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  1. Just had the same thing happen and burnt up a battery. Changed the VR and everything is back to normal. If you ride at night much another sign is that you'll probably see your headlight change from dim to bright and or visa versa occasionally (without flipping the switch I mean.).
  2. Nawwww. Sounds like it's just someone jonesing to take the first long road trip in a new vehicle. Get a new vehicle and you can't wait to the first this or the first that in it!! Check out how it all works and performs etc.
  3. Yeah, for another $300 or so. https://www.shopyamaha.com/product/details/touring-billet-toe-shift-lever?b=Transcontinental+Touring+Accessories&d=50 https://www.shopyamaha.com/product/details/touring-billet-heel-shift-lever?b=Transcontinental+Touring+Accessories&d=50&dealernumber=
  4. Yeah, I've got my key cut that way, give it a try. Also, if I remember correctly, there has been a problem, in the past, with the screws on the bottom of the gas cap coming loose and causing problems opening the gas cap. If you do get it out check those screws and you might want to take those screws out and put some loc-tite on them and then tighten them down.
  5. gibvel


    Was looking around for information on the Stratoliner and popped into one forum where one guy seemed to have a vendetta against the V4. Called it anemic and was wanting for Yamaha to do just what they did with the new Venture. Do you consider the V4 anemic? Personally I just don't think this idiot knew how to drive the V4.
  6. Right there with you on the scoops being too large. Wonder if the design was for function or aesthetics. I wonder if they needed the extra space to cool the oil or something. If it was just aesthetics then they missed the boat with me on the scoops. Don't really mind the trunk though. I think it's got a 50s or 60s era car rear end look to it. The price is the other rub... it's out of my price range new. Have to wait a few years for the used ones.
  7. I know what you mean!!! The heat being the number 1 concern, of course this depends on the season. Second is handling the weight at a stop and slow speeds. Throw in what appears to be lackluster MPG and you've got some things to look at and test. Another is, being used to the absolute speed off the line and being able to drop a gear and quickly pass on the highway. I know a lot of guys, on here, are addicted to that quick speed (gotta say I like it occasionally too). But the more I look at it the more I go from being blah about the looks to really liking them!! But you know, if
  8. May have to go give it a test ride. Supposed to be a demo in Loveland on the 28th and 29th of this month. At least I can see if the product meets the hype.
  9. Gotta say there are a few design features I like. Like the front end except, I think, the scoops are too large (maybe design, maybe functionality I don't know) a bit too Goldwingie. Although it looks as thought they've put some storage in the left scoop area, which could be nice. The Pods in front of the floor boards are, In my opinion, kinda overly large (another nod at the Goldwing) wonder if these serve a function other than a place for the optional lights. All of this matters from the front view but, kinda goes away with the side view. I really like the lines of the tank, bags and t
  10. Okay, back to topic, here is my 2 cents. After watching all the videos, the only engine mentioned and/or touted was a V-Twin (in video 2 "As far as the V-Twin goes, this takes you to a whole different level, in terms of power. You just crack the throttle and, instantly, you know you have something there."). And like someone mentioned earlier in the thread (about other features mentioned) they probably wouldn't bring them up if the didn't have them in the bike. My guess is that the V-Twin is going to be the power plant.
  11. Thanks all. Ordered one from Partshark @ $75.99.
  12. Well, after installing a new battery a couple months ago it seemed to start and run really well... until yesterday. When I went to start it yesterday morning it seemed to take a little longer to turn over. Then at work, yesterday, it was slow starting and reset the trip meter and defaulted back to showing the total mileage. This is something it did a couple weeks before the battery died last time. Keeping in mind that I had it on the charger all night the night before. I thought that maybe the bike wasn't charging like it should. Well, I went out and checked the charging and it's charg
  13. Yes, this is truly what happens. I have a couple photos of MCs, one with a car tire and one with a MC tire, that I downloaded off of Killboy, that illustrate this quite dramatically. If I think about it I'll upload them.
  14. How fast were you going on the highway? At about 75 MPH, and above, these beasts really start sucking down the fuel.
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