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  1. A few posts have been made in the past about the workings of the fuel tank level sender & the petcock. I pulled these parts out of my spare gas tank and took some pictures of them to show how they work for interested members Picture of the sender unit as it came out of the tank. Picture of sender with metal cover removed. The tabs do not have to be bent to remove metal cover. Just spring sides of cover out slightly and cover will slide back. Close up of the wire wound resistor. The metal wiper contact is
  2. Thinking about buying the Yamaha tank Bib Leather Tank Bra STR-4XY49-10-01 Its the dual pocket studded version Big bucks from Yamaha Any recommendations on where I could get the best on line price? Appreciate any other ideas or recommendations as well!!
  3. I bought a 2006 RSV I am newbie to this site but have enjoyed all the help and support on the site. My question is my Betsy has abiut a 5 gallon gas tank no star emblems. I am thinking it should have a six gallon tank. Is there amod or something where the tank is swapped. Just curious like thebike the way it is.
  4. Is somebody on the group doing tanks and paint repairs? I had an accident taking my bike to the storage, and as a consecuence a ding on the tank with loss of paint on the ding, and scrachtes on my saddlebags. I have a Venture 2000 on Red and Burgundy color. Thanks,
  5. I had a place reproduce the original decal on the gas tank of the Auranthetic mini bike I have. I think they did a great job.......... I posted a picture of the gas tank so you can see the original decal and then a picture of the reproduced decal. Now its off to the sandblaster to remove the paint from the gas tank..
  6. There have been at least three other threads on this subject in the past month or two, but since this is going to be kinda long and detailed, I thought I would start a new one just for my measurements and results. We all know that reported MPG figures for the 2nd gens have been all over the map, from high 20s to mid 50s (don't I wish!). Nobody is really sure what they SHOULD be or how to compare them. I am on the trail to figure that out. My mileage has always been in the mid 30s average (much more detail below) on both of my RSVs over 50,000 miles. I recently checked and properly set the f
  7. I don't know how far most of you go before, but I usually start to look for gas at about 120-130 miles. The fartherest (before today) I ever rode on a tank a gas was about 152 miles... I was in the middle of NOWHERE in Southeast Missouri today and no gas stations around. Even at 165 miles, I still didn't hit reserve...I mighta went a few more miles even. How about some of you. Wally
  8. I want to replace the tank on my 09 RSTD with the larger RSV tank. What is the oldest model year 6 gal. RSV tank that will fit my bike?
  9. I don't know if there is interest in this or not, but I'm working on a gauge mount for Tour Deluxes. If anyone has a used (scratched, dented, etc.) tank panel they could send me, I would send them a gauge mount for free after I get a final product complete. Thanks, Ponch
  10. Looking to install a auxilary fuel tank and was wondering if we can install fuel line directly to existing line from tank or do we have to install another peckcock then add lines to that? I know that the rsv's are not fuel injected but with the fuel pump set up i'm wondering if it's the same.
  11. I'm gonna change my spark plugs myself. Looking at that project closely, It appears I might have to raise the gas tank to get to the front two plugs, Am I thinking right?
