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  1. Figures this would happen during a few slow days at the office. Thanks for keeping the site rollin' boss-man!
  2. I've used my 16g Craftsman shop vac hose in a pinch when working on the cars. I'd go with the "aluminum" expandable dryer duct as a cheap alternative when you need 2 for the motorcycle.
  3. The other part of this action is the detriment to the off-highway use. https://www.asphaltandrubber.com/dirt/california-gasoline-dirt-bikes-ban-2035/
  4. Friend went with his wife. Obviously they live together and traveled together. They both came home with a minor cold but they went from dry and dusty to hail while they were out there. She suffers from seasonal allergies and assumed nothing but got tested anyways. She's positive, he's negative.
  5. I put neoprene washers and a dab of blue silicone on the threads to help lock them in place. Do not use loctite around plastic, it will degrade the material. But a dab of silicone puts just enough tension on the threads to keep them pretty tight for this non-structural use.
  6. 1. Any muffler that fit an Evo or Twin Cam Harley Davidson TOURING chassis FL series bike will fit our bikes. This includes Road King, Road Glide/Tour Glide, Classic, Ultra Classic & Classic Limited. Stock mufflers will give you a little bit of rumble, I currently run take-offs from an '06 Screaming Eagle Ultra and they have a bit more bark but not crazy loud on the highway. Aftermarket mufflers from Vance, Rush, etc will work just as well. There is a time (maybe '07-'09?) where the catalysts were in the muffler, but I'm not 100% sure on years. 2. There should be design plans on t
  7. Just rode through Utica on Saturday... I might have someone interested and we'll be in touch.
  8. Former '97 C10 owner.... Not just a section, you were given a COD Number (concours owner dropper) to post in your signature!
  9. Installed new EBC HH pads last week. 1st ride to bed them in and I pulled out of the garage onto the uneven and rutted alley, looked wrong at the front brake lever and slowly went over....
  10. Reading the title I thought you were looking for a helmet headset.... As for the bearings. I've had decent luck with the All-Balls kits for steering heads, wheel bearings, etc. https://www.allballsracing.com/22-1004.html When I did my '99 I scored the old races with a Dremel tool cut-off wheel till I could smack them with a cold chisel and crack them off. I barely nicked the machining in the frame neck.
  11. And check the insurance as well. Had that come up when I bought a salvaged Kawasaki C10 Concours and could only get liability, but I bought the bike for $1,200 and it was a non issue "beater" bike.
  12. I was caring a M&P .40 for a while. Came across a young guy at work unloading a LC9s that's only a 6+1 9mm. For the price, I couldn't pass it up and it slowly has become my EDC because it is so tuck-able under a t-shirt and short. Just before this purchase I was at the range playing with the LCP II .380 and the Bodyguard .380 looking for a small glove-box pistol. Both shot very nice but obviously the Bodyguard felt more familiar like my M&P. After the LC9s purchase I'm glad I made the switch to the Ruger.
  13. Mine's a Wolo Bad Boy but it appears to be the same style horn. Simple metal angle bracket on the right side back of the motor, hands right between the two exhaust pipes.
  14. Just paid my subscription last week for the 7th time around, I joined a day or two after buying the bike back in 2013. This $12 subscription is the best "entertainment & education" money I spend every year. Fun discussions and 99.9% of the time everyone gets along, the few times things get harry the mods step in in a very firm but fair way that keeps the peace.
  15. I've ran the standard Shinko 777 and the Tourmaster 230 with good results, just shy of 10k miles on each and the both stuck like glue till the end. To me the 230s felt a little smoother-plusher in the ride but got around 1k miles less. Both tires could be had for $100 or less and I install myself so I could justify the short mileage. This go round I'm on an E4 that rang up a bit over $200. Its a stiff sidewalk and I ended up taking it to a shop to install so add another $40. I have probably 3-4k miles on it with no major wear showing. Its not a bad tire and has been fine rain or shine,
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