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  1. I just retired from full-time work and will leave San Antonio TX for Springfield IL...round trip of about 2500 miles. My question...how many miles can/should I REALISTICALLY plan on covering in a day? I've never taken a long trip on the RSV. I did ride from St. Louis to Wichita Falls TX back in 1977 on a Honda 450...but I was much younger then. I know many of you can ride a thousand miles in one day...I am 62 and I need to plan for what I really should try to cover. Thanks in advance for any input. Jim T
  2. I haven't posted to much, but what a great site. I would like to thank everyone for the info that I have received already by reading previous threads. But to my problem. My 84's timing is out of the marks, and can't find any way to adjust it back. Looked through all manuals that i could find, and read what i could on this site, but couldn't find where to go! Any help at all would be great!! everything else is ready for my 10,000k trip in july except this.
  3. Thanks to those members who helped us plan last years trip to kentucky...This year plan to ride to williamsburg VA. via skyline dr..plan to spend 7 days in this area then home via coastal route...any ideas about roads to ride in this area or to avoid...williamsburg may not be final resting place.we book thru homeaway for 1 week..think will go to virginia beach ,civil war sites,..any suggestions would be much appreciated...thanks Les
  4. Someone put their trip down in writing, real good , going to refer to it often myself. The Adventures of Lemonade
  5. Another post jogged my memory to ask about this. I notice on my '06 that when the low fuel indicator comes on, the mileage indicator changes to the trip meter. Is this normal? Can it be stopped? Does anyone else have this happen and do you find it a good thing?
  6. Rode my 89 1255 miles round trip from SE Iowa to Little Rock AR to a conference there. This is the first trip I've done like this and I have a lot more confidence in the bike and myself now. Anyway, after having lunch and a brief snooze on the grass (anybody else do that when they ride?) I turned the key, hit the ignition and NOTHING! Rats! Must be that electrical short and the battery went dead while I was sleeping. I went into the restaurant & the owner offered to give me a jump. We hooked up the cables and again NOTHING. Now what could it be? As I asked him to check his connections I happened to look at the red toggle switch that I never use on the left handle bar. YUP! The kill switch was off. So I said to the good samaritan, without mentioning my serreptitious red button correction, "Maybe it is connected right now" and hit the ignition with the now clearly unnecessary jumper cables still attached. And it started. Amazing. I thanked the good fellow and quickly drove away after reassembling the cover and tank bag and dressing with gratitude that I hadn't spent $100 and called a local garage. Duh. BTW, I love the twisties in AR.
  7. barend

    road trip

    looks like i'll be making a little road trip if everything works out the way I hope. the "big" question is which way to go, my choices are either I40 East from CA to SC or stay a little lower and take I 10 and I 20. any thoughts? I want to do this in three days if possible (2300+ miles) -- hmm, maybe four:hihi:
  8. Hi, Here is another question stemming from the dive into my red bike's dash: Is the trip odo reset rubber cover available as a spare part from Yama ? I have been to the Yama mother ship's web site and looked on the parts diagrams but I don't see it identified as an available part. Any one know? Are there any crafty work arounds I should know about, like modifying a baby bottle nipple to act as a stand in or similar? Thanks, Brian H.
  9. Does anyone take spare fuel on a long trip? Im thinking about taking spare fuel on my cross country trip, since i am riding solo. Does anyone know a good source for containers?
  10. Hello again. I have chosen tomorrow, of all days, to take my newly purchased 2003 RSV, on a field trip. Headed to hilton head, SC. Just an overnight trip. Riding solo but packing stuff to get used to the handling with weight in the bags and trunk and top. Approx. 725 miles round trip. For some of you that's miles you put on in one day. For me it's a real luxury lately to have days off. That's said, I will report once there and the return trip how it went. ( that is of course if we are not doomed courtesy of the Mayan calendar prophecy ) Still a bit nervous due to me being very new to bike and how she handles. On a separate note, the custom dynamics tail light came in and I chose the 100 LED. Boy oh boy, is it BRIGHT. If you can not see those babies, you shouldn't be anywhere inside a vehicle... Have a great day:Venture:
  11. About the middle of November Janet and I are planning on a trip from Sumas Washington to Sedona AZ. We plan on going via Yakima, Boise, Salt Lake City, Flagstaff and spending a couple weeks in Sedona. Haven't decided on a return route yet. If anyone has any advice as to roads or things to see let me know. We will be taking my 4x4 with Michelin snow tires on it.
