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  1. Buddy and I did Lake Michigan a few years back, now moving on to the next lake. Looking to do Lake Erie in late June and looking for tips & advice. Leaving from Chicago and fly the toll way to Toledo then work our way around, not sure which direction yet but probably doing 200-250 miles per day staying off the highway and following the lakefront as much as possible. 1. Already have a passport and know the usual traveling outside the country stuff, but have never driven outside the states. What do I need to know about riding in Canada? 2. Sights to see, roads to hit? 3. Anyone along the way free the weekend of June 26th?
  2. Tomorrow morning Eileen and I are off for a week in tropical Wisconsin. Going to the company resort for a week. HOPING to do some snowmobiling but I'm not sure the snow is going to show up. We'll see. Anyway, we will be spending a week at the company resort near Hayward, WI on Round Lake. I will have internet service but won't be on as much as I usually am. Hopefully any issues that come up will wait until I return next weekend.
  3. Would there be any interest in a Lubbock area meet and eat? I'm thinking that maybe we could put together a small Venture gathering at Buffalo Springs Lake, if anyone is interested. April or May might be a good time to shoot for. Just trying to get an idea of the interest level. This small lake offers camping, fishing, swimming, and boating, suitable for small inflatable boats and/or innertubes, all the way up to watercraft and powered boats, if someone wants to bring some water toys behind an RV... http://www.buffalospringslake.net/ There are also a few things to do in Lubbock, a short distance away, including some great restaurants and even the Buddy Holly Museum. There are some interesting roads in the area, mostly to the east, but also, to the north around Lake McKenzie and Palo Duro Canyon. But I think the focus of a gathering like this would be at Buffalo Springs lake itself. If this thread dies with only 2 responses then I guess thats the answer. But hey, you never know unless you ask!
  4. Well we are leaving on the RSV and the new trailer Thursday after work for Vancouver BC for the long weekend, leaving from Sylvan Lake AB.
  5. I had to stop here at least for the photo op while on a trip along Lake Huron this weekend. A side benefit was that the food was good too.
  6. Saw a black/cherry venture on 8/21/12 around plymouth and elkarht lake wi. anyone here
  7. Lori Tom and Debby Hendry and I will be riding these roads and trails on utv's for the next week. I couldn't resist taking the bmw up for a preview. The pictures are on the alpine loop near cinnamon pass. (Lake city CO) Anybody want to come play?
  8. For those who are interested in going on the Finger Lakes ride when you are at the international, here is the schedule. You do not have to sign up. just be ready to ride. There will be more info at the rally. Ride capt. will be NYJERRY 9:30,Starting out at Pioneer we will head south on RT16 to RT39 east, Take 39 east to the intersection of RT19 Then go straight thru the intersection on Griffith RD. Follow Griffith to RT436 east, thru the towns of Portageville and Nunda on in to Dansville. We will then take RT63 east to RT 21 north and go thru North Cohocton and Naples. Following RT21 to West Lake rd ( county RD16 ) and take that in to Rt20 east in to Canandaigua. We will take a right on to South Main St and have lunch of your choice of dinning places there. After lunch we will meet up at the pre determined location and continual the ride west on RT5&20 Then we shell take RT20A to Conesus lake and turn left on to East lake rd and follow it to the end. Turn right on Sliker hill rd and another right on to West Lake rd (RT256) and go north. Take a right on to Grayshores rd, it turns in to Clunypoint rd then turns in to Pebble beach rd. At the end of Pebble beach rd we will turn Left on to RT20A west. This will turn in to RT39 witch takes us to the Ice cream stop and with any luck the other ride of the day will be there and we can all ride back to Pioneer as a group. You will be back in time for the BBQ. This is one of the most beautiful areas in NY state. Don't miss it.
