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  1. My Wife and I found a good place to eat in Batesburg Leesville, SC. I got a Burger, just to try it out. It's a 1/2 pound patty, loaded on a homemade bun with chips on the side. Set me back $5.79. The places is called Wiz's Eatery. All roads leading to Batesburg are good. No traffic, in the country, and acessible to people from GA. I'll meet you there.
  2. A friend of mine pointed this out to me, I am not to thrilled about the name but being one of the roads I grew up riding it is a nice ride. http://backofthedragon.com/
  3. Have fun with family and friends but stay safe and avoid the roads if you can.
  4. Mid 40's in southeastern MI today, so around noon I took off for a ride. I had been wanting to get some saddle time in on the new-to-me pillow top seats and put the rebuilt fuel pump through an extended test ride. Heck, those are just excuses.....I just wanted to ride. After the first 15 or 20 minutes, I pulled over in Marine City to check the fuel pump leaking gas and all was good. So, like a good VR always should, I snapped a pic of the bike. Notice the grey sky and the dampness of the concrete. The roads were a bit damp in places, dry in others. I continued on along M-29 through St. Clai
  5. Guest

    texas roads

    everybody that lives in the hill country of texas knows these roads, they are called the three sisters, 335, 336, 337, people drive down from colorado to drive on these three roads. ( imagine that ) not only are they great roads, lots of twists and turns, but some great biker friendly places to eat. some great swimming holes. great changes in elevation and a motorcycle museum run by a guy from new zealand. ( talk about getting lost ) during the week you can ride these and never see a soul, car nor motorcycle. on week ends you meet some great riders from all over i highly recommen
  6. I may have the opertunity to go up to the Mosport Raceway for work next year. A buddy of mine have talked about riding up. As of yet we dont know what month but would asume mid summer. I live in central Fl and we would be starting our trip from Charlotte NC. Are there some good roads or routes someone might give me a heads up on. This is so far out right now I dont even know if we will have enough days to ride up and get back home before the next weeks work. But I'm hopin we can swing it.
  7. Just hop on anywhere and take a ride, out to Lancaster, towards Hershey, take a detour through the towns along the way (find the Windmill - go up the big Hill, great ride!). There are some really great roads in PA - time to post 'em! gp
  8. Anyone have any good ideas, or something in mind ? Myself and friend JD Holbrooks are looking forward to our Spring ride we are trying to plan. Coming from Morehead,KY South West toward Arkansas. We want to see the Ozark Mountains and Arkansas. Planning on a week to ride, leaving Saturday,May 18 to be back on Saturday,May 24. We usually take the hammer roads (interstates) until we reach the main destination, then back roads and enjoy the scenery for as long as possible. Wonder what the weather will be like during May in the mountains there ? Looks like I-64 to Lexington then Bluegras
  9. About the middle of November Janet and I are planning on a trip from Sumas Washington to Sedona AZ. We plan on going via Yakima, Boise, Salt Lake City, Flagstaff and spending a couple weeks in Sedona. Haven't decided on a return route yet. If anyone has any advice as to roads or things to see let me know. We will be taking my 4x4 with Michelin snow tires on it.
  10. Howdy to all. I am asking for suggestions. I am planning a 2 week ride with my brother next September. We have been talking about riding southern UT. for a few years. We need some suggestions for roads, lodging, eateries.... We want to include Zion, Bryce Canyon, Grand canyon north, Glen canyon, Canyonlands, Arches... We plan on having to do some camping along the way. we want to avoid dirt roads. Thanks!!
  11. Well, we made it back Saturday afternoon. Ran the Dragon, Moonshiner 28 down into Georgia and the Cherohala Skyway. Went to Clingmans Dome, almost had a heart attack walking up, but worth it once you see the view. Beautiful scenery. Thare aren't any roads like that here in Michigan. Personally, I think the Moonshiner 28 is an under rated road. That thing was very technical. Every bit as much as the dragon. Especially with the trailer on the back! I will definately go back and ride them again.
  12. Not much to say other than I have put 200 miles on my bike this morning riding laps up and down highway 41 & 26. Nice to ride roads that actually require shifting.
  13. Took a scenic ride this morning b4 all the rain & was IMPRESSED..took 100 west then 96 south for about a 1/4 to 1/2 mile then turned on Harding....this twisted and looped back to Leipers Fork then we took 96 back to 100... wished we had taken some of the other side roads. It was GORGEOUS ride..then the rain set in about 11:20 and we sat it out just lazed around. planning on leaving early so we can take some side roads going back....
  14. This video from Eau Claire, WI is on the St. Paul Pioneer Press web site. Watch out for roads buckling! http://www.twincities.com/wisconsin/ci_20998276/video-suv-flying-after-hitting-buckled-road-near Stay safe, Dave
  15. If you think the dragontail is bad... check this out http://www.theworldgeography.com/2012/03/12-of-most-winding-roads-around-world.html
  16. Jamie aka Wingman, Gene aka K Rider and I just returned from a day of riding, we went down to Warm Springs, Ga, rode over Pine Mt. and had lunch in Pine Mtn at a great little BBQ stand, Three Little Pigs, we hit some back roads, a lot of back roads on the way back home and about 25 miles from home it happened, we were riding down this 2 lane local road when out of nowhere the deer, don't know if it was a buck or a doe, it happened so fast, I didn't have tome to react, I couldn't have missed it by more than 2 inches. One second clear road ahead, next second this fury blur goes right in front o
  17. Is there certain types of GPS units to use for motorcycles? I set up my Megelan $150.00 GPS from Canadian Tire on my V-Strom to go for a long new places ride. It started off good then after a couple hours started shutting itself down and "rebooting" then by the time I had found a few gravel roads and many roads that went no place at all I was on the highway to home and it just got into a loop of start up - shut down over and over. Now I think the battery is hooped as now when I unplug it it will not run at all, it used to run 1/2 hour or so. I had it mounted on the wind screen with the suctio
  18. Well, a year after buying my ’83 VR, I finally got to get her out and put a few mile on her. I had been on a few short rides but not enough to really tell if I had any major issues with the bike. I know that I needed to go on a long ride before I would know what needed to be addressed. I rode about 30 miles on different types of roads. As expected, a few problems showed up. The first thing I noticed was every now and then I would notice a faint smell of antifreeze, so I may have a very slight leak somewhere. It wasn’t enough though to see. After about 15 miles or so, I noticed that the temp
  19. Guest

