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  1. Are there any members here that own a spyder? Tina and I are thinking of getting one and were wondering what peoples opinions were. So far the reviews are all pretty positive. We are heading to Pioneer Motorsports tomorrow to test drive one since they have been so good to us Ventureriders. Any opinions will be appreciated Thanks Mike and T
  2. Looks like we will be blowing the dust off this Yuppyville North Texas area and heading for Ruidoso, NM. We have a contract pending on a nice chunk of property in the mountains, and if all goes well, we'll be heading out by November 1. Looking forward to some cooler temperatures! The next challenge is gonna be to sell this place in Texas. Been retired for a couple of years, and the DFW area just isn't our idea of a nice place to relax. Haven't had any luck finding the right kinda place down in the Texas Hill Country, so we decided to change venues all together. The new place in the mou
  3. We are heading out tomorrow afternoon from the ATL to PCB for the Fall Thunder Beach rally. The weather forecast is stellar with mid-80's and sun predicted every day. Got a steal of a deal at a very nice beach front condo for $80/night. Sharing with 2 other couples, so it's easier on the wallet this year. Should be a great week and weekend. Hope to see some RSV's there
  4. Tomorrow (Friday) morning, Barb and I are heading on another trip. First off, we'll be heading down to south of Nashville to watch our grandson quarterback his grade school football team. (ScarryLarry---it's the weekend again, and I suppose you're busy.) We'll visit there, and then Sunday afternoon head back up to near Cairo, IL and meet our friends at their house (they ride a '12 Wing). Monday morning the 4 of us will head west. We're heading to Albuquerque by Oct. 6 so we can see the start of the Balloon Fiesta, but seeing that we have some 'extra' time, we plan on heading for Col
  5. Around 2:30 pm saw a really nice looking Blonde 1st Gen MKII cross the Puyallup River heading to the Old Canery. Was wondering if it was someone from this group.
  6. Our Daughter and Grandson and I are visiting our other daughter and granddaughter in Kansas City, Mo. It has been very dry and no real rain in months. There was a storm last night and it is still raining this morning. Thank goodness. It is a little too late I am afraid for the farmers. I hope the air quality improves too. We will be heading home on Saturday. On the way here, I saw a lot of bikes on trailers heading to you know where on I-70. Yama Mama:smile5:
  7. I just read about some forest fires in the area, just wondering how bad it is for smoke and stuff. I am heading for Calgary, Alta on Sunday, and then supposed to be heading into your area on Tuesday. I'm just wondering if we should change our plans and head somewhere else if it's really unpleasant. Any info would be appreciated. Ron
  8. If you are heading West to Nelson today from Saskatchewan or further, keep an eye open for my son Alex heading back to BC from the oil fields of Saskatchewan and Manitoba for his mothers birthday. He is driving a white Dodge Dakota with BC plates. Blow his mind honk and wave at him. He knows you will be on the road and keeping a closer eye out for you and all riders. Ride safe, wish I was joining you. Kevin
  9. Does anyone can recondition stock TCI? I know that I can get an aftermarket for around $250, but I can't spend that at this time. I will be trying to clean it up and see what happens from there. Im heading to Montreal near the end osf the month and I need something done soon. Thank you.
  10. I am heading out in the morning for Kansas City, Missouri to visit our daughter and Ella. It is the first time I have been there since they moved in February. Yama Mama
  11. Guest

    Spotted a Venture TODAY

    Hey, saw a golden Venture today on Parkhill Drive just west of Peterborough, ONTARIO and it was heading towards town... WHO ARE YOU??? just wondering... thanks
  12. Been here at Foxwoods Casino and Mohegan Sun in Ct since Sunday.Ive been injecting money into the economy trying to bail your government out.I think I done my share.Will be heading back north to the border tomorrow.We had a great time but getting homesick.
  13. Back to Hill Country for the next three months! Looking forward to seeing our old friends and maybe meeting some new ones too.