  9. Joyce & I are heading north in the morning. Destination - Mackinaw City, Mi. I'll be on the slab till I get past Bay City then hit 33 all the way to Lake Huron & on to the Big Mac. Should have 15* cooler temps up there so going to just kick back and enjoy the area. Larry
  10. Spotted a Black and GREEN venture in Walled Lake/West Bloomfield Michigan turning southbound onto union lake road in Walled lake or west bloomfield (I'm not sure what it is there). I am 99% sure that I have seen pictures of this custom painted RSV on here before and am wondering who it might be Beautiful weather out, by the way. I was in a cage taking my Grandfather to a Dr appointment, but my RSV is currently in their garage
  11. My friend JD Holbrooks and I just got back today from a trip that we planned back in December of last year. We rode just a few miles shy of 1,000 miles since last Friday evening. We had a good time and I really enjoyed the ride. I love my new Flanders bars and my Stainless cables. The bars seemed to be low at first here at the house on a short ride. So Thursday night I raised them and and left out Friday around 2 PM. They where just right and made a big difference for me. I also had the foam grip add ons over the grips. We got up around Lake Erie on Saturday and I took the foam grips that stretch over bar ends off. They where to beefy for me.They made my hands feel like they had to much in them. So then the rest of the trip was even better after that. We rode over into Michigan and down to Clearwater, Michigan and spent the night at a Holiday Inn Exp. A very nice hotel and tell Brittany Hi from me. Very very very clean hotel. Brittany was so nice and I had to call her back to find the hotel even with the GPS, we where both lost. Kinda hard to see and find. Right beside interstate 69 on the south side behind Ky Fried Chicken and a great big leafy tree blocking the only sign. I ran across a fellow on down in Indiana as we headed south. The fellow said he knew about the Venture Rider Site and that he knew a fellow back where he lived in Northern Michigan that had a 1st Gen and that he belonged here on the site ??????. Would have been smart for me to remember his name though, sorry. This fellow had two bikes, one he had bought for his ex-wife (Victory maybe) and another that he was pulling a pop up tent trailer with, a Harley. He worked with the company some selling the pop up tent motorcycle trailers. The square ones that keep you up off the ground. A nice trailer. [ATTACH]67813[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]67814[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]67815[/ATTACH] MY Bike and Lake Erie.....My friend JD Holbrooks and his Harley RK.....Me and my bike and the lake. Ohio Rt 6 and Rt 2 along the lake and across the bay up around Port Clinton I think it was. The weather was really cool around Lake Erie. Michigan was just right but really really really dry. Indian north was hot and dry, south was nice. We stayed at the Comfort Inn in Madison,Indiana last night. Nice, and very very clean hotel. Came home this morning. [ATTACH]67816[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]67817[/ATTACH] I rode in some of the flattest country I have ever rode in my life, Indiana cornfields for miles and miles. JD will lead sometimes, but 90% of the time I am leading because he wont do it. He does seem to get us lost easy, but who cares, where riding. Indiana Rt 3 South. I am so glad to be able to be back on the bike. I had some shoulder issues, hence the surgery, not to bad at all on the trip. I did Physical therapy while on this trip. I carried a big plastic coat hanger to do my therapy with. We had a great time. Good to be back riding. Fuzzy
  12. Heading up to the Lake Ozark, MO area at the end of the month...looking for scenic rides to take while there. Appreciate any input.
  13. A redneck with a bucket full of live fish was approached recently by a game warden in Central Mississippi as he started to drive his boat away from a lake. The game warden asked the man, "May I see your fishing license please?" "Naw, sir," replied the redneck. "I don't need none of them there papers. These here are my pet fish." "Pet fish??" "Yep. Once a week, I bring these here fish o'mine down to the lake and let 'em swim 'round for a while. Then when I whistle, they swim right back into my net and I take 'em home." "What a line of horse sh-t....you're under arrest." The redneck said, "It's the truth, Mr. Gov'ment Man. I'll show ya! We do this all the time!!" "WE do, now, do WE?" smirked the warden. "PROVE it!" The redneck released the fish into the lake and stood and waited. After a few minutes, the warden said, "Well?" "Well, WHUT?" said the redneck. The warden asked, "When are you going to call them back?" "Call who back?" "The FISH," replied the warden! "Whut fish?" asked the redneck.
  14. Saturday 10 Dec 201 about 1:30 PM I passed a Venture, I believe it was a 99, going west on County Road 42 in Lake County just outside of Altoona. I was heading east on my Blue/Black 07. Was it anyone on here?
