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  1. doe's the upper triple tree on a v max fit a 1st gen ? a easy way of putting dif. handle bars on ? looking at frogman's 86 v max , it looks like the frames are the same .
  2. Anyone know where I can get a look at a wiring diagram for 1st Gen audio system? My cassette deck has gone AWOL and would like to remove it and wire in a stereo connection to plug in my IPOD, but the wiring diagrams in the manual seems to have identified every wire except those from the deck to the amplifier. Appreciate your help.
  3. I am 70, and dislexia makes me a happy 07! I have two artificial knees, and I feel YOUNGER on my 86VR (thanks Squidley and Lonna) .... than at any other time. Have we done a survey? I did read the VR 1st Gen post of the 16 year old riding a VR. Great. So, ... fill me in while I roam Colorado some more! Jack Tharp Fort Collins, CO
  4. I had this posted in the 2nd Gen Tech area, but since time is running out, I am throwing this out to all. I am going to help my friend install Sonic Progressive springs in his 2001 RSV this Thursday. I need to know what to expect. I have done this to my 1st Gen, but want to know what to expect on a 2nd Gen. I hope to complete it in less than 4 hours. I have looked/searched for a thread on the spring installation process and the best I found was a statement on another thread that there were no 2nd Gen installation threads. I put Progressives in my 1st Gen, but the 2nd Gen looks different enough with the newer fork style etc. So, any hints, tips, suggestions or good excuses I can use while working on this bike ? The fairing removal looks challenging, does the fork caps come off using a crescent on the square area right below the air valve ? It looks like once you loosen the 2 fork bracket cinch bolts, they should unscrew. Any and all information will be helpful. I hope to knock this out in around 4 hours. Does that sound reasonable ? Also, how far form the top of forks should the oil be while the tubes are compressed ? How about any spacers on top of the new springs ? Info...I'm begging for info... Bill
  5. [h=2]To all my friends:[/h] I need to spend less time on the computer, so December 31st will be my last day on VentureRider.org for the year. I will return at the start of the new year on January 1st. Thank you for your understanding.
  6. I so want to ride one of these ! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=841436165889389 It's gotta be a 1st Gen because it's fast and fun....
  7. Have made a little progress this week with winter project. Made a stand that will be used to temporarily support frame during initial motor fitment and suspension work. It's not pretty but will only be used for this phase.. I have an old 1200 block setting in frame at this point to see where major obstacles will be in putting a 1st gen/VMax motor into the RSV frame. Motor fits the six mount points that the 1st gen uses in the 2003 RSV frame. The front head brackets will not be used. I have a set of VMax heads for this project that will be on a modified 1300 block. I don't think a v-boost system will be possible with this setup due to the use of the RSV fuel tank & air intake components. I don't think the taller V-boost setup has a chance of fitting. Considering another option to use in place of the V-boost for that snap at about 6k rpm's. Rear exhaust down tubes look to be usable with very little modification. Front down tubes are going to be a challenge. The front motor mount bracket will need some modification to allow the front tubes to pass bracket. Seriously considering using a 1st gen MKII front end I have intsead of the RSV front end. The RSV unit is massive compared to a 1st gen unit. I don't have the wheels for the RSV, so I want to use a set of VMax wheels on this. The fork spread is over an inch wider than the 1st gen which would make the use of the VMax wheels improbable. I have tried the 1st gen triple tree in the RSV frame and it matches what is needed. I like the styling of the RSV fender more than the 1st gen, but It may not get used. I think I can mount the RSV handlebars & controls on the 1st gen upper tree bracket with minimal modification. I will have to set tank on frame to see if there will be a clearance issue with this change. Bike will be a single seater with no fairing, saddle bags etc. Minimal instrumentation, no radio. Looking at a VMax instrument pod & speedometer. Have a VMax final drive for it. Gary
  8. I been reading all the earlier post are audio and still confused My cass does not work, radio only on AM and CB dead dont care about CB I would like to do is pull all out.. amp tuner everything but, all those wires what do i do what them and which wires do i use? What is everyone making to fill the big hole if you pull everything out that looks nice? I like listening to FM and i guess i had to be able to down some music mp3 or ipod (haven't done that yet) What a good system to put in? and would i need a amp? My bike the only thing keeping me from a padded room and some music would really help This is 1st post hope it get to the right place. Thanks for any help and pictures would be great
  9. I've heard it over and over that the 1st gen is faster than the 2nd gen.I have a 86 and a 99 with sidecar.There is a straight stretch of road here we call the dragstrip.From the big rock to the mailbox I ran 85 on the 86.On the same stretch on my 99 I ran80 and that was with the sidecar.Does anyone have documented proof that the 1st gen is faster other that I said it is.does anyone have drag slips where the same rider rode both bikes?I HONESTLY do not believe my 86 is faster than my 99. PS. Bet this will probably be deleted within the first 10 repliees but I do need an answer and not just an opinion.
