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  1. I will be leaving for Houghton Tuesday afternoon from Dubuque, IA. Riding up through WI. I don't have to be there at any particular time. I plan to ride around the area Wednesday morning, then I have a 4 day conference for my MBA at Michigan Tech. Ride back to Dubuque Saturday.
  2. A big thank you for a great night and day. The ride Tuesday to the finger lakes was very scenic and planned out with precision. My wife and I really enjoyed having Hot Sex with you guys at the fire Monday night. Excellent job on the shower at Pioneer. Lots of space, great water pressure and all the hooks for clothes and shelves for shower supplies. I was able to buy a progressive or zero loss air pressure pump at Pioneer for my shocks, so hopefully I can now do a little more work myself or even help someone else who may need it. Scary thought me being able to help someone with bike concerns. At least I will have a tool to lend them. I hope the rest of the week is as much success as Tuesday was. Sorry we couldn't stay for the BBQ, but we had to hit the road.
  3. Nancy's father is in Hagersville hospital waiting for a triple bypass. His operation is in Hamilton on Friday. We are going to visit him in Hagersville Tuesday evening. Anyone free to meet at Hewitt's Dairy just outside of Hagersville at 8pm ?
  4. I just read about some forest fires in the area, just wondering how bad it is for smoke and stuff. I am heading for Calgary, Alta on Sunday, and then supposed to be heading into your area on Tuesday. I'm just wondering if we should change our plans and head somewhere else if it's really unpleasant. Any info would be appreciated. Ron
  5. I looked for a thread on this but didn't find one. So, I'm heading up this year, missed last year and interested to know who else here is going. I have some friends over and the Honda Shadow ACE tour going and we're talking about a get together for dinner on Tuesday night. I'm going up on Saturday and leaving Wednesday. So I'm putting out an open invitation to any that wll be going to joy us. write me here or call me at 315 521 3729.Phil Lepel (PB&J)
  6. On Monday I had an ultrasound biopsy on my prostate. It went well and by Monday evening I was feeling fantastic. On Tuesday I woke up feeling great and went to the office. Tuesday afternoon I worked in the garage for a bit but when I came into the house I had the chills. They got worse and I was shaking so hard I could hardly hold my phone to call my wife. Now I sit in the hospital as they pump antibiotics into me. My temp spiked at 103.8 for two hours! I shook for 4 hours. I may be luckily and get out tomorrow, maybe Friday. Appreciate prayers. What a week!
  7. It decided to get cold down here south of the Mason Dixon so I decided to change out the stock shield for the new F4Customs Shield. I am documenting for a write up with Pics but I did have one initial comment. After that I hope to ride Tuesday with a few friends if the weather clears like it says. OMG it's Big! [ATTACH]64308[/ATTACH]
  8. Thinking of getting them. Is there any drilling reqired to install them? Installation says "easy" Also, anyone attending Star Days in Middleton? I will be there Tuesday. Are there many Vendors? Not many were listed. I am looking to get my ride LEDafied......
  9. around Dandridge Tennessee - I'm leaving around noon on Monday, 5/9/11 to an auction at the Bush Brothers plant in Dandridge. I'll be there Tuesday and Wednesday - depending on how much/what I buy, I may be there til the end of the week.
  10. Ordered my new headsets on the 11th. They were here today Place an order late friday via internet after hours and get the items on a Tuesday morning is very impressive. Nice looking headsets as well. Cannot wait to use them.
  11. The front bank is not working. Cleaned the carbs twice and the bowls fill up. Has great fire. Hooked up the carb sync tool and it showed equalish vacuum on four. That leads my to believe they are pumping air at least. Other little thing noticed is the tach is not reading anything. Tryed several different tci boxes. (thanks dad) Also installed other coil pack we had. Going to find my compression tester tuesday or so. But since dads bike is running again I should get some more help. The bike is stripped of all plastic but believe only accs are unplugged right now. Thanks Brian
  12. For those of you that don't believe we have snow every month ..... check out Tuesday in Alberta! http://www.theweathernetwork.com/news/storm_watch_stories3&stormfile=jaspersnow_13_07_2010?ref=ccbox_weather_bottom_title
  13. It will be deliverd on Tuesday.
  14. Got back from MD Sunday night pretty wiped out. Good day Monday, still wiped out. TuesDAY not bad, now tuesday night was another story. Doubled over in stomach and back pain. Went to the ER (there all night), long story short, I'm headed back to the Horsepital in 20 min. to have my gall bladder yanked out @ 3pm. They tell me I'll feel better afterwards.