  14. Saturday 10 Dec 201 about 1:30 PM I passed a Venture, I believe it was a 99, going west on County Road 42 in Lake County just outside of Altoona. I was heading east on my Blue/Black 07. Was it anyone on here?
  15. Let me know if anyone has anything they want to know about new Kawi bikes for 2012. I am heading to their dealer meeting in Orlando tomorrow and will get to preview all 2012 bikes, ATV's and PWC's while I'm there. They always hold something back as a surprise announcement, so I'm not sure what will be unveiled, but it should be fun!
  16. heading out to pine river MN. to attend the funeral. friday. then a few days with my daughter. dianne is going to swing down from dakota to see me as well in brainerd and to visit my daughter. so there will be some sad times and some good times. god bless all of you. try not to miss the oldgoat too much:bighug:
  17. this thing was put on by the PO but i cant find any info on it and think ill just yank it off, instead of trying to make it work it does not have fuse in it so im afraid it will screw up something if i try, have to trace the wire but havent done it yet . it is wired to fuse box acc fuse and one wire to right horn. and another wire heading under battery to some where towards front of eng. but havent traced that one all way yet. anyway, just wondering if anyone seen on of these and what the hell it does if powered ?
  18. Next week Thursday, Barb and I are heading down to see the Grandkids in Murfreesboro, TN. Sunday we're meeting friends near Cairo, IL, and the 4 of us are heading towards PA, WV, & OH. for a week of sightseeing. If you know of some roads or scenery in this area that shouldn't be missed, please let us know. We have nothing planned, just wearing out some tires.... Frank D.
  19. Heading to Eau Claire WI to visit grandkids tomorrow morning, have not seen them for a while, just too busy, :cool10::cool10::bighug:
  20. Here's a video of the bikes heading out from the hotel Sunday morning to ground zero. Thanks to Blueslover. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJT8_xZ0De8]Heading to Ground Zero - YouTube[/ame]
  21. We are heading out in the morning at 4AM going to the Black Hills for two days and then off to Cody for the week. :banana::banana: Yah Hoo! We are hoping to meet up with OB-1 in Sundance WY. before heading west. Can't wait to meet up with all of you and do some riding in the mountains. Dang I feel like a kid the night before Christmas. :rotf:
  22. Okay... Will be heading out from here (Apple Valley, MN) about noon Friday, July 22. Will be trailering. Heading across on I-94. Should overnight around Bismarck, NoDak. Saturday morning to Glendive, MT. and then into Cody.
  23. On July 1st the riding community of Victoria lost an avid rider. Jana as he was known loved to ride. He had moved to the west coast for work leaving his wife in Ontario, he had been here for one year. The driver that killed Jana was under a court order to not possess or consume alcohol, it is believed she was impaired at the time of the accident. Thursday July 14 we are organizing a 6:30 pm (PST) ride to follow the route Jana was heading for a beautiful sunny holiday afternoon ride to remember Jana. I hope you can take a moment and remember the tragic death of a good man. Yes prayer
  24. My riding season was cut short last Saturday in Woodstock, Illinois by a 71 yr old cager that didnt see me. The accident happened on Illinois 176 in Woodstock. How he didnt see me is a mystery even to the police. I was heading east and he was heading west. He went to turn left and caught the back end of my Venture which apparently caused me to wabble before launching me into the air and onto the pavement. I do not remember a thing from the night before through the following afternoon. Injuries to me were a broken collar bone, broken rib, bruised lung,7 staples to the right side of my head, se
  25. Heading to Montreal today for the annual BRP world dealer meeting and festivities for the next 8 days. I'm especially looking forward to spending some time on a Can Am Roadster to see how it rides versus a traditional trike, as well as riding some of the new Victory models. The weather is supposed to be pretty good, so I think the rides will be nice. Wish I had the time to do a Venture road trip up there, but I'm stuck with Delta airlines instead. I'll let y'all know what I think of their new equipment. Au revois.....
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