  15. Well, this is our last full day of vacation. It seems like forever since I have been home. After a week of sales meetings at our company resort in Wisconsin, I got home last Friday night and spent the night at home before leaving for Lake Cumberland in Kentucky at 5:00 on Saturday morning. We have been on a houseboat on Lake Cumberland since last Saturday. Tomorrow we turn the boat in and head back home. It has been quite an experience for me. This was all Eileen's idea. She felt that I needed to get away from civilization for a while and get some rest. She thought that being on the lake with no TV, Internet, etc. would be good for me. Well, I cheated on the Internet. Tethering my Blackberry to my laptop gets me a connection. Not a FAST connection but it could be worse. I've been good though and only checked email and the site a couple of times a day. After our first day here, I thought that I was going to go completely stir crazy. I couldn't even imagine spending a week here with no fast internet and etc. Then a strange thing happened. I actually started relaxing a little bit. I found that I could actually sit on the front deck of the boat, watch nature, fish a little bit and actually feel fairly content. Now I've reached the point that I actually am not looking forward to returning to civilization. So tomorrow night, we will be home again. The only thing that I'm NOT going to miss is the approximately $200.00 per day that this boat sucks up in gas. That is in spite of the fact that we have spend most of the time docked in secluded coves.
  16. ok folks it's finaly time to officialy welcome squidley and sweetnothing to TEXAS. since they have been living here almost two years in sin. i have aquired their Official TEXAS PASSPORTS. now in order for these two yankees to become Official law abiding citizens. they have to be baptized in the Brazos River and since i told them to come on down. i get first dubs at their dunkin. the dunkin will take place on September 25, 2011 SUNDAY at 2:00 p.m. ( sooner if we all get there ) at the public boat ramp off f.m. 2004 and lake jackson we will be meeting up at the shell gas station in waller at 290 & 352. k/s up at 9:00 a.m. will travel over to bellville take 36 to sealy and continue down 36 to brazoria, turn left on 332 to 2004 at lake jackson. then go south a little to the boat ramp on the right. others could go 288 down to lake jackson and continue on to the boat ramp. reguards don c.
  17. Delivered the old 96 up to Blind River, ON Friday, was an awesome ride. Stopped at Tony's in Birch Run for breakfast, still eating bacon. It was very, very windy crossing the mighty Mack, had to take my time going across, a wee bit scary with some big gusts pushing me around. Going to miss the bike, but prepping the sailboat for the winter helped to ease tha pain. It's going to be a long winter..... No bites on the Venture yet, will have better luck in the spring I'm thinking. Been following Ponch's recovery....albeit slow but sure. Keep it up David, slay the Goliath that is taking you on, you can beat him! In the meantime, heading up to Elliot Lake, ON today to visit family, then it's off to do the circle route around Superior, down the east shore of Lake Michigan to home and back to work Monday. Just a quick update..... gunk:shock3:
  18. Came out of the rooftop bar at Zuki Lake today and this silver RSV was parked next to us anyone here claim ownership ?
  19. I just completed my second three day trip into the Kootney Lake area of BC. Three days of absolutely perfect riding on Top rated Destination Highways in British Columbia's Kootney Lake area. I have to say that my 2004 Midnight Royal Star Venture ran flawlessly. I live in Red Deer, Alberta and the mountains are not that far away but I usually try to make this run around Kootney Lake at least twice a riding season. We were on highway 3, 3A and 6 and we pretty much had the roads pretty much to ourselves there was very little traffic. My friend rides a highly modified 2009 Yamaha Raider. My RSV handled awesome. I set up my suspension for riding in the twisties and we I had an unbelievable ride. Three back to back days of riding from about 8:00am to 6:00pm each day. We spent two nights in Creston, BC as our base and I realize that 1800kms isn't that huge a distance but boy did we have fun. At one point my friend commented that he was surprised that I could stay with him in the curves and while passing but when I told him that the RSV comes from the Vmax heritage he understood. I have had a 1500 Wing and an 1800 Wing but man do I love my RSV. I'm in no way bashing or bad mouthing my former wings, just that I far and away prefer my RSV. So totally comfortable and a lot of people were shocked at how she handled and moved through the twisties. I just had to comment again on what an awesome ride the RSV is. Chris in Red Deer, AB
  20. Leaving for Lake Cumberland State Park around 5:30 am in the morning. Gathering of the guard event. Hitting the hammer road I-64 around 6 am from Morehead,Ky. Then 627 to I-75 and so on. 189 mile one way from here. If any one interested in accompanying me to this event just give me a ring. Going to bed around 10:30 pm. I am riding solo. Cell; 606-356-7797 Fuzzy
  21. Sturgis pics! Of course the 'R' rated pics are not here. A couple of pics show me in front of some very new and very old items. Plus the lake you see is the Sylvan Lake. Very scenic. The pics of the vehicles on the road including mine, are of an accident we came across while riding in the Black Hills, and you can barely see a red ElectraGlide jammed under the guard rail. We were told at the scene the rider was alive...'for now'....we dont know the outcome, as we were all directed to turn around and head back the way we came. Not a good way to see the Black Hills...from an ambulance. I hope the rider survived.
