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Found 16 results

  1. We've talked a lot about the SyncPro ('[ame=http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=33618]Carbtune versus Motion Pro SyncPro[/ame]' and '[ame=http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=38304]Carbtune/SyncPro vs 4 seperate vacuum guages[/ame]' [sic] being two recent conversations). I bought the SyncPro and took it with me when I visited V7Goose yesterday for carb work. I wanted his considered opinion. Yesterday was filled with surprises. First it was the roofing screw, then it was meeting lobo17 (he came to see the carb work), but one of the more interesting surprises was how the SyncPro "works". Goose did not like it on reputation, and liked it less on sight. Goose was determined to prove the SyncPro to be junk. To be sure, there is much to dislike about it. It seems cheap. You have to calibrate it each time. But it was reputed to work, so he wanted to see how well it did. Look at the photos. Goose hooked it up to a hand-held vacuum pump. The first shows the SyncPro calibrated at 5 inHg. The second shows that it goes out of calibration at 10 inHg, and is clearly wacked at 15 inHg. When he returned it to 5 inHg, it was out of calibration and fragmented too. It would seem that blipping the carb would send the SyncPro out of calibration. For fun, I am including a photo of Goose's tool. There is no doubt it is quality. You can also see him in action. He uses his laptop to monitor the RPMs. That's pretty cool. Well, he disliked the SyncPro before I left Houston, but how did it do? As I [ame=http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showpost.php?p=364594&postcount=9]admitted earlier[/ame], I bungled the repairs to it, so I expected the sync to be off. But it was surprisingly good. 1 & 2 were sync'd OK, and 3 & 4 were sync'd OK, but left & right were not sync'd together properly. I had problems getting L/R to come together, and it turned out that while not horrible, they weren't that close either. When Goose got L/R together, the RPMs surged like crazy. Clearly, my bike was running better. Maybe if I hadn't reversed hoses, I could have gotten nearly decent results. So, why did the SyncPro work as well as it did? Looking at Goose's vacuum pump test, you would think it shouldn't. I think it was because you calibrate at idle, which gives you a given vacuum. And that's the vacuum you sync to, give or take. What's worrying is that you lose the calibration when you blip the throttle (change the vacuum). In short, I don't think I can recommend the SyncPro. I don't think the pluses outweigh the minuses, and I am not convinced it will do the job. I want to take the opportunity to thank Goose for being so generous with his time, talent, and coffee. My bike runs like a top as a result. Thanks Goose! Dave
  2. I have returned...or so the saying goes. The guy I was riding with, and I...returned home last night, after 15 days and 14 nights on the road, from Western Washington State to Goose Bay/Happy Valley, Newfoundland. The round trip was slightly under 10,000 miles. I rode my 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere', and he rode my old...his new...2005 BMW R1200GS. No problems were had by anyone, and we had decent weather, no accidents, no tickets, and very few bed bugs at all the motels. All in all, it was a good trip. Next trip, down to Bolivia, to ride the Death Highway. We are leaving on January 2nd, 2013. Anyone want to join us ???? Miles
  3. I will be gone for a couple weeks. Okay, many of you are thinking...whew...it will finally be quieter around here with me gone riding. I and a riding friend are taking off this afternoon for...Goose bay/Happy Valley, Labrador, Canada. We are leaving from Western Washington/Seattle area. The ride should be about 10,000 miles round trip. We will see. I will be riding my 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere' 1200, and the riding partner will be riding my old bike that I sold to him, a 2005 BMW R1200GS. If any of you have ever been to Goose Bay/Happy Valley, Labrador, then...you already know what we are getting ourselves into. Gulp! See ya'all down the road.
  4. Okay, I've done some research on this. I've been looking for a vacuum leak, tomorrow I'm going to pull the air box and look at the butterflies, the choke seems to be closing all the way with the lever positioned off. What I'm running into is that recently the idle has started increasing on its own as the engine warms up. It starts out at about 900-1000, and by the time it's warmed up in about 10 minutes, it's run up to about 2000 rpm. If I goose it quickly, there's no hesitation, and it'll come back down to about 1300 rpm, then ease its way back up to 2000. I don't have any tools to adjust the carb sync, but is there anything else I may be able check on my own? Thanks
  5. Since the storms rolled through the Dallas area?
  6. I am really tired of sitting on my bike and rocking it back and forth to fill the tank to the top. I am thinking of drilling some holes in the inside sleeve of my gas tank. The sleeve is solid and goes into the tank about 2 inches from the inside edge of the collar. It keeps me from filling the tank that last half gallon unless the rocking ( which looks really ridiculous) and it burps fuel all over sometimes. Anybody else have this kind of experience? Editing because after this posted the threads for this topic came up and I saw the fix and comments from V7 Goose. Don't know why these threads didn't show up on search. BTW thanks V7 Goose, I would have drained the tank, pumped in co2 and drilled it but like your idea much better!
  7. Hey Goose...I have gone through quite a few threads here on the Avons and even though there has been a problem with cracking, I bought them anyway because of the positive reports on handling and wear. I bought my set online from Jake Wilson...got them today. Looking at the date codes this is what I see... The front tire is: 02411MA and the rear tire is: 02403MA So does this mean the rear tire they sold me is 8 years old? Is this something I should be concerned with? It looks fine, but 8 years old seems a "tad" bit old considering the numbers of tires this company probably sells. One last quick question...I saw conflicting reports on wet weather handling on the Venoms...your actual opinion. Others feel free to leave opinions or comments too. Thanks... Wally