    FINALLY: First Ride!

    Having bought the bike on December 27th, I've been waiting a while to get out on the open road. Got the call from the shop yesterday that the bike was ready and safety certificate was in hand. Took off for a one hour ride, mixed country road and highway, with my first stop at Tim Horton's - gotta be Canadian, eh. Later I ran down to a friends house in the country - nice windy roads - to fix a fridge. Today, my wife and I will be heading out to my mom's cottage to open up for the season. That will be about a 4-5 hour ride as we will be taking the back roads and ENJOYING our first "two-up
  20. Two years ago we decided to get back on a bike again and I picked up a 1984 Venture and now I have another setting next to it in the shed allmost ready to hit the road in the spring. As much as I like the ride of them its getting parts that has me looking for something newer to take the long rides on. And no I wont be parting with my Venture anytime soon way to much fun for our roads around here. So talking with Sharon about it she said no Harleys, and that is fine with me. It has came down to a newer Venture or a Vulcan has anyone here had both or rode both that will give me a honest opinio
  21. I have ridden both my 1975 CanAm 250 tnt and my cow-a-socki 400 in the winter time on snow covered roads, years ago. The TNT was ok the 400 not quite as good. The key difference, I believe was that the TNT had mild knobby's (enduro tires). Also both bikes are pretty light. So now I am curious to know about riding a 1st gen through the snow and what it was like in the way of handling etc. Yeh I know Tom ....You ..HATE SNOW!
  22. First off I live in Iowa, we have "winters" here. The city of Oskaloosa (where we live) lets us drive on rotten streets all spring & summer long. (Pot hole central I'm talking about). Our great city (cough, cough) runs all over the city filling pot holes, but only in the VERY, VERY late fall. Now with "winter" comes snow and ice, the snow and ice fill any pot holes that the city missed so we get smooth roads for 2 to 3 months. The snow plows drag out all the nice "shovel tapped in" blacktop patches, so when the snow and ice melts in early spring, we have ALL our holes back plus a fe
  23. Found this Video on another board. Those veterans of VW SLO should recognize some of the roads..... Brings back some great memories.... [ame=http://vimeo.com/31305937]When the Coast is Clear on Vimeo[/ame]
  24. Hi Just wanted to say a big thanks to Starstruck for adding to our recent holiday in Wyoming. It was great to spend lunch at the Irma in Cody with a fellow Venture rider and talk about where to go and what to see. It really made a difference to get some local knowledge. Those roads across the plain from Grand Teton to Laramie are awesome. Although we were in a can, we picked up some great riding roads like the switchbacks up to Dinosaur Ridge behind Golden in Colorado or the run up to Estes Park. You guys are very lucky to have a country to run in like that right on the back door. We've had
  25. Had to get up at 3am this morning to drive a supply truck around the mountains to rest stops for a major bicycle race held here every year. Finished deliveries and was back home about 9am or so after a breakfast stop. The roads we ride around Vogel are going to be packed with about 3,000 bicycles today. I think I'll stay off the roads. But, the weather is a beautiful 82F so, just did an oil change on my Suzuki DR200, lubed the chain up, and filled the air in the tires, and will head for the dirt roads in the Chattahoochie Natl Forest. Will thaw out a steak for dinner when I get back in 3
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