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  1. Just started yesterday? no recent activity in shout box.
  2. Yesterday when we got up it was about 10 below zero here. It is warmer today...actually zero right now and is supposed to climb to a balmy 12 degrees F today. Actually staying fairly warm on the sleds but took the time yesterday to drive into Hayward and picked up a couple of facemasks. Also picked up a couple of very nice RibEyes. It's a tough life here but somebody has to do it.
  3. I missed yesterday,,,, yep forgot until it was tooo late,,, but if you do it a day late, it extends the day before,,, right??? HAPPY Birthday Wizard765!!!! Hope you might get a whole lot older in time. God Bless you!
  4. Yesterday after procrastinating about it forever I went to the gym. I can't pick up my coffee cup this morning!! Was on this site just before I went out the door and was thinking about things. So it is this sites fault that I may have overdone it 1st day in about 5 yrs. What I need is to embarrass myself on here so I won't quit. Have really slipped from what I used to be. Getting old and weak. Could probally knock me down with a feather:whistling:!! I paid for membership yesterday in hopes it will drive me a little. If you pay for something you should use it?? My arms really hurt this morning.Think I could get a little prayer for that or do I have to apply elsewhere?? Sorry Don....If you guys would push me a little this time it might help me to get the habit started again. If you get in a habit of working out you don't want to miss it. But if you don't do it regular it is easy to make excuses to skip days and then it goes downhill from there. Getting knocked down as I did it gives you a great excuse not to do it. OK Thats enough. Get out of chair and do something!!
  5. Dang! This side is exactly like my old life. Same aches and pains. Everything. If I wasn't sure the world ended yesterday I wouldn't know it today. Say... I better check my bank accounts. This could be another Wall Street scam. Mike
  6. Don't know how many college football fans we have out there, but I'm looking for some opinions on the guy that my home states team hired yesterday. Arkansas sneaked into Wisconsin and grabbed Bret Bielema yesterday, and everyone here is in a total stunned coma about it. The airwaves are filled with mixed responses from people thinking it was a good hire, to folks highly upset. So, can anyone give me an honest read on what we have comin at us?
  7. Got a new, " Ultimate " seat for the new 08 RSTD, Installed yesterday morning. Went rideing 2 hours yesterday, and about 140 miles today. So far, So Good !!! Not sure yet, but my you know what is not hurting this evening !!! :fingers-crossed-emo:fingers-crossed-emo:whistling::whistling:
  8. It does happen, well it seems to anyways,,, and it's not the first time she went and did this,,,can't blame me really, I mean I was trying everything and I really wasn't looking forward to do any straining or hard work. Ya I know, I should have been more cautious out there in the farmers' field doing a slow turn, but crap happens and it happened again yesterday. And then the smoke started coming out of the wires,,, oh no, that means I might have to walk home,,, not a good thing either,,, but hey, all is well that ends well,,, right???? Now the story. Went for a nice ride yesterday to Wainfleet ONT to enjoy the times of yesteryear. Lots to see and do. Followed our fearless leader over hill and vale, around curves and corners, dodged pot holes and road kill and finally ended up at our destination, but alas there was limited parking for kickstand bikes, but if we did a u-turn in a field we could park on some gravel... good thought,,,,, until,,,,,,,,,,,,, well that's where it happened, doing a slow turn, unable to give much throttle, through pasture, the front wheel decided to head further left than it was designed and Scamper did a slow roll over. All seemed to be ok, except for Marca who decided not to stay put,(can't say as I blame her) and put her foot out and promptly fell over and hurt her shoulder, (it's ok now). She says she knows better, we have been down before and she stayed put with absolutely no damage at all,,, interesting to see that,,,, bike on it's side and Marca sitting there yet like it's going somewhere, but not this time. Got help from Wayne and Steve to set Scamper back up and view any damage. Not much really, a broken air wing, a mirror facing the wrong way, hiway peg not in the right spot and just a little smoke coming out of a wire,,, life was good, could have been serious. Turns out, the smoke was coming out of the running light wire, right where it attached to the fuse block,,,was a loose connection, but rode home with the 4 ways on until I could get it fixed,,,, ready to ride again,,,, 10 am Monday. Freebird will want to keep me as a member,,, I pay well.
