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  1. When removing the fuel tank from the MC I disconnected the fuel hose from the fuel valve and the brass tube that the hose connects to came out of the fuel valve and remained in the fuel hose. Can I just reinsert the brass tube in the fuel valve, or will that cause the valve to leak gas?
  2. I have a quick question about valve stems. I am going to put 90 degree valve stems on my 03 RSV. There are two sizes available 8 MM and 10 MM. I have searched the forum and found threads on valve stems and could not find the answer to my question. I did read on the forum that the front and back wheels are different as far as the the valve stem hole. True or false? I'm going to put K&L valve stems on, either part number 32-5419 10MM or part number 32-5414 8 MM. Now my question is what size is the valve stem hole, 8 or 10 MM?
  3. Ok Fellas, I'm working on an '86 with 38000 miles on it and we are checking the valve clearances. Now I have always checked for valve clearances with the lobes facing upward 180 degrees away from the valves. The manual, like everything Yamaha does, is complicated to say the least. I find when I measure it my way that all the clearances are good except the intakes on #2. How the manual states is to go by TDC and the lobes should be facing away from eachother. My issue with this is that the lobe is already starting to load up on the shim as I can't get the feeler gauge all the way through. I
  4. Attached is a Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheet that can be used as an aid in selecting replacement valve shims. This should work for 1983 through 2009 models, I did not see any variances in the sizing charts in the service manuals. 1st sheet in file is in Metric format. 2nd sheet in file is in Inch format. I expanded upon the valve clearance charts that are in the service manuals to include the shims that end in 2 and 8. The reason for this is that these shims can be reused in the bike if available. I don't believe you can readily buy the --2 and --8 sizes. Screen shot below sho
  5. WARNING - this is LONG, so unless you are actually going to adjust your valves, or just like to read mechanical cookbooks, you probably should just stop here! There is a LOT involved in this job. It needs to be done, but it is probably worth whatever you local shop is charging. I'd certainly pay $200 for it if I trusted the shop, and I'm very comfortable doing the job myself. If you don't trust your shop, or don't have the money, then read on! We periodically have questions and discussions here on valve adjustments, like how often? (26,600 miles), is it really needed? (yes), how to? (
  6. I have oil collecting at the top of the left rear cylinder just below the chrome cover. I thought it was only occurring while running, but the bike has been sitting in the garage since Dec. 7th at which time I cleaned it thoroughly. While installing a Speed Bleeder and changing my clutch fluid over the weekend, I found oil there again. On the car I'd suspect a valve cover gasket. Do I have a valve cover gasket or similar on my RSV? Suggestions welcome. Ken
  7. Need to reach out and ask...bike is apart and I can't find these shims, rather I should say the dealer can't...I am in need of (1) Shim 2.70/25mm and (6) Shim 2.65/25mm...If anyone can help or point me in the right direction I would appreciate it...thx
  8. I found this thread about the correct positioning of the coolant bypass valve with a couple of images of the valve that snaggletooth posted (thanks snaggletooth) and thought I would check mine since I checked the fan already and it's working. I found that my valve needs to be turned a little further to be fully in the off position, but what I also saw was that there is no plug in the small holes on the top and left of the valve and I know there never have been since I've owned the bike any way, 10 years or so. The valve in the other thread shows a screw plugging the left hole but I can't see
  9. I sold an 83 Venture to my BIL in 2006. Just before selling it to him, I had completely repainted it, rebuilt the carbs, installed a new stator assy, put new tires on it, had the seat redone. It was in a outstanding condition and ran really well. With the new paint job it looks really bada$$, too. I was visiting him a few months back and the bike was parked in his garage and covered. I could tell that he hadn't be on it in some time. So, I asked him when was the last time he rode it. To my bewilderment he had put only a little more that 300 miles on it since he bought it from me. He al
  10. Hey all, I'm new to the yamaha venture and so far the wife and I love the bike, the question I have is after doing the 600 mi. oil change using 15w-40w rotella the engine has some valve ticking on cold start up then goes away in about a minute. Is this a normal thing on this engine, or do I just have a valve set a little loose, oh yeah the bike is an 09. Thanks for the help.
  11. I have a 2007 Venture & just installed a centerstand. All was well until I scraped the centerstand on a driveway curb. I noticed that the stand was hitting the Emissions Valve, so it wasn't up all the way. I tried to relocate the E valve per the Rivco directions. No luck, the directions seem easy enough, pull the bracket off and mount it backwards. It didn't move the E Valve far enough to allow the centerstand to not contact it. I was thinking of drilling new mounting holes higher up on the frame. Any ideas?
  12. anyone have the J tool for changing out shims on the xvz? my xvz is torn down and I'm tired of trying to make a homemade one work:rotf:. borrow or buy would be fine. Also, I will have a supply of the more popular shim sizes when I'm done if anyone needs some.