  10. I know this isn't the perfect forum for this, but it will work. I have a garage FULL of 1st gen parts, and I need to thin it out drastically. I will be posting pics in the classifieds, but wanted to give a heads up to the 1st gen folks. Here are a few of the body parts I have... Left side upper fairing, fair condition Couple of front fenders, fair to good condition 2 sets of MKI saddlebags, 1 with key for locks, 1 without key, Good shape Trunk for '85 and base, Fair condition 3 seats, 2 in fair shape, 1 in not so good 2 faux tank covers 1 pair of engine side panels, fair to good condition 5 factory stereos all work, including the cassette players, fair to good condition 1 CLASS pump compressor assembly, works well I could go on, but you get the drift. If anyone is looking for oddball parts, I have a got of inner plastic parts, fenderwells and such. If your looking for something shoot me a PM, or if you want to buy the lot of misc parts, we can do that too.
  11. Yesterday after procrastinating about it forever I went to the gym. I can't pick up my coffee cup this morning!! Was on this site just before I went out the door and was thinking about things. So it is this sites fault that I may have overdone it 1st day in about 5 yrs. What I need is to embarrass myself on here so I won't quit. Have really slipped from what I used to be. Getting old and weak. Could probally knock me down with a feather:whistling:!! I paid for membership yesterday in hopes it will drive me a little. If you pay for something you should use it?? My arms really hurt this morning.Think I could get a little prayer for that or do I have to apply elsewhere?? Sorry Don....If you guys would push me a little this time it might help me to get the habit started again. If you get in a habit of working out you don't want to miss it. But if you don't do it regular it is easy to make excuses to skip days and then it goes downhill from there. Getting knocked down as I did it gives you a great excuse not to do it. OK Thats enough. Get out of chair and do something!!
  12. I have 1986 Venutre Royale 28K on the clock. Tape deck sounds ok with stock speakers. Is there anyone upgraded the sound system on the 1st GENs. Please tell me what needs to be done. Maybe 12 in in the side saddle bags and the amp in the top center trunk. I would love to make a Rolling Thumpalounger..
  13. While cleaning block up today, I took some pictures of the 2nd drain plug on the 1st gen blocks. I Don't know if the 2nd gens have a similar 'feature'. On the left side, directly under the middle drive cover there is a 14mm head bolt that goes into block and drains an oil pocket. This pocket appears to serve as a lubrication pool for the middle drive gear. Not very big, maybe about the size of a milk container that I remember from school, half pint I think. This pocket is isolated from draining, so a normal oil change will not drain this oil. Curiously, there is another pocket that is isolated that lays outside of the pocket that has the drain screw It is an 'L' shaped pocket that is below & to the right in the 1st picture. No drain provision for this area though. It would be nice to know what the design intent was for the 2nd outer pocket, and why it is not can't be drained. Gary
  14. 1st gen,,,, nice looking 86 with absolutely no bling, don't even know if it runs yet. Guess I have something to do this winter, unless somebody wants it more than me.
  15. As I have posted I became a Grandpa for the first time New Years Eve and I have not yet seen my new Granddaughter. I have been sick and was planning on driving down to my sons house this Saturday to see Her and watch football. Went to the Doctors today and they did a chest x-ray and found that I have a lung infection now and Doctor said NO to seeing my Granddaughter. He did say I could go down there IF I wore a mask, rubber gloves, did not pick up the baby, and did not get close enough to breathe near her. Now what new Grandpa doesn't want to hold their new Grandchild? So got new meds and have to go back to Doc in a week and see if I get the OK to greet my Granddaughter properly. So for next weekend. P.S. For those of you on Medicare (like me) and have not refilled a prescription yet after the 1st of the year you may be in for quite a shock. One of my meds that I have to take went from a co-pay of $1.04 to $51.79. (before the 1st without insurance it was only $35.00 for 60 pills now with the NEW government improved pills they are $275.00 without insurance) Pharmacy said it's been a nightmare since the 1st because of new government guidelines on certain meds.
