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  1. Juggler I wanted to buy these Baron Passenger Floor Board adjusters. How have they worked for you? BIRIN
  2. Thanks Mark! Just completed the order Bill
  3. I have gone to every nut and bolt location within 400Km and no one has a stud reducer of these specifications Any idea where I might buy one? ...on-line vendor? I am stumped I appreciate any help Thanks Bill
  4. I am not really good at electrical work - but I have too many direct leads to my battery posts so I need to install and new mini blade fuse block with built in relay? I connect the positive lead of the block to my positive battery post using the correct gauge wire and then ground the block. I am not clear how to wire in the white switched lead that I read about in this forum? How does this connect? To the relay? Can anyone give me a basic wiring diagram for this? Or point me to a place on this site where I can see a wiring diagram? Thanks a lot Bill
  5. http://www.vancouversun.com/news/pistol+packing+seniors+fined+after+border+bust/5827447/story.html Thought some of you might find this interesting. Two Americans fined $20,000 for not declaring 6 guns at the border into Canada I thought the articles closing paragraph was "interesting" "Outside, Barr was asked why they were carrying so many guns, and he said he’d heard that northern Canada was wild and dangerous — “a bit like it was in the old covered wagon days.”
  6. I understood the K-40 antennas that are stock with the venture have a 3/8"-24 threaded base ? I connected with the Firestik antenna company and they confirmed their attenna bases are all 3/8-24, male threaded So i must be incorrrect? The Venture K-40 stock attennas cant have the same base - since one cant simply be removed and replaced with the firestik Can someone tell me what the base thread is for the stock Venture K-40 attennas?? Thanks
  7. I lost a front fork seal on a 3000 kilometer haul this spring over a 4 day period when I racheted the front end down tight.
  8. Looks like I have to go abroad for 12 months Any tips on storing a bike for 12 months. Any issues with leaving it in cold storage? Could get 25 degrees below zero in the winter. Any tips or recommendations are appreciated
  9. I was wondering if you got a price for this unit yet?
  10. http://www.pod-ium.com/PODIUM-motorcycle-luggage-trailer-aluminum.html Same approach but the trailer expands and contracts Could haul a fiberglass box, golf clubs. bikes etc etc Problem - more expensive
  11. Any recommendations on the best light weight enclosed trailer to haul a venture? Tried an open trailer this past year and the bike was a mess after every trip. Need something that is fibreglass or light weight enclosed with some level of suspension. Lost a few bolts on the bike when hauling it on a trailer with no suspension. Looking at hauling the venture a few thousand miles every year behind a new 4 cylinder SUV
  12. I have not been up since the Olympic improvements. How long did it take to drive up? Bill
  13. Just got back to Oliver BC from Phoenix. Drove down and towed my motorcycle Drove I-5 - Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, LA on the way down and Las Vegas, Salt Lake and Boise on the way back. Did not like the snow at the pass in Southern Oregon on the way down. Had to buy chains (that I never used). If you have good weather the coast highway would be a nice trip if you stay off I-5 If I had to bike back - I thought the Vegas, Salt Lake, Boise up to Osoyoos was the best. Lots of open highway. Lots of bikes on the raod, Nice big wide open spaces. It depends what you like - but I would do the west side of the grand canyon (new lookout that has a glass floor). Lots of motorcycles there two weeks ago. The Hoover dam would be your next spot. Then Vegas. Then through the open country up through the unique country up to Boise and Salt lake. Just my thoughts. BIRIN
  14. Towed my venture down to Phoenix from Vancouver. On the return 2400 Km trip I stopped at a "Flying J" truck stop and bought 2 -3 foot firestiks that were on sale for $30.00 a pair. I tried to mount them but the thread base was the wrong size. Do you have to mod the venture attenna base? or do you have to buy a specific Firestik size?
  15. I am not sure the Venture integrated CB,voice and music system is really worth investing in. I would move towards the new Blue Tooth units. I say this for several reasons. The first is the amount of issues of road noise that you can read about in this forum. I like many others have had considerable problems. You read about all kinds of "fixes" like "Mike Mutes" to make the factory system work. The second reason is the antennas. Firestik (a supplier of antennas) will tell you 30% of your CB transmission is lost into the second "radio" antenna on the bike. If I were to start all over again - I would not connect to the antiquated Venture system. Surely the presence of a "tape deck" should give you a hint that nothing has been invested in the Venture audio technology for a decade .
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