  13. Correct me if I am wrong (not everyone at once), but don't we have someone on this forum that has the valve cover gaskets, and valve shim kit, that...if I buy the valve cover gaskets from them, they allow me to use the shim kit ??? This is for my '06 RSMTD.
  14. my venture sprung an oil leak from a cam cover gasket so she is parked till spring. but on the bright side while i have it open i am gonna check my valve clearances
  15. If any of the riders in Western Washington have the Valve Shim Kit, and Tool for the Second Generation bikes, and are willing to allow me to borrow it for a couple days, please let me know. If no one does have the Valve Shim Kit and Tool in our area, then let's make certain of that, and I will go ahead and buy a new Kit and Tool, and have it available for use of all forum members in Western Washington. We might even let those rainy day people down in Oregon use our stuff . So, if you have the shim kit and tool, please contact me. Thanks,
  16. well here it is, got home this a.m. from our dealer valve adjustment in southern indiana. Lets start with obermyer yamaha being a first class operation, rolled into town "jasper" on thurs. p.m to drop off bike and get to the hotel. I was told they would have a loaner bike available and they did, a 2008 star raider with only 4500 miles more on that later. any way my 2005 rsv with 45,000 miles was in the shop for its 1ST valve check and it only had "one" valve out of spec. #4 inside intake was tight and swapped a 280 for a 275 and that was it. I was thinking there would be 3 or 4 outta sp
  17. A HUGE thank you to BigBear for taking the time to shoot videos of the proper way to use the valve shim tool. I would like to encourage any of you who has the time to produce such videos. They will make a GREAT addition to our tech library. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?p=711236#post711236
  18. A HUGE thanks to BigBear for taking the time to create these videos. There are 4 versions here. They are similar but he did some editing in an attempt to create smaller files. I decided to upload them to YouTube so am just going to link all 4. Putting them on YouTube will save us a TON of bandwidth. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ldYil1yUl4&feature=plcp]Valve Shim Removal for Yamaha Motorcycles - YouTube[/ame] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKIrvHRP0SA&feature=channel&list=UL]Yamaha Motorcycle Valve Adjustment from http://www.venturerider.org - YouT
  19. Adjusted the one tight intake valve on my 89, and figured that seeing that the Tupperware was all off, I may as well check the carb diaphrams. I had small holes in 3 of them---my bike only has 58K miles on it. I looked up Sirius and found that they were out of stock on diaphrams until the end of the month. While doing searches here on this site, I came across Snagletooth's message about using Plasti coat to make a temporary repair. Home Depot carries Plasti coat, so this morning I followed Snagletooths' proceedure and this afternoon I re-installed the sealed diaphrams. In addition t
  20. I recently purchased a valve shim tool on flea bay, and when it arrived it has the original Yammie part number engraved on it. When I purchased it, I knew that I had 1 intake valve that was slightly tight, so today I dug in. Now, I've changed shims before, but I've never used the correct tool. I figured that using it would be straighforward....that didn't work though. I looked in the online manual and found the proceedure. Heck, I even printed the 2 pages and took them out to the garage. I can get it to push the valve down some, but not enough to get the shim out of the bucket. The shim is
  21. well I'm finally gonna do a valve adjustment at 45,000 miles. Taking the bike to a yamaha only dealer in southern indiana next week "120 miles away". Were dropping the bike off thurs. afternoon so thay can get started and picking it up sat. morning. went ahead and got a hotel for a couple days while they do the work, even getting a loaner bike for the 2 days "he said it sure won't be a venture lol". they seem like great folks and hopefully won't cost too much, $175 to check them and a bit more for the ones they have adjust. I could probably do it but don't feel like it. anyway keep ya po
  22. I'm about to check the valves on my '05 Venture.Do I need to buy new valve cover gaskets or are they rubber reusable ones?I want to have everything I need before I tear into the bike because I'm doing it in a friends' garage.Anything else I will need?Thanks in advance for the help.
  23. Hello, does any one have an exploded view of how the parts go inside the rear brake proportional valve. My manual does not seem to show it. Thanks.
  24. hey all ok leaking clutch fluid from what i can see looks like it coming from hose seal where it attaches to slave valve or valve it self. dont want to take off gear cover yet cause im not sure if there is a gasket on that and i dont have one to put back on if i go to get parts . guess what im getting to is is it a big deal to pop that cover just to see whats going on or just get all parts first then do job. and who has least expensive hose and push valve . ill most likely just change everything any while im in there.
  25. Well looking for some info guys. If we can get some info on the measurments for the valve tool I have a very talented person that may attempt to make a couple if it wouldnt end up costing more than just buying one. Here is a pic of the dimensions we need.
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