  15. Does anyone know if he is still selling the hitches? I inquired online on Tuesday and haven't heard back from him. Ben
  16. I wanted to let everyone know that I had a nice telephone visit with Pastor Paul this afternoon. He told me that his problem was discovered as a result of having pneumonia twice in the last six months in his left lung, so they performed a scan and discovered the mass, which is the size of two fists. He goes into surgery (5-8 hours) on Tuesday at 10 AM, so please be thinking about him, especially at that time. He and Toni have gone camping tonight, originally to have some alone time. However, some of his local friends and associates found out about it and now there's a small crowd there. He says the more the merrier, so for anyone that might be in the area, they are staying at Points West Military Recreation Area at Clarke's Hill Lake (outside Augusta GA), in camping area #2. You are welcome and encouraged to ride over tomorrow to say hello and wish Paul well. Paul asked me to let everyone know how grateful and appreciative he is for all the well-wishes expressed on the Forum. I will update the other post Tuesday afternoon, once I hear from Toni about the outcome of the surgery. My thanks, as well, to all of you... TERRY
  17. 1988 Venture Royale. The pull throttle cable on the VR broke at the handlebar pivot. How difficult is it to replace it? Any special tools? Any words of advice? I won't have time to get into it until Tuesday, so any words from you 1st-gen experts will be welcome. Thank you in advance. Nick Diaz Middletown, MD
  18. for all those that may not know about it randall at the hub is going to bbq for us on tuesday night of the meet. if you are going to attend the bbq go to vr polls and vote, so we can get a count. it will be pay the hub when you eat. randall really enjoys entertaining the bikers and he volunteered to do this for us. thanks bill
  19. For those that don't know it yet. Marcarl and Wizard765 go for a ride most Tuesday evenings weather permitting. Anyone wishing to enjoy the evening with us is encouraged to come along. We meet up at Marcarl's about 6:30 and head out. Tonight was awsome! Perfect weather. Ice Cream. Great Roads.. this is the life. Wayne
  20. Nothing serious, just the old enlarged prostrate problem. This is a very common problem among us "well experienced" gentlemen. They are going to do the old Star Wars light sabre thing on me, although they insist it's called green laser surgery! I will be back home Tuesday if all goes well. Then I get to enjoy the rest of the month off with pay. Now, if I just had a scoot that I could ride...
  21. Well I'm still in the hospital and the coumadine level is being slow about coming up. The last couple days from 1.3, 1.6, and today 1.7. The level has to be 2 before he will let me go home. Normally takes about 5 days(yesterday). The cast was supposed to come off tuesday so we rescheduled for frid. This is a bummer and these 4 walls are closing in. OH and all of you that submitted MD pics they were great, thanks. Oh well enough crying.
  22. Part 3 of my series on buying a used motorcycle, (something lots of people in this forum seem to enjoy doing), is out this morning on http://www.thetentacle.com , a central Maryland commentary site. My articles come out every other Tuesday, on math education or motorcycling; at this time of year, motorcycling is king. Check it out: http://www.thetentacle.com/ShowArticle.cfm?mydocid=3132 Nick Diaz Middletown, MD
  23. Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was taken into Federal custody Tuesday morning at his Northwest Side home http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=news/politics&id=6545958
  24. If you are tired of all the election coverage, come to the VR Chat Tuesday night around 8 PM EST. All beverages and snacks are on the house. Entertainment free of charge. All new members stop in and get to know the old timers. It should be fun, :big-grin-emoticon:Give it a try, typing skills are optional. Yama Mama
  25. Finished up my chemo treatments yesterday!!! Now just have to finish up the radiation which will be on Tuesday of next week. Then will be done!!!!:big-grin-emoticon::dancefool: Don H.
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