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  1. Just to chime in and say Hi to new and old friends. Keeping myself out of trouble, is my full time job. Went few years back from Stratoliner to Harley, and made mistake. I'm not active as I use to be, but I consider friends I make on this site over a years as a family. Just going trough this post, I can recognize many screen names, and put a names to a faces. Thank you Boss, for using your magic power to get all those folks together. Probbably have to refresh my memory how to navigate trough site again. Best from Chiraq
  2. Just curious what's happened with Pond Monster at Dons Maintenance day? I heard stories Don throw couple Piranhas to keep Pond Monster away, but there is resurfacing of pond monster. any satellite images?
  3. Any pond monster(s) yet seen at MD?
  4. Picture of Yammer Dan is taken at 2006 Vogel rally on Tennessee side of Tail of the Dragon.
  5. I found another mystery clue, I was looking for my eyeglasses all over but just found a proof looks like they are on the bottom of the Loch Nelsons pond. I jumped in to pond with my eyeglasses on and getting out without. I guess Pond Monster need to read underwater.
  6. Just to chime in we get safe home as well. What a great MD, a lot of fun not a lot of work. Thank you all.
  7. Lunch time at Elkhart, Indiana,
  8. Looks alike tradition for Don’s MD is going to hold a mith. I got wet at Don’s . Can’t remember time when I didn’t get some rain on the way to beautiful Oberlin, OH. Love to see you all.
  9. Packed for tomorrow, Coming with a new accessory.
  10. Hye Gang, just wondering what do you planning to do at Don's. I have a few requests myself. Some of you guys know, I turned to the dark side...... Stop guessing, its Harley Davidson 2005 Electra Glide Standard. The bike definitely has a character, but the previous owner let'em sit for a long time in the barn. Its nothing specific, bike is in need of some serious detailing and love. Any hand will be appreciated. As well I'm hoping to replace rear brake pads and at the same time, refresh rear brake fluid. I can help with Venture electric / electronic work upgrades. Whats in your to-do list?
  11. I Booked Airb&b room at home in Downtown Oberlin $74.00/ night. Some of them can accomplish up to 3 person /room if you guys divide, it could be next to nothing.
  12. Hey Gang, just curious does anybody wants to hook up for the ride along to Don's MD. Planning to leave Chicago Friday AM and get to Oberlin sometime early afternoon. If you are on the way, tag alone, or maybe we can just have lunch somewhere by Elkhart IN.
  13. Have no words of losing Yammer Dan. Have known him since 2006 Vogel. Will miss you Yammer.
  14. Guys as many on this site knowing, I lost my bike(s) due to hardship, job lost and my own stupidity. But hey, I'm dusting off and getting back to riding. Just get beat up '05 Elctra Glide Standard, runs good, sounds good, but need some love and a lot of polishing. Planing to visit Oberlin, just to say hi and fool with all of you young farts. Throw couple beers down a throat and have fun as always. Looking forward to see you all.
  15. Hey Everybody, Long time VR member, and want to clarify "Air cooled new Venture" Engine is same as Stratoliner/ Roadliner family even more defined. As many of you of you who know me, I owe very firs production year 2006 Stratoliner, and I can tell that's incredibly reliable engine. Yes is stated that is air cooled, but the truth is dual cooling with air and OIL. Strat use 5 quarter of oil which is more than most of the cars I owe. Dont be fulled and compare Yamaha 113 engine with Harly's 107, and Indian's 111 engine, it's whole different story. I have few Iron But's rides with Stratoliner, and
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