  9. The 89 is " Sold " as of yesterday.
  10. Just wanted to thank all the committee members of the 2012 for putting on a great rally so far. Don & I are having a great time. We are thankful to be here with everyone. I know the hard work involved in planning something like this and just wanted to take a minute to say thanks BIG TOM & all your hard working crew!!! Niagara Falls was awesome yesterday. The rides have been great so far. Pioneer motorsports have gone above & beyond in their hospitality for us. Can't wait for another day of fun & adventure. :clap2::clap2:
  11. geared final drive just arrived from http://rmsportmax.com/gateway.html Thank you John for all you had to do, yesterday, to get it out to me!!! Now gotta get it installed!!!
  12. Sailor


    Got the wolo installed yesterday. Thanks Carbon 1 for the harness. Off for a ride now, hope I don't have to use it.
  13. I added some SF to a full tank yesterday morning, about 5 oz., and later in the afternoon, my buddy riding behind me said he noticed a puff of white smoke or "steam" coming from my left exhaust on a few occasions, particularly on accelerations. I didn't notice any engine misfires or loss of power at all yesterday, and in fact, the bike seems to be running fine. I routinely add 3 to 5 oz. of SF to every 3rd or 4th full tank of gas just for general maintenance purposes. I'm also getting 40 - 43 mpg's on my last several fill up's. Can SF cause this to happen, or should I be checking for something else?
  14. Lost a fellow rider yesterday. http://www.mlive.com/news/muskegon/index.ssf/2012/06/muskegon_motorcyclists_involve.html#incart_river_default Car driver crossed the center line and mowed down 10 of 12 riders in a group killing one and injuring 9. All the riders are from my town and the local club. Remember, the cars are trying to kill us.
  15. My new best friend is ALEVE! I actually got some work done on the honey do list yesterday.
  16. If your at Dons and you see YammerDan please tell him not to take rt 33 home... I did yesterday, and it took 1 1/2 hrs longer due to construction around columbus and all along rt 33. Thanks Joe
  17. will get in about 200 miles today....so all in all will be a pretty good weekend... but DANG it has been HOT riding lately.... was drained yesterday on 120 mile ride & that is unusual...rode 110 miles Friday and didn't go nowhere just puttering around ....have fun and keep the rubber side down.....
  18. Hi, Find attached an mp3 audio file of me starting my bike. It's hard to describe but the bike will start, then die. I've put in a new sealed battery, changed the spark plugs and rode 40 miles yesterday with 1/4 can of seafoam in the tank. What do I need to look at next? Thanks chuk
  19. Anyone found any solution in reducing the sun glare on the dash. Was riding back home yesterday and the sun glare was really bad.
  20. This is a UK motorcycle vid with some real interesting insights into why bikers arent seen on the road. It shows how they think we can do a couple of things to avoid being hit and be seen much better. BTW SMIDSY is the British term for Sorry Man I Didnt See You when the car does a left turn into a biker. A good friend of mine got hit exactly like this a week ago and has been in a coma until yesterday, he is starting to come around today, but still is in intensive care unit with ruptured speen, broken hip and leg and more..... PLease ride safe!!! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqQBubilSXU]Crash Course - The SMIDSY - YouTube[/ame] Brian
  21. Hey, I was limo driving here in the Finger lakes area yesterday and saw a fine looking 86-93 Blue first Gen go flying by heading South. This was In Hector just north of Watkins Glen. Was that anyone from here? I thought it might be rstacy test ridin that new 19k mile 1st Gen he just bought. Was it him or someone else from here it was around 2-3pm.
  22. Did my daughter make a mistake? She called and said it was 109degs in Loredo yesterday..... Wha??
  23. Well I put a car tire on the wing yesterday. I must say I am impressed after 400 + miles I may try to find one for the blonde it handles the wet very well and is pretty responsive in the curves at highway speeds.all that's left to test in 100+ on the slabs. I will try to keep this updated as I work on wearing it out over the next couple months. Jeff
  24. Ok. What am I doing wrong? I tried to put a Venture sighting on the map yesterday and could not get it to work. Any tips?
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