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  1. So the offending seal on the water pump would be #7 oil seal?
  2. Steve, the oil leak is from the coolant reservoir. It’s the hose connected to the small nipple on the reservoir opening.
  3. Steve, I’m taking your suggestion to the shop. Thanks for the input!
  4. There is a drain hole in the water pump. Wouldn’t the oil drain out of it?
  5. So the repair shop told me to just run the bike to see if there is still a problem. I think they thought that I poured oil in the water reservoir. Well, the problem still exists. The water reservoir is full of oil Has anyone here had this problem?
  6. Just an update. I took the bike in for a service and they found that the oil leak was not a leak at all. I had a small amount of oil floating in the cooling reservoir. The hose that I thought was a vent hose is actually the overflow hose for the reservoir. I have read articles here that say that the cause could be in my water pump, head gasket, or the twinkie (still trying to figure out what that is). I have done the oil change and did not see any signs of water in the oil (the white foam). So, now I have to come up with a plan of action. Have the cooling system inspected. Inspect the twinkie and replace gaskets as needed. If necessary, have the compression checked. The bike has always ran very well so I'm not sure if the head gasket is the cause though I'm not ruling it out.
  7. Thank you for this information! This area on my bike looks pristine. I will pull the hoses and check to see if they are plugged
  8. TheInside of the airbox did not have standing oil in it, just a film. The carburetor inlets looked very clean
  9. I have always used Yama lube full synthetic 15w-50.
  10. It’s the vent hose that is close to the kickstand when it is up. The dark longer one. Posting with an I-phone is a pain! Lol
  11. Yes, it was on the side stand last winter but not while waiting for the train. Of course it was on the side stand in the garage when it leaked.
  12. The strange thing is it seems to be heat related. The first time I noticed a puddle under the bike is when I backed it out of the garage last winter to run the engine and forgot about it for an hour or so. This week I was stuck waiting for a long and slow train on a hot day. Rode it into the garage and noticed it later on.
  13. I thought the same thing so I checked the air cleaners (K&N) they were clean. I may put factory air cleaners back on just for the heck of it.
  14. Yes, the bike is level when I check the oil level. I’m taking it to the shop anyway but was hoping someone here would have an idea why this is happening
  15. So, I have owned my bike since new. (2007 Venture) this year I’ve noticed a leak after the bike is parked. The oil is coming out of a vent hose. Everyone will say it is because I have overfilled the crankcase but it is not the fact. I have always filled it halfway in the window and the last time I filled it a quarter way up. This only happens when the engine is hot. I pulled the tank and sure enough there is oil residue in and below the air box above the carbs on the drivers side. Any ideas? I’m at a loss.
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