  12. New to me 09 to replace the 05 RSV/Tri-wing trike I totaled out a while back. By spring time it will be converted into a trike by Hannigan. First pic is loaded up for the trip home. Rest are taken today at home. Let the modding begin. Larry
  13. This is my first shot at you tube,, lets see if this works.. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9dMc2d9lMU&feature=context-cha]Motorcycle Trip 1012 Utah Mountains with Bonneville run on 83 Yam Venture.. - YouTube[/ame] and here is the mighty 83 on the Bonneville [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubdyZ9VP7qE&feature=context-cha]1964 - YouTube[/ame] I tried!!
  14. We're flying out to Las Vagas Monday AM with Brother-in-law and his wife, we've never been there and they've been there enough to have our rooms comped for the week. We're using sky miles for the flight and a comped hotel so the whole up-front cost is less than $200 for all 4 of us. Realistically, it should cost about that much per day per person so it looks like I've got a lot of spare cash to use for ?? One thing we definitely going to do is a day trip to the Canyon, going to take a bus and let somebody else worry about traffic. Nope, not gonna walk out on that glass thingy - I get nervous just looking over the edge of a hill - Most likely this will be the last thing said about the trip because everybody knows that what happens in Vegas - - - -
  15. Friends are wanting to take a bike trip from Northwestern Oklahoma to about Mammoth Cave park in Kentucky in Late October this year. Sounds like a good time to us, should be nice colors in the trees and one last chance for a trip before the cold weather really sets in. We don't get that direction much and wondered if anyone had any advice to what the Kentucky weather typically is around the last of October. Also wondered if Local folks in that area had advice on things we should see / experience while in the area. Thanks much, Creole
  16. Hello Everyone! Just got back from an amazing trip south. Road the Skyline and the Blueridge all the way down to Gatlinburgh and back. While I was down that far I decided to ride the Dragon. What ride,318 turns in 11 miles. I have to say the Venture did very well on the whole trip. What an amazing bike! Not even a hit of trouble and handled great! Been wanting to do this for awhile now so I can scratch this off my bucket list!
  17. OK, here's an odd problem on my RSV. A few weeks ago, I noticed that my clock had been reset. I thought I may have pressed the buttons the wrong way when scrolling through the trip meter, so I forgot about it. Went to use it today and noticed that it showed the odometer instead of my trip meter, so I selected the trip meter and, lo and behold, both of them were at 0 KM (They were at 91 KM when I turned it off yesterday) and the clock had been reset. I didn't have the battery tender on so nothing has touched the bike. Anybody ever have this problem before? Andy
  18. http://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc501/1hondaman1100/Facebook/Untitled%20Album-1/th_285000_359331370819147_1168608164_n.jpghttp://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc501/1hondaman1100/Facebook/Untitled%20Album-1/th_230809_359331230819161_656560985_n.jpghttp://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc501/1hondaman1100/Facebook/Untitled%20Album-1/th_299384_359327490819535_1333001915_n.jpghttp://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc501/1hondaman1100/Facebook/Untitled%20Album-1/th_561883_359327354152882_1970711329_n.jpghttp://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc501/1hondaman1100/Facebook/Untitled%20Album-1/th_198749_359332314152386_1125462496_n.jpghttp://www.venturerider.org/forum/http://s1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc501/1hondaman1100/Facebook/Untitled%20Album-1/?action=view&current=285000_359331370819147_1168608164_n.jpg' target=_blank>http://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc501/1hondaman1100/Facebook/Untitled%20Album-1/th_285000_359331370819147_1168608164_n.jpg
  19. Came across an '87 Venture, and I'm toying with the idea of buying it. I would fix it up and then do a cross country trip. My last such trip was in '04 on an '02 Concours. - Is this an OK year for the Venture? - I'm OK with cleaning carbs, etc, but what else should I look out for? - Is 2nd gear a hazard on the 87 model? - Whats an OK price for an average '87 that's been sitting for a few years? - Are tires, parts, and so on reasonably available? Thanks!
