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  1. My resolution is to make no resolution but this: be happy, enjoy life, ride as often as I can, love my children, see them as often as I can. Make friends instead of enemies, find happiness in everyday life activities. Be independent from need. I wish this all to everyone here, so go and be happy! Merry 2022 to all. Steve aka Bubber
  2. There are more pieces falling off that, than a leaper on a Pogo stick. You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish!
  3. A Brick of 22LR is going for $100 or more here in Minnesota. Look what is going on around you there is no wonder why people have 1000's of rounds of what ever. Reloading is not much of an option when you can't get primers or powder. Other than that you can pay $1.00 plus per round. So you the law abiding public get the bad rap for some idiot and mental defective out shooting up your local mall and work locations. None of my weapons have called to me to hurt another human being, they are to be used for their intended purpose or for punching holes in paper or clay pigeons. Anyone want to bet Nancy P. has armed security around her or that she lives in a gated community? But you shouldn't have a right to protect yourself like her....BS. Be care full out there and make sure you obey the law. God Bless and God's speed my friends Bubber
  4. I just saw this posting and it broke my heart to hear the pain in his writing. I have 3 girls, all grown and I cannot imagine the pain of losing any of them. My heart breaks for you man, but don't give up, your daughter wouldn't want that for you. Anything else I say from here on out is just not enough to end your pain. My sincere hope you get through this and live to enjoy your daughter's memory. Respect Bubber aka Steve
  5. Sorry I haven't been on the forum for a while. All the stuff I had in the first post I still have and would like to find a nice home for it. Whole bike too: 2006 Venture Midnight I am guessing 4800 would be a fair price. about 28000 miles on it. I haven't looked in a while. I will be firing it up this week and doing basic maintenance. So let me know if interested.
  6. Glad you are doing OK. I see they put in a zipper for easy access. Let's try not to need it ,OK. Get better soon and stay safe my friend!
  7. So sorry to hear this. I know I am jumping in late here. Best of all and a speedy recovery. Get well soon Earl or we all have to come and visit you.
  8. I am with Flyinfool on mowing. Grass is just green crap that covers dirt.
  9. He sounds like a wonderful man who lived life right up to the end. Sorry for your loss but at least you had him all of your life. God Bless and God's speed. Bubber aka Steve
  10. If you don't succeed at first, try, try and then quit, don't be a damn fool! Attributed to the late great, oh heck I don't know who, the Chinese Covid19 spreader.
  11. You can't fix stupid! But a good 2x4 to the head will stun them.
  12. I found the tread entertaining to a point. Why screw with people that are idiots. NO TIME, WON'T MAKE TIME, NEVER GOING TO HAVE TIME! Enough said there. Any snowflakes that are offended please call me direct at BR549 A Buck? Are freaking kidding me? I'll piss that away on a pop every now and then. Cheap at half the price!!!!!!! Bubber
  13. I don't C&C but I do have a permit. Today I bought a Taurus TX22 for plinking. One heck of a lot cheaper to shoot than a 9mm. I do like my Glock 17 with a 17 shot clip for my home protection. With 17 shots I think I can get lucky at least a couple of times. I think I will be looking for some accessories for the Taurus, like a holster and laser (if I get real crazy). Gotta love the 2nd amendment. Thank you founding fathers.
  14. Well I didn't get one call or inquiry on my parts. Put them all back in the overhead in the garage. Guess I'll put them on fleabay this fall. Oh well, that is the way it goes. Going triking for a while to get my head back on straight. This Covid stuff really sucks!
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