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  1. Another great rally with new and old friends. Looking forward to the Shores rally next year. Tom has it on the calendar already, so sign up.
  2. WNY RALLY Just a reminder for anybody coming to please sign up ... for a count. There is camping available free of charge. Weather is usually warm and sunny. This is always a nice get together and on saturday nite there is available a very reasonable priced catered buffet and then music by our friends " The Kensingtons" . I understand that a 3rd gen will be present also. So.. go the calendar and sign up now (check out info and rides) Hope to see many old and meet new friends this year. spankym
  3. hope i am doing right this is a 10min video of the rally using pics and video clips hope you enjoy....go to the link...my dropbox site and you can watch or download... spankym NEW LINK....UPDATED VIDEO....YOU MIGHT HAVE TO REDOWNLOAD https://www.dropbox.com/s/1z06lo9kxvo84dk/WNY%20rally%2714.mp4?dl=0
  4. this is a link to my dropbox where i made a 10 min. video of pics and clips of the rally..hope you enjoy and can download..... spankym:fingers-crossed-emo NEW UPDATED VIDEO https://www.dropbox.com/s/1z06lo9kxvo84dk/WNY%20rally%2714.mp4?dl=0
  5. Ride home cool and a little rain but it handled nice...think I will really like after more miles...plan on putting highway pegs on shortly when lamont from spyderlovers has them available, making now for 14 model. Maybe another custom seat but ride this one for now. Will get some pics this week when nice and post. After a few hundred miles will post a review to read. Maybe if nice stop and see bigtom this week and he can take a ride and give his views. Looking forward to seeing all at rally this summer.....spanky
  6. Thanks and not leaving I intend to continue to ride with all my venture friends who are all great, each and every one I have met through this site....kudos to freebird for all the work he does...
  7. Just posted I traded venture and get mine tomorror...fri 2nd. Will post how I like ...pioneer treated me well, they are great and take care of us venture riders Spankym
  8. Well I did it, right or wrong, traded in my venture to pioneer motorsports and bought a 14 spyder rt limited. I pick it up tomorrow. I do look forward to still riding with my wny venture friends. Will let you all know how I like it after some miles. Will most likely have some stuff for sale and will post it. See you all later in year at bigtoms and pioneers get together. Will miss my venture, its a great ride.
  9. sorry you could not stay another night and glad your home safe...see you next time... craig
  10. happy birthday....looking forward to your next trip someday
  11. your turn is coming....remember he who laughs last laughs best:stirthepot:
  12. just want to echo the thoughts of all the others who were at MD.....the both of you kindly open your home to friends and strangers alike and the kindness you give will surely return tenfold....it was great to see old friends and make new ones and look forward to the next meeting...spankym (craig)
  13. :337:Sorry about your accident, but very happy to hear you are both ok. Hope you find a good deal on your replacement and are up and riding soon.
  14. Recently had routine service done by them at just under 10,000m and let me say that all big tom said is true. They did only what was needed, checked bike over completely, it was ready when promised, runs great/even better than before i would say and at a great price. This week i am going back to order tires and a few more goodies and all at a great venture rider price. End of last month they and bigtom had a weekend meet/rally there and tom can't stop saying how they treated everyone first class. Last years rally was also great. Nice to have a dealer nearby who takes care of its customers and cares.
  15. sounds like a plan...post more info and costs when you find out more... thats what makes this site and people special...
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