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  1. I'm moving on... Thank you all, especially to Free Bird, and perhaps others the keep this site going that are unknown to me. Sold my Venture and bought an FJR. The Venture will always hold a special place in my memory like my R5C and TX650. An awesome bike for long straight roads. This site's tech info got me through a clutch upgrade and valve adjustment. Thank you again. Thank you all. Ride on, Slab Pig
  2. I ReeheeHEEaally like the way you think. Yahoo.
  3. ...I guess I should also add that I've dropped my RSV four times...usually during low speed drills. Just kidding. I'm the third owner of my RSV. When I bought the bike, I brought it home and looked at the guards. They were ground down a bit on both sides, front and back, so I know the the previous owner(s), dropped the bike at least once, probably more. I've dropped it twice during low speed drills and another three times from just not paying enough attention to what I was doing. Usually, the bike will just start going. Once past the point of no return there's no stopping it. Luckily, the bike just falls onto the guards and rests there. (more like slowly lays down like a lazy pig) You just have to pick it up, which is challenging in itself, to say the least. Just remember to pick it up really fast before anyone sees you. Quite embarassing. Not withstanding my prior post on this subject (which I truly believe), what else can I say, but that the RSV is a real pig at low speed , but more than makes up for this characteristic on the slab.
  4. Forget the tires. Any new tire is going to feel great...cause they're new. They're very round when new and will turn very fast. Nothing will improve low speed handling better than low speed drills in an empty parking lot. I agree with those on this post recommending practice, practice and more practice. You can scrape the floorboards at low speed on this bike with no problem with just about any tire on the bike.
  5. Most of us have seen our bikes from odd angles. Glad to hear you got up OK.
  6. Not a favorite, just a road report. Ride: July 2009, Friday, Afternoon Gas Available: Pretty much in every town on the route. Direction: Dayton Avg Speed: 65 Flora: Wheat/Alfafa Farming (guessing) Fauna Encounters: 0 Subjective Temp: Warm Road Condition: A beautiful ride for this desert rat with route in very good condition offering rolling hills, sweepers and an occasional tighter corner. Plenty of passing opportunities with a few passing lanes provided on longer uphill pulls. Smokeys Seen: 0 Traffic: Light. Intermittent drips and trickles. Construction: None __________________
  7. Name of Restaurant Bisbee Breakfast Club Street Address Erie St City Bisbee State or Province AZ Website (Optional) www.bisbeebreakfastclub.com Quality of Food Great Quality of Service Great Biker Friendly? (Parking, Trusted Location, Etc.) Yes Kind of Food? (Mexican, Chinese, etc.) Eclectic Alcohol Served? - Additional Comments About a mile or two from the center of old town, on the way out of town going south, just south of the Copper Queen Mine, there's a round-about. Erie street comes off the round about. It's at the end or beginning of Erie, depending on how you get onto Erie.
  8. Without going into a very subjective discussion on the difference between a 1) route with collection of sweepers with one or two tight corners and 2) twisties, I offer, here, my mia culpa to anyone taking light hearted offense to my statement, "Texas and twisties should not be used in the same sentence." After googling the route, looking at pictures and hearing what some of you had to say about The Sisters, I can say that twisties certainly do exist in Texas, even if they're only slightly easier to find as those in Arizona. In the future I will expand my definition of twisties from a route with "alot of hairpins, chicanes and tighter corners" to include a route with "alot of curves". As a final note, if I were to attempt to mount any one of the sisters, I'm sure they would find me inadequate to the task and promptly buck me off, boot me out and engage another rider with more talent. BTW, All in fun.
  9. I took a look on Google and I'm still not convinced. No retraction or mia culpa, yet. 10 mph curves, huh? Is that what they're marked? I guess I'll have to mosey on over there and run the routes. I guess that I'll then have to go to Kentucky. I'm sure I'd get tired very quickly running never ending corners (with a town around every corner?), seeing that I'm a light weight flat-lander that has to ride an hour to get to anything resembling a corner here.
  10. OK guys. Before I print a retraction and grovel for forgiveness, please send me the routes on a google url. I realize that my credibility is laughable being a flat-lander from AZ and seeing the routes I take. Let's see what you dudes call a twisty.
  11. Guffaw! Twisties and Texas shouldn't be used in the same sentence.
  12. Slab Pig

    2009 Tour

    Took the dog. Some shots of Will the Pill. Partying, at the International in Austin, NV.
  13. Oh.....that's what that flashing light means.
  14. Name of Restaurant Bill's Pizza Street Address 107 S. Cortez City Prescott State or Province AZ Website (Optional) http://www.prescott-good-eats.com/Bills-Pizza.html Quality of Food Great Quality of Service Great Biker Friendly? (Parking, Trusted Location, Etc.) Yes Kind of Food? (Mexican, Chinese, etc.) Pizza Alcohol Served? No Additional Comments On the east side of the court house square. I know that what is good eats is very subjective and, for pizza, even more so, but this pizza is really good. No beer! No problem. The Bird Cage across the town square has Stone IPA on tap. The Cage would pass as a biker bar. You'll feel very confortable there.
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