  20. I have returned...or so the saying goes. The guy I was riding with, and I...returned home last night, after 15 days and 14 nights on the road, from Western Washington State to Goose Bay/Happy Valley, Newfoundland. The round trip was slightly under 10,000 miles. I rode my 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere', and he rode my old...his new...2005 BMW R1200GS. No problems were had by anyone, and we had decent weather, no accidents, no tickets, and very few bed bugs at all the motels. All in all, it was a good trip. Next trip, down to Bolivia, to ride the Death Highway. We are leaving on January 2nd, 2013. Anyone want to join us ???? Miles
  21. I've done numerous searches but much to my surprise I can't seem to find much on the actual fuel range of the RSTD. I realize it will vary depending on a number of issues but I'm trying to get an idea. I always seem to be stopping for gas while on a trip but maybe it's the nature of the beast. Anyway, on a full tank of gas, how far can you go. thanks Greg
  22. Just finished an over 4k mile trip on the 05 Midnight. Started out on an Iron Butt Border to Border from Laredo, Tx to Emerson, MB, Canada. Ended up riding almost all of Texas in the rain. Then I had the rear tire started to go down west of Topeka, Ks on the Turnpike at midnight. It was several hours before I had the tire plugged and back on the road. By then with the rain and the tire, the B2B was going to be a DNF. After a few hours sleep, checked my phone and DaveZipcode here in Houston was following my Spot Tracker and wanted to see what went wrong. He then got me info on VR members in the Sioux Falls area that I could contact. Since I was sure I could make it to Sioux Falls where I was to meet the wife to start a trip to the Black Hills after the B2B run. I contacted member EZRALE (Ezra) who lives in Dell Rapids north of Sioux Falls. Explained my situation with the rear tire and needing a dealer to get a new one. I didn’t want to ride a long trip with the wife on a plugged tire. He gave info on a Yamaha dealer and some other choices for repair, Yamaha was just a stones throw from the motel I was planning to stop at and meet the wife who was flying in on Tuesday. That Tuesday morning got the bike over to the dealer and they had one rear tire for the Venture in stock. They had me fixed up in about 2 hrs. After picking the bike up, Erza came by the motel on his 97 RSTD to meet and we talked for awhile and then went for a ride around the Sioux Falls area out in the countryside. We had a great time chatting and then found out we are both in the Broadcast business working for TV stations. What are the odds? Erza had just joined VR in August and put down on his profile VR assistance, but thinking it would be a million years before he would get a call. You never know. Thanks Erza. Picked up the wife at the airport and we started our trip the Black Hills area, had a great time riding in South Dakota and will be back. Then we headed to Denver to see an old friend there. While there noticed a small coolant leak coming from #2 cyl. Immediately got on the VR site to search, and found out about the dime fix on the drain plug. Worked like a charm. Its still there. I, like most everyone on this site really enjoy the having this group of people who freely give help and knowledge for all to use. There isn’t another group like this I am sure. Thanks again to Dave, Ezra and my wife Mollie who brought a spare tire on her flight just in case the dealer didn’t have one. Here are some pics of the trip. PS. With over 97500 miles on the Venture, I know she is just getting broke in. Love to ride it and do. Perry
  23. Tomorrow (Friday) morning, Barb and I are heading on another trip. First off, we'll be heading down to south of Nashville to watch our grandson quarterback his grade school football team. (ScarryLarry---it's the weekend again, and I suppose you're busy.) We'll visit there, and then Sunday afternoon head back up to near Cairo, IL and meet our friends at their house (they ride a '12 Wing). Monday morning the 4 of us will head west. We're heading to Albuquerque by Oct. 6 so we can see the start of the Balloon Fiesta, but seeing that we have some 'extra' time, we plan on heading for Colorado Springs and doing some riding in southwest Colorado. I'd like to go up on Pike's Peak, if the weather is cooperating---I've head that they have the road completely paved now. It's been at least 15 years since we've been in this area, so maybe we'll visit Cripple Creek on the way west, and then ride over Wolf Creek Pass. After we get to Albuquerque, we're thinking of riding south and doing some site seeing there. I'd kind of like to see Roswell. Our friends have to be home by the 11th, so our route back home is still unplanned. The weather looks good now, so we should have a great trip. Frank D.
  24. Not that we went anywhere ....but were back home. Didn't talk about the trip openly as I know folks would be wanting to see us. Went north to marry my Dad off, and it was a great wedding. Thank you to all the folks that we were able to see for their hospitality. It was one hell of a trip, 3700 miles in total. Now back to work tomorrow so I can pay for it all
  25. All: First I have to say my wife is a real trooper. For those that did not follow our Trip Blog to South Dakota last September, Donna tripped on some steps on our last day at the Bad Lands National Pk and broke her right shoulder really bad. Anyway after rehab and all that goes with that she informs me a few weeks ago that she wants to do a trip to New England. ALL THOSE PEOPLE IN SUCH A SMALL SPACE. Leaving on the 18th and returning by the 29th. From Lynchburg I'm jumping on Rt 220 through Northern VA and WV and eventually to Bedford, PA. My Goldwing Bud says to take Rt. 219 from Somerset, PA right up to Buffalo, NY. Plan is to get the Niagra Falls thing off the Bucket List. Looking to head north and would like info on Rt 104 & Rt 3 to Wellesley Island area? Something about Singer and Boldt Castle's on St. Lawrence. After that I need input please. What do we need to see while we are up there. NOTE: MY GOAL on this trip is to teach my Yankee Brother's and Sister's about GRITS! Seriously though....with the time we have. What/Where should we go. TKS.... Long Tall Lynchburg, VA
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