  8. The Problem... My 07 RSV ran good (not great) most days, until a 100 to 150 mile break/rest, after the 15 to 30 min. break the bike seemed sluggish and sometimes similar to a dead cylinder. Sometimes if the ride was early morning, a damp day or late evening, the problem seemed to self heal. Having a somewhat mechanical background and reading all the posts, I flushed the carbs, did Sea Foam and a carb sync, but the problem remained the same and seemed linked to heat and humidity. The problem was very similar to a coil breaking down and I almost stopped by the dealer to purchase a coil. I did a search on coils and found the post by V 7 Goose listed below. http://venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=41216&highlight=coil Following "Gooses" instructions I found #3 cylinder plug cap with a resistance of 13k and the brass disc being black (not green or corroded) with the spring shinny as new, # 1,2 and 4 cylinder caps were like new. I cleaned the black disc and applied Di -Electric Grease to all contact areas of springs, discs, resistors and screws of all 4 caps. All had a resistance of 8-9k after cleaning and grease. 400 Miles later.........Again...."Thanks Goose":thumbsup: "The problem Is Gone" "The Bike Is Like New" "Great site with knowledgeable members " $12.00 per year..........How much for a coil??????
  9. Most folks here know this, but maybe a few new members have missed it. While there are many many sites on the web where political discussions are welcome, and even encouraged, this is not one of them. We do not have many rules, but no politics and no religious discussions are important. We have found that these types of threads inevitably lead to unpleasantness and negatively affect the overall feel of our forums. I have just deleted a thread that was purely a political discussion. The deletion had nothing to do with agreement or disagreement about anything that was said, just that we do not allow political discussions. Thanx for listening. Goose
  10. Hi folks.. Back home after a looooong road trip through the USA.. Departed Halifax Nova Scotia (that's in Canada, north-east of Maine...) and road the I95 down all the way to Key West Florida, them back up past Orlando and through Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana before stopping for a visit at Goose to learn how to do the venerable Carbs and Valves tasks on the bike. Having read all the articles on how this is supposed to be done, I would never have attempted it on my own bike.. but having someone show you how its done is a different matter.. wow, so much to learn and so much to absorb in such a short period of time. We got the carbs cleaned out, floats reset, a few this and thats to it.. Then to adjusting the valve clearances.. wow.. What took us a day to do would have taken me a month of humming and hawwing over the winter months wondering if I had done it right or understood what the heck the articles were referring to.. But Goose is good at what he does and we sailed right through the work and got it all done.. Though I've torn down multi-million dollar aircraft in my days, doing the same to your own bike is a totally different story lol.. Such a long distance to go to learn how to do this work you say? Yep.. but visiting Goose was the cause-result-purpose for my spring road trip.. Was it all worth it? HELL YES.. wow.. Though some of the valves were close and some were quite 'out', the difference in the engine feel is amazing. The engine doesn't buzz anymore, it purrs.. less vibes and less noise coming from the engine. Impressive. The carb work did wonders as well. The exhaust sounds a lot smoother.. huffing instead of in-articulated puffing (if that makes any sense..) Throttle response was better as well.. However, out on the highway I found I had to relearn where the power curve was as everything seems to have shifted up more.. I used to be able to auger up hills in 5th but now have to drop it into 4th gear but it's actually better as I found that my throttle isn't as wide open in 4th than it would have been in 5th to dump more fuel into the system to get me up that big hill. Quite different and quite good. I LIKE IT!! Goose made mention that all this work could possible net me perhaps a 3 mpg improvement overall.. if it does, great... if it doesn't, no worries as the bike feels soooo smooth compared to before.. almost like new. My ride buddy and I traveled many miles together these past two years and we know that I always burn more fuel than he does.. and we know by how much of a margin.. usually on a full fuel tank at fill up I'll take on about .5 to .7 of a gallon more than he does.. but on our return trip, it was so much better, typically .3 to .5 more of a gallon than he does.. Funny enough though, I thought this was kind of odd then it occurred to me that I always lead and he's always behind me.. So riding home late last night in 40'F weather, he took the lead and yes, how about that.. he's burning more than me lol.. Silly of me not to have thought of it earlier.. now we know why such a discrepancy in fuel burning.. lol The short of the long is that after 61,000 miles on my bike, the work done with Goose on my bike was very much worth it, and much appreciated! Our last morning in Maine, about a week after having the work done, I discovered my left rear cylinder was not firing at idle. I had a cold jug though the bike idled OK.. The day before, in the wet conditions, Every time I came off the throttle the bike would huff puff and then bike fire like a pistol shot, and I knew it was from the left side. I checked my vacuum plugs as I had changed them recently but all was good, and no exhaust leaks were found.. At highway speeds all felt good.. the bike made good power and fuel burn rate was normal.. but there I was that morning with a cold jug.. the exhaust port was stone cold. CRAP! Luckily there was a Yamaha shop nearby and when I explained to him about the work I had done, the riding conditions the day before etc etc.. he simply drained the carb for that jug and presto.. all is good.. He suggested that perhaps I picked up some dirty fuel along the way that might have plugged up the pilot jet, not giving the engine any fuel at idle but giving it when the needle comes up.. The first time he drained it there wasn't much fuel coming out.. then ran the bike, and drained it a second time and a lot of fuel came out.. The bike has run impressively again after that... wow. Long road trip.. from 40'F to 99'F and back within 2 weeks is hard on the body for us pale northern types.. lol.. time to rest now.. looking forward to my next road trip soon.. =) Once again, thanks to Goose for his patience and skills. Good instructor! Cheers
  11. V7Goose