  22. I am planning a trip from Ontario to Lake Placid, New York for July 14-17th. Can anyone suggest any scenic/twisty routes while there or things to do and see. As well looking for recommendations on hotels to stay at in the area. Thanks for your thoughts.
  23. I just had to ride yesterday. I started out visiting my Yamaha Dealer in Gastonia (no I don't use the one in Charlotte) for a clutch side switch and screw replacement to help fix my cruise kick off problem. In short order, they had me ready to go. I sent AKRefugee a text of my NEED TO RIDE and he responded ME TOO. So we met at a Subway for a quick "samich" (local for sandwich). Then it was GO West Young Man for both of us. HOT- We headed toward Lake Lure. At one point AK said his thermometer read 100 something. All I knew was that it was hot and while at the dealer having the cruise switch installed they had apparently done something to make my air conditioner stop working. We arrived in Lake Lure where we did a little twisty road close to some golf courses that I knew. Good little road. Crazy- From Lake Lure, we headed toward Black Mountain with the intentions of gaining some altitude and cooler temps. I then received a bee in the helmet. Two stops later he was out. This is where it got a little crazy. While driving through the quiet little town of Black Mtn, I realized there was a truck beside me. The driver was kinda looking at me funny. It appears that after AK and I had delivered a certain someone back to his area a few days ago, this guys wife felt it prudent to let him out of the cage again. [ATTACH]58956[/ATTACH] I'm just glad it was him and I did not have to recall my previous days target practice to get out of there. All kidding aside. Good to see you again Warrior. Cool- After leaving Black Mtn, we proceeded up the Blue Ridge parkway headed toward Highway 80. Along this portion of the ride, temps fell to the 70's. Wow, WAY COOL. Temps were great, views were great, road just repaved and great. Very enjoyable and a welcome reward for the hot ride up. [ATTACH]58957[/ATTACH] AKRefugee going through one of the tunnels. [ATTACH]58958[/ATTACH] One of the panoramic views we passed on the ride. Brakeless- We continued on up the Parkway enjoying the ride and all it had to offer until we reached Highway 80. Now this is what AK lives for. He loves the twistys and throwing sparks. So down 80 we go. AK takes the lead. (he is a better rider on the twistys and I did not want to slow him down). But you know how we all want to get better:big-grin-emoticon: I was doing a pretty good job of keeping up with him but in the process obviously heated up my rear brake fluid to the point my back brakes went away. Yes, I got stopped. Pried my butt off the seat, went to a tree to relieve myself and came back to the bike to figure out what the heck happened, lower my heart rate, catch my breath and to wait on AK to come looking for me. After some chuckles and some time for the fluid to cool, off we go to finish the ride down 80 and then home. Yes the ride down the rest of the mountain was much slower and smarter for me. Over all, great ride and a great day. Morals of the story...... 1) Riding can fix just about anything. 2) Riding with friends makes it even better. 3) Aways be aware of guys staring at you out their truck window. 4, 5 and 6) Don't ride the brakes.... Did I say, don't ride the brakes.:buttkick:
  24. Just got back from a vacation with the family. We went over to Minneapolis for a getaway. While there, we took the car over towards Lake City MN. Lake City is on the Mississippi river which makes up the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin. If you ever get a chance to take a bike trip along the river, DO IT.....It is really beautiful country. Red Wing, Lake City, Zumbro Falls, Wabasha. I'm sure the wisconsin side is just as nice. nothing like seeing sailboats etc. on Lake Pepin (mississippi) at Lake City. All in all, a beautiful day, even in the car. I know there is a posting on this kind of a ride in the roads and destinations, but I couldnt help throwing out a reminder.
  25. Save the date.........August 6th 2011.......for a cruise on Lake Ontario and the Genesee River. Sheila & I are hosting a M & E in August. I wanted to buy a party barge, but my wife said something about finding me floating in Lake Ontario, ............face down! So, I decided to do the next best thing and let someone else do the driving and we can enjoy the scenery. After the cruise we will return to our home for a picnic style dinner and a custom ice cream sundae bar. Yes, Big Tom....there is something for everyone! Build your own banana split!!! :fnd_(16): We have room in our yard for a few tents if you would like to spend the night, and a hot tub and a beach for a swim in the lake. See the details in the Meets & Eats Forum. We hope to see you there!! Jim & Sheila
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