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  1. hello I'm Matt new to the Venture world  sorry to bother but it was suggested you may have answers to a question I seek 

    just purchased a 84 VR rear shock will take air but bleeds out quickly i was advised to lose the air system an use a standard rear shock an was told you might have a bike with this swap done or might know what shock/spring combo worked best to eliminate the air ride ... i plan to do the same with the forks 

    any ideas advice or information is greatly appreciated thanks Matt

  2. Earl has the answer but there is a commercial product available. It is called Seal Mate. Go to sealmate.net for details. Jim
  3. When replacing the fluid, note that there is a line on the outside of the reservoir that indicates the minimum level of the fluid. Also, turn the handlebars to make the reservoir level before filling.
  4. When attempting to jump start a dead battery on the Venture, make sure the car or pickup is NOT running. The output of the alternator on the car or truck may be too high for the electrical systems on the bike and may fry some of the circuits. As Carl said above, check the master fuse on the left side of the battery. It is a flat metal wishbone fuse under a plastic cover. If I remember....it is a 40 amp. Jim
  5. I use these for my '89 VR and have for a few years with no issue. They are 180 degrees.
  6. As a last resort, try using a strip of aluminum oxide sandpaper under the clamp and over the crash bar. It worked well on my bike. BUT BE ADVISED: It will permanently disfigure the chrome (assuming you are installing them on the crash bars. Someone else may have other ideas. Jim
  7. Some of the old timers on this Forum used hockey pucks placed on top of the jack to align with the frame of the bike. If you get them located properly, then you can bolt them to the jack if you are going to dedicate the jack to that model of bike. Conversely, you could build a light frame out of angle and mount the pucks to that and set it over the jack. Also, you can use short pieces of 2 x 4 blocks to do the same thing. Jim
  8. I also run my bike in the reserve position. As Ben said, water and impurities built up in the bottom of the tank may prevent you from using the reserve just when you need it. I usually watch my trip meter and fuel gauge and fuel up when I am down to about 1/4 tank. Also monitor the accuracy of your fuel gauge and you will learn when to fuel up. I have found that when the red low warning light comes on on my bike, I have one gallon of fuel left, so its time to hit a gas stop. I also know that my bike gets about 42 to 45 MPG, so that dictates how far I can go before running out of fuel. I have actually gone 52 miles after the warning light comes on but that was at reduced speed. When I filled the tank and did the math, I had 1/10 of a gallon left in the tank. And I have only done that once. I usually try to stop right away, usually within 10 or 20 miles. As an experiment, fill a two gallon can and strap it to the back seat and put your petcock valve in the ON position and ride it till it runs out of gas, then move it to RESERVE and keep riding until you run out of gas again and you will know how far you can go on a tank of gas. Keep track of the mileage each time you run out of gas. Refill from the two gallon can and look for a gas station. Also keep in mind that speed, headwinds, a passenger, and hills or mountains will decrease you mileage so take that into account. I pull a camper and I only get 36 to 38 MPG at 60 to 65 MPH. So that requires me to stop about every 150 miles. Which coincides with my need to take a bathroom break! At 75 years old the bathroom breaks are getting more frequent!!! JIm
  9. Here is a pic off the petcock. Note the arrow on the handle. Jim
  10. Search for member "dfitzbiz" on this Forum and PM him. Dave may be able to help you as he rebuilds them. Jim
  11. BUT the pic is dated 2013 and who has seen her since? Maybe her name is really "Phantom Wife" and not Beverly? Maybe her name is Mary or Sue or Barbara, does anyone really know? Only Phil knows! Has Ben or Carl actually met her in person? Does she actually exist or just in your mind? Stay tuned for the next episode of "The case of the [Phantom Wife]" by Rod Serling. Anyway Happy Birthday, Beverly, may you have many more!
  12. Not sure what the strength is on those turn buttons, so don't overload the bag. Glad to know that they will work. Jim
  13. Todd: I have a pair of "Snagglestuds" that I will send to you if you want them. Not sure where they are in my parts supply but will look tomorrow. I will PM you tomorrow if I find them. Jim
  14. Here is the pic from Amazon https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/718tg703odL._AC_SL1500_.jpg
  15. Here is a similar part : Turn Button Eyelet and Stud, Common Sense Fasteners, 10 Piece Set, Marine Grade Nickel Plated Brass, Dot Brand - - Amazon.com A local hardware store may have them or a marine store or boat repair place. If you can't find any locally, PM me and I will send you a couple. I have several of them for use on my camper. But, I don't think my parts are of heavy duty as the ones on the bike. Jim
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