  12. There just has to be an Award for Dumb,,,,,, Let me set this up a little. I just finished converting my 01 RSV to a Trike, and did a total repaint, which means that I had it down to the frame, and chassis for a month. OK did all of the thought needed maintenance including breaking the Oil Pan ( there has to be an Award for that too,, ) You know Plugs, filters air and fuel check wiring, and add wireing for things I added. Etc: Etc... I read the Tech info section or most of it, and have the manuals all downloaded ( great stuff here ) I noticed that the Ignition Switch connector has the
  13. I have an aux fuel cell connected via a valved T between the Main/Reserve selector and the fuel pump. Can I use that at Maintenance Days to run my bike if I take the tank off? Do I need to short the fuel sender unit or something? Dave
  14. looking for a tank bag that is not too large and (pretty much) water proof . Any ideas
  15. My daughter just called. She's at the house her and her girlfriend share. Their furnace is apparently not heating. She said they just had the propane tank filled yesterday and it seemed to be working last night. Tank is on and showing pressure. I was trying to walk her through checking and relighting the furnace. It's an Arcoaire Deluxe 2 stage Model NTP605. I had her check for stickers on the panels for relighting directions and all they could find was one that said "Autostart", no relighting info at all. I'm not even familiar with propane furnaces so I'm gonna ask.......what th
  16. So many of you guys have a lot more mechanical wisdom than I do so I am posting this question for your opinions..... I recently went completely through my bike getting it restored (99RSV), new paint, new parts, new mods, blah blah, blah- you get the point. When we reinstalled the gas tank getting everything put back together the low fuel indicator light now stays on. The contacts appear to be good and I cleaned them for good measure(where they connect in front of the tank), still the light stays on. This morning I replaced the fuel thingy in the tank.....still same problem. Now though here'
  17. Last Friday I finally completed the 87MKII 1st gen and got it back on the road. It's been on the center stand for about a year while I worked all of the known bugs out of it. At first I had a performance issue with old gas at the bottom of the tank but after running the tank dry and filling with fresh gas, then adjusting the idle it seems to be running great. I haven't had a chance to put a lot of miles on it yet to evaluate if the 4200 rpm stutter has completely disappeared. But, so far there has been no sign of it. I'm also expecting the 26MPG issue to have greatly improved. I'll report a
  18. I was recently at a car show in Palmyra N.Y. when I came across this crazy built up Royal Star. Its running nitrous and everything. Incredible custom work on the tank and what a paint job. Even has neon light. Is this one of our members? has anyone else ever seen this before outside of New York State?
  19. jaymacdoo


    fuel light came on . I kept riding .20 kms later Needed to switch to reserve. I kept riding . 70kms after that i ran out . Thats ok now i know I have less than 70 kms on reserve. BUT what pee'd me off was the fact I could only get less than 22 liters in the tank . What happened to 23 liters and 3 of reserve making this a 26 liter tank ?
  20. I added some coolant to the small tank it was empty the radator is full and over night the small tank was empty, and the oil level was up. I changed the oil refilled the small tank to the full mark took it for a ride and it was pushing the coolant back into the small tank to where it would over flow. There is no white smoke from the exsust and it runs fine. I am hopeing that this wasnt the reason for the PO to trade it off. I Talked with the PO and he told me that he had just put a new thermotat and cap on the radiator. There is no coolant on the floor. Am I looking at a blown head gasket o
  21. OK i let the bike set up for well since Isaac came through i put some unknowingly bad gas in the tank from a gas can i filled up before the pending visit of Isaac i must have gotten the bottom of the tank i ran some berry mans treatment cleaner in my tank the whole can in the 4 gal. of gas it was running bad lose of power before i got back to the shop that's when i added berry mans and ran it for about 30 min. then shut it down that was Friday i just cranked it and it was still running bad so i drained the tank at the fuel filter the gas was dark yellow like old gas hooked the line back to the
  22. What is the fitting you can see if you look down between the handlebars and the fake tank shroud on the right side? Looks like an air fitting? Anybody know?
  23. Hi all, I am trying to find a part number for a vender or tank and not the whole assembly. When I look on star's site it list all the parts but it does not seem to list the actual fender or the tank. I want to just replace the fender and tank and do not need all the other parts. Ebay is not an option since this is for insurance purposes. Appreciate the help. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/images/smilies/mytruck1.gif
  24. Problem, RSTD, has NO Radio. Solution " Jensen JHD910 " Marine quality AM/FM Wx band radio. Bought one, installed in a Tank Bag, Installed antenna, Works great !! Some problems with Ignition Noise on AM band, but my new home brew antenna has almost solved the problem. Anyway, Its a darn good Radio !!! But--- Its expensive, About $200.00 bucks, Size, its only 5 in wide, 3 1/3 in high and about 1 3/4 inch thick. A deffinate plus for mounting, Takes AUX input for MP-3 players,
  25. Something is wrong with my fuel gauge readings on my '06 Midnight Venture. I had the bike serviced by my local Yamaha Dealer. New plugs etc so the tank had to come off. (First Time Ever) I drove the bike for a few days after getting it back. The fuel gauge was on 1 bar left and the Low Fuel Warning Indicator came on. Always used to come on with 2 bars on the fuel gauge. Anyway, I pulled over and switched the petcock to reserve. I got about 2 miles and the bike ran out of gas. Never did that before. Got some gas from a generous nearby homeowner then filled the tank at the nearest gas sta
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