    Not on the bike, but still having fun . . . Just settled in at the resort in Cabo San Lucas - got some adult beverage goin' and some snacks - weather is just fantabulous. Be thinkin' 'bout all y'all for the next two weeks! Stay warm, Goose
  12. Dont know how else to title this and wanted all to know IF similar problems. OK Goose Remember we chatted about the Gas Smell and how I know of members that never have to use their choke? WELL, I no longer smell gas! Each day I have started the bike and have yet to use the choke! I guess either the Float resetting or the new plugs had something to do with it..I really think it was the float level as far off as that one was. ALSO,I do not think it has EVER ran smoother. I havnt given it a good run yet due to tring to gather screws I lost and now going to repair cracks in the fairing at windshield mount. Anyway Thanks,its nice to not smell the gas anymore! As far as the 44K goose mentioned in a previous post I have used it for 2 years or so and it is good stuff. My carbs on the inside were spotless.
  13. I guess that Utah must have swallowed Goose up, we got a daily report when he was on his high adventure around the Texas border. I hope you are alright buddy. And if you get back in time sneak over to the M&E on the 27th
  14. Guest

    V7 Goose sighting

    I must be in a good place. I've had two visits from Venture riders in as many weeks. V7 Goose and his brother stopped by a little while ago. They are in their second day around our great state. Oh how I wish I could go too! He said he would update his thread if he could get an internet connection tonight. I'm looking forward to hearing about their adventures. Jackie
  15. V7Goose


    Well, my 07 RSV is gone - new owner rode it home today! Told him all about our site, so hopefully we'll see him on here soon. Time to put some more miles on QuickSilver! Goose
  16. Well, I finally took the time to mount gauges on my 07 RSV. Same mix of gauges I put on the 05, but different look and very different mounting. Here are a couple of pix. I'll have a full writeup for the tech section in a day or two. Goose
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