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  1. I get 38 MPG at 65 MPH, pulling my camper that weighs about 450 lbs, with my 89 VR. If you are only getting in the 20's you may be only running on 3 cylinders or possibly carb problems.
  2. My mother always told me to share whatever I have. Well, I am sending all this snow to you all down South. We are below zero at night here and I am waiting for three separate storms in the next 4 days. By the time the three storms pass by, we will have 10 continuous days of snow. More than 1/2 of the snow we have is due to lake effect. But I can't complain too much, we have had a snow free winter until mid January. We usually have snow in November. Jim
  3. RIP Kevin, thanks for all the knowledge you imparted to all of us 1st Genr's. Unfortunately, Covid has taken another life from his family and friends. Here is his obit: https://www.tributearchive.com/obituaries/19868100/Kevin-M-Campbell/Granville/Illinois/Dysart---Cofoid-Funeral-Chapel Jim
  4. Ron: I have been to the Kinzua Bridge twice in the last 6 years and it is about a 3 to 3 1/2 hour ride from Niagara Shores Campground. About 130 to 140 miles depending on route. It is worth seeing, quite spectacular to see the bridge lying in the valley. The glass floor is nice to look thru. There is a new visitors center there and it tells the history of the area and the coal industry. I camp in the area when I go there as it is quite a long ride for me( I live only 40 miles from Niagara Shores Campground). I do not know of other attractions in the area, as I have not really looked
  5. Here is the link for Skydoc's fuse upgrade kit: https://www.venturerider.org/forum/topic/63155-first-gen-vr-1983-to-1993-fuse-box-upgrade-kit/?tab=comments#comment-762274 Here is the link for Pat's write up: https://www.venturerider.org/forum/topic/55321-easy-how-to-fuse-box/?tab=comments#comment-660281 Jim
  6. Here is the page from the recall notice from Yamaha, showing how the wire fits behind the nut. Jim
  7. Saying a prayer for you, Earl. He is one of the best people, has helped me many times with info and parts for my bike. Heal quickly, Earl. Jim
  8. I have a Schengen unit and have mounted it behind the bull nose on my 89 VR. I attached it to a stainless steel plate to act as a heat sink and ran the red and black wires directly to the battery for best performance. It has been working great for three years. 14.4 volts at idle and 14.8 at higher rpms. Plus the bull nose protects the unit from road debris and has great air cooling behind the nose.
  9. Wiring diagrams can be found here in the Tech Library:
  10. John: That is a very painful way to get out of working the rest of the day! I think if you had had a beer first and then sat down in a comfortable chair and contemplated all the work ahead of you, you would have decided to wait until the next day to start the project and then it might have turned out differently. Ah, 2020 hindsight is great!! Jim
  11. We had a rider die in a collision with a deer yesterday. https://www.whec.com/wayne-county-ny-news/newark-man-on-motorcycle-dies-after-striking-deer-/5875914/?cat=565 Jim
  12. I have one of these and it fits in the side bag of my 89 VR. Never a gas smell and it sits in the bag in the sun all day long. I only carry it on trips and do not use it for around town travel. I have never had to use it for myself, but I have used it for other riders. It's pricey, but very heavy plastic and worth the cost. Jim
  13. I'm with WIZ, I installed a Shindegen FH20AA R/R and it charges at 14.2 volts (even at idle) and never had a problem. It's a great unit. I soldered the three wires to the the harness and then wired the R/R direct to the battery and not thru the wire harness to the bike. No waste of power thru the long complicated wire harness on 30 year old wiring. Jim
  14. I had a great time and Ernie and Dave were very accommodating. And the food was AWESOME! This campground has all types of accommodations to match anyone's taste from campsites to hotel and cabins. Along with beautiful views of Lake Ontario, while watching the sun go down, and sitting around the nightly campfire, swapping lies while unwinding from the days activities. It was a great weekend and I am looking forward to going back next year. PS: I agree with Big Tom, the steak dinner was awesome and as a matter of fact all the meals were fantastic. Now, I have to exercise more to lose
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