tuck this info away for future reference - there is an excellent Yamaha shop in Show Low, AZ: Show Low Motorsports. I was heading back towards Texas this morning, and about 10 miles east of Show Low I blew the rear tire at 65 MPH - pretty bad, it un-beaded from the rim and the bike was virtually uncontrollable, went into a sideways 'slide' from the tire rolling off one side of the rim and it drifted into the left lane and off the side of the road before I could scrub off enough speed to get it stopped. Thankfully the oncoming traffic avoided me, and I kept it right side up! Wife was on the back, and she handled herself perfectly in the situation too - probably the only reason I kept it under control. With the tire loose from the rim, no possibility of repairing it on the side of the road. But we were wonderfully fortunate to have another rider come by who know the local area (also a Venture owner, but on one of the 'other' brands today!). Bill Poor told me about the shop in Show Low, and after we contacted them and waited a while for them to get back in touch, he decided to ride back and coordinate our rescue - a REAL class act. Hopefully we will see him on the site soon! Anyway, the shop came out and picked us up, had a tire in stock, and got us all fixed up in about 4 hours total. The final price for everything was extremely fair. I strongly recommend Show Low Motorsports! Goose
  19. J Bird did an excellent job and I am surprised at how low he charged. Any other rally could have at least doubled the cost easily.
  20. Changed the bulb on my 2001 RSV tonight,split the fairing etc. and started the bike up and no low beam.So I checked the old bulb with a multi meter and it shows the old bulb is good.Any ideas anyone?My bike has no modulator.When I tear into it again I am going to check the pigtail to the headlight for current on low and high beam.I am thinking either wiring problem or the switch.Any other things I should check?I do have high beam and running lights work.
  21. I had a friend give me a 1988 venture royal. It hasnt ran in a couple of years, after some good cleaning and fresh gas and oil i have it fired up and running. I am having a problem with the battery draining down and going dead over night. and all light work except the head light. the bulb is good just not getting any power to it. checked the high low beam switch and not getting any power there either. Ive chexked all the fuses i can find and they are all fine. Im not sure if the two problems i have are related or not. Any helpful hints on where to look next would be great.. thanks for reading my post.
  22. Looks like a low mileage bike if anyone is looking-http://saginaw.craigslist.org/mcy/2948872960.html
  23. hey everyone. i'm new around here, but figure i'll just jump right in with my questions. this won't be the last, i'm sure. alright, i recently sold my '02 rsv and picked up a low mileage (16k) '05 rsv. the problem with the low miles is that it's been sitting up the last year and a half or so. well, i picked it up, rode it the 300 or so miles home. it runs great, better than my '02 did. however, after sitting overnight, my garage stinks of gas. i looked under the carbs. everything looks pretty wet. i see no evidence of gas running out of the overflow tubes. any suggestions?, or should i just take it to the shop? paul
  24. Anyone knows approximately the speed of an MKII at low redlined and high redlined in each gear?
  25. My son is thinking about trading his truck for another truck that a guy in Wauconda, Il. has. Are there any Ventureriders that live near by and willing to take it for a ride. My son has a low rider mini truck and is thinking of trading it for a low rider '98 Chevy dually. I'm hoping there is someone close to Wauconda that could get a look at it for us. We just want to be sure it is actually there and runs and drives ok.
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