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  1. I mounted my Zumo XT near the radio control. I tested orientation in both horizontal and vertical and prefer the vertical because in the horizontal position I could not see my left blinker light. For power I removed the gas tank and seat and routed the wires in the cabling channels directly to the battery. The garmin has its own fuse. The unit mounted with the hardware that was in the Garmin box.
  2. I have a 2001 Yamaha XVZ13TF . This winter I installed a Garmin Zumo XT on the bike. The Zumo when connected to my iPhone’s Bluetooth was useful for the mapping app on the Zumo, but not for any audio, YET. I then added a Bluetooth receiver to the bike which also connects to the Zumo. Now I can listen to my iPhones Music, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, etc. thru the bikes headset or speakers. Adding the Bluetooth receiver also allowed me to receive and play, or read, text messages and voicemails on the Zumo. Without the Bluetooth receiver the Zumo will not accept these messages from the iPhone. I was not particularly interested in receiving messages as it is a distraction, but it is quite simple to click the notification and play them. To install the Bluetooth receiver I removed the front of the fairing and then unplugged the aux jack cable near the cassette player from the receiver amplifier. I then plugged the Bluetooth adapter into the aux input of the receiver, no adapters needed, very simple. For power I spliced the Bluetooth power wires into the 12v aux power port in the fairing. The adapter I purchased is an “NVX Universal Bluetooth Adapter - Waterproof Audio Receiver - Auto, Marine”. Spring has finally arrived and I took my first ride of the year with the new Garmin and Bluetooth and they worked wonderfully.
  3. Thanks, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll keep an eye on it afterwards.
  4. When removing the fuel tank from the MC I disconnected the fuel hose from the fuel valve and the brass tube that the hose connects to came out of the fuel valve and remained in the fuel hose. Can I just reinsert the brass tube in the fuel valve, or will that cause the valve to leak gas?
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