  16. I need the metal tube from the thermostat housing that has the bypass valve in it. The interface on the RSV/Hybrid 1st gen motor to 2nd gen cooling system is in the MvGyvering process. I am going to keep both the 1st gen & RSV thermostat housings on bike, but only have a thermostat in RSV housing. I need to do this to get the water pump hooked up to the lower radiator outlet. Plumbing is different between the two. Where the line enters the water pump is not going to accept the RSV water line, so I have to use the plastic elbow from a 1st gen, which is locked in place by the thermostat housing. This tube will be cut off between the selector valve & the thermostat housing and brazed shut. I need to do this to block off this port on the 1st gen thermostat housing. Out of all the parts I have, I can't find this one. Gary
  17. Jesus, I know I am not the 1st person to wish you a Happy Birthday today, on the 2012th year of your birth. I also am not the 1st person to seek you out this day, there have been many before me that today have looked to you for guidance and comfort, and you have been there for them. I'm probably not the 1st biker to speak with you and wish you a Birthday greeting today. I may not be the first at a lot of things that pertain to you, on the day of your birth. I do want to be the 1st here, on this tiny website, full of people that follow you, know or try to know you, and some that are maybe interested in knowing you, to wish you that Happy Birthday. After all, it is you, the most recognized person in the entire world, who was given to us this day, so many years ago. You also gave yourself to us, to be our light and beacon on our path to being with our creator, Thank You for doing this. The sacrifice you made, for your father, to deal with satan for our souls, there are many that remember what you did, and are very thankful to you for doing it. I suppose what I'm really trying to say, is Thank You for this place, this website, to it's creator Don Nelson and his family that always opens up their home and their hearts to us, much like you do. Thank You for all the people that I have met here, who have touched my soul, and my heart and gave me some faith in humanity. My only wish, on this day of your birth, is that all the people whom I call friends here, the ones who enrich my life and put up with me. That you bless them and everyone on this planet on this day of your birth, because it's the best gift I can think of, to give them. We as humans, still hold some hope that we'll get it right one day, as we know you still believe in us. So Thank You Jesus, for being here for us, and Happy Birthday to you. I hope we can give you part of the present you really want, Peace for us down here.....
  18. I know some of you 1st genners are looking for a heel toe setup for your bikes. I just removed one from an '83 I have and I'm looking to sell it. If your interested PM me and we'll chat.
  19. I have been contemplating the acquisition of another 1st Gen, the last one I owned was an 83 Royale and I loved it however the notion of increased maintenance, reliability and the availability of spare parts has me in a quandary as the whether or not it would be wise acquisition. I would like to know from those that own a 1st gen how hard are the parts to obtain now and what is the level of effort involved in keeping one in reliable riding condition?
  20. Well, now that winter has gotten here and I need to think about getting some things done, I was wondering what others were planning on doing. I am going to need to do some transmission work as it feels like I have lost the détente action in my transmission. I still have the spring action that will bring the shifter back to the middle, but I am having a problem finding neutral and feeling when it clicks in any gear. Several times I have put it in 1st and it came back out. I have also had the same problem with 5th after shifting and with very little load, it would slip back out. I still have the other engine that has 30K miles on it that I put the 2002 Venture transmission in it, but it had some rust in one of the cylinders and I am not sure whether the engine is worth putting in. I just need to get motivated in getting something done. RandyA
  21. Anybody Know if the rear Rim of an 06 RSV fit on a 1st gen RSTD? 96 or 97?
  22. Saw a 1st gen, Blue parked at Gilberts in Key largo this afternoon. could not find the owner. anyone from here?
  23. So I know it is somewhat of a common problem on our 1st Gens. They are just so dang fast the gas fumes in the tank cannot keep up with the bikes. My bike has developed the “gas smell in the garage” syndrome. It seems to be getting worse. I have checked the diaphragms, checked for overflow from the carbs. Adjusted the idle screws. Trying to decide the next step. So, what are the solutions that you guys have found ? What is the next couple of steps I should try ?
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